Bbox Ultym: Our test and opinion on the offer, Bouygues fiber review: BBOX customer reviews in 2023

What are the opinions on Bouygues Telecom fiber in 2023

I asked for the fiber from Bouygues in September. 2021 ! 16 months later, after around twenty telephone exchanges and no less than 8 – yes, you read that ! – Visits to technicians at home, I still don’t have the fiber . There is no communication between services and technicians, suddenly each coming makes the same observation and we do not advance. Flee Bouygues . Guillaume January 21, 2023, Trustpilot

Bbox Ultym: The test and our opinion

The Bbox Ultym is the best internet offer in Bouygues. It is also one of the best internet boxes. The opinions are unanimous: the Bbox Ultym offers premium services, but at a price that remains attractive the first year.

The results of our Bbox Ultym test

Good points

  • Its fiber flow up to 8 Gb/s for eligible people
  • The 6th Wi-Fi Modem and the Wi-Fi rehearsal included
  • The Android TV decoder connected in WiFi
  • Disney+, Prime and Universal+ offered for 6 months

Negative point

  • Its high fiber price the second year

Debit+ inclusive option

  • Fiber 8 Gb/s
  • 180 TV channels
  • Fixed and mobile calls
  • Wi-Fi 6th

for 12 months, then € 55.99.

Debit+ inclusive option

  • Fiber 8 Gb/s
  • 180 TV channels
  • Fixed and mobile calls
  • Wi-Fi 6th

for 12 months, then € 55.99.

The Bbox Ultym is a premium internet offer at all levels. But, it is especially in terms of the Internet, with XXL performance in Wi-Fi that it stands out.

�� Bbox ultym: an ultra powerful fiber flow and the best Wi-Fi

In this part of the BBOX Ultym opinion, we will analyze the speed, the performance of the Internet connection as well as the Wi-Fi features of the most high-end of all the Internet offers from Bouygues Telecom.

Our BBOX Ultym Optical Opter opinion

The Bbox Ultym is to be considered as a high -end internet offer. And, it is clear that it shows itself up to fiber optic flows. The Bbox Ultym indeed delivers a Flow down to 8 Gb/s in fiber optics. This flow is, for the moment, reserved for a handful of people (1.7 million households in Paris Intramuros) via an option: the flow+ at € 5/month.

As for the upright speed of the BBOX ULTYM in fiber optics, that is to say in sending files, it is 900 Mb/s, knowing that the maximum that is proposed is 1 GB/S. Again, this helps you locate the performance of the Bbox Ultym in terms of flows.

If you are not yet eligible for Bouygues fiber, you will have to fall back on the Bbox Ultym with Adsl technology. You will then have a lesser flow, necessarily: up to 20 Mb/s in ADSL and up to 95 Mb/s if you are eligible for VDSL. Either the same connection speeds as other operators. Indeed, with XDSL technologies, all internet boxes display the same theoretical flows. The Bbox Ultym is doing less well than the other Internet boxes, but maybe even better. Because, we will see it now, in terms of Wi-Fi, it is Bouygues Telecom which offers the best performance.

The Bbox Ultym is Wi-Fi 6th compatible

Bbox Ultym test: the best Wi-Fi that it is possible to have

In terms of wireless internet, with the Bbox Ultym, Bouygues Telecom promises you “the best of Wi-Fi guaranteed everywhere at home”. Nothing less. It must be said that Bouygues Telecom puts small dishes in large ones with its premium internet box. First, the Bbox Ultym is one of the only two Internet boxes to be Wi-Fi 6th compatible, The most recent Wi-Fi standard that offers:

  • there best speed, with the addition of a 6 GHz frequency band
  • there best quality, With an intelligent Wi-Fi that selects the best frequency band in real time
  • there better stability, thanks to better resistance to interference from other devices

With Wi-Fi, you can expect to benefit from a 40% speed increase compared to Wi-Fi 5 but also more Easy to manage multiple and simultaneous connections on a box, losing power.

But, if the Bbox Ultym is as well in terms of wireless Internet, it is not only thanks to 6th Wi-Fi compatibility, but also thanks to Wi-Fi diagnosis from which subscribers can benefit from, to optimize Wi-Fi coverage of their accommodation. They even benefit from a Wi-Fi repeater on demand, Or even two, depending on the said Wi-Fi diagnosis.

