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Apple iPhone 8

If updates and upgrades are beneficial for the performance of your short -term phone, they accumulate and occupy more and more memory with time. They end up consuming so much operating and power capacity that they can easily overload the entire system. This means that the more upgrades have been published since the manufacture of your phone, the more your device will be disadvantaged.

Apple iPhone 8: Why buy it ?

In this video, located at the bottom of the article, Johan Lelièvre, the High Tech Youtubeur, presents the iPhone 8 to you and the reasons to buy it. Jojol, for friends, reveals the positive points of the latest Apple smartphone, from its glass design to its ultra-powerful A11 Bionic processor via its powerful camera, you will know this flagship with undeniable qualities. Note: 8/10

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  • IP67 waterproofing
  • Screen
  • Camera
  • Processor

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A glass shell from the past from the past

First of all, design, just like the majority of Apple products, The iPhone 8 is very well designed and its finishes are impeccable. This new iPhone takes up the codes of old models with A very glass shell which wants to be more resistant than that of the iPhone 4 and it seems more resistant than that of the Galaxy S8. Thanks to this glass back, it is compatible with wireless recharge Which will allow you to recharge it without cables. This technology can be useful when you are on the move, for example, because most airports or certain cafes such as Starbucks are now equipped with wireless charging.

iPhone 8 case

A best -made camera than on the iPhone 7

Photo iPhone 8IPhone 8 photo on the left and photo iPhone 7 on the right in broad daylight Photo 2IPhone 8 photo on the left and photo iPhone 7 on the right in broad daylight

At the camera, you find on the back of the device A 12 megapixel sensor With an opening at f/1.8, similar to that of the iPhone 7, it was still improved. The photos are clearer and clearer that it is in broad daylight or in low light. The flash and the software part are also much faster than on the iPhone 7. The photo taking is fast and the rendering is very correct. On the other hand compared to the cameras of the competitors, it is not necessarily the most convincing even if it is still part of the best. On the version plus, you always have the optical zoom times two as well as The Bokeh effect which allows you to obtain a vagueness behind a subject. Unlike the iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus has the mode Lighting portrait, Certainly in beta version but which nevertheless already offers very interesting possibilities such as modifying the light of blurry through several effects.

Photo 3IPhone 8 photo on the left and photo iPhone 7 on the right in low light Here keywordsIPhone 8 photo on the left and photo iPhone 7 on the right in low light

A screen with True Tone technology

At the front of the device, the screen always remains the same as on the previous version, we find a slab of 4.7 inches for the iPhone 8 And 5.5 inches for the version plus. In terms of definition, we have a little more than HD for the normal model and full HD for the big model. On the other hand, a new option is integrated into the screen, technology True Tone. The screen then benefits from a contrast that automatically adapts to the ambient brightness. For example, if you are in a room that is yellow, the screen will automatically pull on yellow and vice versa, if you are outside and there is full sun, the screen will pull towards blue. This technology can have advantages such as when you use your smartphone in the night you have less pain in your eyes but it can also have drawbacks because the colors obtained will be less natural. In the end, if you want to watch a video with the best possible quality, you will have to go to the phone settings and finally deactivate the True Tone option.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

The return of the Touch ID function

The Touch ID function is also part of the iPhone 8 unlike the iPhone X which has Face ID. This biometric sensor allows you to safely unlock your mobile with your finger or even make secure purchases always with your finger. Apple did not specify if it is a new version compared to last year but in any case as for the iPhone 7 this function is very quick to use.

A faster and more powerful processor

THE A11 Bionic processor is even more powerful than the previous versions and makes the phone even faster. This chipset also allows you to benefit from augmented reality. The iPhone 8 is also equipped with a new gyroscope and a new accelerometer. The augmented reality can be used on other Apple devices but the iPhone 8 is better than the iPhone 7 for example. On the 8th, the experience will be better since it will be more precise and there will be no lag.

