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Transfer data to a new iPhone or iPad using fast start -ups

�� 5 GB of iCloud space are available for free, however, if the size of your backup is higher, you will be offered to buy more storage space.
Discover this article to learn what you can do so as not to pay if your iCloud storage space is saturated: how to empty iCloud ?

IPhone transfer to iPhone

You want to reset your iPhone or change iPhone and keep everything ? In this article, we will show you how to make the iPhone transfer to iPhone : not only contacts and SMS, but also your photos, notes and applications.

Here are the ways of Transfer iPhone to iPhone ::

  1. IPhone to iPhone transfer application Without iTunes or iCloud
  2. Transfer iPhone to iPhone with iCloud
  3. Change iPhone with iTunes
  4. IPhone iPhone transfer without backup

IPhone to iPhone transfer application

With this tool, you can transfer your data from one iPhone to another without iCloud. Start by saving your device, then go to the restoration of the backup on another iPhone. Follow this guide step by step:

Step 1. Backup of the old iPhone

Before you start, make sure that iOS devices, as well as the computer you use, havestorage space sufficient. The backup can also fail if your iPhone has been disconnected. Please control the condition of the cable and the USB port. If necessary, use another computer.

  1. First, download Copytrans Shelbee by clicking on the button below. Install the software. You can also consult our installation guide if necessary. Download Copytrans Shelbee
  2. Launch Copytrans Shelbee and connect your old iPhone to PC. Click on Backup ->Full backup. What is the data that Copytrans Shelbee backup ?Complete Backup Copytrans Shelbee
  3. Transfer the apps from one iPhone to another iPhone Or not – it’s up to you to decide. For more details, please consult the article on the backup and restoration of iPhone applications. IOS Application backup
  4. Unlike iTunes, you can create a new backup folder or choose an already existing on the PC or even on a USB key. To do this, click on the pencil icon and choose the folder in the new window that appears. Once the folder is chosen, click on OK then on Following. Save iPhone on USB
  5. The backup is underway. Another advantage of iTunes: at the end of the backup, copytrans shelbee valid So that you can make sure that the operation went without mistakes. Safeguard

Cons up our video guide:

Why opt for copytrans shelbee ?

Transfer iPhone applications

✔️ Transfer of iPhone apps to an iPhone
✔️ IPhone data transfer to an entire iPhone
✔️ Data restoration of your choice
✔️ French version of the software
✔️ Customer support in French 24/7

2nd step. Restoration of backup on the new iPhone

Then, you must restore the backup you have just created on the new iPhone.

The conditions necessary for a successful restoration:

✓Soit the two devices (the old and the new) must have The same version of iOS

✓Soit the new device (the one on which you restore the backup) must have a version higher than that of the old Device.

If the iOS version of your iPhone is obsolete, please first to update. If you have already saved your device before updating, please start the backup again.

Shelbee personalized restoration

Disconnect your old iPhone from the PC and connect the new. In the main menu of Copytrans Shelbee, you will have the choice between the Full restoration and the Personalized restoration. In this example, you will see how personalized catering takes place.

The difference between these two functions is that complete restoration With Copytrans Shelbee will give you exactly the same result as catering with iTunes or iCloud, so a copy of your old device on the new.

The function of Personalized restoration offers you the choice of data to restore. You don’t want to keep the history of your SMS, but keep Candy Crush’s score a lot ? Or you want to drop the 5 GB of selfies but absolutely want to recover your contacts ? Copytrans shelbee makes it possible – and very simple.

  • Select the backup to restore on the new iPhone. If you have made several backups, you are free to choose the one you want to restore by clicking on the pencil icon () and selecting the backup on your PC. Select the backup to restore
  • You can then choose the data you want to restore on your device: Restore WhatsApp
  • It’s done ! Your data is transferred using theiPhone transfer application to another iPhone.

    Why opt for copytrans shelbee ?

    Transfer iPhone applications

    Security – You will have a backup that you can use in the event of a failure or the flight of the iPhone;
    Confidentiality – Your data is not stored on third parties servers;
    Free choice – Save and restore the full device or only the desired data;
    Trust – Software and customer support 100% in French
    Without advertising

    Transfer iPhone to iPhone with iCloud

    The iCloud service offers you the possibility of putting all your iPhone data in a cloud. You select the data to save yourself in the settings of your iPhone. But be careful ! Synchronization and backup with iCloud are different features. In short, the synchronized data is found in iCloud and cannot be incused in the backup. If you delete synchronized photos of your iPhone, these photos will also be deleted from iCloud (сomment Recover the photos on iсloud ?)). Learn more about the difference between the two services in the article ICLOUD backup: access, see, recover. This is important if you count change iPhone and keep everything.

    Before proceeding to Transfer from one iPhone to another iPhone, Learn more about the disadvantages of iCloud.


    ✔️ Transfer is made online
    ✔️ iCloud backup and restore your full iPhone
    ✔️ does not require PC or Mac


    ❌ requires an internet connection
    ❌ Synchronized data is not included in the backup
    ❌ No choice of data to restore
    ❌ Free iCloud storage space is limited to 5GB
    ❌ You must reset the iPhone to restore a backup

    If you accept these drawbacks, follow the steps described in the video or read the textual guide below:

    1. To restore a backup from iCloud, please make sure that this option is activated on your iOS device. An active WiFi network is also necessary to carry out this operation.