The opinions are unanimous: with the Bbox Ultym, and more generally with Bouygues Telecom, the subscribers take advantage of the best wi-fi that it is possible to have. Indeed, according to NPERF, the measurement specialist, it was Bouygues Telecom who proposed in the first half of 2023 the best overall performance of the Internet in Wi-Fi, with a speed for download almost 40% higher than the network of Other operators.

The Bbox Ultym has seduced you but you don’t know if you are eligible for Bouygues Telecom fiber ? The best way to know it is to carry out an eligibility test.

�� A TV experience enriched with the Bbox Ultym

With the Bbox Ultym, Internet subscribers have access to 180 channels and other TV services. Which should largely be enough for most customers. It is true that some operators offer better, with sometimes TV bouquets which include more than 200 television channels. But, those they offer are essentially confidential chains, looked at by few people. Nevertheless, it is not thanks to its TV bouquet that the Bbox Ultym scores television points.

Fill up on features with the 4K HDR TV decoder

If Bouygues Telecom offers an enriched TV experience, it is rather thanks to the features of its 4K HDR TV decoder with:

  • replay
  • Direct control
  • start-over, to resume an ongoing program from the start
  • video on demand
  • 100 hours of TV recording
  • Bluetteth, to connect all your accessories

The other advantage of the TV decoder of the Bbox Ultym is that it turns under Google TV and that it allowsAccess Android applications directly on your television, Like YouTube, Netflix, MyCanal, Disney+, OCS, Video Prime or BeIN Sports, but also radios and games.

Finally, like the other operators, Bouygues Telecom also offers theMulti-TV option, To equip itself with a second TV decoder. It is billed € 8.99/month (€ 1 on the 1st month).

Three TV bonuses with the Bbox Ultym

If the Bbox Ultym is one of the most attractive internet boxes on the market, it is also because it includes not one or two, but three TV bonuses for subscribers. Indeed, Bbox Ultym customers benefit from 6 months of free subscription to Disney+, The Disney streaming video platform (Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic. ), of 6 months of bonus subscription and of 6 months of subscription offered to Universal+. Admittedly, these three TV bonuses are offered for only six months and are therefore not without limit of duration of duration. Nevertheless, you will have what to spend some pleasant evenings in front of your TV watching series and unpublished films.

�� Call without limit with the Bbox Ultym

While many Internet boxes simply include Unlimited calls to fixed In mainland France, as well as to Europe, the French overseas departments and a hundred other destinations abroad, the Bbox Ultym goes further and allows you to telephone without limit, or almost.

Indeed, with the premium internet offer from Bouygues Telecom, Unlimited calls to mobiles are also included, in mainland France, of course, but also to the French overseas departments and Europe.

The Internet guaranteed with Bouygues Telecom

This is Bouygues Telecom’s commitment so that you stay connected in all circumstances. Which means Bouygues Telecom gives you a 4G key (100 GB) As soon as your equipment (PC, mobile, tablet, excluding TV) remains connected before putting your box into service. You can also watch the TV immediately from your smartphone and tablet thanks to the B application.TV. And, later, in the event of a cut on your internet connection, your 4G key takes over until the service is restored.

�� BBOX ULTYM equipment: Latest Equipment

Early year 2020, the Bbox Ultym is one of the most recent internet offers. And, in April 2022, Bouygues Telecom made him modifications. Result: Bbox Ultym subscribers have state -of -the -art equipment, with Some of the latest changes in internet and television.

Let’s start with the MoDem of the Bbox Ultym. Bouygues Telecom opted for a vertical design for optimal propagation of the Wi-Fi signal. It has four Ethernet LAN ports and it has beautiful features such as a scanning QR to connect to the Wi-Fi network quickly or an ergonomic wheel to navigate easily between the different features of the modem. But, above all, the MoDem of the Bbox Ultym is Wi-Fi 6th compatible, The latest Wi-Fi standard, which incorporates the 6 GHz frequency band (in addition to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), to benefit subscribers with speed, fluidity and Wi-Fi coverage unprecedented.

