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Customer service number, operators address and consumption monitoring

With Edcom, it’s a breeze to find a not too expensive package ! And if you need to contact your operator, we have gathered for you all addresses, customer service numbers and consumption monitoring .

Addresses, customer services and consumer monitoring

Contact details of the mobile operator Orange :

– Address: Orange mobile customer service – 33732 Bordeaux Cedex 9
– You can contact the Orange mobile service from your mobile by making up the 740 (Free service and call), from an orange fixed line or another operator by making up 0800 100,740 (free service and call) and finally from abroad by composing 00 33 800 100 740. Orange operator is also reachable 3900. This number allows you to access customer service for all Orange offers from a mobile or fixed one used from metropolitan France and the Europe, DOM and Switzerland/Andorra areas. The service is free and the call is at the cost of normal communication depending on the offer held, or dedicated to the package.
– Consumption follow -up: #123#

Contact details of the mobile operator SFR (Altice):

– Address: SFR customer service – TSA 91121 – 57757 Metz Cedex 9
– To contact SFR customer service, compose the 1023 From your mobile or a fixed (free waiting time then price of a normal call).
– Consumption follow -up: 950

Contact details of the mobile operator Bouygues Telecom (and B & You):

– Address: Bouygues Telecom Customer Service – 60436 Noailles Cedex
– To contact Bouygues Telecom customer service, call the 1064 From a fixed position (calls billed according to the type of operator, including the waiting time) or a mobile from another operator, the 614 From a mobile Bouygues Telecom (free waiting time then communication deducted from the package) or the +33 660 614 614 From abroad (price of a call to France or voice server available 7 days a week – 24 hours a day). For card customers, dial 634 from your mobile or 1034 from a fixed line.
– Consumption follow -up: 680

Operator contact details Free mobile :

– Address: Free Mobile Package – 75371 Paris Cedex 08
– To contact Free Mobile Customer Service, if you have already subscribed, you can compose the 3244 (included in the package) and from abroad the
+33 1 78 56 95 60 .
– CONSO monitoring: Access by subscriber space

Operator contact details NRJ Mobile:

– Address: NRJ Mobile customer service – 46 rue Jules Méline – 53098 Laval Cedex 9
– Address Consumer Service (for appeals): NRJ Mobile – Consumer service – TSA 42002 – 75087 Paris Cedex 02

– To contact customer service, from a mobile NRJ mobile phone, make up the 675 200 (price of a normal call), from a landline phone, the 0 969 360 200 (call not surcharged).
– Consumption follow -up: *144# or 222

Operator contact details Mobile Post:

– Address: Customer Service La Poste Mobile – TSA 16759 – 95905 Cergy -Pontoise Cedex 9
To contact the customer service customer service, call the 0970 808 660 from a fixed position (price of local communication in mainland France) and the 904 From your Line La Poste Mobile (free waiting time then price of a metropolitan call).
– Consumer monitoring: 954 (package of the package)

Operator contact details Coriolis:

– Address: Coriolis Telecom Customer Service – TSA 21986 – 92894 Nanterre Cedex 9
– To contact Coriolis Customer Service, call the 901 From your mobile (call deducted from your package) or to 0969 321 040 From a fixed telephone in mainland France (cost of a local call from a fixed position in mainland France).
– Consumer monitoring: 951 (package of the package)

Operator contact details Pricetel:

– Address: Customer Service Pricetel – 89515 VERON Cedex
– You can reach customer service Pricetel by phone at 0970 808 300 (call not surcharged).
– Consumption follow -up: 999

Operator contact details Auchan Telecom:

– Address: Auchan Telecom customer service – 46 rue Jules Méline – 53098 Laval Cedex 9
– Address Consumer Service (for appeals): Auchan Telecom – Consumer service – TSA 42002 – 75087 Paris Cedex 02
– To reach Auchan Telecom customer service, call the 200 Since your laptop Auchan Telecom (1st free minute then call deducted from the package) and from a fixed position, the 0 969 360 200 (call not surcharged). For Auchan Telecom customers before November 4, 2013, the number to reach customer service is 5500 from a laptop Auchan Telecom or 0980 985 500 from a fixed position.
– CONSO monitoring: 700 for customers mobile packages or 950 for clients prepaid cards.

