Antennapod – The free podcast player, 13 best podcast applications for Android smartphones for immersive listening

13 Best Podcast applications for Android smartphones for immersive listening

Features :

Podcast app

Antennapod is a completely free podcast player. The application is open-source and you can subscribe to any RSS feed. AntennaPod is designed by volunteers without any commercial interest, it therefore respects your privacy while allowing you total control.

Without advertising

The Antennapod application itself does not contain advertisements. If an editor chooses to add advertisements to multimedia files, it affects 100 % of income.

To listen to everywhere

With Antennapod, you can download episodes and listen to them anywhere. You can even select which podcast should be downloaded automatically.

The simple, flexible and open-source podcast manager for Android.

13 Best Podcast applications for Android smartphones for immersive listening

The best podcast applications for Android smartphones for immersive listening

Podcasts have revolutionized the way people listen to the media by capturing listeners with various themes, discussions that push for reflection and captivating stories.

Podcasts offer a multitude of exciting experiences, whether you are a news, a lifetime learner or you just seek to have fun. Given the growing popularity of podcasts, it is not surprising that the search for the application of podcast ideal for your Android smartphone has become more and more important.

A reliable and rich in functionality application on your Android device can make all the difference in your listening experience. It is not only a question of finding the latest episodes of your favorite programs; A reliable Android podcast application is your front door to a large universe of audio content.

It allows you to explore a multitude of genres, from comedy to history, through science and much more. You can easily find new podcasts thanks to its friendly functions, subscribe to your favorite programs, create reading lists and even download episodes for offline listening, which allows you to never miss a moment in a story fascinating.

In addition, an excellent podcast application for Android knows what you like and personalizes its recommendations according to your listening habits. It takes into account your interests, your favorite genres and even specific podcast animators, in order to offer you a selection of content adapted to your tastes.

Selecting criteria for the best podcast application for Android smartphones

Selection criteria for the best podcast application for Android smartphone

When you choose the best podcast application for Android smartphones, you can take several factors into account to make sure you meet your needs. Here are some of the most important:

  • Discovery of podcasts and recommendations: Look for applications that allow you to explore different genres and offer you new podcasts depending on your interests.
  • Management and synchronization of subscriptions: Make sure the application allows fluid synchronization of devices to manage your bookmarks, subscriptions and progress on several platforms.
  • Reading and personalization functions: Look for programs that offer reading options such as adjustable jumping intervals, standby timers and variable reading speed.
  • Offline listening: Think of the applications that allow you to download episodes to listen to them offline, especially when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • Examinations and evaluations: Look for applications in the Google Play Store with good grades and customer comments.

Remember that the choice of the best podcast application often depends on your personal preferences. This article has some of the best podcast applications for Android smartphones, emphasizing their main characteristics. Whether it is advanced applications or hidden jewels, we will help you find the ideal application to satisfy your podcasts of podcasts.

There are several excellent podcast applications for Android devices. So let’s discover the podcast application that will allow you to reach new heights in terms of audio.


Audials offers a full search function that allows users to easily discover and subscribe to their favorite podcasts. This feature allows you to explore podcasts according to specific categories, subjects or keywords. Once you have found a podcast that interests you, you can subscribe to it.


Downloadable from Google Play Storeaudials carefully follows the new episodes of the podcasts to which you are subscribed, which allows you to never miss the latest contents.

Features :

  • Choose from a selection of 200 genres and countless countries and regions.
  • Create personalized reading lists to collect your favorite podcast episodes.
  • Set up automatic updates for the podcasts to which you subscribe.
  • Broadcast episodes of podcasts directly from the application.
  • Download episodes of podcasts for offline listening.

Podbean (in English)

Podbean (in English) is a fantastic choice when it comes to discovering popular chains without effort. Beyond the podcasts, it offers a wide range of audio books, making it a full audio destination.


You also have the freedom to personalize your listening speeds, which allows you to consume content at the rate that suits you best. In addition, the integrated volume increase function guarantees crystalline sound, even if podcast animators speak in a low voice. With these features, Podbean (in English) really becomes your reference platform for an Android Smartphone for everything related to audio.

