Bbox Fit Fiber: Price, Description, Comparative reviews, Bbox Fit: The Bouygues TV Internet Box (Test and Reviews)

Bbox Fit: Test and advice from the Bouygues TV Internet box

Freebox Revolution – Canal + Series, Prime + Fiber + TV 280 Channels + Calls to Mobiles

Bbox Fit Fiber

The Bbox Fit Fiber offer is currently on promotion at € 18.99/month against € 31.99 normally with a 12 -month commitment. Take advantage of a reduction of € 156 for the first 12 months of your subscription.
The offer is a TV -free fiber box that offers a 400 Mb/s Download Max flow and a upload rate of 400 MB/s.


Descending speed: up to 400 Mb/s
Start rate: up to 400 Mb/s


Unlimited calls to fixed



  • Up to 400 Mbit/s for download
  • Up to 400 Mbit/s in sending
  • Fiber installation and turnkey bbox

Home phone

  • Unlimited calls to fixed in France and more than 110 countries

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Freebox Revolution – Canal + Series, Prime + Fiber + TV 280 Channels + Calls to Mobiles

Bbox Fit: Test and advice from the Bouygues TV Internet box

Bbox Fit is the cheap internet offer from Bouygues Telecom. It offers a broadband internet connection with fiber or ADSL, and a fixed telephone service, all at a very competitive rate. What are the opinions of customers and our experts on the Bbox Fit Bouygues ?

In summary : Bbox Fit

Writing note: 7/10

Bbox Fit

  • Rapid speeds (400 Mb/s)
  • Internet services guaranteed (immediate loan of a 4G box in the event of a breakdown) and WiFi diagnosis
  • Good value for money
  • No wifi 6
  • No television (even optional)
  1. Bbox Fit: an internet box without TV at attractive prices
  2. Bbox Fit: Our equipment and services test
  3. What are the BBOX reviews of customers ?
  4. What is the BBOX FIT review of your expert cablereview ?
  5. How to subscribe to the Bbox Fit ?
  6. Other internet offers without TV

Bbox Fit: an internet box without TV at attractive prices

for 1 year then 27.99 €/month in ADSL and 31.99 €/month in fiber
12 -month commitment

  • Fiber up to 400 Mb/s – ADSL
  • WiFi 5 compatible modem
  • Unlimited calls to fixed

Bbox Fit: Best cheap box

The Bbox Fit is a double play box, that is to say offering that two services: the Internet and the telephony. Its price is available: at the moment, you can benefit from the cheapest internet package of the Bouygues operator for only 18.99 €/month the first year. A 12 -month commitment is necessary. Then the price of the Bbox Fit is 27.99 €/month in ADSL and 31.99 €/month in fiber optics.

What are the services of the Bbox ?

  • Very high speed internet with fiber (400 Mb/s descending and 400 Mb/s Amount), high speed with ADSL or VDSL
  • Unlimited calls to fixed in France and more than 110 destinations
  • Optional WiFi 5 repeater

Bbox Fit: Our equipment and services test

A quick internet connection with Bouygues fiber

Thanks to the performance of the Bouygues fiber, the Bbox Fit is able to deliver very fast flows. They’re from :

  • 400 Mb/s down
  • 400 Mb/s up

If you are not eligible for Bouygues Télécom fiber, you will still benefit from a high speed internet connection by ADSL or VDSL.

Bbox Fit speed test

We have personally tested the quality of the BBOX connection made using a fiber flow test. In real conditions, the results are very satisfactory. We thus reach the 230 Mb/s of flow drop in wifi in a fireplace where several devices were connected at the same time.

It is necessary to have a modem to benefit from the internet services of Bouygues Telecom. The operator thus delivers a white internet bbox. It has 4 Ethernet ports, 1 DSL port, 1 fiber port and 2 telephone ports. It also has a WiFi 5 AC latest generation.

“Guaranteed Internet” service

Although the Bbox Fit offer is entry -level, it does not prevent Bouygues Télécom to focus on quality of service. Indeed, the operator now offers the service in all its subscriptions ” Guaranteed Internet“” . This is a commitment from the Internet service provider to offer a connection in all circumstances, such as in a breakdown or a move.

Concretely, in the event of a breakdown or a move, the operator will provide you with a 4G key or a 60 GB recharging for you on a Bouygues Telecom mobile package in less than 24 hours. You will be able to continue surfing the Internet during the installation of your Bbox Fit.

So you have the assurance of having an internet connection and not being blocked in the event of problems. Practical if you work at home: this is a very interesting advantage in this case, which could push you to subscribe to this offer.

Fixed telephony with Bbox Fit

The Bbox Fit offer includes Unlimited calls to the Fixes de France, Dom and towards more than 110 destinations (Europe, United States, Canada, Brazil, China, South Africa, etc.) as well as on the mobiles of Canada, China, South Korea, Dom, United States and Singapore. To benefit from unlimited calls to the mobiles of France and Europe, you have to go through the Bbox Must or Bbox Ultym offer.

Here is the map of fixed destinations included in the Bbox Fit offer. To see the mobile rates, go to the dedicated page of the Bouygues Telecom site.

What are the BBOX reviews of customers ?

Bboxe Fit Positive Reviews

The first positive aspect put forward by Bboxe Fit reviews is the price. Recall that the Bbox Fit is the cheapest offer in the BBOX catalog of the Bouygues operator, and one of the most competitive cheap internet packages on the market. For less than € 10 per month, the BBOX allows you to benefit from a quality internet connection and a telephone line.

The Bbox Fit reviews show the quality of the Low Cost box performance in Bouygues. Most of the flow tests published on social networks and specialized forums confirm that Bbox Fit subscribers really benefit from the connection speeds indicated by the operator.

Another positive point: Bouygues subscribers are quite satisfied with the wifi of their box. The modem indeed embeds a WiFi 5, of AC technology, which is compatible with all connected devices.

Finally, Bbox Fit reviews underline the various pricing advantages linked to the Bouygues Telecom offer. In addition to the promotional rate applied during the first year of subscription, Bouygues includes the termination costs of your old supplier up to € 100. In addition, with the box + mobile advantages, the 5G Bouygues mobile plan is from 10.99 €/month only.

Negative Bboxe Fit reviews

THE Main Bboxe Fit Negative reviews concern television. Despite a very attractive price and high -quality internet services, the Bouygues operator did not want any access to television. However, for the same price, SFR indeed offers a TV decoder with the SFR Box 7. Without necessarily providing a decoder with it, Bouygues Telecom could at least have given its customers access to its B application.TV. This is not the case.

The other negative point concerns the modem. According to Bbox Fit reviews, customers would have liked to have the latest WiFi 6 Fiber Bbox, included in the Bbox Ultym offer. WiFi 6 is indeed the most efficient and promising WiFi technology. However, it is clear that many devices cannot yet support WiFi 6. His absence in the Bbox Fit is far from being a handicap, but can be perceived as a technological breach.

Finally, some subscribers in their Bbox Fit reviews report a few dysfunction of their internet connection. It is not impossible indeed that you encounter technical problems with your box, such as network failures. But rest assured, these problems are very rare and common to all operators. In the event of a problem, Bouygues customer service is there to support you.

What is the BBOX FIT review of your expert cablereview ?

In summary : Bbox Fit