Here keywords

Bluetooth 5.0 better quality

Another reason to go to the iPhone 8, it also offers the standard Bluetooth 5.0. Admittedly, you must be provided with compatible devices in order to be able to take advantage of these new features, but it is still very appreciable to have it. Bluetooth 5.0 It is a better scope, less interference and finally a better rendering at the level of the sound. Note that audio quality is now equivalent to CDs. From a sound point of view, the speakers were already very satisfactory on the iPhone 7 and are however much better on the iPhone 8. The sound is more powerful and the bass is much more present.

Conclusion of the test:

One of the reasons that could make you buy The iPhone 8 would be its price. Indeed, compared to the iPhone X you have the same power but for a price lower of 350 euros. For some, the iPhone 8 is not very interested in the iPhone X, however, it is adorned with many advantages of which some users could not happen. The iPhone X with its absence of a home button, its slab without any button and its price which exceeds 1000 euros may not be suitable for everyone. The strategic choice of Apple is therefore understandable or even well thought out because it offers a different choice to the consumer, for this the iPhone 8 obtains the Note of 8/10.

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Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is an iPhone 7s that does not say its name. Design is the same as last year’s model with 2017 technology. Apple has reserved innovation and design renewed at the iPhone X which will cost 1.159 euros minimum while the 8 starts at 809 euros. And if you want to have a double sensor camera, you will have to turn to the iPhone 8 Plus from 919 euros, or wait for the iPhone X.

We only spent a short time with the iPhone X during the official presentation. And as long as it has not tried it in detail, we suggest you wait before buying a smartphone.

But if obviously you do not have the budget or the desire to spend such a sum, there is the iPhone 8. Its main novelty asset is the six -core a11 “bionic” processor that also equips 8 plus and the iPhone X. The photo sensor has evolved to improve image quality in low light. The True Tone screen borrows its technology from the iPad Pro and the speakers are powerful. And all new iPhones are compatible with wireless recharge.

If you have an iPhone 7, these improvements could seduce you but they are not essential. On the other hand, those who have an iPhone 6s or an earlier model will find with the iPhone 8 a real source of renewal. Performance, screen, camera, sound. Everything is much better, not to mention the waterproofing that does not have the iPhone 7. In short, the iPhone 8 is a very good mobile, but it will not produce by the effect “Wow ! “Of the iPhone X.

Should we wait for the iPhone X ?

The X is compact, its 5.8 -inch screen lodges in a chassis which is longer and barely wider than that of 8. Its double sensor camera should do at least as well as that of the iPhone 8 Plus which is excellent. It inaugurates the facial recognition system Face ID. If all this seems tempting to you and you are ready to pay more than 1.100 euros, then you should wait until November. Otherwise, the iPhone 8 is a very good choice.

The wireless load: good but slow (for the moment)

The iPhone 8 is delivered with a Lightning cable and a sector outlet, but it is compatible with wireless charging technology Qi. This means that you can equip yourself with wireless chargers already available on the market.

Apple will offer its own airpower wireless charger next year. In the meantime, the brand recommends the models of Belkin and Mophie which can recharge at 7.5W once the iPhone is expected by the end of the year. Because for the moment, the wireless load is slow. It took us half an hour with a Mophie charger to recover 15% battery. In other words, this system is currently worth for a night load. For a fast load, you can invest in a MacBook charger or a USB-C/Lightning cable sold as an optional.

According to Apple, the battery of the 8 offers the same autonomy as that of the 7. Our test in real conditions confirms this assertion. But keep in mind that the iPhone X which is the same size offers two hours of additional autonomy, like the iPhone 8 Plus.

The camera is better, but no double sensor

We regret that the iPhone 8 was not entitled to the double photo sensor reserved for the iPhone 8 Plus and X. But his performance in photo and video are still in progress.

A new type of image sensor and processor improves rear and front devices. The photos in low light are better, the speed of shutter and development progresses. But so far we have not seen a significant change compared to the iPhone 7. Still, the photos we took were all excellent. You can film in ultra HD 4K at 24, 30 or 60 images/s, HD 1080p at 30 or 60 images/s and in 720p HD at 30 images/s. What good, but if you plan to have a pro use of the camera, think of the iPhone 8 Plus or wait for the iPhone X.

