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Apple Podcasts

Thanks to podcasts, users can enjoy quality content from around the world for free. For publishers, podcasts allow you to reach a wider audience.

For podcast lovers: questions and answers

Podcasts are the episodes of a program available on the Internet. These are generally original audio or video recordings, but it can also be the recording of a television or radio program, a course, a concert or any other event.

Each episode generally uses the same file format, for example audio or video, so that subscribers can take advantage of the program in the same way with each new episode. Some podcasts, including language courses, include several file formats (video and documents, for example) to offer more efficient education.

Thanks to podcasts, users can enjoy quality content from around the world for free. For publishers, podcasts allow you to reach a wider audience.

Apple does not directly provide updates or episodes. When you subscribe to a podcast by the Podcasts app for iOS, or by iTunes on your Mac or PC, you also benefit from the updates published by the producer of this podcast. iCloud also allows you to synchronize your subscriptions to podcasts on all your devices.

How to take advantage of podcasts on my iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch now ?

The Podcasts for iOS app provides access to popular podcasts quickly and highlighted via navigation icons located at the bottom of the app.

To subscribe to a podcast, touch yourself on the page of this podcast. To read a podcast, just touch the episode of your choice. To download it, touch the iCloud icon in the proposed list.

You can manage your subscriptions and read podcast episodes in my podcasts.

How to take advantage of podcasts on my mac or pc now ?

The catalog of podcasts from iTunes Store allows you to search for new podcasts and subscribe to it.

To subscribe, click subscribe to the page of a podcast. When you subscribe to a podcast, iTunes checks every day if new episodes are available.

You can also read an episode individually from the iTunes Store by clicking on its number in the episodes list.

You can manage your subscriptions and listen to what you have downloaded in the podcasts section of your iTunes library.

What is the price of podcasts ?

All podcasts on iTunes Store are free.

How do podcasts work ?

To learn more about the creation of podcasts, consult the Q&R pages for creators of podcasts and creation of a podcast.

Do I have an Apple identifier to listen to podcasts ?

No. An Apple identifier is only necessary if you want to create your own podcast and make it available on the iTunes Store.

Can I subscribe to a podcast not available on the iTunes Store ?

Yes. In iTunes, choose “subscribe to the podcast” in the file menu, then insert the URL of the desired podcast flow. In the podcasts for iOS, enter the flow of the flow in the research field of my podcasts.

How to delete the subscription to a podcast ?

In the podcasts for iOS, you can manage your subscriptions in my podcasts. Select a podcast to which you subscribe, touch adjustments, then deactivate the subscriber adjustment.

On your Mac or PC, you can manage your subscriptions in the podcasts section of your iTunes library. Select a podcast to which you are subscribed, click on settings, then deactivate your subscription.

For additional help on the Podcasts app, see the following assistance items:

Podcasts application for iOS: Reading commands
https: //

Organization of elements of the podcasts application for iOS
https: //

Podcasts for iOS: Synchronization of podcasts
https: //

Podcasts for iOS: management and organization of subscriptions
https: //

Podcasts application for iOS: Read, download and subscribe to podcasts
https: //

Podcasts application for iOS: navigation and research
https: //

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Apple Podcasts

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Millions of podcasts
And even more ways to enjoy it. It goes beyond understanding.

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Millions of podcasts.

The best known and those who gain from being.

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Collections and a unique selection mode in the world.

All, on all your devices .

Both to listen to. And so much to say.

Apple Podcasts brings together the largest collection in the world of programs on all possible and imaginable subjects. Its impact is considerable. The biggest names with the most singular emerging talents, it is a place where each voice can be heard, where each voice counts. It says a lot. It even says everything.

Thanks to the channels, all your favorite programs are gathered in the same place. Locate your favorites and follow the recommendations to discover other podcasts that speak to you.

You want to be in direct contact with the most appreciated shows and episodes of the moment ?
Our rankings present to you everything that makes the buzz in the world.

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Listening to millions of free programs is good. Supporting creation by starting 1 is even better. Bonus episodes, listening without advertising, discovery in the premium of new programs and easy access to the archives … Some examples among others of the advantages offered by subscriptions to premium content.


Say Siri, Listen


Siri has access to all Apple Podcasts content. So install yourself comfortably and ask him to pass what you want to listen to.

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Where to listen to them ? It’s yours

All your Apple devices are ready to read all the podcasts in the app. Whether you are driving, in the middle of a jogging or cooking, you just have to get your ear to grow your centers of interest. You can even download shows in your Apple Podcasts library to enjoy it offline.






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Questions ?
The answers are here.

Apple Podcasts, what is it ?

Apple Podcasts is the ideal app for finding, following and listening to millions of the most popular podcasts in the world. And our selections allow you to discover new ones every day.

Where to listen to podcasts ?

The Apple Apple Podcasts is already installed on all your Apple devices, including on your Apple TV, Apple Watch and Carplay. You can also listen to the contents in iTunes on Windows or with an Alexa compatible speaker.

How much does it cost ?

Apple Podcasts offers millions of completely free programs. And a certain number of publishers and editors offer premium shows, episodes and channels accessible via a monthly or annual subscription.

Can I share my subscription with my family members ?

Of course. You can share your Apple Podcasts subscriptions with all your family 2 .

Is it possible to download and listen to offline ?

Yes. You can download any episode and listen to it offline. The new episodes of the podcasts that you follow will download automatically. And you will find them all in your library, in the downloaded section.

Starting my own podcast is possible ?

Of course. You will find on resources that will help you create your own program and publish it on Apple Podcasts.

What is the difference between Apple Podcasts and iTunes ?

Your ITunes podcast library is now available in Apple Podcasts. All the programs you follow and the stations you have created are available in Apple Podcasts on your Apple TV, Mac, iPhone and iPad, and in iTunes on Windows.

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Apple Podcasts for pros.

Do not miss anything of the latest news, features and best practices to support you in creating your own podcast.

Reading this Apple Podcasts content requires the latest version of the operating system.

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iTunes is the world’s easst way to organize and add to your digital media collection.

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