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THE tracker GPS is one of the most revolutionary inventions in recent years in terms of self-moto equipment. Once launched on the market, this device has made major changes. Companies, individuals … Everyone has found their account. What is the usefulness of GPS TRACKER ? How the latter works ? How to choose it ? We share everything you need to know about it so that you can also enjoy this little technological gem.

The 6 best GPS 2023 tracers

In the past, compasses were used by browsers to orient themselves and find their way. But with the developments recorded in the digital field, the compasses have given way to more modern and more sophisticated tools. This is how the GPS tracer was born. As its name suggests, it is a tool that is mainly installed in a car. It is used to obtain its geographic coordinates more precisely than with the tools of the past. If you own a car, the installation of a car GPS is a necessity, especially if you live in a big city. Choosing your car GPS asks to take into account certain criteria that we will take the trouble to present you. But before you will be able to discover our comparison of the 7 best models of car GPS carrier of the moment.

GPS tracer List of the best products 2023

GPS tracer List of the best products 2023

Last update: 04.09.2023

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What is a GPS tracer ?

GPS acronym literally translates into Global Positioning System. In other words, this is a tool integrated into car navigation. In order to allow the motorist to obtain precise data on the geographical position of his vehicle, this device uses a satellite navigation device. These data collected will then be attached to a position on the road, in order to provide the user with his position and give him the direction to follow. Composed of a transmitter and a receiver, the GPS tracer works in a rather particular way. The receiver captures the signal issued by the satellite network, then transmits it to the supervisor in real time. The latter will visualize it through positioning data management software.

GPS is a very popular device to date. It allows you to orient yourself more easily and to end up in unknown cities. According to reviews, the GPS tracer is essential to find the shortest path from one point to another. Still should be able to choose the best GPS according to your needs.

Benefits and areas of application

GPS equipment in a car

Initially, the GPS geolocation systems were reserved for military uses. Over the years, its use has extended to other areas of activity, notably that of the automobile. Today, GPS can help locate anything from human beings to animals without forgetting vehicles and other objects such as keys.

Because of its many uses, the GPS offers the advantage of being versatile. It is used as well to find a lost animal as to know its way by car. It provides exact and precise information on the geographical position of vehicle thus limiting the risks of error.

In a second step, it also makes it possible to minimize the risk of theft of vehicles, especially in companies. Economically, the GPS tracer is also beneficial equipment. It allows you to fuel savings thanks to driving data analysis. This accessory also allows drivers to optimize their driving, in particular with regard to the delivery or transport services of people.

What are the different types of car gps ?

In general, there are two forms of car GPS, in particular:

Integrated GPS

Most of the time, these on -board units are made in the factory, at the same time as the vehicle that will house them. They are generally installed in the vehicle navigation system. The main advantage of these integrated units lies in their compactness. Because it is an integral part of the vehicle, this type of device does not clutter the dashboard. No additional cable need to connect it. In addition, these on -board units are far more practical than the Mobile GPS tracers. According to tests, they are quite expensive and sometimes difficult, even impossible to replace.

Mobile GPS

Alternately to Integrated GPS, mobile units are also available. They offer the advantage of being less expensive. They are easily transportable from one vehicle to another. But according to the opinions, these units are more bulky.

Now that you know more about the different types of car gps, you can make the best choice according to your needs and your budget. To help you, we have tested several models of car navigation systems. Now discover our comparison of the best car GPS of the moment.

Examples of evaluation of GPS tracers

Due to the multitude of brands and models of GPS tracers available on the market, the ideal choice can very quickly be a fighter’s journey. To help you, we have tested different models of object locally and placed the results of our test in this comparative guide.

Zeerkeer GPS tracker with SIM card

Location device equipped with a SIM card space

To easily locate your car and all your important objects, we have tested Zeerkeer, The GPS tracer with SIM card. It has options such as the adjustment of the positioning control time and the history of the routes. With this object locker, you can define a safety perimeter. The safety alarm is useful in the event of shock, surface, low battery, etc. There 5000 mAh battery integrated offers very good autonomy.

  • It has additional features;
  • Good value for money ;
  • Real -time monitoring;
  • Good GPS precision;
  • Easy wireless installation;
  • Interactive alarm.
  • A little imposing device;
  • Weakly autonomous battery.


Compact device for the location of objects which is easily attached to all iron surfaces

Subject to our quality test, Tkmars displays features in every way appreciable. It incorporates a wide range of applications for monitoring your objects. Precise and compact, it is suitable for personal or professional use. Waterproof, this device has a good battery offering up to 50 days of autonomy depending on the adjustable. It was designed to limit the infiltration of dust and withstand shocks. The integrated magnet allows it to fix easily and stablely on any iron surface.