Features :

  • Add your podcast episodes using an RSS feed URL or import them using an OPML file.
  • Take advantage of lock screen commands to easily access the reading options.
  • Integrate the podcast application to Amazon Alexa for a practical reading commanded by the voice.
  • Benefit from an intelligent reading speed, which automatically adjusts according to your listening content.
  • Take part in real -time interaction and listen to live podcasts instead of waiting for the recorded and edited versions.

Podcast application

Podcast application is an innovative podcast player that combines minimalism and advanced technology. This application uses automatic learning to create personalized podcast reading lists, suitable for your interests and preferences. In a few clicks, you can take advantage of discoveries or listen to your favorites of the moment.


Whether you are a novice in terms of podcasts or an experienced listener, this application provides all the tools you need to immerse yourself in the world of podcasts. You can download the Application Podcast app on Google Play Store.

Features :

  • Allows episodes to be put in a particular order.
  • The signal function allows you to save your progress.
  • Offer reading checks such as reading, break, front or rear leap and variable reading speed.
  • They often provide notifications when new episodes are published.
  • Propose a section highlighting popular or fashionable episodes.


If you already use Spotify for your music, it is not necessary to have a separate podcast application. Since the start of 2016, Spotify has been offering podcasts as part of its platform. You can easily access podcasts by navigating to the category dedicated to podcasts on the search page or by discovering recommendations on the home page.


With all your content in a single application, Spotify is practical for listening to basic podcasts. Visit the Google Play Store to download the Spotify Application Application.

Features :

  • Reading speed control and standby function.
  • Easy access to all episodes of podcasts for continuous reading, download or add to a reading list.
  • Interactive functions such as questions of questions and answers and surveys to dialogue with listeners and collect their opinion.
  • Podcast overviews are integrated into the reception flow, allowing listeners to listen to emissions before deciding to go further.
  • Transparent download and publication capacities for podcast creators.

Podcast guru

Podcast guru offers a transparent way to access your favorite podcasts and explore a large collection of free episodes from your computer. Android device. Whether you are looking for familiar shows or you can’t wait to discover new ones, this application is made for you. If you go from a podcast reader to another, do not worry: importing your existing subscriptions into OPML format is a breeze.


Features :

  • Provide real -time cloud backups for data protection.
  • Activate the Podcasts Subscription in-app.
  • Incorporate a bookmark functionality in the application.
  • Integrate social functions to promote links between podcast lovers.
  • Improve the user experience by offering transcriptions of podcast episodes.


Castbox adopts a unique approach by offering various content from different sources, such as FM radio and a wide selection of audio books. For those who appreciate the data, Castbox offers a listening duration tab that displays the past duration on different podcasts during the day.


However, an exceptional characteristic distinguishes Castbox: its integrated Zen mode. This unique feature has two objectives: it can be used to facilitate a peaceful sleep environment or to eliminate distractions and improve concentration during work.

The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store page.

Features :

  • Offers extensive linguistic support, encompassing 70 different languages, guaranteeing a wide range of options for language learners.
  • Offers language learning podcasts, intended for people seeking to improve their linguistic skills.
  • Facilitates the integration of chromecast, allowing transparent diffusion of content on compatible devices.
  • Compatibility with Amazon Echo, allowing users to access podcasts and listen to them by voice command.
  • Allows to transfer favorite podcasts effortlessly thanks to the OPML import/export functionality.


With Repodous can manage and listen to all your favorite podcasts effortlessly while being part of a dynamic community dedicated to sharing, discussion, evaluation and recommendation of quality podcasts.


In a world that has more than 50 million episodes of podcasts, the flourishing community of Repod allows you to permanently discover and appreciate the best episodes, thus exceeding the limits of the top charts.

You can download Repod for your Android smartphone directly from the home page. Google Play Store.

Features :

  • It allows you to get in touch with podcast animators and other podcast enthusiasts on a single centralized platform.
  • You can easily share your favorite podcast episodes.
  • Offers private and public discussion rooms.
  • Offers the possibility of building and developing your community of podcasts alongside other podcast communities.

Spreaker podcast player

With Spreakergra grace podcast reader in the user interface, it is easy to discover and personalize your listening experience in the large landscape of the available content. It allows you to explore carefully selected channels and take advantage of reading lists generated automatically and adapted to your preferences.


In addition, you can remain informed of your favorite podcasts by receiving instant notifications as soon as a new episode is published.

Spreaker is available on Google Play Store to download from your Android smartphone.

