Provisional social security number – Sidecare, temporary number: operation, conditions and prices

Temporary number: operation, conditions and prices

All offers are renewable when matched. Offers can be accompanied by a SMS credits pack which makes it possible to redirect the SMS received on your virtual number directly to your personal number (and therefore on your mobile).

Provisional social security number

The provisional social security number, what is ?

A provisional social security number is a code to identify an insured person in the National Directory for Identification of Individuals (RNIPP) managed by INSEE. Like the final number, it consists of:

  • 13 figures
  • a 2 -digit safety key located at the end of the number.

A temporary number is only granted for a limited period. Pending social security registration, this number allows you to be identified by administration and health insurance.

The provisional social security number gives the same rights as a final code. In particular, it allows an employer to declare an employee awaiting registration for health insurance. On the other hand, this provisional issue does not allow:

  • to create a personal space on Ameli
  • get a vital card.

The person with a provisional social security number does not benefit during this transitional period of third -party payment because they do not have a vital card. On the other hand, the person is well reimbursed by Social Security and the Mutual. To do this, it must keep the care sheets and send them by mail to social security and in digital format to its possible mutual.

Good to know : In some cases when registering for the mutual insurance company your provisional social security number will be refused (because of the first figure that changes even lower). You will then have to contact your mutual insurance company to understand how to register without going through the digital course.

Which can have a temporary social security number ?

The provisional social security number is awarded to people awaiting social security registration. It is granted the time that the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) checks the applicant’s file and accesses his request. As a general rule, it is foreign persons who benefit from a temporary number, following their registration request when they arrive in the territory. There is no condition for having a provisional security number apart from the condition to reside stable in France.

As a reminder, here is how a social security number is broken down:

  • 1st figure: the sex of the insured (1 for a man, 2 for a woman)
  • 2 to 3: the year of birth
  • 4 to 5: The month of birth
  • 6 to 7: the Department of Birth
  • 8 to 10: the INSEE number of the commune of birth
  • 11 to 13: the order of registration of the birth within the municipality
  • 14 to 15: the safety key

The only big difference between a provisional social security number and a final social security number lies in the first figures.
For a final social security number, the first figure is necessarily a 1 (man) or a 2 (woman).
For a number of provisional social security The first figure is either a 7 (man) or an 8 (woman).

How to get a final social security number ?

To benefit from a social security number you must apply for the opening of health insurance rights. It must be addressed to the CPAM which is specific to the employee and attached to his home.

This request provides a provisional social security number. It takes at least 2 months, while the CPAM checks the request and the supporting documents (identity document, residence permit, etc.), to be awarded a final identifier. In the meantime, the applicant has no other step to undertake.

Temporary number: operation, conditions and prices

You are looking for information on obtaining a temporary number and do not know what is the procedure to follow ? What are the advantages of a provisional issue, to which sites and operators to turn to you, what are the prices, and what does this number allow you to make ? In this article you will find all the important elements about provisional phone numbers.

You are looking for a new mobile offer ?

  • The essential :
  • A temporary number Allows you to benefit from a second phone number for a limited period.
  • A temporary number allows you to protect your privacy.
  • THE Provisional phone numbers are widely used for double authentication on the Internet.
  • To benefit from a temporary number, You have to turn to an application, a website or a specialized company.
  • French historical operators do not offer Temporary numbers Apart from portability procedures.

What is a temporary number ?

temporary number

A temporary phone number is a mobile number which, as its name suggests, is temporary: it works on a limited period. This number can be added to your SIM card, or only be accessible online to receive SMS. In most cases, you do not need a second SIM card to use it, it is a Virtual phone number.

The validity duration of a temporary number can go from 48 hours to several months, Depending on the offers chosen.

In what situations is a temporary number useful ?

Temporary telephone number in the case of portability

A provisional number can be assigned to you when you change operator and make a portability. This is the case for example if you leave your current operator for Bouygues Telecom or Orange and Sosh. THE temporary number is thus provided by your new operator, allowing you to remain reachable during the duration of the portability and to use your new SIM card. Once your portability is made, the provisional number will no longer be valid and will be disabled, you can again use your personal mobile number.

