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Mappy rolls in electric scooter with tier

This scooter has 25 km of autonomy (not 40 as announced by its manufacturer). It has a 350W motor power and its weight is relatively light. Pablo is ideal for starting and making short journeys. See more information.

Choosing the right adult electric scooter according to your journey

We all have a more or less long journey depending on your day. Whether to go to work or do your shopping. On average, a Frenchman achieves 31 km per day by car (any type of trip confused). This means that he does not perform a lot of kilometers during the day. In large cities, traveling 31 km is much longer and tedious. Between traffic jams, parking spaces and other drawbacks, it is possible to make your daily journey more easily.

Indeed, it is possible to make 30 km by avoiding traffic jams and public transport. These alternatives are interesting and electric. Among these electric vehicles, we will particularly focus on the adult electric scooter. This is an interesting product if you want to change mobility.

Before you take the plunge, analyze before the type of journey you take. The electric scooter will then have to adapt to the obstacles you could face. It is obviously necessary to invest according to its use (Purchase electric scooter)).

Here are several tips depending on the type of journey you take daily. Steps ? Severe slopes ? 50 km journeys ? For each type of journey, there is an adult electric scooter that adapts to it. You will therefore have a concrete solution among several situations and needs.

The criteria to remember before buying an electric scooter

Before buying your adult electric scooter, it may be interesting to look at the different important criteria to consider. Some may be very important such as brakes or wheels. But few people are aware of it.

The different brands of electric scooters for adults

Are you interested in Different brands of electric scooters for adults to discover reliable models adapted to your needs. The Minimotors brand offers powerful scooters. On the other hand, Onemile scooters are waterproof to be able to ride in the rain freely.

The adult electric scooter depending on the kilometers to be covered

Here are tips based on the type of journey you are going to make, whether short or long. This will allow you not to buy a model too or not powerful enough depending on your trip.

Less than 10 km of journey per day

With such a distance, an adult electric electric scooter in the middle range or even entry -level is largely enough. You do not need to have a model with up to 120 km of autonomy. The latter is adapted to perilous land, sharp ribs or Off-road (off road). Which does not clearly meet your needs.

You want to make a simple, short and effectively journey. No need for a speed monster. There are models of electric scooters adapted to this type of movement. We can cite, for example, The Pablo electric scooter.

This scooter has 25 km of autonomy (not 40 as announced by its manufacturer). It has a 350W motor power and its weight is relatively light. Pablo is ideal for starting and making short journeys. See more information.

Between 10 and 20 km of journey per day

For this type of journey resulting in a round trip of about 7.5 km, it is advisable to opt for a medium range scooter. If you want to be wide, take a model announcing 25/30 km of autonomy. Indeed, there is always an error march between the announced autonomy and the real autonomy. be careful.

For this type of journey, you need a slightly more power scooter with a battery that will keep the shock. Especially if you are large enough. The more the heavy door scooter, the faster the battery is eaten. For this type of journey, there are a multitude of suitable scooters. We can cite, for example, The E-Twow Booster S+ Premium V1 electric scooter.

This scooter as light as small, it sneaks everywhere thanks to its retractable guide. It is really light with a weight of 10.9 kg. Which is relatively little. This adult electric scooter has up to 35 km of autonomy and crosses 23% inclination with its 575W engine. It is therefore perfect for a short and medium distance route. See more information.

Between 20 and 30 km of journey per day

The back and forth start to be longer and longer, the autonomy must therefore adapt. For this type of journey, choose an adult electric scooter with at least 35/40 km of autonomy. You have to see big with these figures (see the front paragraph).

It is therefore necessary to provide a more powerful scooter. The longer the journey, the more important the engine becomes. The E-Twow GT 2020 Premium SE electric scooter (Bluetooth) is therefore an excellent choice.

This electric scooter has up to 40 km of autonomy. With its 700W engine, you will be able to cross longer distances and more sophisticated slopes (25% here). This very light scooter is ideal for making 15 km round trip. In addition, she takes care of very quickly (4 hours). You can thus put it to charge at work for example. You just have to find a catch. See more information.

Beyond 30 km of journey per day

Your journey becomes really long and great autonomy becomes really essential. Your battery must be reliable and offer at least 50 to 60 km of autonomy for more freedom. Here is an adult electric scooter model that adapts to this type of journey: The Inokim Ox H electric scooter.

This scooter has, at least 60 km of autonomy. It is powerful thanks to its 1000W engine and it can cross slopes with up to 40% inclination. The only downside remains its 7 -hour loading time. See more information.

For a hill trip, a powerful scooter is ideal

Coast journeys are sometimes not obvious and some are not powerful enough to cross them. It can even happen to you to help your scooter to go up with your foot. Then opt for a powerful electric scooter. It is therefore necessary to avoid the engines at 250W which cannot cross very steep slopes.

The best powerful electric scooters are part of the Minimotors brand or the VSETT brand. Their models are very powerful and autonomous. In addition, there is something for all prices and for all tastes.

