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Configuration of a connection sharing on your iPhone or iPad


If the connection sharing option is not displayed, contact your operator to make sure your package is compatible with this functionality.

Connection sharing: how it works and what is it for ?

How to make a connection sharing ? What is the interest of mobile access points ? If you have already encountered internet connection problems, this article will allow you to remedy this kind of situation to take advantage of the web even in the event of a breakdown or low speed.

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  • The essential
  • THE sharing the line, or “Modem mode” allows you to transform the 4G or 5G network of a smartphone into an internet signal transmitter (wireless or USB), which is useful if your conventional internet connection is not available.
  • It is possible to make a connection sharing in 3 different ways: in Wi-Fi, via Bluetooth or USB if the association is done with a computer or a tablet.
  • The “connection sharing” mode can be activated manually Or automatically according to some criteria that you are free to define on your smartphone.

Definition of connection sharing

What is a connection sharing, also known as Modem mode Or mobile access point ? If you are not familiar with these somewhat technical terms, because you are not necessarily part of experienced users, Rest assured: by continuing your reading, you will no longer be among the neophytes and you will know everything you need to know to transform your smartphone into mobile access point. This will allow you to help a friend or have no longer to undergo The vagaries of your Internet network, for example.

Connection sharing, as its name suggests, consists of Share Internet connection of his smartphone with other users. It is convert its mobile phone in access point so that you can use the Internet anywhere. It is also an excellent solution if you do not have a Stable and fast connection, Because this method can allow you to benefit from a Best 4G coverage To quickly download large files.

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Mobile connection sharing

What is the use of a connection sharing ?

You are now wondering what are advantages of a connection sharing ? Note that if your Internet debit is poor, that you only have an ADSL line or your box is damaged for such or such reason, connection sharing will be your best option to, nevertheless, navigate on the web. Even if there are preconditions To be checked before activating the modem mode of your mobile phone, connection sharing represents an alternative of choice to overcome the emergency situations.

Have internet access with connection sharing

As we mentioned above, connection sharing is an effective way to obtain internet access when Traditional methods are not or more available. Imagine that you are traveling abroad and that one of your loved ones does not have a package with data international. Knowing the steps necessary for the implementation of a connection sharing can be very useful in one direction as in the other (you too could need join the connection another smartphone).

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Receive or send data

Perform a 4G or 5G connection sharing with a smartphone will give you the possibility to exchange or receive data. In other words, if you need to do online searches, download a video or any other fairly heavy file, connection sharing will help you perform these actions quickly, especially if you do not have an Internet connection reliable or your flow is not enough.

The major points to check before making a connection sharing

You now know the basic principles that define connection sharing, or modem mode. Before detailing the method to achieve this, you should know that prudence must still be. It should be checked several points Before you get into this manipulation and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Money Mobile Data

The balance of your mobile data

First of all, it is essential to know well The terms and conditions of your mobile plan. Indeed, you should know that a connection sharing can be very greedy in mobile data. If your package does not include enough data, the addition may be salty ! This is therefore one of the first criteria to take into account before activating the modem mode of your smartphone and what will allow you to avoid off -package.

Good to know it is possible to optimize your connection sharing and activate it manually for more security, or only when you have no access to A public Wi-Fi network, among others.

A sufficient level of load

Another important point before allowing connection sharing on your smartphone: your battery condition. Modem mode, consuming a lot of mobile data in a short time, is just as energy delicious. This means that the battery of your phone will empty at high speed during the data transfer. So make sure your phone has a Sufficient load level to keep the connection sharing over time. Otherwise, you will find that your smartphone has died during the transfer. Without charger On hand, this can be a real problem.

The general condition of your smartphone

Finally, transforming your mobile phone into an access point requires Energy. Depending on whether you have an ultra-recent smartphone or a slightly more outdated model, are waiting to see overheating higher or lower of your device. In itself, this is not a major problem and is even a normal reaction to the intensive use of your smartphone. However, make sure to do not prolong connection sharing if you notice an abnormal heat clearance.

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How to make a connection sharing on mobile ?

Now let’s go into the heart of the matter: how to make a connection sharing to access the Internet ? There are many, which we detail below you.

Proceed to a connection sharing using Wi-Fi

So that other devices (computers, tablets or smartphones) can connect to your mobile access point, It is possible to use the 4G network of your phone in order to issue a Wi-Fi signal. This signal will then be visible by connecting devices, which can reach your network using a password.

Tip you have the possibility to assign a name to your Wi-Fi network to identify it more easily in the list of available access points.

Connection sharing via Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology is not to be outdone and can also allow you to make a connection sharing from your mobile. Note that this solution is to be favored if you are close to the phone that needs to access your connection. Here too, the setting will be done in the settings menu.