In this case, you have nothing to do, the number is assigned to you automatically by the operator. This is a Fully free service.

What is portability ? A portability request is an approach that allows you to Keep your current mobile number in the case of a change of operator. It is a free approach, that all French operators offer. To benefit from it, all you need is your subscription to provide your IMEI number.

You want to change your mobile plan ?

The provisional phone number to protect your privacy on the Internet

There are situations where you can feel the need to create a Provisional mobile number.


The most common situation is that of Protection of privacy on the Internet. Indeed, the risk of hacks and scams or harassment are raised on the net. Thus, a temporary number can be useful to you because it prevents your data from circulating:

  • For example, today, many websites require a Double authentication. This double authentication implies that you enter your mobile number, in order to receive a personal code by SMS to validate your access to the site. The problem is that you do not know what is done with your phone number afterwards. The use of a provisional number allows you to avoid entering your personal telephone number on the platform and that the latter is used.
  • THE dating applications and online dating sites are widely used today. Nevertheless, the latter include a risk, since at first, we do not know who we address behind the screen. A provisional number also allows you to provide a phone number to your interlocutor without taking any risk.
  • Beyond the risks induced by the use of the Internet and certain applications, you can also just want to be annoyed. Having a provisional phone number can be useful when You want to be recalled by a sales department (such as an insurance comparison), or when you publish a online ad, visible by everyone, on a second -hand or recruitment site. THE temporary number Allows you to avoid being untrainedly approved on your private line.

The provisional number for travel and for your professional activity

If you have to travel to another country, certain services of Temporary numbers can provide you with Local phone number. This is the case of The ONOFF application who can create an international number from you from € 3.49 per month, without engagement.

For your professional activity, Especially if you are on your own, it may be useful to have a second temporary number so as not to mix your private and professional communications. If your activity is something that you think you are exercising in the long term, it is rather advised in this case to open a real second line, either through your operator’s professional offers and potentially a double-Sim mobile, or having recourse to service such as Onoff which provides you with a second issue for several months (see below in the article for more information on this).

You are looking for an innovative mobile offer ?

The ONOFF operator offers 100% solutions dedicated to the needs of professionals, with its offer ONOFF Business.

How to have a temporary phone number ?

To obtain a temporary phone number, There are several ways of proceeding which depend in particular on the validity duration of the number you are looking for and the associated services (reception of SMS online, possibility to use your temporary number on your personal mobile, etc.). You can first do an internet search by going to forums to have indications and testimonies on the procedure to follow. Otherwise, you can contact the operator directly that interests you from the list below: onoff, linebis, virty.

Namely apart from portability, traditional French operators such as Bouygues Télécom, SFR, Free and Orange do not offer a provisional number. Orange had set up a service for a few years dedicated to its subscribers, which was called Switch Number, allowing to create a temporary number valid for 48 hours. This service no longer exists today, but perhaps will be replaced by the operator in the months or years to come.

Free temporary number: which sites and operators offer them ?

If you are looking for a free temporary number, It is possible to get it on certain websites such as clickatell Or

These are international sites and the provisional number that you choose is only usable online, it is a disposable number that only lasts 24 hours. The number should be used to authenticate you on the websites that require it. The code is sent directly to the Clickatell platform but beware, it is visible by everyone, because several people can use the same number. Besides, you will find a disclaimer written in red on the site in question “Anyone can see the content of the SMS verification code, please do not use it to save important information.»»

To use a number on one of these sites, simply click one of the numbers offered for France, and copy the number on the website that requires double authentication. Then you just have to consult the SMS sent to the number by clicking on the number. a temporary number from € 1

On the site, You have the possibility of getting a provisional phone number that allows you to Receive your SMS online, For prices that start from 1 €. These numbers are rented by the company around the world (Belgium, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden, USA, Algeria), and are widely used to confirm accounts on the Internet (attention, Virty numbers cannot be used for Facebook and Google authentication).