For journeys with sharp slopes, you can opt for A vsett 9 electric scooter. With its 650W LG engine, you can cross slopes up to 33% inclination. In addition, its powerful battery will allow you to travel a journey of maximum 80 km without recharging it.

Despite its power, the scooter is reassuring. It has front/rear disc brakes and double suspensions. You even have an ABS and an automatic stop. All these elements will give you real driving comfort.

A journey filled with steps ? Opt for this light electric scooter

Your city is filled with steps ? You can then get stuck if your adult electric scooter is 40 kg (like the Dualtron Ultra II). We must consider investing in a light electric scooter.

Here is the scooter Inokim Mini Plus. Very appreciated for its weight, it will now be easy to move by carrying it. It weighs only 8.5 kg, as much to say that it will not exhaust you.

This model is suitable for fairly short journeys and filled with walking. Its autonomy is 20 km, its engine power of 250W and it can go at a speed of 20 km/h maximum. So it may not be powerful enough for your daily trips.

You can then opt for the E-Twow Premium S+ V1 electric scooter present above. It weighs 10.9 kg, has 35 km of autonomy as well as a 575W engine. So this is a good compromise between power and lightness.

It’s still raining at home, here is a waterproof scooter

In some regions like Normandy, rain is very common and it is sometimes complicated to move in an adult electric scooter. Indeed, most are not waterproof. These types of electric scooters are not suitable for rainy regions.

The electric scooter One Mile Model S8 differs from other scooters since it has the IPX5 certification. This will allow you to move in rainy weather since your scooter will have a high resistance to water.

That’s not all ! In addition to its good seal, the S8 Model has a removable battery. But what does that mean ?

It will be possible to let your scooter dry and at the same time put to load your battery independently. No need to mount your scooter to recharge it. In addition, it has a range of 35 km and recharges in a short time.

Finally, this scooter has a robust braking system (3 types of brake), weighs only 15 kilos and is guaranteed for 2 years (1 year for the battery).

An adult scooter to take away in your public transport

Public transport can be very full. In this case, you will need a light electric scooter but as foldable so that it can fit everywhere. The ideal being to find a foldable electric scooter with a retractable handlebars.

The electric scooter Z8 has this type of functionality. Folded, its dimensions are very interesting: 106 cm x 18 cm x 34 cm (L x W x H).

We can add that this adult electric scooter, from the minimotors brand, has other advantages. Its quality Samsung battery in quality lithium recharges in just 4 hours. The electric scooter will allow you to roll 30 km freely without touching the battery.

In addition, the adult scooter is equipped with double suspensions and two lights in the front and rear (stop light). The only real negative point is the absence of a front brake.

A scooter for occasional use

The electric scooter can prove to be a real investment. The sum can sometimes be salty !

If you plan to use the electric scooter regularly, this purchase will be profitable with time. On the other hand, if you plan to use your scooter from time to time, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money (except for the off-piste).


In this case, it is advisable to opt for an electric scooter whose price is between 200 and 350 euros. You can then opt for the Urbanglide Ride 100s electric scooter.

This electric scooter for sale at a price of 279 euros is ideal for a few uses per month. The adult electric scooter weighs 15 kg, has 35 km of autonomy and is loaded in 5 hours.

Finally, its 10 -inch wheels is a surprising feature since it is offered in often more expensive electric scooters.

Make off-piste occasionally

You may only use your electric scooter very rarely. But it is not necessarily to walk around. Some people like chills and thrills.

For those who like to do off-piste, the scooter will cost more. Indeed, it must be powerful and equipped with robust equipment for secure driving. So don’t buy an electric scooter at low prices. It will be damaged quickly and it will not be adapted to this type of use.

Off-piste is considered an intense sport and it should not be practiced with any equipment. The electric scooter Vsett 10+ is strongly recommended if you want to achieve theoff-road.

This electric scooter has a double engine of 1400W each. It can therefore cross slopes up to 45% inclination. In addition, it has 130 km of autonomy with its 60V LG battery and 20.8 Ah. It has 4 speeds and 10 inch wheels to damage shock more easily.

Designed specially for extreme sensations, this VSETT can go up to 80 km/h, has a very effective braking system and front and rear lights. But that’s not all ! Its front and rear spring shock absorbers will give you real driving comfort.

If you want to see a constructive opinion on this product, do not hesitate to watch this video which will give you more information. She may also answer the questions you can ask yourself.

You will be able to realize the advantages and negative points of this electric scooter. You will be able to anticipate or opt for another all -terrain electric scooter model.

To conclude, we were able to realize the different models present on the market. On this page, an electric scooter has been proposed in relation to real mobility needs. You will be able to adapt your future adult electric scooter to your regular journeys. Some people want a quick model, others a robust product with a powerful battery.

If you realize that you do not want to invest in an electric scooter, you can rent one. It depends on where you are where you are. Some large cities offer this type of product. In these cities, we can find platforms providing scooters everywhere. We can cite, for example, Lime, Dott or Bird. Ask your city for if it offers this type of trip. Then look at the price of subscriptions to find out if one of them suits you.

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