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Top: The 10 electric cars Luxurious

�� 65 kW/h battery

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Luxury electric cars

Auto guide 4.5/5
Consumption 6/10
Reliability 8/10
Security 9/10
Multimedia system 8/10
Driving 9/10
General appreciation 9/10

Auto guide 4.0/5
Consumption 10/10
Reliability 5/10
Security 8/10
Multimedia system 7/10
Driving 7/10
General appreciation 7/10

Auto guide 4.0/5
Consumption 6/10
Reliability 7/10
Security 9/10
Multimedia system 8/10
Driving 7/10
General appreciation 7/10

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            Top: the 10 electric cars the + luxurious !

            Electric race is launched ! Electric car manufacturers have understood this, and already offer a variety of vehicles with impressive functionality: switch to 100 km/h in less than 2 seconds, extended autonomy and clean design are on the program. Here is our selection of the 10 most unpublished models.

            Porsche Taycan

            Coming from the Mission E concept revealed in 2015, the Porsche Taycan is marketed in four versions: 2S, 4S, Turbo and Turbo S, since the end of 2019 from 108,632 euros.

            �� Autonomy: 463 km (WLTP)

            �� 270 kW/h battery

            Porsche Taycan 1 Porsche Taycan 2

            Tesla Model S

            Tesla Model S is the perfect car for long journeys. It has estimated autonomy at 634 kilometers and access to the largest and most powerful rapid charging network in the world. Comfort on board is also remarkable.

            �� Autonomy: 634 km (WLTP)

            �� 100 kW/h battery

            Tesla Model S 1 Tesla Model S 2

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            Rimac nevera

            The Rimac Nevera is a supercar of more than 1900 impressive horsepower. Built by Croatian Nevera, it can reach a top speed of 412 km/h ! It goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 1.85 seconds, and can increase to 300 km/h in less than 10 seconds.

            �� Autonomy: 550 km

            �� 120 kW/h battery

            �� Price: € 2,400,000

            Rimac C Two Rimac nevera C Two

            Tesla Roadster

            The Tesla Roadster, is announced by the brand as the fastest vehicle in the world, with acceleration, autonomy and record performance. Its release has been repelled several times, but Elon Musk guaranteed its delivery for 2023. Its autonomy of 1000 km would be a real technological feat.

            �� Autonomy: 1000 km

            �� 200 kW/h battery

            Tesla Roadster 1 Tesla Roadster 2

            Aston Martin Rapid Amr

            The fast AMR can reach 330 km/h. It has ceramic carbon brakes and elegant 21 -inch rims. A subtle mixture between sport, luxury and town planning.

            �� Autonomy: 320 km

            �� 65 kW/h battery

            Aston Martin Aston Martin 2

            Audi e-tron

            The Audi E-Tron is the first 100% electric SUV of the German manufacturer. Comfort on board and finishes are particularly qualitative.

            �� Autonomy: 400 km

            �� 150 kW/h battery

            Audi e Tron GT 01 2 Audi e Tron Quattro 2018 8 750x410 2

            Mercedes Eqs

            Presented in September 2019 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Mercedes Eqs is a large Limousine sedan. Available in two versions 450+ and 580 4Matic, the EQS displays a power ranging from 333 to 523 hp.

            �� Autonomy: 780 km

            �� 200 kW/h battery


            Jaguar I-Pace

            The I-Pace is Jaguar’s perfect adaptation to electric. It takes up codes faithful to the English Constructor, while offering an atypical design: between the sedan and the SUV. 4 finish levels are offered, while electrical performance remain the same for all.

            �� Autonomy: 470 km

            �� 90 kW/h battery

            Jaguar i pace 01 Jaguar i pace 02

            Tesla Model X

            Tesla Model X is the third model of the American electric car manufacturer. This 100% electric SUV is based on the same platform as the Model S and is distinguished in particular thanks to its very specific doors and its real places.

            �� Autonomy: 560 km

            �� 95 kW/h battery

            Tesla Model X 2 Tesla Model X 1

            BMW IX

            The BMW IX comes from the unexpected concept and offers a rather surprising design. Indeed, it presents the largest grille in the manufacturer, and a hexagonal steering wheel. This large SUV is available in two versions: XDRIVE40 and XDRIVE 50, with respectfully 300 hp and 500 hp powers.