To get a Virty Mobile, you must register with your email address and a personal password.

  • For 1 €, You get a temporary phone number that will be valid 24 hours.
  • For € 1.95 You get a temporary phone number that will be valid for 48 hours.
  • For € 4.95 You get a temporary phone number which will be valid for a week and the possibility of obtaining a new virtual number if the one provided to you does not suit you.

All offers are renewable when matched. Offers can be accompanied by a SMS credits pack which makes it possible to redirect the SMS received on your virtual number directly to your personal number (and therefore on your mobile).

Bis line: a virtual number for 3 € valid for 2 weeks

Bis line is a service that allows you to get a Virtual and temporary number In just a few minutes, through a simple call. Bis line numbers are valid over a period of 15 days, And you can choose to renew this period. To get a bis line number, you must call the 36 36.

This call will be billed to you 3 €, which will be taken by your current mobile operator. On the phone, you will be asked to enter your department number: you will get a virtual and provisional number which will start with the indicative of your region, and which will be automatically associated with your private line number. Your phone number will then be sent by sms and activation is immediate.

Namely 48 hours before the end of the two weeks, you will receive an SMS that will invite you if you wish to renew the validity of your temporary virtual number, recalling the 36 36. BIS line numbers allow you to use WhatsApp, to access a service Voice Messaging, and call your interlocutors.

ONOFF: a second personal or professional number without obligation

ONOFF is a company that allows you to get a second phone number directly on your mobile, thanks to a application. You have the option of obtaining a personal number or a professional number. It’s about of non -binding offers : So you have the opportunity to stop the service when you want.

ONOFF offers start from € 3.49 per month, With unlimited calls and SMS. To subscribe to ONOFF, simply download the application to your mobile.

ONOFF also offers a Business offer dedicated to companies and managers of mobile fleets, which allows professional numbers to employees in just a few clicks. Here again, the service goes through the ONOFF application, which can synchronize with Microsoft Teams. ONOFF Business mobile numbers are from € 9 per month, € 12 for Microsoft Teams numbers.

Temporary number: the case of prepaid cards

SIM card

If you want a temporary number For a longer duration and that you don’t mind changing the SIM card, there is a simple and very common solution: the purchase of a prepaid SIM card. These SIM cards are generally found in supermarkets and tobacco offices, you can also buy them with your operator. They are generally very inexpensive, and you recharge them using the communication credit you need. In addition, mobile numbers obtained by prepaid SIM have no risk of being prohibited by certain sites such as Google or Facebook, which hardened their controls.

Here, it is sort of opening a second line, since you get a second SIM card. The procedures are however very simplified in relation to the subscription of a mobile plan with or without commitment.

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The week’s app: a 06 or a temporary 07 without changing SIM card, practical to protect yourself

Switch Number and Onoff allow you to enjoy a phone number without changing SIM card.

I have already made the mistake of going through my mobile phone number in an insurance comparator: what error ! And then I redid the same for a little announcement posted on Leboncoin. We rarely learn from his mistakes.

If you need a provisional phone number to make an advertisement or have you recalled by a sales service, Here is Switch Number. This application designed within the Prime Zone of Orange Labs program allows you to obtain a free 06 provisional number for 48 hours. The service works with all operators, however the number of numbers available is limited at the moment. If you don’t have a 06 available, take your pain in patience. Note that the provisional number only works for calls.



The application is very simple to use, simply enter your current phone number to benefit from a provisional 06 or 07.

Switch Number

This application is no longer available

There is also an equivalent service called ONOFF which allows you to benefit from a second issue without changing SIM card, like Switch Number. On the other hand, you can benefit from the number for several months, which allows you to have a number dedicated to your professional life or your private life. The application also offers the possibility of having an international number. Unlike Switch Number, you can use SMS with the numbers you are assigned to you.