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BBOX Must Smart TV: The first Smart TV box without decoder


Rest assured, in case of Bbox Smart TV termination, You owner the television acquired with this triple play box offer with TV.

Bbox Smart TV: our opinion on the offer with Samsung TV (2023)

Bouygues Telecom is the first operator on the market to launch a triple play Internet box offer without TV decoder. This BOX Bouygues Box subscription allows you to equip yourself with a Samsung Smart TV 4K UHD UHD TV at 24 months. Bouygues offers this BBOX Smart TV package only for fiber optic customers. BBOX Smart TV review: Discover our full test of the new Box Bouygues offer with a Samsung connected TV included.

Bbox Smart TV

  1. Bbox Smart TV: Presentation of the offer
  2. Internet: What flows with Bbox Smart TV offers ?
  3. TV: B.TV+ on Smart TV Samsung with 150 TV channels
  4. Positive and negative Bbox Smart TV reviews
  5. How to subscribe to the Bbox Smart TV ?
  6. Bbox Smart TV: our opinion on the new Internet box with connected TV

Bbox Smart TV flash sale

Flash sale: your SAMSUNG 4K SMART TV at only € 39

Instead of 549 € With Bbox Smart TV and fiber.

Bbox Smart TV: Presentation of the offer

Bbox Smart TV offers

Bbox Smart TV is a range of two triple play boxes, with the Internet, fixed telephony and television. However, it responds to a new concept of triple play box offer without TV decoder.

In place of the decoder, Bouygues Télécom offers a Smart TV 4K Samsung or the video projector Samsung the freestyle at very preferential prices.

This is replaced by an application B.TV+ preinstalled in

Two Bbox offers are therefore offered: the BBOX Must Smart TV and the Bbox Ultym Smart TV.

With Smart TV
Bbox Ultym
With Smart TV
Internet 1 Gb/s down
700 Mb/s up
2 GB/s down
900 Mb/s up
Wireless WiFi 5 WiFi 6th
Television 180 TV channels on App B.TV+ 180 TV channels on App B.TV+
Telephony Fixed and mobile Fixed and mobile
Bonus WiFi repeater included
Disney+ and Salto offered for 6 months
Price 40.99 €/month 49.99 €/month

Other important information, the Bbox Smart TV offer allows you to benefit a discount on the purchase of a Samsung brand Smart TV And this within 2 months from the activation of the Bbox Smart TV offer.

With this Bbox Smart TV package, you can opt between 3 TV sizes, at low prices:

  • Samsung Smart TV 43 inch or 108 cm diagonal at € 49 instead of € 399
  • Samsung Smart TV 55 inch or 138 cm diagonal at € 199 instead of € 599
  • Samsung Smart TV 65 inch or 163 cm diagonal at € 349 instead of € 799

Or you can opt for the video projector The Freestyle for € 399 (€ 133 in 3 times free of charge), instead of € 999.

Note that in return for a preferential price on a 4K Samsung Smart TV, the Bbox Smart TV offer from Bouygues is accessible with a 24 -month commitment.

Good to know !

Bouygues Telecom covers the termination costs of your old FAI up to € 100.

Internet: What flows with Bbox Smart TV offers ?

Smart TV offers with Bbox are accessible for the moment, only for Bouygues fiber households.

  • With the Must offer, you will benefit from a fiber connection of 1 GB/s down and 700 Mb/s when going up.
  • With the ultym offer, the flow rates are ultra-fast: 2 GB/s down and 900 Mb/s while climbing.

To find out if you are eligible for this technology, simply do an eligibility test on the Bouygues Telecom site by clicking on the button below.

The new Bbox WiFi 6th with the UltyM offer

Modem Bbox Ultym Wifi 6

By opting for the Bbox Ultym Smart TV offer, Bouygues Télécom will provide you with the brand new “Bbox WiFi 6e” modem.

In addition to its vertical design -which was awarded during an aesthetic competition -, the great novelty of this box is the integration of the WiFi 6th. This is the latest WiFi standard in force, guaranteeing very fast flows and excellent home coverage.

The WiFi 6th Bbox is accompanied by a WiFi 6 repeater. This is offered on request after a coverage test to be carried out on the official application of the operator.

Bouygues’ MoDem Box with the Must Smart TV offer

Internet Modem Bbox

  • Latest generation wifi 6 for extensive coverage
  • Rapid speeds (1 GB/s) and several Ethernet ports to connect several devices simultaneously

To take advantage of this internet connection at home, the Bouygues supplier provides you with an internet modem. The rental is included in the price of the Bbox subscription.