USB cable to make a connection sharing

The third and last way of establishing a mobile access point between your smartphone – this time, not to another mobile, but to a computer – consists in using A USB cable. Even if this technique may seem somewhat archaic, it remains reliable and effective. It is also the easiest solution to set up, especially if you are not too comfortable at the idea of ​​modifying the settings of your mobile phone.

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Make an Android connection sharing in Wi-Fi

You have a phone operating under the Android operating system ? You would like to know How to make a connection sharing on Samsung (among others) ? By following the steps described below, you will have no trouble making your Android smartphone A mobile access point. However, you will note that, just as a mobile phone is protected by a PIN code, the connection to an access point is secured by a password, that it will be necessary to enter the phone to connect.

Make a Samsung connection sharing:

  1. Go to the menu ” Settings “From your Samsung smartphone then choose the” Network and internet »»
  2. Touch the option ” Connection access point and sharing ” Then ” Mobile Wi-Fi access point »».
  3. Activate connection sharing and touch the option ” Password from the access point »».
  4. You can customize Your password and validate it by pressing ” OK »».

To connect the device of your choice (phone, tablet, computer. ) at your Samsung mobile access point on Wi-Fi, here is the procedure to follow ::

  1. Go to the menu ” Settings »To unroll the Wi-Fi options.
  2. Select the access point corresponding to your phone.
  3. Inform the password that you defined just before.
  4. Then touch the button ” ConnectsR “.

Important any mobile access point is generally protected by a password. If you don’t want to return it OBLIGATORY, Select the tab ” Security “Then touch the option” None »».

Wi-Fi and Huawei connection sharing

You wonder how to make a Huawei connection sharing ? The approach is similar, even if The titles Skills may vary compared to those of Samsung:

  1. Go to the menu ” Settings “Of your smartphone to choose the section” Wireless & Networks »».
  2. Touch the button ” Internet connection sharing “Then select” via Wi-Fi »».
  3. Touch the option ” Configure the Wi-Fi access point To define a name and password for your access point.
  4. Confirm your settings by touching the ” Save »Then activate the access point in order to be able to use it.

On the phone to connect, follow The same steps that described above.

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Android connection sharing via bluetooth

Make a Samsung connection sharing using Bluetooth

  1. Go to the menu ” Settings “Of your smartphone to choose the section” Network and internet »».
  2. Touch the button ” Bluetooth To activate it.
  3. Go to the menu ” Settings “And choose the section” Network and internet »».
  4. Touch the option ” Connection access point and sharing »Then activate Bluetooth connection sharing.
  5. On the other smartphone, proceed to Bluetooth pairing By selecting your access point to initiate connection sharing.

Bluetooth and Huawei connection sharing

  1. Go to the menu ” Settings “Of your smartphone to choose the section” Wireless & Networks »».
  2. Touch the button ” Internet connection sharing “Then select” via Bluetooth »».
  3. Next to the name of the associated device, touch the icon ℹ️ then activate ” Internet access »To share your connection.
  4. On the phone to connect, proceed to Bluetooth pairing By selecting your access point to initiate connection sharing.

Iphone connection sharing

iPhone connection sharing

Make one’s own Apple smartphone A mobile access point or reaching a connection sharing with is not more complicated than on Android. Once the method is known, you will have no trouble reproducing it if necessary:

Iphone connection sharing in Wi-Fi

  1. On your iPhone, open the menu of settings Or Control center.
  2. Then touch the option ” Cellular data ” Then ” Sharing the line »». Activate it if it is not the case.
  3. On the phone to connect, go to the setting menu and choose the ” Wireless »To select your iPhone from the list.
  4. Interferely enter the password corresponding (generated on the iPhone).

Namely on iPhone, connection sharing is also called ” Ton Instant Hotspot »».

Bluetooth to share its connection on iPhone

  1. On the iPhone to which you want to connect, open the menu of settings.
  2. Then touch the option ” Cellular data ” Then ” Sharing the line »». Activate it if it is not the case.
  3. On the phone to connect, go to the setting menu and choose the ” Bluetooth »To select your iPhone from the list.
  4. On the 2 smartphones, authorize Bluetooth pairing In order to initiate connection sharing.

Mobile access point: can we share a connection with a computer or tablet ?

Computer connection sharing

Connection sharing should not necessarily be carried out between two mobile phones. It is indeed possible to connect a smartphone and a computer, PC or Mac. The process is similar to the methods described above and easy to implement also.

You will also have the choice between the three methods mentioned above: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (provided that your computer is compatible with this technology) and USB, to establish a connection sharing between two different devices. The only thing you will have to do differently is, in the case of a Wi-Fi connection sharing, to go to the menu ” Network and internet »From your computer, to select the Wi-Fi network you want to join.