The Bbox Ultym is reputted for its wifi

Now let’s go to the TV decoder of the Bbox Ultym. Bouygues Telecom has also changed it to offer Bbox Ultym customers the best of the TV experience. Compatible with HDR and audio Dolby Digital 4K technologies, It offers an image quality and its high definition. But, they are not the only ones of his assets. He also turns under Google TV, That is to say that it allows you to download Android applications, to benefit directly from it on your television.

There is also theintegrated Google assistant to order it by voice, as well as Google Cast function, To easily project content on a television screen. Finally, the 4K HDR decoder of the Bbox Ultym allows you to record up to 100 hours of recording in the cloud.

The Bbox HDR BBOX Decoder of the Bbox Ultym

�� What you need to know before subscribing to the Bbox Ultym

When you subscribe an internet box, you have to pay attention to the price and services that are included in the offer. But not only. At all operators, there are also additional costs and/or support by your operator of certain costs. It is good to know them. Because, they can influence the choice of an internet box rather than another. And, Bouygues Telecom is no exception. So here is what awaits Bbox Ultym subscribers:

  • Setup fees : 48 €
  • Service closing costs: 59 €
  • Refund of the former operator’s termination fees: Until 100 €

What are the opinions on Bouygues Telecom fiber in 2023 ?

You want to know everything about Bouygues Telecom fiber ? Discover customer assessments on Bouygues fiber as well as the advice of your Jechange expert ! To offer its Bbox Fiber offers, the Bouygues Telecom operator is developing its own FTTH fiber optic network in France. To find out if you can benefit from a fiber offer, test your Bouygues eligibility. But before we start, we have listed, in this article, the positive and negative opinions (from the Trustpilot site) on the Bouygues fiber.

Bouygues logo

�� Bbox offer from € 18.99/month !
1 year engagement at Bouygues Telecom

Free Jechange Service – Bouygues Telecom partner

Bouygues logo

�� Bbox offer from € 18.99/month !
1 year engagement at Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues logo

�� Bbox offer from € 18.99/month !
1 year engagement at Bouygues Telecom

Free Jechange Service – Bouygues Telecom partner

Bouygues logo

�� Bbox offer from € 18.99/month !
1 year engagement at Bouygues Telecom

  • Price available in the first year
  • Good fiber flows
  • Competent Bouygues advisers
  • Effective Internet Service
  • Sometimes long waiting time on the phone
  • Fiber installation not always well done

Bouygues fiber review: what are the positive opinions ?

The favorable opinions on the fiber of Bouygues Telecom first highlight the Services available with BBOX offers And this for a affordable price. Indeed, thanks to the Bouygues Telecom discounts valid for 12 months, the subscriptions of this operator are part of the cheapest fiber offers on the market. The three offers each meet a specific need and different consumer budgets.

Super service !

Super service ! I was at Free, but after an unharmed meeting of this operator I went directly to Bouygues. Go to install the fiber, and the day of the meeting, with a lot of professionalism, the fiber was installed. Bbox Fit at 9.99 €/month, with great speeds, what more could you ask for ? 4G network level is perfect, better coverage than free anyway !

Pierre-Olivier September 24, 2020, Trustpilot

Several positive opinions on Bouygues fiber also underline the Internet connection quality with some Quick and stable flows.

I went from Coriolis to Bouygues

I went from Coriolis to Bouygues. The technician arrived, exchanged the 2 cables for the change of operator and. It’s day and night. Between a Coriolis Daubée fiber and a real Bouygues fiber. I hesitated to terminate, but now I’m delighted.

Gilles April 8, 2022, Trustpilot

⭐ 5 -star bouygues offer ⭐

Your Xbox at only € 1 !

With Bouygues Telecom fiber
01 82 88 18 12

Terms and conditions

In addition, theKey-in-Main installation is one of the favorable returns on the fiber of this operator. For information, with Bouygues Telecom, a technician moves to your home to put the Bouygues fiber into service as well as your equipment.


After spending 3 renowned internet suppliers, following recurring line problems, I opted for Bouygues Telecom, I have been connected to fiber for 6 months (the ultym), I don’t regret my choice everything is Perfect, if necessary you have competent contacts on the phone or on the net.