This Modem Box Bouygues is equipped with Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 AC) and the access control function which allows you to adjust the extinction or not from Wi-Fi via times or not.

With the Bbox Smart TV Fiber, You also enjoy The Google Assistant To order your box to the sound of your voice.

For the connective part, this Bouygues router has:

  • 1 ADSL/VDSL port,
  • 1 WAN GIGABIT Ethernet port for fiber,
  • 4 Ethernet LAN ports,
  • 2 telephone ports,
  • 2 USB 2 ports.0.

“Guaranteed Internet” engagement

The operator Bouygues Telecom offers with this internet box offer the “Internet guaranteed” service. Concretely, Bouygues undertakes to offer an internet connection in all circumstances.

Thus, this Internet operator lends you A 4G key for all your equipment (PC, mobile, tablet) to remain connected before putting your box into service or even in the event of a breakdown or a move.

TV: B.TV+ on Smart TV Samsung with 150 TV channels

B.TV+ application

As indicated previously, with the Bbox Smart TV package, Bouygues Telecom no longer provides TV decoder.

This new TV experience without decoder is possible thanks to Application B.TV+ on board the Smart TV or in the video projector The Freestyle. This is a premium version of application B.TV, available on all other devices.

You have access to more than:

  • 150 TV channels,
  • And 14 replays.

It is also possible to take advantage of a large application catalog (free or paid) and services from the interface of your Samsung Smart TV television like: Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, OCS, MyCanal, RMC Sport, Bein Sports, Molotov ..

A simplified TV experience and an image quality in 4K

Bbox Smart TV experience

This New Triple Play offer that removes the TV box, Allows access to programs and applications simply via the TV remote control, without decoder. This therefore represents for subscribers less cables but also less remote controls !

Regarding image quality, thanks to fiber and compatibility UHD 4K HDR of the Smart TV, This Bouygues operator’s internet box offer therefore allows you to enjoy an exceptional image quality, 4 times higher than Full HD.

A designer and efficient Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Bbox Smart TV

You have the choice among 3 models of Samsung Smart TV TV with ultra -flat design. In addition to a clean look, here are the technical specifics of Samsung Smart TV TV accessible with the Box offer from Bouygues Telecom:

  • Connected TV Compatible Wi-Fi 5,
  • TV compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant,
  • Ultra high definition 4K, HDR compatibility,
  • RMS 20W sound power.

In terms of connectors, the Samsung Smart TV TVs have:

  • 2 HDMI entries,
  • 1 USB 2 port.0,
  • 1 antenna / DTT cable socket,
  • 1 LAN Ethernet port,
  • 1 optical audio output.

The Freestyle video projector

The freestyle with bbox smart tv

The Freestyle de Samsung is an ultra-performance portable video projector. It is able to broadcast an image of 100 inch maximum on a wall or screen of the cinema type. It can also adjust very easily and bow to 180 degrees (so you can project images on the ceiling of one of your rooms).

The development of The Freestyle is fully automatic. The video projector also adapts to the irregular walls (curved in particular).

A speaker is integrated into the video projector. It offers a rich 360 degree sound, which allows you to enjoy an immersive audio experience, wherever you are.

Positive and negative Bbox Smart TV reviews

Subscriptions to the Bouygues box with Smart TV Samsung from 49 € being recently opened, it is not for the moment not possible to find any opinion left by subscribers and/or old Bouygues subscribers. It will therefore be necessary to wait a few more weeks before you can consult the feedback from Bouygues Bbox Smart TV customers.

And what BBOX Smart TV review in the face of competition ?

The operator Bouygues Telecom is the first on the market to offer A triple play fiber offer with a TV connected in a decoder.

However, the SFR operator is also preparing to offer this new type of box subscription to buy a low -cost connected TV. The SFR offer combining an internet box and a TV will be available from June 9, 2020 for new subscribers and summer courses for current customers. This offer will be available with the subscription of a fiber subscription and will also be accompanied by TV bonus.

On the price side, we only know for the moment that with a SFR Fiber Power offer with a 24 -month commitment, The Samsung 43 ’’ TV model (108cm), worth € 599, will be accessible at a price of € 1 for purchase + € 8/month for 24 months thanks to the ease of payment. The purchase price of the Samsung connected TV will therefore be € 193 with an SFR Fiber Power offer.

Recall that the SFR Fiber Power subscription offered by the operator at the Red Carré is available each month at a price of 25 euros. This promotional price is valid for 12 months then this SFR internet subscription is billed 45 euros.

How to subscribe to the Bbox Smart TV ?

The subscription to the New Bbox Smart TV Bouygues offer Simply and quickly.