  • Ships additional features;
  • Good value for money ;
  • Real -time monitoring;
  • Good GPS precision;
  • Easy wireless installation;
  • Interactive alarm.
  • Non -rechargeable battery;
  • Average battery life;
  • Imposing design.

Tile Slim (2020) Localizer of objects

Compact tracker that easily slides by its ergonomic design

Tested by our experts, the locker of objects Tile Embarks a SIM card. This model is very End and light, which facilitates its use. It easily slips into a wallet and allows you to locate any object. It has a long -lasting battery which offers excellent autonomy of 3 years. It is connected to your smartphone, and the application Tile will allow you to easily find your equipment in the event of loss.

  • Very good battery life;
  • Very affordable price;
  • Real -time monitoring;
  • Good GPS precision;
  • Easy wireless installation;
  • Bluetooth integrated;
  • Fine and elegant design.
  • Non -rechargeable battery;
  • No alarm function.

Invoxia GPS TRACKER without sim card

Object tracer with an elegant design with great autonomy

Invoxia GPS TRACKER is an object locker without SIM card that we have tested for you. It is ultra fine and so compact that it easily holds in a wallet. It is by far the most elegant and most evolved model of this comparison. It allows you to locate both people and objects. The battery life varies between 1 and 6 months according to configuration.

  • Ultra fine and compact design;
  • Versatile GPS tracker;
  • Easy installation
  • Good guarantee from the manufacturer;
  • He resists shocks well.
  • High price ;
  • Average battery life;
  • Compatible only with you iOS 12+ and Android 5 devices+.

Fosin GPS tracer

Very fine and light tracer that can slip everywhere

Fosin is a mini GPS tracker of 2.5 inch. It is fine, light and above all very easy to carry. It allows you to locate people and objects remotely, on a perimeter of 10 m. The 1000mah battery is rechargeable via a USB cable.

  • Affordable peer;
  • Incorporates multiple functions;
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Fast battery load;
  • Fine design;
  • Very light GPS tracer.
  • GPS not very precise;
  • Bad battery life.

Advantages and disadvantages described in customer comments

The efficiency of the product is generally appreciated better from the opinions of buyers. This is why we have taken care to identify the various advantages and disadvantages detected by users on GPS tracers.

Magnetic location device that can stick to metallic objects

  • Most of the tracers of this comparative guide are easy to install;
  • According to opinions, the price is satisfactory overall;
  • The integrated features are useful;
  • Without the whole, the size is appreciable;
  • Accessories are effective in finding objects;
  • In most cases, GPS are light;
  • The battery offers good autonomy overall;
  • The precision of the devices is good;
  • The design is sympathetic;
  • The magnet integrated on certain accessories is powerful.
  • The instructions for certain accessories is only in English;
  • The manual is not very well detailed;
  • The configuration of certain devices is delicate and requires time;
  • For some models, autonomy is too low;
  • Some devices are not very robust;
  • According to the reviews, downloading the update alters certain GPS functions
  • Difficult to pair certain accessory to a smartphone;
  • Some descriptions do not comply with the product sold;
  • The location system for certain devices is not reliable;
  • The alarm ringtone is weakly noticeable.

Criteria for choosing a good car GPS tracer

Because GPS is a common use tool, there are more and more models on the market. If designers generally integrate them into the vehicle, there are also mobile devices. In order to help you choose the best GPS for vehicle, discover the criteria for choosing our experts.


Given its capital importance, theautonomy is one of the first criteria to take into account to choose the best tracer. According to reviews, it plays a key role in the operation of the equipment, especially in the event of a car flight. The greater the autonomy of your GPS, the more likely you are to find the vehicle. There are accessories that offer 3 years of autonomy and even more.

Size and weight

If you opt for a Mobile GPS tracer, size and weight are elements that you should not neglect. It is about the discretion of your geotraceur but also of its ease of use. According to our experts’ opinions, the best option would be to opt for a reduced and especially space -saving tracer. However, it is important to recall that certain larger equipment offer greater autonomy and carry more features. It is therefore essential that you can find the best compromise between battery capacity and discretion. This is what we offer in this comparative guide with our selection of Best GPS 2020 tracers.

The installation mode of the beacon

Depending on the tests, there are GPS tags which attach to the vehicle chassis by simple magnetism, thanks to magnets. There are also tracers that settle via a ODB port present in cars since 1996 only. Some models are so compact that they easily slip into the vehicle’s pocket vacuum.