Ditto, to activate Modem mode Using Bluetooth, you will have to make sure to activate it on your computer. In the case of a USB wired sharing, you will need to connect your smartphone to your computer using the loading cable supplied with your device. In any case, you will most likely have to enter the password defined by the access point to which you want to connect.

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IOS mobile access point via USB

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the loading cable.
  2. On your computer, select your iPhone from The list of network equipment available.

Android mobile access point with USB cable

  1. Using a USB cable, Connect the two devices between them.
  2. A notification window appears on the screen.
  3. Sweep the screen of your top to the bottom smartphone to display the Control center.
  4. Touch the option ” Connection access point and sharing “Then activate the” USB connection sharing »».

The advantage of knowing how to establish a connection sharing through your smartphone is that the technique can be applied in one direction as in the other: you can help someone, Just like another person can share with you their connection and allow you to access the Internet if you need it.

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Configuration of a connection sharing on your iPhone or iPad

The connection sharing functionality allows you to share the connection of cellular data from your iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) when you do not have access to a Wi-Fi network.

Connection of connection sharing

  1. Access Settings> Cellular> connection sharing or settings> Connection sharing.
  2. Tap the cursor next to allowing other users.

If the connection sharing option is not displayed, contact your operator to make sure your package is compatible with this functionality.

Use of connection sharing with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB connection

You can connect to a Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth or a USB cable. In addition, with iOS 13 and subsequent versions, devices connected to a connection sharing will remain connected, even if the screen is locked. These devices will therefore always receive notifications and messages.

When a device benefits from your connection sharing, the status bar becomes blue and displays the number of connected devices. The number of devices able to use your connection sharing simultaneously varies depending on your operator and the model of your iPhone. If other devices use Wi-Fi connection for connection sharing, the host device must use a cellular data connection to access the Internet.

Proceed as follows to connect:

IPhone screen displaying the connection sharing bar


On the device to which you want to connect, go to settings> Cellular data> Connection sharing or settings> Connection sharing, then check that this feature is activated. Then check the Wi-Fi password and the phone name. Stay on this screen until you connect your other device to the Wi-Fi network.

On the device you want to connect, go to settings> Wi-Fi, then search for your iPhone or iPad in the list that appears. Then touch the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect. If you are invited, enter the password for your connection sharing.


To make sure your iPhone or iPad is detectable, access settings> Bluetooth and stay on this screen. On your Mac, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to configure a Bluetooth connection. Find out more about connection sharing by Bluetooth.

The connection sharing functionality supports Bluetooth connections with Mac and other third party devices. To connect other iOS devices, use Bluetooth.


Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes and Finder on your Mac. Then connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using the USB cable supplied with your device. If an alert “trust this computer? “Affairs, touch off.

Allow your family members to join automatically

You can configure family sharing so that your family can reach the connection sharing automatically, without having to enter the password. Proceed as follows:

  1. On your device with connection sharing, go to settings> connection sharing> family sharing.
  2. Activate family sharing. If you do not see this option, find out how to configure family sharing.
  3. Tap the names of each family members and define whether they should request approval or join your connection sharing automatically.

Disconnection of devices

To disconnect a device, deactivate connection sharing, deactivate Bluetooth or disconnect the USB cable.

Creation or modification of your Wi-Fi password

To configure a connection sharing, you must create a Wi-Fi password. To modify the Wi-Fi password, access settings> Cellular data> Connection sharing or settings> Connection sharing, then touch the Wi-Fi password*.

Your Wi-Fi password must have at least eight characters in ASCII format. The use of non-Ascii characters prevents the connection of other devices. Non-Ascii characters include those used in Japanese, Russian, Chinese and other languages. ASCII characters are:

  • All the letters of the Latin alphabet, tiny and capital letters
  • Figures from 0 to 9
  • Some punctuation signs

* When you change your password, the devices that were connected are disconnected.

Learn more

  • Some apps and features requiring Wi-Fi connection may not work when you use the Connection Connection Functionality. For example, you may not be able to perform iCloud backup or set out photos in the iCloud photo library or photo flow.
  • Find out how to use Instant Hotspot on your mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Get help with the connection sharing functionality on your iOS and iPados devices.

What is data sharing ?

Data sharing is the process of putting the same data resources available to several applications, users or organizations. It includes technologies, practices, legal frameworks and cultural elements that facilitate secure access to data for multiple entities without compromising data integrity. Data sharing improves efficiency within an organization and promotes collaboration with suppliers and partners. The awareness of risks and opportunities related to data sharing is an integral part of the process.

Why is data sharing important for companies ?

