Electric car brands are the least reliable, according to J. D POWER – Digital, here are the 10 most reliable electric cars of 2022

Here are the 10 most reliable electric cars of 2022

Like every year, the J data analysis firm.D Power delivered its ranking of the most reliable car brands. Surprisingly, manufacturers of electric vehicles appear at the tail of the list.

Electric car brands are the least reliable, according to J.D Power

Like every year, the J data analysis firm.D Power delivered its ranking of the most reliable car brands. Surprisingly, manufacturers of electric vehicles appear at the tail of the list.

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The study was conducted in the United States and judges the reliability of vehicles. Out of reliability, means any mechanical problem, but also electronic or linked to the plastics and finishes of the car out of the factory, based in particular on owners’ returns. The classification of J.D Power therefore presents its limits, but makes it possible to identify certain trends.

Electronics strikes reliability

While cars are getting more and more accessories and electronic features, their reliability suffers. Driving assistance, such as helping the track and the collision warning before emergency braking, are the most problematic. In a completely different register, many owners denounce dysfunctions of wireless charges for smartphone, pointing to poor positioning, intermittent load or overheating of the phone.

Door handles, formerly purely mechanical and perfectly mastered by manufacturers, are now reinventing themselves and are accompanied by inconvenience. In addition, 7 of the 10 most problematic vehicles at this level are electric.

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Stellantis in mind, Tesla at the tail

Of all the brands present in the ranking, the podium consists only of manufacturers belonging to the Stellantis group. French point, but the American brands Dodge, RAM and the Italian Premium Alfa Romeo occupy the podium and illustrate with a respective number of problems per 100 vehicles (PP100) of 140 pp100, 141 pp100 and 143 pp100, while the average in the United States is at 192 pp100.

At the bottom of the ranking are exclusively electric car manufacturers. However, they do not officially appear there, certain brands not having a sufficient volume of sales. Others, like Tesla, did not grant the authorizations required to investigate customers. Thus, we find Tesla (257 pp100), Polestar (313 pp100), Lucid (340 pp100) and Rivian Motors (282 pp100) at the very end of the classification.

This relative lack of reliability can in particular be explained by the youth of these manufacturers and the lack of expertise, surely the sign of too fast and complex development. J.D Power does not fail to point out that the average (192 pp100) continues to deteriorate from year to year.

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Here are the 10 most reliable electric cars of 2022

The American site Consumer Reports, specializing in consumer advice, has just published the results of its survey on electric vehicles. Let’s find out together which 100 % electric cars are the most reliable of the year.

With more than 300,000 respondents to his survey on vehicles of all kinds, Consumer Reports has a lot of data, and regularly publishes reports. Today, the organization uses this data to find out which the most reliable electric vehicles in 2022, according to the people who bought them. Note, however, that this ranking concerns North America (United States and Canada), and that it could be very different for Europe.

A top 10 dominated by Korean manufacturers

The notes given to the various vehicles allow them to be allocated between 0 and 100 points, with a better note for the most reliable cars. The owners were able to respond to the survey by specifying the possible problems they encountered, and specify the inconvenience caused (cost, deadline, importance). We then obtain a top 10 which gives an idea of ​​the most reliable electric vehicles, with, as we will see, a beautiful presence of Korean manufacturers.

At the back of the ranking, the Porsche Taycan points to 10th place, and it will be the only German car in this top 10. It is also the most expensive car, by far, present here, a sign that Porsche still treats its electric vehicles. In ninth position is the first Korean in the ranking, the Hyundai Kona. Although other vehicles of the brand have been more popular lately, the small SUV remains a safe bet, and quite reliable if we believe they are consumer reports.

In squares 8 and 7 are the Chevrolet Bolt (in classic and utilities), which we do not know in Europe. The sixth place is taken by the Nissan Leaf, which although at the end of life, remains a suitable and proven vehicle that no longer has to prove itself. The Top 5 is made up of two Americans and three Korean, with the tesla Model 3 in fifth position that we no longer present. Sign that the Elon Musk firm improves, since Tesla’s reputation was rather that the vehicles were moderately finished by leaving production lines. It’s not topical today.

The vehicle of the year, the Kia Ev6, is fourth in this ranking, just behind its cousin the Hyundai Ioniq 5. The two fast charge champions from South Korea have a lot of advantages and the owners seem to confirm that these are excellent choices. In second position, the Ford Mustang Mach-E is there to remind you that Ford has very good electric cars, in the country where the F-150 Lightning pick-up should sell like hotcakes. And finally, the electric car considered to be the most reliable of 2022 is the Kia E-Niro, allowing the Korean manufacturer to reaffirm what many already know: Kia electric vehicles are excellent references.

The 10 most reliable electric cars of 2022

Model Score
1: Kia E-Niro 88
2: Ford Mustang Mach-E 82
3: Hyundai Ioniq 5 80
4: Kia Ev6 79
5: Tesla Model 3 79
6: Nissan Leaf 78
7: Chevrolet Bolt utility 65
8: Chevrolet Bolt 62
9: Hyundai Kona 61
10: Porsche Taycan 61

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