Bbox Ultym Fiber: the Bbox Fiber Complete from 32.99 €/month, Bbox Ultym Notice: Read before subscribing to it!

Bbox Ultym Opinion: Everything you need to know

Nevertheless, there are still some drawbacks to emphasize on the Bbox Ultym Fiber de Bouygues offer:

BBOX Ultym Fiber: offer, connection, customer reviews in 2023

Bouygues Telecom’s Bbox Ultym offer is the high -end box of Bouygues Telecom, with a powerful internet connection, a fixed telephone service and a TV service rich in content. Many other significant advantages are also included with the Bbox Ultym. What is the price ? What advantages ? What do customers think in 2023 ? Discover everything on the Bbox Ultym Fiber.

You want to take out a Bbox Ultym Fiber Bouygues offer ?

What is the price of the bbox uitym fiber ?

Positioned as the most complete Bouygues fiber offer, the Bbox Ultym Fiber is available from € 32.99/month for 12 months, then € 50.99/month the second year. This offer is subject to a commitment to 12 months.

Flow to 2GB/s, WiFi 6th, WiFi repeater offered, 4K decoder or SVOD platforms offered 6 months : the Bbox Ultym Fiber has many advantages.

If you want to know more about Bouygues fiber offers, consult our pages dedicated to Bbox Fit Fiber and Bbox Must Fiber.

Contents of the Bbox Ultym Fiber: Internet – TV – Telephony

Bbox Ultym Fiber: 6th wifi and powerful flow

Debit test

The Bbox Ultym Fiber offers you an ultra powerful, fast and stable connection, with particularly high flows:

It also offers a connection via technology WiFi 6th, much more efficient than WiFi 5. This type of connection is ideal for a intensive internet use, especially in simultaneous : this is the perfect offer for large families, for example.

Finally, until 2 WiFi 6 repeaters can also be offend With the Bbox Ultym, according to the result of your WiFi diagnosis. Just do the request on your customer area Bouygues after diagnosis. You can also test your Bouygues fiber flow on our dedicated page.

You want to boost your Internet connection ? You can subscribe to theDebit+ option for 5 €/month without commitment To enjoy a flow until 8GB/s for download and 1GB/s in sending. After having subscribed to the option, simply change the optical module located at the back of your Bbox and return your current optical module to the operator.

The TV offer with the Bbox Ultym

TV and remote control

Ideal for moviegoers, the Bbox Ultym Fiber, offers a TV service Bouygues TV as well as multiple associated services:

  • Bbox 4K HDR TV decoder : Look at your favorite programs in very high definition thanks to the 4K HDR and enjoy exceptional images
  • More than 180 channels included
  • 100H TV recorder : plan to recording your programs so as not to miss anything
  • Services included : replay, applications integrated into the decoder, direct control, TV program, “Read from start” function.
  • Disney+, Amazon Prime Video And Universal+ offered during 6 months

Take advantage of the Bbox Smart TV offer if you have always dreamed of acquiring a Samsung Smart TV at low price, the offer Bbox Smart TV is made for you ! Treat yourself to a Samsung connected TV from € 49 For any subscription to a Bbox Must Fiber or Bbox Ultym Fiber offer.

You are looking for a fiber + Bouygues TV offer ?

Fixed telephony with the Bbox Ultym Fiber


The Bbox Ultym Fiber offers a full fixed telephone service with:

  • Unlimited calls to Fixed and mobiles of France / Europe / Switzerland
  • Unlimited calls to fixed on more than 110 destinations

Are you a professional ? Consult our page dedicated to Bbox Pro Fiber offers to find out more.

Are you eligible for the Ultym Fiber Bbox ?

Before subscribing to the Bbox Ultym Fiber offer, it is essential to carry out a Bouygues fiber eligibility test to make sure that fiber is available at home. By indicating your address Below, you can discover the offers you can claim.

You can also consult the Bouygues fiber deployment card to find out if your home is well covered by Bouygues fiber.

Test your Bouygues fiber eligibility by phone you can also test your eligibility by contacting an expert Fiber Optical Expert that will help you in your procedures and will guide you to the most suitable partner offer for your needs.

You want to test your Bouygues fiber eligibility ? Test online

Connection of the Bbox Ultym Fiber

If you want to install your Bbox Ultym Fiber alone, you can simply follow the user manual below. It will first be suitable forInstall your fiber bbox, And you can then configure your decoder.