Design: already seen but successful

The design of the iPhone 6 and its screen size marked a real breakup. But since then, Apple has more or less frozen things, as it did with MacBook and iPad. The main evolution of the 8 is its glass back, a first from the iPhone 4S, which is there to allow wireless recharge. The grip is pleasant, close to that of the Google pixel. According to Apple, the glass of the new iPhone is 50% more resistant than that of the iPhone 7. We have not yet carried out a fall test, but as with all glass smartphones, we recommend protection. The good news is that most iPhone 7 shells will go on 8. Color options are now reduced to three possibilities: silver, sidereal and golden gray.

The True Tone screen and a more efficient sound

The iPhone screen is a 4.7 -inch LCD 1.334 × 750 pixels, identical to those of the iPhone 6, 6s and 7. On the other hand, it benefits from True Tone technology introduced on the iPad Pro last year. The speakers are a little more efficient on the bass, which is appreciable when you watch videos or listen to music. In this regard, there is no headphone jack. Either we use the Lightning headphones provided, or in buys a lightning/3.5 mm adapter or we go on wireless.

A racing beast

The new iPhone processor is an A11 “Bionic”. It has 6 calculation cores against four to that of last year. The rest of the chips also evolves: new graphics processor, W2 wireless chip, movement tracking processor, LTE-Advanced compatible modem.

Test benches confirm a serious performance gain. On Geekbench 4, we even approach a MacBook with Core i5. Multitage scores double compared to those of the iPhone 7. On paper, the Snapdragon 835 which equips the latest high -end Android smartphones is beaten with flat seams.

More generous storage

The basic iPhone 8 offers 64 GB of storage for 809 euros, twice the iPhone 7. This should be enough for most users, especially as new photo and video compression algorithms optimize storage space. It will be necessary to pay 170 euros more for the 256 GB version which will suit those who make a lot of video.

Augmented reality: the new vocation of the iPhone

Apple promises an immersive augmented reality experience without the need to wear a helmet or glasses. We have done some tests with available applications (Insight Heart, Skyguide, Thomas The Tank Engine Ar) and the result is actually impressive. But Arkit, Apple’s technology that manages this merger of reality and virtual, sometimes has limits. Some areas are not properly recognized. And then having to keep the phone in the air in front of either can become tiring.

But the level of graphic details in these applications is much richer than on virtual reality, even if the immersion effect is less pronounced. The new iPhones are compatible Arkit, as well as all models to the iPhone 6s and is in iOS 11.

To whom is the iPhone 8 for ?

  1. The season of high -end smartphones is in full swing. The excellent Samsung Galaxy S8 is there, the note 8 hits strong and the Google Pixel 2 is approaching.
  2. The iPhone 8 is also powerful or even more than all these models, but its conservative design and the lack of technical novelty (double photo sensor) could penalize it.
  3. Owners of an iPhone 7 you will not see a big difference, except to want at all costs wireless recharge. Turn to an 8 plus or wait for the iPhone X.
  4. If you have an iPhone 6S, your two years of waiting will be rewarded with real new features: waterproofing, wireless load, camera and better screen, a huge leap in performance.
  5. Anyone who has an iPhone 6 or older will see in the iPhone 8 a giant step.
  6. Those who want power and make fun of the state -of -the -art design will be attracted to the camera and the rise.
  7. But we repeat it once again, it would be wise to wait a month or two to have the complete comparison with the Pixel 2 and the iPhone X.

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The iPhone 8 is still worth buying in 2022 ?

Is the iPhone 8 still good in 2022, is the iPhone 8 still worth buying in 2022 ?,

It has already been almost half a second that Apple released its 11th generation of iPhone 8 (and 8 Plus) in 2017 in 2017. Since then, four new generations of iPhones have been released, each with increasingly advanced features and specifications.

Since the telephones of the current generation often cost more than $ 1,000, opting for an older model is certainly a strategy to consider if you are looking to save money. But from when we are too old ? When do the compromises of a older phone prevail over the financial advantages ? Find out if the iPhone 8 is still a good choice in 2022.

