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Free online file sharing


Integrate Wedrop into your information system (LDAP/AD, etc.) and optimize document sharing in your company.

7 free file sharing platforms

Free file sharing platforms allow you to share large files via a download link. They are particularly suitable for users who aim to share many files or documents so large that they cannot be shared as attachments.


  1. Overview of free file sharing platforms
  2. File sharing: what is it ?
  3. To which you have to be careful when using online document sharing
  4. 7 free file sharing platforms
    1. Hidrive Share
    2. Line.io
    3. Swiss Transfer
    4. Wetransfer
    5. Filemail
    6. Transfernow
    7. Dropbox Transfer

    Free file sharing

    Send large files easily with Hidrive Share: photos, videos and much more.

    Overview of free file sharing platforms

    File sharing service Maximum file size by transfer Costs Features
    Hidrive Share Up to 2 GB Free – No registration- compliant with the GDPR- Download available for 7 days
    Line.io Up to 2 GB Free – No registration- deleted files after download
    Swisstransfer Up to 50 GB Free – No registration- optional password protection- Swiss data protection standards- download available for 30 days
    Wetransfer From 2 to 200 GB, depending on the package chosen Free basic version, price for larger file sharing: € 12 per month – Usable without and with registration- download available for 7 days
    Filemail Up to 5 GB Free basic version, pro and business versions from € 12 per month – Usable with and without registration- download available for 1 to 7 days
    Transfernow From 5 to 100 GB depending on the package chosen Free basic version, price for larger file sharing from € 8 per month – Usable with and without registration- download available for 7 days
    Dropbox Transfer From 100 MB to 100 GB, depending on the package chosen Free basic version, price for larger file sharing from € 9.99 per month – Only with registration (free dropbox account required)- download available for 7 days

    Data update: November 2022

    File sharing: what is it ?

    File sharing refers to the fact of exchanging files in a public or private manner with other people via a network. The files can be found on dedicated servers, servers networks, cloud storage or even on the hard drives of users. Depending on the method, file sharing is done via a download link, cloud storage or specific software.

    In classic file sharing, files are shared within a decentralized peer-to-peer network. In general, the files are located on user computers, and software is necessary to carry out the exchange.

    Free file sharing platforms that allow users to share files via a download link using a browser are safe and easy to use. These File accommodation sites (or Sharehosters) Offer costing and password protection, even in free version. Downloads are generally available a few days before being automatically deleted.

    More and more free file sharing platforms complete their services by adding cloud storage and paid registrations To share large files.

    Share data via a download link without registration and for free with Hidrive Share. This online tool allows you to send files up to 2 GB for an unlimited number of downloads.

    To which you have to be careful when using online document sharing

    The free file sharing platform that suits you best depends on your individual needs:

    • Data volume: The number one criterion when it comes to choosing an online document sharing system is the average volume of the files to be released. Make sure the maximum volume to be released is sufficient given your needs.
    • Frequency of use : If you are a frequent user of a free file sharing platform, it is worth using a cloud storage service that allows you to share your files directly from your storage. If you only want to generate a link to share a file from time to time, use a service without registration may be more practical.
    • Data protection : When sending sensitive files, we advise you to choose a free file sharing platform that works in accordance with strict data protection directives.
    • Safety standards : When you import and download files, the IP address of users who do not use VPNs may appear publicly at the sight of all. A safe free file sharing platform protects these operations, in particular thanks to encryption.

    It is particularly important for companies to regularly save their data. Learn more about the most reliable online backup services in this dedicated article.

    7 free file sharing platforms

    We present below some of the free file sharing platforms most suited to file sharing who cannot be sent by e-mail as a joined room. Cloud storage suppliers such as Google Drive, OneDrive or iCloud are not included. If the latter include file sharing tools, they are especially suitable for backing up photos, documents, music files, and videos. However, an increasing number of file sharing platforms also give access to cloud storage solutions.

    Hidrive Share

    With Hidrive Share, you can import up to 2 GB of files for free, in complete safety and without registration. You send the download link automatically created by email or private message to users of your choice. These can download the files as often as they want and you can also send the download link to an unlimited number of people. Once the period of validity of seven days has elapsed, the link expires and all the imported data are deleted safely and irrevocably. Hidrive Share offers a high cloud of cloud safety thanks to its secure German servers and compliant with the GDPR.


    Queue.Io, you can import files whose volume rises to Up to 2 GB without paying a penny or having to register. You share a download link with users of your choice by email or private message. They can then Download the files once Before they self -destruct. For 25 € per month, users can share files from a volume up to 10 GB with unlimited downloads of files and optional self -destruction. Line.Io also acts as a cloud storage with a storage volume of 2 TB. If you need an even higher storage volume, you can go to the premium package and share files of a size greater than 100 GB.

    You want to store and safely access videos, photos and other important files, whatever the device you use ? Ionos Hidrive online storage provides a large amount of storage space and a high degree of data security thanks to its certified data centers.

    Swiss Transfer

    Swiss Transfer is a service provided by the Swiss Web Accommodation Company Infomaniak. Users can share until 50 GB of files for free. Swiss Transfer adheres to Swiss data protection standards. The files can be shared using a valid download link for maximum 30 days or via email. Downloads are protected using a password.


    Wetransfer is among the best known file sharing or cloud services and can be used without installation or registration. This online tool allows you to share up to 2 GB of files for free. By opting for a pro account, the import volume increases to 1 to. The process is simple: you only have to enter your email address and that of your recipient. Once the import is made, the latter receives a download link. Password protection and the personalization of the validity duration of a link are only available with pro subscription.

    Learn more about the alternatives to Wetransfer in our dedicated article in Digital Guide.


    Filemail was born in Norway and offers the appreciable option to send large files by E-mail free. This is a cloud -based service that can be used on a browser or via mobile application. With the free version, the recipient receives a download link that remains accessible for 1 or 7 days, depending on the sender’s decision. If you register, you will get access to Free storage as well as a 5 GB download volume and take advantage of antivirus scans and data encryption. In pro version, the duration of availability of downloads can be extended.


    TransferNOW is a file sharing platform Practical and without registration allowing to send files whose size can go up to 5 GB. For a higher volume of upload, you can extend it to 100 GB by subscribing to the service for € 8.33 per month. The premium version offers 1 TB of storage, which transforms TransferNow into Cloud storage. Each file transfer benefits from HTTPS protection.

    Dropbox Transfer

    Dropbox Transfer benefits from the fact that many people are already used to using Dropbox. This file accommodation service is one of the Cloud Storage Market leaders, elbow with Google Drive and OneDrive. But dropbox alternatives are also a major competition. With Dropbox Transfer, you can send Up to 100 MB for free Using a download link. To do this, register for free or log into your existing Dropbox account.

    MyDefender de Ionos is the optimal solution for automated backups and data recovery. The data is stored in secure data centers.

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    Password protection, secure access to HTTPS, integrated antiviral analysis, servers hosted in France.


    Integrate Wedrop into your information system (LDAP/AD, etc.) and optimize document sharing in your company.


    With Wedrop your files are available wherever you are !

    With mobile-tablet-table and Apple applications, as well as synchronization software for Mac and PC computers you remain connected and up to date with all your documents. Wedrop applications and software are integrated into your account without supplement.

    Choose your Wedrop formula

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