Pepe August 21, 2022, Trustpilot

Fiber Bouygues Department 54

Fiber Bouygues Department 54: No problem since 2018. The flow rate is more than correct, installation dated, the technician is there at the scheduled schedule. If there is a sector breakdown, I do not warn, the breakdown is automatically repaired by them with the provision of data on the laptop and reimbursement Bouygues in prorata days broken down. And this without me making a phone call. I note it because generally people only mention the problems and never when it goes. I do not work with Bouygues for information. That said I touch wood.

Romuald August 5, 2022, Trustpilot

And finally, several subscribers express their satisfaction with the subject of efficient equipment made available by this operator with a new Bbox 4k TV decoder as well as a powerful Bbox modem with a Ultra fast WiFi.

Your Fiber or ADSL Internet access with Bouygues

What are the negative opinions on the Bouygues Telecom fiber ?

Bouygues fiber also has more mixed feedback With in particular customer reviews denouncing, among other things, the prices applied by this operator outside the promo period box bouygues.

Indeed, at the end of the first year, the Fiber offers prices increase depending on the subscription up to 20 € per month. Most Internet suppliers offer low prices only the first 12 months. Users dissatisfied with the amount of their invoices generally turn to another Internet access provider to take advantage of a Reduced price on their fiber subscription.

Bouygues to avoid

I terminate my subscription before the date of the end of my subscription 15 days before not to repay 48.50 with the increase of 2.50 for a fiber offer and Bouygues arranged to have my subscription stopped 3 days later and I am charged a full month for the 3 days without counting 59 euros in termination after 4 years with them for a flow that I never had. I strongly advise against Bouygues.

Pascal January 22, 2023, Trustpilot

Enticing offers and non -compliance with the proposal

A Bouygues salesperson contact me in early December 2022 being a mobile client and offers me an interesting bbox fiber offer at a price of € 17 (I rounded) plus an unlimited discount of € 6 on my mobile package so really very interesting this salesperson repeats me well Proposal 3-4 times suddenly I accept the proposal. Result: mobile invoice in January, no reduction of € 6, I call customer service and I ask why I do not have the discount made, I am answered do not worry, it will be effective for February. I receive my invoice for February and there, still not this famous discount of € 6, I remind customer service and I am replied that my Bbox offer is not eligible with the delivery on my mobile plan, it will make me still a discount of 15 € following my dissatisfaction, that does not prevent it from respecting their customers. So Bouygues Telecom are liars, very disappointed with this abusive canvassing beware of their bogus offers no speech, do not keep their commitments and proposals.

Christophe December 7, 2022, Trustpilot

Bouygues logo

�� up to 100 € of termination fees offered
to the subscription of a Bouygues fiber offer

Free Jechange Service – Bouygues Telecom partner

Bouygues logo

�� up to 100 € of termination fees offered
to the subscription of a Bouygues fiber offer

Bouygues logo

�� up to 100 € of termination fees offered
to the subscription of a Bouygues fiber offer

Free Jechange Service – Bouygues Telecom partner

Bouygues logo

�� up to 100 € of termination fees offered
to the subscription of a Bouygues fiber offer

In addition to the high price excluding promotion, some Bouygues fiber reviews reveal dissatisfactions concerning appointments for the installation of fiber. Indeed, some technicians do not respect the hours set. Other customer reviews also denounce theineffectiveness of certain technicians When installing the fiber.


I asked for the fiber from Bouygues in September. 2021 ! 16 months later, after around twenty telephone exchanges and no less than 8 – yes, you read that ! – Visits to technicians at home, I still don’t have the fiber . There is no communication between services and technicians, suddenly each coming makes the same observation and we do not advance. Flee Bouygues .

Guillaume January 21, 2023, Trustpilot

Bouygues’ incompetence

Hello I am sorry to be forced to put a star for such an incompetent company has been 8 times that we make an appointment to install the fiber but each time a new problem, to believe that they don’t care, I strongly advise everyone to leave Bouygues who is an incompetent operator

Richard January 20, 2023, Trustpilot

For information, to compensate for these dissatisfactions regularly denounced in the Bouygues fiber reviews, the operator Bouygues Telecom now allows Follow the arrival of the technician on the day of the meeting in real time via the customer area application. And when the technician leaves, it is also possible toevaluate From the Customer Espace Application.