The first step is to go to the site of the Bouygues Telecom operator and select the Bbox Smart TV package.

You must then Test your eligibility using your address or landline number. The fiber, ADSL, VDSL or 4G box Box eligibility test allows you to know what network your accommodation is connected to. Recall that the Bbox offer with connected TV is currently only available in optical fiber.

If you are eligible for very high speed with the fiber, you can therefore make your registration Bbox Smart TV. To do this, simply follow the registration steps by entering your personal information and bank details.

After subscribing to your Bbox Smart TV offer, you can Order your smart TV on the dedicated Samsung site.

To go into details, once your box is activated, you will receive an email from Samsung allowing you to order your TV.

To buy your SAMSUNG TV at an advantageous price, you must have your @Bbox email address to identify you (available from your customer area). You will then receive your Smart TV within 2 to 10 working days (free delivery).

Terms and costs of the Bbox Smart TV offer

In summary, here is how to take advantage of the Bbox Smart TV Bouygues Telecom offer:

1 – Subscribe to the Bbox Smart TV offer,

2 – Get free from a fiber installation at your home,

3 – Order your smart TV upon receipt of a Samsung email,

4 – Free delivery of the new Samsung Smart TV.

For invoicing, the operator Bouygues Telecom applies commissioning costs of € 29.

The termination fees amount to € 59. Be careful, you should know that if you resound your Bbox offer with Smart TV before the end of your commitment, you are liable for the remaining months until the end of the 12th month of engagement and a quarter of the remaining monthly payments from of the 13th month of engagement.

Rest assured, in case of Bbox Smart TV termination, You owner the television acquired with this triple play box offer with TV.

Bbox Smart TV: our opinion on the new Internet box with connected TV

Our opinion on the Bbox Smart TV

Internet flows: 4/5
WiFi quality: 3.5/5
TV services: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5

Global note: 8/10

Smart TV Samsung

In conclusion of this Bbox Smart TV test, What to think of the new Internet box with Connected TV from Bouygues ?

The Bbox Smart TV fixed offer is based on the same principle as a mobile offer with the purchase of a mobile phone. Indeed, in return for a 24 -month commitment with this box subscription, you benefit from a preferential rate on the purchase of a SAMSUNG 4K UHD SMART TV, latest generation.

The Bbox Smart TV offer therefore saves, depending on the model, between 350 and 450 € on the purchase of a new connected television from the Samsung brand.

Note however that the Box Internet subscription is available at a higher rate each month, namely 40.99 euros per month. You do not benefit from promo price the first year of subscription, unlike other offers offered by the operator: Bbox Fit, Bbox Must or the Bbox Ultym offer.

Despite this higher monthly rate compared to other operator BBox Fiber subscriptions, the Bbox Smart TV offer remains interesting financially and facilitates the purchase of a connected TV.

In addition to taking advantage of the power of fiber and a latest generation TV, this new type of box + smart TV subscription offers more simplicity in installation and in use (no TV decoder to install, less remote controls, less cables …).

In addition, the TV offer itself is complete with 151 channels, 14 replays and access to the most popular content such as the Netflix app or Bein Sports.

Regarding points to improve, the Bbox Smart TV Bouygues offer is only available for fiber -eligible customers. Homeland eligible for ADSL or VDSL cannot currently subscribe to it. The operator nevertheless indicates that he is working to develop this triple play box offer without TV decoder to make it eligible for DSL customers.

Another downside noted in our advice Bbox Smart TV, the choice of connected TV is still quite limited. You only have access to a selection of 3 SAMSUNG SMART TV models.

Finally, other specifics specific to this box subscription can also slow down certain users such as the minimum commitment period of 24 months.

BBOX Must Smart TV: The first Smart TV box without decoder

The Bbox Must Smart TV is a Bouygues innovation. It is the first box in France that offers an internet subscription operating with a Samsung Smart TV without Bouygues decoder. The Bbox Must Smart TV offer is currently only available in fiber and works with the B application.TV+.

How does the Bbox Must Smart TV work ?


There BBOX Must Smart TV is a novelty in the Internet offers in France introduced by Bouygues Telecom. The Bbox Smart TV is thus the first internet offer operating with a smart TV which does not require a TV decoder.

Range Bbox Smart TV Also available in Bbox Ultym Smart TV, an offer that allows you to benefit from better speeds, Wi-Fi 6 and additional services.

Bouygues has teamed up with Samsung to design this new Bbox offer which works only with the UHD and Qled 4K QLED Smart TV from the North Korean manufacturer.