Operator contact details Mobile budget:

– Address: Customer Service Mobile Budget – CS 40900 – 34 965 Montpellier Cedex 2
– CONSO monitoring: send “consumption” by SMS to 0601593603

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Your latest comments

Sfr my cut my laptop line, I settled by check; but it was kidding I was at Virgine, I had no problem; he stuck to SFR, then red by, without my opinion, since I have only problems ;

Red de SFR does not want to give me the portability of my fixed
Lionrouge44 on 03-03-2017
I want to unsubscribe illico presto of this ghost operator.
Starduberger on 29-12-2016

I have sfr for several years, not satisfied, I took free, and there no worries !!easy access !!kindness, concerned with the service to be provided, and problems solved immediately, this operator is the most satisfactory !!I recommand it !!

Virgin Mobile impossible to have them, and when asked why he invoices months already adjusting they hang up it is an operator nonexistent

Chantal38260 on 16-08-2016

Hello, I had a subscription with 12 months commitment to S.F.R, having moved outside the department to live with my companion who also has a box S.F.R they demand an astronomical sum to terminate a subscription that I no longer need. In addition we both have a laptop at home so we benefit from the multipack advantage on my companion’s line. What should I do so that they leave me alone. I refuse to pay a subscription of a box that will remain in a cupboard, have I rights to assert even with a court if necessary, I am invalid and taking into account my resources, I have the right Using legal aid so it won’t cost me a penny of my pocket, I have nothing to lose. Thank you for answering me and have a good day.

Bouygues and his telephone harassment, while I am not a client. suddenly it does not risk 🙁

Carole60120 on 15-02-2016

Luma, when I read your dissatisfaction, I will think if I will take the subscription at home. nobody’s answering. And do you know what. A week and a half ago, I left my bank account number etc. And when I called I was told that there was no trace of my order. It is scary when I see that I gave my card number with the cryptogram. Hello, Hello, Y someone responsible for Virgin Mobile.

Carole60120 on 15-02-2016

I wanted to take the Virgin Mobile package at 15.99 euros/month. Offer that ends on 02/15/2016. It’s been twice that I have given my bank account + RIB data etc. I still do not have a SIM card in the mailbox and when I want to reach someone, I’m waiting for this day for example 40 minutes and nobody. I don’t know what to do because more, I’m not talking about the fixed phone note that I will have. I will try to reach them because they are supposed normally contact me 48 hours after giving all the information by phone, but nobody reminds me. It gives me to think actually. I think I’m not going to go to them. Not that I didn’t want to, but because it fears that no one reminds me of confirmation of my order?! I’m completely lost there.

Virgin Mobile are dummies, I stayed on the phone for 30 minutes, they didn’t answer me. They are not correct with their clienteles. I am looking to terminate my contract for 2 months no response to my mail except a offer a new package that I do not want. I want to terminate.

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Follow the consumption of a mobile line

You follow the consumption of a mobile line from the service Mobile lines management (menu Park management)).

Access the consumption monitoring of a mobile line

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Follow consumption and alerts

  1. You access the detail of the line and from the indicator Out package, You quickly visualize the amount of exceeding.
  2. Click on See detail To consult more specifically overcoming in France and abroad.
  3. From the thumbnail Mobile internet, You can buy Data Reactive Refills.
  4. To activate or deactivate mobile internet blocking abroad, click on Manage the blockage.

To know : To subscribe to the alert option in order to be warned in the event of an exceeding, please contact your customer service.


Following an off orfen

From the indicator Events , Consult the alerts, releases and purchasing history of your recharges.

Following an off -package, you can manage data blockages abroad:

  • Buy international recharge
  • Continue out of package with pricing for use
  • Stop the out -of -package by blocking communication.