You want to change operator ?

Bouygues fiber review: the advice of your expert JeChange

Bouygues fiber offers for all needs and all budgets

Bouygues Telecom markets three fiber offers with the Bbox Fit, the Bbox Must and the Bbox Ultym.

  • There Bbox Fit Fiber is perfect for customers who want an internet connection by the Fiber at a low price and who have No need for television.
  • There Bbox Must Fiber is a full offer with the Internet, television and a telephone service at an attractive price. It also has a Very good theoretical flow (1 Gb/s).
  • There Bbox Ultym Fiber go even further with a more extensive offer, suitable for intensive uses Home with a 4K decoder, two Wi-Fi repeaters, the latest WiFi 6th, a fiber flow up to 2gbit/s, and much more.

Before subscribing a fiber offer, it is essential to carry out a Bouygues eligibility test to find out which offers you can claim, depending on the technology available in your area of ​​residential.

Guaranteed service to stay connected

Since April 2018, the supplier Bouygues Telecom has launched its promise “Guaranteed Internet »For the fixed internet and offers a BBOX range centered on the quality of internet access.

Thus, with the Bbox offers, Bouygues Telecom provides you with a 4G key while waiting for the commissioning of your equipment or in the event of a breakdown, A solution appreciated by users.

Very fast flows

Bouygues Telecom offers its very high speed Bbox offers with The best technology, namely FTTH fiber, that is to say to the subscriber. And depending on the Bbox offers, you benefit from a fiber flow of 400MBIT/S, 1GBIT/S or 2GBIT/S.

To go further, our Bouygues fiber reviews on the Bbox Ultym is very favorable because it is a High -end bbox offer available at competitive prices And with a flow rate up to 2gbit/s for download, one of the best on the market.

With the BBOX Must, You take advantage of a triple play fiber offer with a bouygues rate going up to 1gbit/s.

And finally, with the Bbox Fit Fiber Intended for the smallest budgets, however, you must be satisfied with a Dual Play box offer with an internet speed going up to 400Mbit/s.

To facilitate your choice, do not hesitate to oppose BBOX offers in very high speed via our fiber offers comparator.

You are looking for a bouygues fiber offer ? Contact an expert Jechange advisor who will guide you in your efforts and direct you to the offers best suited to your needs.

Free bouygues fiber installation

Regarding the installation of Bouygues fiber, consumer opinions are more mixed with the delays of technicians during installation meetings.

However, this Internet operator offers Bouygues fiber connection for free as well as the installation of your equipment without additional invoicing.

And finally, with regard to our opinion on the fiber optic network Bouygues, the operator has deployed its FTTH fiber network with more 29.7 million eligible fiber sockets.

Bouygues customer service accessible in many ways

This Internet supplier provides its subscribers to many means of contact. In the event of a Bouygues moving request, questions about your Bbox Fiber subscription or in case of technical problems with your Bbox, you can contact Bouygues By phone at 1064, by cat, by email Or go to a shop operator.

Note, however, that BBOX termination cannot be scheduled in store. Bouygues Telecom also has on its site a community forum and many advice sheets.

Despite Bouygues Telecom Fiber Mitigée Fiber reviews on the operator’s customer service and opinions on the Bouygues negative fiber installation, this operator offers complete support in particular thanks to its “guaranteed internet” commitment thanks to loan of a A 4G key To make your equipment connected before putting your Bouygues box into service or in the event of an internet cut.

Bbox fiber’s summary table

Bouygues Telecom markets 3 Bbox fiber offers : Bbox Fit, Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym. These Bbox offers are subject to a commitment to 12 months. Except for 4G Box Bouygues and 5G Box, this operator does not offer BOX offers without obligation Bouygues.

Regarding additional costs, commissioning costs are charged 29 € and termination fees amount to 59 €.

Good to know :
Bouygues Telecom covers termination fees of your former Internet supplier Until 100 €.

Before subscribing to Bouygues, to facilitate your search and decision, you can discover and assess the various box subscriptions on our internet offers comparator.

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