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Internet boost

Internet boost customers can buy a reconditioned laptop PC, at the preferential price of € 169, from our AFB partner.
The order of this equipment must be carried out within a maximum of 3 months, after the subscription to the internet boost (3) .

Orange boost offer

by Patchouli18 »December 11, 2020, 03:59

Good morning,
After having left Bouygues to subscribe by phone, on November 12, to the Orange “boost” offer social offer, I still have not received a contract; A line was activated on December 1.
Insofar as I subscribed by phone, I receive the papers by mail or to print and return by post as at the start a summary sheet of information, following my order.

I just received a first invoice (I was waiting for the contract), which I did not and have signed nothing either about the offer.
So here it is, it’s an offer at 19.99 euros/ month box included. (16.99 + 3 euros for rental).
The invoice I have just received is 23.99 euros; I consult the details, they mention 19.99 ht.
This is not specified in the boost offer, see the link below:

Only following my procedures (at the start), I received an email following my order indicating the price etc.
There is also note: “Universal Directory” . I do not know if that means that my number will appear in the directory when I indicated by phone that I did not want him to appear so red listened:

Extract from copy/paste received by email to assert what was indicated to me, to what I subscribed (the detail of my order):

Livebox boost at € 16.99 including tax/month (excluding possible promotion)
Your Internet Services
• High speed in ADSL
Your phone by Internet
• Unlimited to the fixed to the metropolitan France, DOM and more than 110 unlimited destinations to the USA and Canada mobiles
• Universal directory:
Your Internet equipment
• Livebox rented at € 3.00 including tax/month (excluding possible promotion)

Your monthly subscription
Regarding your subscriptions, packages and monthly options – Excluding deferred reimbursement offer (ODR) subject to condition:
• Amount excluding promotion, excluding temporary discounts: € 19.99 including tax
To appear on your next invoice, or on the next.

There I put the extract from my invoice in summary then then the detail:

For the summary of the invoice: your internet invoice of 10.12.2020
They mention: 19.99 ht and 23.99 TTC

For detail: difficult to make a copy /paste, that fair. They apparently have VAT on 16.99 Internet price + VAT on 3 euros (Livebox rental).

Who can inform me about it; In addition I have still not signed a contract. I have only a summary of the subscribed offer which indicates 19.99 TTC all inclusive with the box.
Moreover that it means “universal directory” ?
I understand that they want to include my number in the directory, when I asked for the opposite.
It’s still incredible. I’m still fighting ! (already having moved there several times in the store, there was always something to make me go back

Internet boost

An Internet social offer, reserved for people with a CAF or MSA family quotient less than or equal to € 700 and the ASPA beneficiaries.
Internet boost is without commitment and includes an internet-TV-TV-fixed access, a reconditioned laptop and digital support.


  • Internet access fiber or ADSL
    (up to 500 Mbit/s in descending speed and 500 Mbit/s in update)


  • Unlimited calls to fixes in mainland France, DOM and more than 110 destinations (1)

Orange TV

  • Up to 140 TV channels included with the orange decoder (2)
  • The activation costs of the decoder are 40 €

You can also benefit:

  • A laptop reconditioned at € 169, payable in 3 or 4 monthly payments and equipped with Windows 10 (3)
  • Free digital workshops to fully enjoy digital

Livebox rental included

Make an appointment in store

Questions to ask yourself to take advantage of an internet boost

Are you eligible for internet boost ?

Internet boost is Orange Internet social offer. It is aimed at all people who have a family quotient CAF (Family Allowance Fund) or MSA (Mutualité Sociales Agricole) less than or equal to € 700 and to seniors beneficiary of ASPA (Solidarity Allowance for Agees).
For example, if you perceive the RSA or the AAH or if you think you are eligible, get closer to your affiliation organization to obtain your family quotient certificate. For ASPA beneficiaries, get closer to your pension fund to obtain your proof.

A mother and her son work on a computer

Are you sufficiently equipped ?

Internet boost customers can buy a reconditioned laptop PC, at the preferential price of € 169, from our AFB partner.
The order of this equipment must be carried out within a maximum of 3 months, after the subscription to the internet boost (3) .

A family looks at a reconditioned computer

Are you comfortable with digital ?

Free digital workshops, will help you in the use of digital daily.

Different themes are offered, one or more can be useful to you (4) .

A senior takes courses in e-learning

We answer your most frequent questions

How do you benefit from an internet boost ?

1 – Check that your CAF or MSA quotient is equal to or less than € 700 or that you benefit from the ASPA.

2 – Gather the supporting documents:
– A CAF/MSA certificate with the family quotient or an ASPA certificate less than 2 months old
– a bank account number
– An identity card, a passport, a residence permit or a valid resident card
– proof of address

3 – Present yourself, with these supporting documents, in your Orange store or contact your customer service at 39 00. An advisor will support your request.
If you are already committed to another operator, Orange takes care of your old offer for free. You will keep your fixed phone number.

What is the duration of the offer ?

The internet boost offer is renewable every 12 months.

2 months before the end of this period, you will be contacted to decide the following. Orange will either invite you to renew the offer, if you are always eligible, or to subscribe to an alternative offer. Unanswered on your part, the offer will be automatically terminated.

How to order the laptop ?

You have up to 3 months, after subscription to the internet boost, to buy the laptop from our AFB partner (3) . To do this, take your Orange Internet account number and contact AFB on or by phone on 04 50 10 04 75.

Valid offer subject to adsl or fiber eligibility in mainland France.
Offer without obligation reserved for beneficiaries of a family quotient CAF (Family Allowance Fund) or MSA (Mutualité Social Agricole) less than or equal to 700 euros and to beneficiaries of ASPA (Solidarity Allowance for Agees). This offer is renewable by successive periods of one year subject to remaining eligible. Limited to a subscription by customer (same name same address).

(1) Unlimited calls excluding cost of the special issue of special numbers and excluding cost of short and surcharged n °, within the limit of 250 different correspondents per month, 3h max/call voice. List of destinations on Orange.Fr.

(2) TV channels available on 02/02/2023 and capable of evolution.

(3) Offer accessible until 12/31/2023 and limited to a computer by internet boost offer. See Conditions on or by phone on 04 50 10 04 75 (cost of metropolitan communication deducted according to the subscribed offer, call not surcharged).

(4) Conditions on BienvivreLedigital.Fr. Catalog of workshops likely to evolution. Compulsory reservation, limited number of places.