Organizations have shared data since the advent of the Internet. However, the progress of digital culture, technology and the adoption of the cloud has led to sharing data on an unprecedented scale. Here are three key factors that have contributed to the growth in data sharing:

  • Storage, processing, processing and data transfer technologies are increasingly available and affordable
  • A new state of mind in the industry processes data as a resource and an asset
  • Policies and regulations have changed and aim to reduce the risks linked to data sharing

Modern companies understand that data sharing is essential to improve relationships with the community and create new commercial opportunities. We present below some of these advantages.

Better value for customers

The combination of information from different data sources has the potential to increase both the value and performance of the services. This approach promotes better research and better product development. For example, WB Games, the Warner Bros video games division. use data sharing to contribute to the creative process of developing its games. She captures, ingests, analyzes and acts on ideas to help her developers become more opportunistic and flexible in their narration.

Data oriented decision -making

By sharing the information transparently, the teams break the data silos and contribute to the improvement of the analyzes. Decisional IT is improving and the parties concerned make long -term influential decisions. For example, Ge Renewable Energy has more than 49,000 wind turbines installed and producing wind electricity worldwide. GE turbines are equipped with sensors and connected to advanced networks that collect data on temperature, wind speed, electricity and other factors related to turbine performance. The GE data analytical system facilitates decision -making for the maintenance and productivity of turbines.

Positive social impact

Public authorities and organizations can share more data in a secure, legal and respectful manner. This creates new collaboration possibilities that benefit the whole community. For example, data sharing efforts in the health sector contribute positively to medical research, which leads to events such as considerable progress in the field of genomic research.

What are the risks linked to data sharing ?

Data disclosure includes risks in terms of regulation, competition, finance and security. We emphasize some critical threats below.

Disclosure of confidentiality

Each organization has the legal and ethical obligation to protect the confidentiality of customer data that it has. They must take appropriate measures to share data without compromising privacy. Privacy preservation technologies such as encryption and censorship allow you to share data safely.

Different data interpretation

The lack of communication between producers and data consumers can cause analytical interpretation errors. Analysts can issue incorrect assumptions when they explain reports and results. For example, a reduction in customer orders during a given month can be awarded to a drop in the marketing budget, while the real reason could be a delay in the availability of the product.

Low data quality

Data consumers may have limited control over the quality and availability of data. They may have to deal with missing or double data, validity questions, a lack of data documentation and other similar problems. Hidden prejudices towards a particular genre, a race, religion or ethnic group can also be present in the dataset.

What are the data sharing technologies ?

There are many technologies that reduce friction between producers and consumers, reduce risks and improve data sharing value. We give some examples below.

Data storage

A data warehouse is a central benchmark to store data from several operational units. Data warehouse architecture consists of different levels. The upper level represents the front customer which displays the results via tools for creating reports, analysis and data exploration. The intermediate level includes the analysis engine used to access and analyze data. The lower level of the architecture represents the database server, the place where the data is loaded and stored. Superior and intermediate level applications can share common data games stored in the lower level.

Data warehouses are useful for sharing internal data. Workloads accessing shared data can be isolated from each other.


An API is a mechanism that allows two software components to communicate with each other using a set of definitions and protocols. The interface can be considered as a service contract between two applications. This contract defines the way in which the two parties communicate through queries and responses. Data sharing APIs support precise access controls and exactly specify what data consumers can request.

Federated learning

Federated learning is a machine learning technology (ML) which allows artificial intelligence systems to train on distributed data games. Data producers retain control while contributing to collaborative technological advances. For example, ML algorithms that detect cancer train on cancer tissue images from various medical institutions.

Blockchain technology ?

Blockchain technology is an advanced database mechanism that allows transparent sharing of information within a business network. A blockchain database stores data in blocks linked together in a chain. The data is chronologically consistent, as you cannot delete or modify the chain without the network consensus. Therefore, you can use blockchain technology to create an unalterable or unchanging register for monitoring orders, payments, accounts and other transactions. In addition, the system has integrated mechanisms which allow both to prevent unauthorized transactions inputs and to create consistency in the shared view of these transactions.

Data exchange platforms

Open data platforms allow different entities to record their datasets for public consumption purposes; You just need to prepare and submit the data. The platform provides the storage and access infrastructure. Anyone can access your data.

How can AWS support your data sharing process ?

When the data is shared on AWS, everyone can analyze it and create services from them using a wide range of calculation and analytics of data. These include Amazon Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2)), Amazon Athena, AWS Lambda, and Amazon Emr. The sharing of cloud data allows your users to spend more time on data analysis than their acquisition. We give some examples of technologies below.

  • Amazon Redshift is a data storage technology that allows instant, granular and fast access to data without having to copy or move them. Your users always see the most recent and consistent information, as they are updated in the data warehouse.
  • Amazon Managed Blockchain is a fully managed service that facilitates the creation and management of scalable blockchain networks and the registry technology distributed.
  • AWS Data Exchange allows you to easily find datasets accessible to the public thanks to the AWS services.

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