There Smart TV without decoder works thanks to theApplication B.TV+ which gives access to more than 180 Bouygues TV channels (including more than 50 available in Full HD), many replay channels and the other paid channels of Bouygues TV bouquets.

The offer BBOX Must Smart TV is a triple play offer which also includes fixed telephony services in addition to the fiber internet connection and access to Bouygues TV.

How to subscribe to the Bbox Must Smart TV offer ?

L’BBOX Must Smart TV Bouygues offer is offered at the rate of € 39.99/month and she is subject to a 24 -month commitment. Unlike other Bouygues Internet offers who often benefit from Bbox promotions the first year, the price of this Smart TV box is sustainable. The lack of promotion is still advantageous, The price does not increase the second year As is often the case.

Before subscribing, it is first necessary to perform an eligibility test to find out if the Bbox Must Smart TV offer is available according to its address. The offer is indeed Only available in fiber and former customers cannot subscribe to this Internet TV offer without decoder.

The subscription to the Bbox Smart TV can be carried out by contacting Bouygues by phone or in one of the 500 stores of the operator. The Bbox Smart TV offer is also conditioned by the purchase of a Smart TV 4K Samsung And it is available in three formats and two image resolution qualities:

Bbox Smart TV televisions

Smart TV UHD Smart TV QLED
Size 108cm, 138cm and 163cm
Price € 49, € 259 and € 449 € 299, € 399 and € 599

The prices indicated are valid on 18/11/2021

These Smart TV 4K UHD Samsung offered by Bouygues are 2020 and 2021 models from the manufacturer. Once the subscription has been carried out and the installation of the fiber made at home, Samsung sends an email to order the Smart TV. Once the email has been received and after having created its customer area account, just follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Samsung link received by email.
  2. Create your account on the Samsung website using your customer area @bbox address. Samsung then sends an verification email on your Bbox messaging, click “Check the account”.
  3. Return to the Samsung website and choose your smart TV from the 4 models offered.
  4. Once the order is made, Samsung sends a confirmation email. An appointment is then set for delivery within a period of 2 to 10 working days.

Note that the order of the Samsung Smart TV must be carried out in The following two months activation Bbox Smart TV. The installation of the fiber is free but this internet offer at commissioning costs of 48 €.

The Bbox Must Smart TV offer subject to a 12 -month commitment The Bbox Smart offer is also available with a 12 -month commitment at the same price. On the other hand, no reduction in this case on the Samsung Smart TV and the subscription is only carried out by phone at 3106.

How to install the Samsung smart tv ?

The Samsung TV with the Bbox Must Smart TV offer is delivered to your home but The installation is not included. The smart TVs are fortunately rather easy to connect.

To start, just turn on the Samsung TV and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. It will then be necessary Connect the Ethernet cable from the modem to the back of the Smart TV and configure its access provider by selecting “Bouygues Telecom”.

After the presentation of the features of the television, it only remains to click on “start to watch TV” to enjoy the Bouygues channels with its Bbox Must Smart TV offer. It will then be necessary Select application B.TV+ In the main menu and enter its customer area identifiers (only during the first connection) to access Bouygues TV.

What are the services included with the Smart TV without decoder ?

Internet with the Bbox Must Smart TV

Fiber cable

The Bbox Must Smart TV offer is only available in fiber for the moment. To be able to subscribe to this subscription, it will therefore be necessary to live in one of the areas eligible for the Bouygues ftth fiber (“Fiber to the home” or fiber to the home).

The Bbox Smart offer offers a fiber connection similar to the operator’s Bbox Ultym offer. It is the Bbox Fiber offer which offers one of the best fiber flows with a maximum theoretical flow descending from 1GB/s and an upward flow of 400mb/s. A flow 60 times faster that the ADSL offer all the same.

As with the other operator’s fiber bboxes, the passage of a technician will be necessary to make the fiber connection. It is only after the technician’s passage and the activation of the line that will be necessary to order the SMART TV SAMSUNG.

You wish to subscribe to the Bbox Must Smart TV subscription ?

Internet TV without decoder with B.TV+

The Bbox Smart TV offers access to Bouygues TV via the new application B.TV+. Like application B.operator TV, this application B.TV+ qualified as B.Premium TV by the operator, allows you to watch the Bouygues TV channels via a computer, a smartphone, a tablet or a smart tv. Application B.TV+ thus works peer with Samsung TV as Smart TV decoder.

L’Application B.TV+ gives access to more than 180 television channels of which 30 channels available in replay and more than 83 Optional paid channels. Regarding Bouygues TV channels, the 27 TNT channels are of course present but also general channels (RTL9, TV5 World. ), entertainment (Game One, MCM. ), youth (tiji, boomerang. ), sport (beIN SPORTS, EQUIDIA. ) And much more.