Installation of the Bbox Ultym Fiber

WiFi box

You can follow the following steps to install your Bbox Ultym Fiber with an optical termination socket (PTO):

  1. Connect your optical termination box To an electrical outlet then turn it on by pressing on “WE“”.
  2. Connect the optical termination case to your BBOX via cable Ethernet Supplied with the box: it must be connected to the port Mole Bbox Ultym.
  3. Connect your Bbox to a wall outlet and Light up By pressing the button located at the back of the Bbox.
  4. Wait for a few seconds: when the lights “Power supply“,”fiber” And “Bbox“are on in fixed green, Your Bbox is Ready to be used.

Bbox Ultym Fiber: Installation of the 4K decoder

TV and Decoder

After connecting your Bbox Ultym Fiber, you can configure your BBOX TV 4K decoder. Here are the main steps to follow:

  1. Connect your Bbox Ultym Fiber to your 4K decoder with the cable Ethernet : the tip YELLOW Ethernet cable must be plugged into the Decoder Ethernet Port, and the other end in the Port 4/TV of your Bbox.
  2. Connect your decoder to an electrical outlet by avoiding multiple products.
  3. Turn on your TV and follow the steps displayed on the screen To finalize the configuration of the 4K decoder. Once this step is finished, you can finally enjoy all your programs.

Bbox Ultym Fiber: Customer reviews in 2023

If you hesitate to subscribe to a Bbox Ultym Fiber, we have collected some here Customer reviews in 2023 who will probably be able to help you make your choice.

Ultym fiber Bbox reviews are generally positive And highlight ultra -efficient flows, the guaranteed internet service, the many Services and advantages included, Bouygues fiber installation fast and effective and the responsiveness of Bouygues Fiber customer service.

  • Powerful flows and 6th wifi
  • HDR 4K decoder
  • SVOD services offered 6 months
  • WiFi repeaters offered
  • Quick setup
  • Customer service efficiency
  • Guaranteed Internet Service
  • High price after 12 months

Very good operator whether mobile or internet box, a quality service. A very responsive after-sales service in the event of a problem, with optional promotions and exclusive boxes of the box (6 months Disney+ offered, 4 months offered Spotify, etc.). I highly recommend.

Bilel n. IGRAAL, 23/05/2023

I received the equipment quickly, they installed the fiber to me and sent listening technicians. The price for one year is advantageous and the services provided are really pleasant. The TV decoder transmits the DTS sound and its remote control with the “Ok Google” are a significant plus.

Yohan G. IGRAAL, 04/19/2023

Bouygues Telecom remains the first mobile operator with Orange and the service rendered is of quality. No complaints. The installation was fast and I was able to request a 4G key before receiving my box. Frankly at the top.

Mathis y. IGRAAL, 04/16/2023

Perfect, Ultym fiber box ordered online and received 2 or 3 days after. Go to the technician for installation directly online on the day of my order and modifiable if necessary. 15 days later, everything was functional !

Elodie H. IGRAAL, 01/13/2023

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Bbox Ultym Opinion: Everything you need to know !

Bbox Ultym Reviews

You are looking for a Ultym Bbox review ? You are in the right place ! ��

Bouygues Telecom offers several options if you want to take out an internet box. Among them: the Ultym box, the most complete operator. Before you decide for this subscription, the ideal is to take the time to read reviews on the Bbox Ultym to find out if the offer corresponds to your needs. We offer you a detailed file with the testimonies of consumers and our own opinion.

To start, here is a summary table of BBOX Ultym reviews to know:

Bbox Ultym Reviews: In summary

Bbox Ultym Reviews in summary

Our opinion on the Box Ultym offer from Bouygues Telecom is positive. He is not outdone on the side of box offers. Indeed, the Internet access provider (ISP) markets 3 Bbox Internet offers in addition to its 4G box. The highest range, the Bbox Ultym, is the one we will dwell on today. This is a premium box, with many services, an enriched TV experience as well as different bonuses included. It is therefore not a surprise if the overall opinion on the Bbox Ultym offer from Bouygues Telecom is better than on the other boxes of the brand, although some hazards are obviously to be seen.