Do you know that it is difficult for a tracer to give the location precise when it is in an underground parking lot ? The best models still offer the district in which the object is placed.

The precision and sensitivity of the geotraceor

Expressed in DBM, the sensitivity of the GPS is a fact that provides information on the capacity of the tag to detect movements. Regarding precision, it gives the position of the vehicle to the nearest a few meters. According to the tests, the lower the number of meters, the higher the precision.

Geolocation features

They depend on the brand and the model chosen. The most advanced devices offer most of the following features:

  • Give the position of the vehicle;
  • Define the area in which it is found;
  • Configure alerts in format and frequency: they can be sound, by email, SMS or push notifications;
  • Real -time monitoring;
  • Movement detector ;
  • Define a security perimeter;
  • Alert in the event of a speed surpassing;
  • The engine stop function.

One of the difficulties here is to combine all these criteria in order to find the ideal model for you. But once it’s done, all you have to do is budget your purchase.

Alternative to GPS tracer

The GPS tracer is a very useful tool. It allows you to locate people, animals and goods. Alternately to traditional GPS tracer, you can opt for Mobile geolocation applications.

Additional links

  • http: //
  • https: // fr.wikipedia.Org/Wiki/Tracer
  • https: // www.object


What is the average price of a GPS tracer ?

Depending on the models, the purchase of a GPS tracer can cost you an average of 60 euros. However, advanced models can easily reach the price of 700 euros.

What to do in the event of a vehicle flight ?

In the event of theft of your vehicle, all you need to do is activate your GPS tracker from your smartphone. You will be able to follow his trajectory in time.

Is using a GPS tracer legal ?

Quite ! To date, it is perfectly legal to equip your vehicle with a GPS tracer, whether for personal or professional reasons.

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Our articles to learn all about GPS tracers

Are you afraid of losing your precious and dear car, motorcycle ? Discover all our products GPS tracers, miniature beacons, to limit the dangers. It will first be necessary to distinguish the types of flights. To start, classic flight wherever your car will be stolen from you. Then there is the famous “because jackingWho is much more traumatic, the thief waits in front of a fire or another place where you have to stop your vehicle to tear you away from the wheel and run cowardly. The Home Jacking will consist in stealing your keys at home. The most recent advances in terms of automotive protection is geolocation and alerts. These new products are innovative and effective. Discover all of our trackers and hooks on our website.

The principle of our car and motorcycle anti -thefts

A GPS box is installed in the vehicle. As soon as the flight of the car is reported, it is activated and guides the authorities. More than 90% drivers two wheels Or 4 wheels will find their vehicle, against 58% for an unquiced vehicle. In case of attempted theft, You receive a Message on your phone. You cannot just activate the siren and start starting of your car, but you can also hear what’s going on in your car and even interact with the person who is there and who is not necessarily a thief. Our systems include automobile geolocation, so that you know where it is thanks to your mobile phone and that only with a SIM card, as well as products with

If the locking is effective is dissuasive. Here are some additional meaning recommendations to reduce the chances of being robbed of your vehicle. First of all, if you have a doubt, check before you leave, that your vehicle is secure. The best method is to try to open your doors before leaving your vehicle. Security experts believe that looters which are at a distance are used by some thieves to target automobiles. This will prevent the signal from reaching the car To make sure the automobile remains locked.

The GPS tracker: an invention that changes life

THE tracker GPS is one of the most revolutionary inventions in recent years in terms of self-moto equipment. Once launched on the market, this device has made major changes. Companies, individuals … Everyone has found their account. What is the usefulness of GPS TRACKER ? How the latter works ? How to choose it ? We share everything you need to know about it so that you can also enjoy this little technological gem.

How does a GPS tracker work ?

A tracker is a device of GPS geolocation to be placed on an object, on a person or even on a pet in order to locate it. It is now used in different professional sectors, but also on a daily basis, by individuals, in particular to strengthen the safety of their vehicles.

If your motorcycle or car is equipped with a tracer, you can at any time know where it is thanks to your phone which will serve as a GPS receiver. However, for the device to work, the tracer or the GPS tag must contain a card Sim (except in the case of certain models designed for networks low consumption like lora). It is from the latter that the position information is transmitted to you.

How do you access data ?

