Calculation of routes: running, cycling, hiking, rollerblading. Import/Fuionner a GPX or KML trace – import a running route – import a bicycle hike, GPS bike applications: follow a GPX route on smartphone

Follow a GPS route on your smartphone

To be able to locate yourself in real time compared to this route, be sure to have activated your Geolocation which will display your location on the map !

Route calculation

Here the Google Maps card for the import of GPX or KML files (jogging, jogging, running, cycling, cycling, rollerb. ), created by your GPS. Keywords : Route calculation, route, route, route, route, running, distance, google maps, jogging, sports, triathlon, point, card, satellite, topography, cycling, running, sport, export, import, gpx, xml, GPS, elevation, rollerblading, speed, time, kilometer, calorie, vo2max, vma, hiking, triathlon, marathon, journey, ign, geoportail, run

Bicycle route – Bike course – Route Running – Running course – Footing route – Footing course – Import GPX KML

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JavaScript must be activated to import a GPX or KML file on your sports route (jogging, jogging, running, cycling, cycling, rollerblading. ), created by your GPS on Google Maps or IGN, Geoportail.

Total distance from the route:
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Follow a GPS route on your smartphone

How to follow a bicycle route route on your phone ?

1) Download a GPS bicycle application to display a route

The applications offered here are Bike GPS applications specialized in outdoor travel and which offer Offline mapping. They will allow you to display a course previously downloaded from our site or a third -party site.

GPS application for bikes

GPS bicycle applications to follow routes on your smartphone

GPS applications with on -board cartography (with offline mode)

These applications offer offline operation, which requires downloading upstream cartographic funds. Some applications offer paid services.

  • Osmand – Android / Apple
  • Locus MAP – Android
  • Orux MAP – Android
  • Iphigenia – Android / Apple
  • Visorando – Android / Apple
  • Sitytrail – Android / Apple
  • Maps.Me – Android / Apple
  • Komoot – Android / Apple

Download the card funds necessary for the operation of certain applications

You can download free card funds from Openandromaps for free to add them to your application. You will no longer need an internet connection to “load” your card: it will be present on your phone as a file, even in plane mode or in network without network !

2) Download the GPX layout of your course

When you consult the bicycle steps on the France Vélo Tourism site, you can download the layout of each step or route In the format .GPX

You can also use our bicycle route calculator in order to Find your ideal route from point A to point B Then download the route.

THE .GPX is a standard file format allowing the exchange of GPS coordinates. This format makes it possible to describe a collection of points usable in the form of paths, trace or route.

You will find most GPS traces of large routes Bikes to download here.

The downloaded layout is recorded on your smartphone, most of the time in The “Download” folder of your smartphone

Download GPX route on France Vélo Tourisme

3) Display the downloaded route to the chosen application

The downloaded layout is in the “Download” folder of your smartphone.

Click on “Open with” and select the dedicated application.

4) The layout is displayed on the chosen GPS application as well as your position: you are ready for departure !

To be able to locate yourself in real time compared to this route, be sure to have activated your Geolocation which will display your location on the map !

Advice : To limit the use of your battery you can switch to plane mode, the function “Position“From your phone is enough to locate you.

Supports to fix your smartphone on the bike

To follow his itinerary while pedaling, there are different supports to fix your smartphone and keep it before your walk. These tools can sometimes protect the phone from rain with waterproof covers or cases.

Support fixed directly on the handlebars

Attached directly to the handlebars, this support allows you to fix your electronic device while keeping it within range, to be able to navigate thanks to the GPS.

��: Simplicity of attachment and access to the device.
��: Not waterproof, relatively sensitive to road shocks.

Handlebar bag

The bag on the handlebars, the smartphone on the bag, the GPS on the smartphone: the adequate solution to fix its smartphone and protect it from potential showers.

��: Waterproofing, phone protection.
��: less sensitive tactile with the case.

The smartphone on the frame

The practical aspect of this support makes it an ideal solution for short bicycle walks: it allows a space to store its tools or snacks by offering a waterproof case on the top.

��: dual purpose.
��: Limited, less sensitive tactile.