A 100 hour TV recorder is also included with this offer. This digital hard drive allows recording in the Bouygues cloud from up to 5 simultaneous programst in standard quality (SD) or high definition (HD).

The Samsung Smart TV has many features and services:

  • Samsung Cristal 4K processor (3.840 x 2,160 pixel resolution), LED technology
  • Ultra high definition image quality 4K and HDR10+
  • His Dolby Digital Plus
  • Compatible with Alexa vocal assistants from Amazon and Google Assistant
  • Apple Airplay 2 compatible.0
  • Wi-Fi 5 compatible
  • 2 HDMI ports and a USB port

It is also obviously possible to access the VOD Bouygues, to all the applications of SVOD like Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+ but also the bouquets of sports channels like RMC Sport or to thematic channels like OCS. Most of these applications like OCS are already Installed by default.

In addition to not require a TV decoder to work, another significant advantage of the Bbox Smart TV consists in the fact of having only needA single Bbox remote control.

Fixed telephony

Home phone

Like other Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym offers, the Bbox Smart TV also offers a fixed telephone service which makes it the third offer Triple play operator (Internet+TV+fixed telephony).

The BBOX Smart TV fixed telephony offer includes Unlimited calls to the fixed and mobiles of France and DOM. This service also gives the right to unlimited calls to fixed more than 110 destinations around the world and towards the mobiles of the United States, Canada, China, Singapore and South Korea

Services such as call transfer, answering machine, or even the hidden call are included as for the fixed telephone services of other Bboxes.

How to do in case of problem with your Bbox Smart TV ?

For a problem with the Samsung Smart TV, it is the customer service of the South Korean manufacturer that will have to be contacted. THE Samsung customer service can be called from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 01 77 86 00 86 (call not surcharged).

If this is application B.TV+ that does not work, this time it is Bouygues customer service that will have to be asked by calling the 614 From a Bouygues laptop or the 1064 From the mobile of another operator or from a fixed.

How to do if application B.TV+ is not found ? Do not panic ! It is quite possible to download this application from the Samsung store. This is in the reception bar, type B.TV+ and click on it to install it.

A whole new Smart TV offer at € 49 with the Bbox Must of Bouygues Télécom has just been released

Good plan to grab without delay at Bouygues Telecom ! On the occasion of Summer sales 2022 And until July 12 only, a Samsung 4K UHD 125 cm TV is offered at only € 49 for any subscription to a Bbox Smart TV Must or Bbox Ultym subscription. You want to know more about this opportunity to get a very coveted screen connected at a low price ? All information is in this brief.

Take advantage of a huge € 500 discount on the Samsung 4K UHD SAMSUN TV 125 cm !

The sales are a golden opportunity to do good deals, and to prove it to you again, the supplier Bouygues Telecom has been giving you the opportunity to get a Samsung 4K UHD 125 cm television (50 inches) at the exceptional price of € 49 (instead of € 549). To take advantage of this reduced rate, valid until July 12, 2022, simply subscribe to a fiber internet offer via the Bbox Smart TV (Bbox Must or Bbox Ultym).


Once you have subscribed to one of the Two Box Must or Ultym offers, that you will have activated your equipment and create your account on the customer area Bouygues Telecom, Samsung will send you an email to make you enjoy 500 € refund on the connected screen in question. As soon as the order is placed, your New TV will be delivered to you for free within 2 to 10 working days in the room of your choice.

Give in for a fiber internet box from € 40.99/month !

With its fiber internet subscription specially dedicated to the TV offer, Bouygues Telecom released the big game ! The offerbbox must smart TV includes unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles, in mainland France. Furthermore, if this inexpensive internet box seduces you, you will be able to share everything easily with 7.00 Mb/s in update, download without worry with a reception in reception of 1 GB/s, but also to phone Towards the fixeds of 110 countries at will. The internet subscription will allow you to enjoy 180 channels including 60 HD channels.


This Internet offer in promotion is available at the super rate of 40.99 €/month over a 24 -month commitment The termination costs of your previous internet box are covered by Bouygues Telecom up to 100 € if you request them via the form set your disposition ! Expect to have to pay 48 € activation fees, as well as contract termination costs of € 59 when stopping your subscription.

Finally, if you want a flow of 2 GB / s to download even faster and bigger, do not hesitate to go to the Bbox Ultym Smart TV billed € 49.99 / month on 24 -month commitment. You will benefit from the latest generation wifi and 2 repeaters included, and a turnkey installation made by the supplier.