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– Monitoring your consumption
Whether you are at home, somewhere in France, or abroad, with the new Bouygues Telecom application you follow your consumption in real time, wherever you are. A practical, mobile service, which allows you to add recharges and options, depending on the variations in your consumption.

Bouygues Telecom 4+

I moved in April, you asked for a box change (box Ultim 4K) from the image is not good . In September a technician comes on the 8th, after an hour, 30 of maneuvers and checks made by Tel remote . A quarter of an hour before his arrival The internet connection is interrupted, he could not check before leaving if the image was finally good and compliant . The incident is not resolved when I was able to light the TV after the internet return the initial problem persists . I am supposed to answer a probably unique phone call from another service for the rest of troubleshooting in next week . You realize the excessive availability you ask the customer . Imagine that you have to repair a car under the same conditions . I am thinking soon to change service and can be returned to the stone age of the free TNT: we buy a antenna 200 € and it lasts 30 years: 0.55 € per month you have an alienating, fragile system, without any reliability who does not deserve the name of service watching television is a moment of rest and relaxation is not it?

Youssef Yassine Grimy, 20/04/2022

BBOX 5G installation

Technician who for me lacks skills by trying to dismantle my telephone socket in force the good damaged so it is up to you that it will be up to repair then alongside that I do not see why the technician told me that it was It is up to me to buy a socket to be able to access my television channels while the installation of your part concerning the BBOX is free, zero euros of installation costs .
Also you are committed to reimburse me for the last two Free invoices up to 100 euros and have asked the commitment to offer me the first two months in the Bbox offer to which I have subscribed and I am always in the Waiting to see your offer realize and this despite the few problems you encounter for the installation of my Bbox Bouygues all hoping quickly to be able to take advantage of the TV channels for which I have subscribed and which are not yet news.
After I am very understanding and am satisfied with the phone iPhone 8 Plus that I received from yours for the symbolic sum of 1 euros and for that I thank you..
In the meantime, I just hope to be able to enjoy all your services and as soon as I will sponsor some people in my family and others..
Sincerely, Mr. Grimy Youssef who remains at your disposal for the time of the connection


Very complete and detailed application. Special mention to the choice of creating well -placed icons in addition to the advertising offerings subject to trailing appearing above the screen which gives life to the whole. Information and content on mobile is skilfully distilled and clear and very close to the website.
You can subscribe and cancel services without difficulty and take advantage of magazines .
Everything is done to make the most accessible application on the market by putting the user/autonomous customer and at the heart of the event of the possibilities which presents itself like the articles and topics of news, Red File which gives Information on the life of the mobile, the important innovations (thank you to 5G and the continuous deployment of fiber) and the vigilance to be recalled in the event of phising, cybercrime.

Confidentiality of the app

Developer Bouygues Telecom indicated that data processing as described below could be among the practices of the app in terms of confidentiality. To find out more, consult the developer’s privacy policy.

Data used to follow you

Data establishing a link with you

The following data can be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Purchases
  • financial informations
  • Contact details
  • User contents
  • Research history
  • Identifiers
  • Use data
  • Diagnostic

Data not establishing any link with you

The following data can be collected, but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Location
  • Identifiers
  • Diagnostic

Confidentiality practices may vary, in particular depending on the features you use or your age. Learn more


Bouygues Telecom sale

IPhone compatibility requires iOS 11.0 or later. iPod touch requires iOS 11.0 or later. Mac requires MacOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with the Apple M1 chip or later version.

Position even when it is not open, this app can use your geographic position and reduce the autonomy of your device.

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  • Developer website
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Bouygues Telecom

The new Bouygues Telecom application, all-in-one, easy to use and close to you.

Fixed, mobile customer, or both ? With the new Bouygues Telecom application, you can quickly identify yourself by facial recognition or fingerprint.
Consumption, invoices, packages and subscriptions … All your essential information is visible in the blink of an eye, and accessible in one click on your customizable home screen.

But the new Bouygues Telecom application is also ..

– Monitoring your consumption
Whether you are at home, somewhere in France, or abroad, with the new Bouygues Telecom application you follow your consumption in real time, wherever you are. A practical, mobile service, which allows you to add recharges and options, depending on the variations in your consumption.

– Managing your packages & subscriptions
You need to know what is included in your package or that of your loved ones ? Go to the “My lines” section to access the detail of your offers.

– Your new online store
You are looking for a new subscription, a better suitable package with new equipment and tailor -made options ? Our online store offers you a varied and personalized choice.

– Your tailor -made assistance
Thanks to the new Bouygues Telecom application you benefit from direct access to our assistance services and instant messaging. Lost phone ? Mobile assistance is there to accompany you. Need to pilot, install or help your bbox ? My Bbox assistant is there to guide you.

– Permanent access to your invoices
Anywhere, anytime, they can be downloaded or consulted. And if necessary, you can also pay for your latest invoices.

– Managing your optimized wifi
The “Manage my Bbox” space allows you to personalize your wifi password and share it with those around you. Network control also allows you to secure and more easily control your children’s internet access.

– The geolocation of your Bouygues Telecom technician
You have a planned appointment with a technician ? With our geolocation service, you can follow your arrival in real time, be warned in case of delay, and note the quality of the intervention directly from your application.