Positive opinions on the Bbox Ultym 4K mainly concern the diversity of services, the performance of the Internet debit as well as the television offer. As for the negative opinions on the Bbox Ultym subscription, it is mainly the concerns of installation of the fiber that return to testimonies, as well as comments on technicians, prices and Bouygues Telecom customer service.

Our opinion on the Bbox Must ::

  • ✅ Internet network performance and maximum speeds
  • ✅ A complete triple-play offer
  • ✅ Optimum TV experience
  • ✅ High quality equipment
  • ✅ 6 free months on the Spotify Premium option

BBOX ULTYM reviews: the opinion and the full editorial staff

Here is our own opinion on the subscription. The latter is generally good. It is important to note that the box is a high -end formula and that it offers premium services. Find out why we consider this formula very qualitative.

Here is a summary table of the characteristics of the Bbox Ultym offer from Bouygues Telecom:

Bbox Ultym: Presentation

27.99 € per month then 40.99 € after 1 year

27.99 € per month then 45.99 € after 1 year

Unlimited on fixed and mobiles in France and 110 countries

Choice between:
– Canal+ series, 4G key, playzer
– Youth tv bouquet in addition to the press bouquet included with cafeyn

– 4K decoder
– 128 GB recorder

Wi-Fi 6 with his repeater

12 -month commitment

BBOX Ultym review: the fiber offer

We have a very positive opinion on the Bbox Fiber Ultym by Bouygues Telecom. First, the package is displayed at a promotional price the first year: 27.99 € per month for 12 months, then 45.99 € per month (box rental included). Bouygues Telecom has very recently increased the flows on this offer, so that they are quite exceptional: up to 2GB/s in descending speed and 600MB/s in proud update. For example, this high -speed connection allows you to download a film in 5 seconds and share a photo album in 8 seconds. The flow is up to 120 times faster than the ADSL: almost unheard of !

Here is a summary table of the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the Bbox Ultym Fiber Bbox offer:

Bbox Ultym: the fiber offer

Key points


Here are the advantages to remember from the Bbox Ultym Fiber de Bouygues offer:

  • High quality provided equipment ✅ : Besides that, our positive opinion on the Wi-Fi 6 Bbox is accentuated by the fact that high quality equipment is provided, starting with a 4K decoder box. This is ideal for enjoying a higher technological degree and an unrivaled image quality.
  • New integrated WiFi technology for constant performance ✅ : The latest generation Wi-Fi is also included, as well as the simultaneity of uses, which makes it possible to avoid the decrease in flow if you use several devices simultaneously. We also appreciate the fact that a Wi-Fi 6 repeater is offered on request !
  • TV offer abundant ✅ : In addition to all this, the Bbox Fiber Ultym 4K offer offers a rich TV offer, which improves our positive opinion: more than 180 channels, a recorder of 128GB, a Google vocal assistant as well as a “Read from start »».

BBOX Ultym review: the fiber offer

  • Unlimited calls on fixed and portable practical ✅ : To spoil nothing, calls are unlimited to fixed and mobiles in France, in Europe, in Swiss and to fixeds of more than 110 international destinations.
  • Very interesting bonuses ✅ : Finally, Bouygues Telecom gives pride of place to bonuses on this offer since subscribers can choose between being offered: Canal+ Series, a 4G key, playzer or the youth tv bouquet in addition to the press bouquet included with Cafeyn.
  • Spotify premium offered 6 months for more leisure ✅ : The Spotify Premium option is also free for 6 months and a 4G key is loaned to you so that your equipment remains connected before putting your box into service. This last point is an effective way for Bouygues to respond to negative comments concerning the installation of fiber or problems during moves.
  • Bbox commissioning facilitated ✅ : For ever more advantages, the operator of Martin Bouygues recently offers a 100% turnkey “Premium installation” with Wi-Fi diagnosis. So you have nothing to do and it is the technician to go to your home and put all your equipment into service.

Nevertheless, there are still some drawbacks to emphasize on the Bbox Ultym Fiber de Bouygues offer:

  • Fewer chains offered than competition to be deplored ⚠️ : There are still some negative points in our opinion about the Bbox Ultym Fiber Wi-Fi 6 ! There is a fairly limited number of channels compared to competition (180 against more than 200 in some other ISPs).
  • Tari of the offer valid for one year for a regrettable increase ⚠️ : In addition, the fact that the price is only valid 12 months and not without duration of duration is also a downside. However, you are not engaged only one year and therefore have the possibility of changing your offer in the long term if you do not want to see your monthly invoice fly away: a good point !