    ✓ It is possible to activate iCloud backup via iTunes. Select iCloud, then type on save now:

    Save iCloud from iTunes

    ✓ Otherwise, go to the settings of your iPhone, choose Accounts and passwords > iCloud> iCloud backup and activate this option. You will be invited to launch a backup:

    Activate iCloud backup

    �� 5 GB of iCloud space are available for free, however, if the size of your backup is higher, you will be offered to buy more storage space.
    Discover this article to learn what you can do so as not to pay if your iCloud storage space is saturated: how to empty iCloud ?

  • Then, you will have to reset your new device to be able to restore this backup from iCloud. To do this, go to settings> General> Reset> Erase content and settings. How to recover data from an iCloud backup without resetting the iPhone ? Reset iPhone
  • This operation will reset your device to zero, as if you have just bought it. During its configuration, you will have the choice of catering sources: Restore iPhone from Cloud
  • In this case, choose Restore from iCloud To recover the data from your old iPhone that you have just saved.
  • You have tried everything, but nothing helps ? Neither iCloud, nor iTunes could not restore your iPhone, But you absolutely need your backup data ..

    We have compared the most popular software PC data recovery. Read our article to definitively decide which software to choose.

    Change iPhone with iTunes

    If you prefer to follow your grandmother’s advice and want to manage your iPhone or iPad with iTunes, below, you will find a video and a textual guide explaining how Transfer iPhone iPhone data Using tunes. But first, take note of the disadvantages of iTunes.


    ✔️ Backup on the PC


    ❌ requires a computer
    ❌ Restoration will replace your iPhone data with that of backup
    ❌ Itunes catering can fail due to several reasons

    1. Connect your old Idevice to the PC with a USB cable. Start iTunes.
    2. If your device asks you to “trust this computer”, click on “Yes”.
    3. Click on the iPhone icon at the top of the iTunes screen. Click “Summary” and select the location of your backup – iCloud or iTunes. Then save your old iPhone. Save iPhone with iTunes
    4. As soon as the backup is made, disconnect your old iPhone and connect your new iPhone to the PC. You just have to type on Back up :: Restore iPhone backup with iTunes

    You find that this solution is complex for you ? Consult our article to choose the best user -friendly software.

    IPhone iPhone transfer without backup

    A reliable and very intuitive way to copy your data from one iPhone to another is to use the Quick Start. On the other hand, this method also has drawbacks.


    ✔️ intuitive and simple transfer
    ✔️ does not require a computer
    ✔️ without iCloud or iTunes


    ❌ requires an internet connection
    ❌ Project problem
    ❌ Activation failed
    ❌ You must empty the iPhone to transfer data

    This option is more suitable for those who are configuring a brand new iPhone. Otherwise, if you already have important data on your catering iPhone, you need to erase it for good to be able to enjoy quick start. This is done in settings> General> Reset> Erase content and settings.

    Reset iPhone 2

    Then, when the iPhone is erased (or brand new) you will be invited to select a configuration way. Choose quick start. If you want to read a full tutorial on the subject, refer to the article how to configure a new iPhone.

    Configure iPhone with quick start

    In this article, we described the best ways to perform the iPhone transfer to iPhone.

    So, you can choose between Apple’s native solutions: iTunes, iCloud or Quick Start (Smart Switch). On the other hand, these solutions have certain drawbacks-we have described them above.

    To get around these Apple limitations, we advise you to go through a iPhone to iPhone transfer application Copytrans shelbee that you can install on your Windows computer. This tool will allow you to change iPhone and keep everything, even the app.

    If you want to see an extensive comparison of various backup and catering software, also refer to article 5 Façobs to restore iPhone data.

    If you cannot restore an iTunes or iCloud backup on your new iPhone, consult our blog article 6 best data recovery software iPhone iPhone. You will find a comparison of popular software that is capable of extracting your data backup data on the computer.

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    Transfer data to a new iPhone or iPad using fast start -ups

    Automatically configure your new iOS device using an iPhone or iPad.

    Quick start occupies both devices: make sure you choose a time when you will not need to use your current device for several minutes.

    A new iPhone displaying the quick start screen. The instructions invite you to approach your current new device

    1. Make sure your current device is connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is activated. Turn on your new device and place it near your current device. Follow the on -screen instructions to start. If the configuration promotion of your new device disappears from your current device, restart the two devices.
    2. Connect your device to the Wi-Fi or the mobile network of your device.
    3. You may be invited to activate your mobile service.
    4. Configure Face ID or Touch ID.
    5. Choose how you want to transfer your data.
      • If you choose the download from iCloud, your apps and data download in the background, so you can start using your new device immediately.
      • If you choose direct transfer from your old device, you will have to wait until the transfer is finished on both devices before you can use them.
    6. Leave your devices near each other and connected to a power source until the end of the data migration process. The duration of the transfer may vary depending on factors such as the network state and the amount of data to be transferred.

    If your new device is registered with Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager, you cannot transfer data from your current device using fast start -ups.

    Date of publication: November 21, 2022