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What speed for optical fiber

Right now, Bouygues Telecom is offering promotional offers on all its fiber box offers.

Bouygues Telecom fiber offers

Bouygues Telecom offers three Optical Fiber Internet box offers (FTTH). This is the Bbox Fit, the Bbox Must and the Bbox Ultym which is the best lotie in services and flows.

Each has a different number of services included, ranging from an accessible price for the Bbox Fit at a higher price for the Bbox Ultym.

⬇️: maximum flow in reception

⬆️: Maximum speed in emission

Bouygues Telecom fiber offers in detail

Offer Promo price
Standard price
TV channels Commitment Costs
Bouygues Telecom fiber package
Bbox Fit
€ 18.99
(12 months)
€ 31.99 400 400 No TV 12 months 48 € 59 €
Bouygues Telecom fiber package
Bbox Special Series
€ 19.99
(12 months)
€ 37.99 1,000 700 180 12 months 48 € 59 €
Bouygues Telecom fiber package
€ 26.99
(12 months)
€ 41.99 1,000 700 180 12 months 48 € 59 €
Bouygues Telecom fiber package
Bbox Ultym
€ 32.99
(12 months)
€ 50.99 2,000 900 180 12 months 48 € 59 €

The services included


Here are the maximum fees in reception and emission offered by Bouygues Telecom on his Bboxes:

  • Bbox Fit : 400 Mbit/s ⬇️ and 400 Mbit/s ⬆️
  • Bbox Special Series : 1 Gbit/s ⬇️ and 700 Mbit/s ⬆️
  • BBOX Must : 1 Gbit/s ⬇️ and 700 Mbit/s ⬆️
  • Bbox Ultym : 2 Gbit/s ⬇️ and 900 Mbit/s ⬆️

The flows vary according to your eligibility. The Bbox Ultym now offers 6th WiFi which provides faster and more stable internet connection. Subscribers can also add two WiFi 6 repeaters to the box. The Bbox Must, on the other hand, offers WiFi 6 and the other two models the WiFi 5.

New : Bouygues Telecom offers a New Debit option+ on the Bbox Ultym to enjoy a Maximum rate of 8 Gbit/s for download and 1 Gbit/s in emission. The option costs 5 € per month.


Bouygues Telecom fiber offers include unlimited calls Towards fixed in mainland France, the French overseas departments, and around 110 destinations around the world.

On the Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym, calls to mobiles are unlimited to metropolitan France, the French overseas departments and 110 destinations around the world.


Only the Bbox Fit does not contain TV channels included, and is not available with a TV decoder.

In the BBOX Special series, Bbox must And Bbox Ultym are included 180 TV channels and 15 replay. A 128 GB recorder is also included, to allow you to record many content, especially in replay. The BBOX 4K decoder is provided in these two Internet boxes.

More than 200 channels are available as an option, and you can also subscribe to various video on -request video services (Netflix, Tfou Max, Bbox VOD).

Right now, Bouygues Telecom 6 -month offer at Universal+ and Video Prime for any new subscription to the Bbox Must and 6 months at Universal+, Disney+ and Video Prime For any new subscription to the Bbox Ultym.

THE TV decoder supplied does not have internet storage, but you can connect an external hard drive or an SD card to take advantage of the recorder or direct control functions.

Bouygues Telecom fiber offers in short

Prix ​​Bbox Bouygues Telecom July 2023

The Bbox Smart TV offer

Bbox Smart TV

The operator also offers its Must and Ultym offers with a Samsung Smart TV at a very attractive price, from € 49, with the Bbox Smart TV.

By subscribing, you take advantage of all the services included in the two boxes of your choice and a Samsung Smart TV Smart at low prices.

On the other hand, you do not have the promotional rate the first year: you will pay € 41.99/month with the Bbox Must and € 50.99/month with the Bbox Ultym.

The promotions of the moment

Right now, Bouygues Telecom is offering promotional offers on all its fiber box offers.

  • The Bbox Fit is at the cost of € 18.99 per month For 12 months, then increases to € 31.99 per month
  • The Bbox Must is offered to € 26.99 per month For 12 months, then increases to € 41.99 per month
  • The Bbox Ultym costs € 32.99 per month For 12 months, then increases to € 50.99 per month.

These promotional offers are valid for any new subscription.

The operator also offers a Special bbox + fiber series at € 19.99 per month the first year then € 37.99 per month. It includes the Bbox made with 180 TV channels and the same flows as the Bbox Ultym but without WiFi 6.

What fiber cover with Bouygues Telecom ?

The Bouygues Telecom group is investing in the network Ftth, mainly in the form of co -financing with other operators. These agreements allow the operator to market its fiber offers.

The operator covers all the major agglomerations in France as well as most cities where fiber is deployed.

Commitment and costs

  • Commitment : 12 months
  • Setup fees : 48 €
  • Termination Fee : 59 €
  • Box rental : Include

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What speed for optical fiber ?

Family skips a capané

Optical fiber is available at home, and you plan to switch to very high speed ? Good idea ! But what speed will you have with fiber, and how fast can you really surf with your box ? You can now enjoy the fiber optics at home ? Excellent news ! In mid-2011, more than 27 million premises were eligible according to ARCEP, the telecoms regulator, and as an operator, we are of course doing everything possible to deploy our network as soon as possible everywhere in France. By the end of 2022, the fiber should also be deployed on 80% of the territory. For you, the time is therefore the choice of the best internet box, and you would like to know more about the speed actually available with fiber, and the possibilities of use that can result from it ? We explain all this to you.

What a speed with the fiber ?

First, when we talk about internet speed, it is necessary to distinguish the flow rate “descending” and the “amount” speed. The first corresponds to download debit (Download): the earlier it is, the faster you can consult a Internet page, launch a streaming film, receive, save or read a file. The second corresponds to the transfer debit (upload): the higher it is, the faster you can send or transfer a file, post photos or videos on social networks. The downhill flow is generally the one that we retain, but the amount amount is no less important, especially if you regularly send large files (photos, videos, documents for work, etc.). It is also this flow that will determine the image quality of your video during your video exchanges on applications like WhatsApp, Skype, Teams or Zoom for example.

How many Mbits for a good fiber connection ?

Today is public notoriety: optical fiber offers connection speeds significantly higher than ADSL. We usually consider that the fiber surfs up to 60 times faster than in ADSL. In France, in 2020, the average descending speeds observed during tests carried out by subscribers was around 8 Mb/s for an ADSL connection, while the optical fiber offered an average flow of more than 400 Mb/s ! At Bouygues Telecom, our minimum theoretical downhill flow is 400 Mb/s with the Bbox Fit. Even if it is slower than the flow included with Bbox Must (1 GB/S) or Bbox Ultym (2 GB/S), this already ensures you an excellent connection. Download a 2 GB movie on your smartphone before taking the train asks you for example 54 seconds. Count 20 small seconds to send a large 500 MB file for work. Another difference between fiber and ADSL, and it is size: in optical fiber, the signal is not sensitive to electromagnetic disturbances, and does not dim of the town or the district. In other words, whether you are 100 meters or 500 meters from the technical room, your flow will be significantly the same.

A summer is very high speed