Data transmission can be done in two ways:

You directly receive the positions GPS of your vehicle by SMS. Sometimes the tracers are configured so as to send this sending automatically (sending every 5 min, movement detection, etc.). However, you can also send an SMS request yourself when necessary. So if your car were to be stolen, you just have to do this manipulation to locate the vehicle. There is only one condition: your mobile phone be connected, because the information is sent to you in the form of a Google Maps link. You will therefore be redirected on the internet to access the position of your vehicle.

In this second case, with a SIM card More sophisticated, the GPS tracker is able to connect to all existing internet networks. It sends all of the data directly to a server connected to our site geolocation. To guarantee the accuracy of the information, an update is done automatically at the slightest movement. If you need to locate your vehicle, you just need to connect to the site and voila. Not only can you see where your car is in real time, But you can also follow all her trips: where she went, where she stopped, how long she drove ..

What are the advantages of using a car/motorcycle GPS tracer ?

If the insurance covers certain aspects of the risks incurred over the lifespan and use of your vehicle, a system intended to prevent risks is never too much. Undeniable on flight, THE tracker GPS is very successful. It does not prevent the good to be stolen, but it allows the authorities to find the vehicle more easily. Motorcycles or cars equipped with this tracking system are thus much better protected since it is possible to follow them on track.

This is not the only advantage. If unfortunately you are faced with an emergency situation, help will be easier (and faster) to find yourself thanks to the geolocation system. Having a GPS tracer is therefore also a way to strengthen your personal safety and can save your life if you are the victim of an accident.

Apart from the real -time location, A GPS hookworm also has other features that vary depending on the models. Some may be very practical on a daily basis. There is, for example, the alerts that warn you that you roll too quickly, that the battery of your tracker is weak and that it is time to recharge it or, quite simply, that someone tries to enter into your vehicle … you instantly receive notifications On your laptop when your alerts are triggered.

How to choose your car or motorcycle gps tracer ?

With technological advance, the tracers become more and more efficient. Manufacturers continue to innovate to better meet user needs. Today, the market geolocation is therefore flooded with GPS trackers with various prices and functionalities. To help you choose your GPS tag, we have prepared a small list of the criteria to take into account:

You have the choice between an autonomous tracker or a tracker with connection. In the first case, your device is autonomous thanks to an integrated battery. So you don’t need to connect it permanently, however it will be necessary to recharge it from time to time. Some models have a long autonomy and others not. It is however important to take it into account because if you lose your vehicle and the battery is out of service when you need your locally, Unfortunately you will not be able to do anything. In the second case, your GPS tag needs a source of permanent food. It will therefore be necessary to connect it to the electrical system of your motorcycle or your car.

  • Its data transmission mode

As we saw earlier, your GPS cookie sends you location information either by SMS or through the Internet. SMS sending is without subscription, But still requires the subscription to an SMS package. On the other hand, a subscription is necessary in the case of a shipment by internet. Access to the geolocation site is also paid, but this allows you to access much more precise and detailed information. The choice is therefore to be made according to your needs.

  • His characteristics

What is the size of the tracer ? How is he attached ? To be effective, it must be undetectable. The ideal is therefore to choose it small and discreet to be able to hide it. Your choice must also depend on the type of vehicle you have. THE GPS for motorcycle are indeed different from those for car. Finally, it is advisable to check the type of network supported by your device. Most GPS tracers still operate in GPRS And it is not necessarily practical in the era of broadband Internet.

If you need more tips for choosing your GPS hooklands, contact us.

GPS PLACEUR: Our advice for use

Once you have made your choice, it’s time to put your device in place. The very first step is to configure it. This is where you must configure the alerts (in the event of theft, in case of movement, at too high speed …), activate the historical position, Choosing how you want to be notified, note the SIM number to be able to send requests, secure your access … If you are not used to, do not hesitate to call on an expert to be sure to use your new acquisition as it should.

Same for installation. The tag fixing mode generally depends on the model. To prevent the thief from falling on it and neutralizing it, be sure to place it in an improbable place. Be careful not to put it too close to a heat source because it may melt. If you have a car, do not put your tracker in the cabin where reception may be bad.

When your device is finally installed, do not hesitate to carry out tests to check that everything works well. For example, you can send an SMS to your GPS tracker and see if you receive an answer. You can also make simulations to see if your alerts work well. In this way, if an incident occurs, you will not be caught off guard.

What should not be forgotten is that the GPS tracker still has limits. Indeed, the climate does not always play in favor of the signal. If it’s too hot, too cold or it’s raining, the latter may be disturbed. Same if you are in a building or in a place populated by trees and mountains. The signal also has trouble passing through metal. In any case, he continues to revolutionize daily life at many levels and remains a real must-have.