Why the iPhone 8 is always a good choice in 2022.

A solid processor

The iPhone 8 (and 8 Plus) has an Apple A11 Bionic processor that makes it 70 % faster than the iPhone 7. This chip is more powerful than many Android models available on the market at comparable prices. For example, the Google Pixel 5A 5G and the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G both cost a little more, but have less powerful processors than the iPhone 8.

A perfect camera quality for the image.

The advanced 12 megapixel camera from the iPhone 8 offers a breathtaking image and video quality that made it land at the top of all lists when it was released as Apple’s flagship phone. If you opt for 8 Plus, you benefit in addition to a double goal for an even better image quality for zooms.

Regarding used mobile phones, you will find it difficult to beat the camera from the iPhone 8.

Familiar material characteristics

The iPhone 8 has a 4.7 -inch screen. In comparison, the iPhone 12 and 13 Mini both have a 5.42 -inch screen, and their normal size counterparts are even larger. Of course, phone size preferences vary considerably, but if you have a penchant for the first smaller versions of iPhones, the iPhone 8 could be a good option for you.

With the exception of the iPhone SE, all models from the iPhone 8 abandoned the home button activated by Touch ID for the benefit of Face ID. This allows them to reduce borders and have a edge on -board screen. If you are reluctant to get rid of your home button or if you are not interested in Face ID, the iPhone 8 is a good alternative.

Load capacities

The iPhone 8 is the first Apple smartphone to have an induction charging function. The device is compatible with Qi chargers, and the aluminum back of the previous models has been replaced by glass to allow wireless charging.

The iPhone 8 also has fast charging capacities, but you will have to buy a USB-C to Lightning cable and a fast charger to use this feature.

Disadvantages of buying an iPhone 8 in 2022

Apple assistance for the iPhone 8 is imminent.

Apple has stopped making 8 and 8 more models in 2020, but you can always get used iPhones. For the moment, the iPhone 8 still receives the current updates and support of Apple, but we don’t know exactly when it will stop.

Based on the history of previous generations of iPhones, Apple continues to provide support for its devices for about five to six years after their release. If this is verified, 2022 could be the last year for the iPhone 8.

The limits of ancient smartphones

When buying an old smartphone, the question of whether the device will be able to follow modern uses is a major concern. Several factors can result in the slowdown in older devices over time and the development of problems such as overheating, spontaneous restarts and reduction in battery life.

Updates and upgrades

If updates and upgrades are beneficial for the performance of your short -term phone, they accumulate and occupy more and more memory with time. They end up consuming so much operating and power capacity that they can easily overload the entire system. This means that the more upgrades have been published since the manufacture of your phone, the more your device will be disadvantaged.

More recent applications

More recent applications inevitably require more resources to operate, as they are designed according to more recent and more efficient equipment. Like updates to the operating system, developers continue to add new features to applications, making them more and more gourmet. This phenomenon is known as “feature creep”. Therefore, applications consume more RAM and CPU over time while your phone’s equipment remains the same, which leads to a drop in performance.

Battery assistance

All phones see battery life decrease over time. This problem can be exacerbated with second -hand phones, as it has generally been longer that they have been manufactured. If you plan to buy an iPhone 8 but you are concerned about battery life, you can always opt for the immediate replacement of the battery to avoid the problem.

Verdict: the iPhone 8 is worth it in 2022 ?

Knowing if the iPhone 8 is always an interesting purchase is not a question which is easy to answer. In reality, it depends on your habits, your use and your expectations. If you want a smartphone at a reasonable price, capable of meeting your daily needs, offering superb photos and videos and loading wirelessly, an iPhone 8 Plus will do the trick. If you use a lot of energy-consuming applications, you want the latest features or you are easily frustrated if your device works more slowly, you may need a more recent phone.

If you have decided that a used phone is the right solution for you, see the recycell online store ! We have a wide choice of mobile phones and used smartphones at unbeatable prices. Never forget to check a used phone before buying it to ensure complete satisfaction. If you have any questions about the used phones of the Recycell store, do not hesitate to contact us.