Features :

  • Adjustable reading speed to speed up or slow down the duration of the podcast.
  • Use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control for the application.
  • The standby option allows you to automatically stop reading after a certain time.
  • Compatibility with Apple Chromecast and Airplay for easy diffusion.
  • Improves your listening experience on larger screens or speakers.

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts, which made its debut in 2018, is an essential inclusion during the discussion on the best podcast applications for Android. The application prides itself on an uncompromising user interface, with entirely white material theme, with only essential commands, and this is what distinguishes it.


When you start the application, you see your subscriptions to podcasts at the top of the page, followed by downloads of which you can control the expiration time.

You can also access Google Podcasts directly from the Google Play Store.

Features :

  • Offers many categorized suggestions for a simplified discovery of podcasts.
  • The user interface of the reader is compact, with standard buttons and a control of the reading speed with the “Silence” option.
  • Of a simple voice command, you can activate a speaker powered by the assistant.
  • Podcasts can be found and listened to via Googleet Search The Google Assistant offers full reading commands.

Pocket caps

Pocket caps offer a full range of features while retaining a user -friendly and intuitive interface, and above all, it is completely free. Its simple design allows you to discover podcasts effortlessly, to navigate among the recommendations, to subscribe to your favorites and to listen easily.


Available on Google Play Storel ‘Interface facilitates the search for specific episodes by organizing them in seasons, and you can manually or automatically download episodes for offline listening.

Features :

  • Reading controls with speed adjustment, volume amplifier and possibility of deleting moments of silence.
  • A beautiful dark theme for a visually attractive interface.
  • Fun reading statistics to follow your listening habits of podcasts.
  • Automatic downloads to automatically download the new episodes.
  • The sleep timer function allows you to listen to podcasts while you fall asleep.
  • Episodes filtering options according to the download condition, the release date, the favorites, etc.


Ivoox is a versatile platform that allows users to read, download and share audio content on different themes and genres.


One of the most remarkable characteristics of Ivoox is its flexibility in terms of subscription management. Users can easily modify their subscriptions by clicking on the “Manage suggestions” option in the upper right corner, under the user profile.

In addition, Ivoox allows Android users can subscribe to their favorite podcasts, which allows them to directly access the new episodes without having to perform manual research.

Features :

  • Listen to podcasts without subscribing.
  • A transparent listening experience thanks to the reading queue.
  • Practical reading commands on the lock screen.
  • Choose to subscribe, receive notifications or activate automatic downloads.
  • Complete audio control by adjusting reading speed, jump or rewinding, or car mode.

Radio France

Radio France is a renowned public service radio in France, which offers many podcasts on fascinating subjects and captivating interests. These diversified podcasts include different genres, such as news, culture, society, music, entertainment, history, science and many more.


With a very complete catalog, Radio France ensures that there is a podcast to captivate the interests of each. You can download Radio France on Google Play Store.

Features :

  • Live broadcast of newsletters, programs, interviews, music and programs.
  • On -demand service allowing access to old information and music programs.
  • Multilingual service offering a choice of 16 languages
  • Subscription option for news alerts.
  • Access to international, French and African news through live articles and broadcasts.

FM player

FM player is a great way to start listening to podcasts. By default, the application automatically downloads new podcast episodes for your Android the device. However, if you prefer, you can customize this parameter in the application options.


You can discover podcasts by applying filters such as “popular” and “trendy” to find new and exciting content. In addition, you have the possibility of enriching your library by adding podcasts through URL RSS feed or OPML files directly on your device.

Features :

  • Choose from different themes such as classic, dark and black.
  • Take advantage of the “Subsequent reading” option, which automatically downloads the selected episodes when you are connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Personalize the application with integration options for several Android devices.
  • Create bookmarks and annotations to facilitate consultation and notes.
  • Allows you to define actions for your helmet during reading.
  • “Turbo Fetch” new episodes for quick access and updates.


There are many podcast applications on the play store. It is therefore not surprising that you felt overwhelmed by the choice of one of them. Fortunately, you came across the ultimate selection of the best podcast applications. You can opt for one or the other of these recommendations according to your specific needs.

We recommend that you try several options to see which one corresponds to your preferences and offers the most interesting features. So what podcast application will you choose for your Android smartphone ?

You can also explore certain podcasts publishing software to broadcast flawless episodes.