BBOX ULTYM review: ADSL offer

Our opinion on the Bbox Ultym ADSL is also generally good, Although the series is less advantageous than the fiber offer. If your accommodation is not yet eligible for very high speed with optical fiber, Bouygues Telecom invites you to turn to the Bbox Ultym ADSL. To find out the offer suitable for your home, the supplier offers you an eligibility test on its website. Simply by indicating your postal address or your current landline phone number, you can know if a fiber subscription awaits you … or not !

Here is a summary table of the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the Bbox Ultym ADSL/VDSL BBOX offer:

Bbox Ultym: the ADSL/VDSL offer

Key points


Here are the advantages to remember from the Bbox Ultym Adsl de Bouygues offer:

  • Comfortable flow power for use of everyday life ✅ : The main element that differentiates the 2 versions (fiber and ADSL / VDSL) is the Internet connection. Indeed, only ADSL broadband is available, as well as vdsl boosted flow. This is not equivalent to fiber optics but is completely suitable for classic use of the Internet. In addition, here the Wi-Fi 5 technology is used and not Wi-Fi 6.
  • A new 4K decoder and recorder for better TV comfort ✅ : Thanks to the 4K HDR, it is possible to take advantage of a high definition image quality on all programs with a 128GB recorder

BBOX ULTYM review: ADSL offer

  • One of the most successful triple-play boxes on the market ✅ : The Bbox Ultym offers complete services and quality services, whether it is Internet connection, TV experience like voice communications.
  • Different bonuses to choose from ✅ : Users are offered a bonus of your choice between Canal+ Series, a 4G key, playzer or the Bbox youth TV bouquet in addition to the press bouquet included with Cafeyn.

Here are the drawbacks to remember from the Bbox Ultym Adsl offer from Bouygues:

  • Lack of WiFi diagnosis of the offer ⚠️: This offer only includes the Wi-Fi diagnosis to optimize the coverage in your accommodation and not the premium installation, which is normal since you do not need to install the fiber optics.
  • High price outside promotional period ⚠️: When you are interested in BBOX Ultym ADSL reviews, you notice that the price also varies as a result of the promotional period. 27.99 € per month the first year, it increases to 40.€ 99, ​​5 € less than the THD version. This price seems justified to the extent that customers do not have access to the same quality of service. In addition, if you seem too expensive, you have the possibility to terminate your offer which is only subject to a 1 -year commitment.

We also deliver a positive opinion on the Bbox Ultym ADSL as included:

  • Unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles in France / Europe / Switzerland and to fixed to more than 110 countries
  • The 4K decoder and its 180 channels
  • The 128GB recorder
  • The “Read at first” function
  • The Bouquet Press with Cafeyn
  • The bonus of your choice between Canal+ Series, Playzer, 4G key and Bbox youth TV bouquet
  • The free Spotify Premium option for the first 6 months.

What is customer opinion on the Bbox Ultym ?

Customer reviews on the Bbox Ultym offer is mixed. The first thing that is obvious to reading customer opinions on the Bbox Ultym is that the latter contradict each other. Indeed, some consumers explain that they are very satisfied with the services of said box while others do not hide to express their dissatisfaction. Difficult therefore to sort to judge the quality of the offer. This is why you have to take the time to read the reviews on the Bbox Ultym carefully. Here we offer a summary of the main comments, not starting the positive opinions of customers on the Bbox Ultym.

Here is what to remember on positive opinions on the Bbox Ultym of Bouygues Telecom:

  • High -end services highlighted by subscribers ✅ : Bouygues Telecom’s Ultym box is the high -end offer of the operator, it is not for nothing that it harvests more positive comments than other subscriptions. This formula includes many advantages like an ultra -fast reliable internet speed, an enriched TV experience with Android TV as well as several bonuses offered. These services of choice are often cited in positive opinions about the BBOX 4K Ultym.
  • A significant saving on the promo price of the 1st year ✅ : The price, delivered the first year, is also a criterion that returns regularly to the forums. This allows subscribers to make interesting savings for 12 months.
  • Much appreciated wifi repeater ✅ : Besides that, the formula includes a Wi-Fi repeater (5 or 6 depending on the versions), which arouses a good number of favorable opinions since customers are allowed to take advantage of a powerful Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home.
  • High quality equipment ✅ : Reading users’ opinions on the Bbox Ultym, we note that the latter express their satisfaction with the equipment provided. Indeed, they appreciate having a modem as well as a latest generation 4K decoder.
  • A value for money at the height ✅ : Regarding positive opinions on the Bbox Ultym on cashback sites, there are many. Internet users highlight the right value for money, the promotions displayed and the after-sales service.
  • Support by the reassuring operator ✅ : Finally, we note that the operator’s willing to support its users from A to Z and to be able to help them at any time. To do this, he offers them a 4G key of 100GB allowing them to enjoy the internet in the event of a cut or move.

Bouygues box reviews: customer service

Here is what to remember on the negative opinions on the Bbox Ultym of Bouygues Telecom:

  • The after -sales service is perfectible and sometimes unreachable ⚠️ : We discover fairly trenched comments: “Worse customer experience”, “I strongly advise against, they are no longer what they were”, “to flee”… The Cust Place site confirms these statements with feedback that highlights weaknesses and problems. For example, several negative customer reviews on the Bbox Ultym claim that after -sales service is unreachable and that the technical service is ineffective.
  • Increase in price after the harmful promo offer ⚠️ : Prices are increasing at the end of the first year, something deplored by users: “Too bad it is not possible to negotiate once the period of commitment has passed”. Some of them take the opportunity to terminate their offer and to go to competition. Recall that the supplier of Martin Bouygues does not hide this price increase and that it is for him a way of attracting new customers.
  • Organizational problem with the installation of fiber ⚠️ : Another subject that comes up often is the installation of optical fiber. It seems that the technicians are used to shifting the appointments, or even not to honor them at all. Obviously, this is not without consequences in opinions about the Bbox Ultym. Since the problem is recurrent, Bouygues has implemented a system of real -time geolocation and notation of its technicians. In addition, on the THD version, a brand new premium installation service has just appeared. However, it will be necessary to wait a little to see if its implementation changes the negative opinions of customers on the installation of the Bbox Ultym fiber.
  • Unexpected service cuts ⚠️ : Finally, some Internet users denounce cuts or television and internet breakdowns. It seems rather rare on the Bbox Ultym offer. However, the ISP, thanks to its guaranteed internet service and its free 4G key, allows you to overcome this hazard while finding a lasting solution.

Like everywhere, negative opinions on the BBOX 4K Ultym offer are also present the net. The Trust Pilot site is the perfect illustration with:

  • 85% “bad” opinion
  • 4% “low” reviews
  • 3% “average” opinion
  • 3% “good” reviews
  • 5% “excellent” opinion.

It is of course necessary to take these negative opinions into account on the Bbox Ultym Bouygues, however, be sure to qualify the words because each experience is unique. Online opinions on the Bbox Ultym are not always revealing because it is often dissatisfied consumers who take the time to leave a comment. On the same model, most opinions are generalist and concern the operator as a whole, it is therefore complex to find specific feedback on the Bbox Ultym.

BBOX Ultym review: in conclusion !

Our opinion on the Bbox Ultym Bouygues Telecom offer is for us a good option, If you want to enjoy one of the best boxes in the sector at an attractive price in the first 12 months.

Bouygues Telecom has very recently changed this offer, it offers particularly efficient flows to benefit from the internet at very high speed ! When reading customer reviews about the Bbox Ultym, we note that the expensive price outside the promo period is sometimes criticized.

However, the fact that prices increase after a year is a deliberate choice on the part of the brand to attract new customers. That said, the subscription is only subject to a one-year commitment, which leaves the possibility of terminating at that time.

One of the big advantages of this offer lies in the fact that it offers many bonuses, which differ depending on the versions (Bbox Fiber or Bbox ADSL / VDSL). In both cases, the user experience is only an enriched ! The Wi-Fi 6 repeater for the fiber optic subscription is particularly appreciated, as is the new 4K decoder common to both boxes in most reviews 220 concerning the Bbox Ultym.

A little comment to say ? A little opinion on the Bbox Ultym of Bouygues ? The floor is yours ! ��