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Buying guide: Reconditioned iPhone


Why a reconditioned iPhone can be interesting for you

Is a reconditioned iPhone X or 11 is an interesting alternative to a new and more expensive model ? “Yes, if you buy from a good service provider and if you can benefit from an attractive discount on the Prix du Neuf,” say our experts based on their research from 11 providers.

If you want an iPhone but you do not have the budget for a new model, you can consider a new (refurbished) model, that is to say an iPhone which has had a first life and which was returned to the market after being reconditioned by an expert. Is it possible to get a good device ? To answer this question, Our Maarten experts from Backer and Stef Priem immersed themselves in the rewarded iPhone market.

They bought two x and 11 renefitated iPhones, mostly 64 GB and “as new” from 11 different suppliers. They tested each model in collaboration with a repair center and compared it to a new iPhone. They also examined the general conditions of sale and the service (website, delivery, etc.) of each supplier.

Why did you do research on iPhone X and 11 models ?

“When we investigated the devices reconditioned at the end of 2021, you could buy the iPhone 11 for less than 500 € in its variant 64 GB. It is a flagship model, barely two years old, which can count on updates for at least three years. We also bought iPhone X. These are 2017 devices that will only be taken care of by Apple for another 2 years at most. Nevertheless, we thought it would be interesting to include this model in our test, just to know if the purchase of “old” reconditioned devices is a greater risk. The price of a reconditioned iPhone X is also much lower than a new and recent iPhone, which makes it attractive.””

To what extent were these devices “like new” ?

“First, we checked if they were intact outside. In most cases, the description was correct, but we found that 6 of the 44 devices were slightly too damaged to be sold “like new”. But to really know the quality of an iPhone and see the differences between it and an original model, you must check the parts used. To this end, we have cooperated with a professional repair center. He dismantled the devices for us and we analyzed them together.””

What have you discovered once the iPhones have been dismantled ?

“For about half of them, differences were noticeable. Eight of the phones – three iPhone 11 and five iPhone X – presented serious defects, such as oxidation on internal surfaces due to a previous water damage, a defective touch screen or the use of a lower quality shell and counterfeit. An iPhone even made the soul after a few hours of use. For 13 devices – 4 iPhone 11 and 9 iPhone X – We found less serious faults.””

Can you give some examples of good and bad students ?

“The best students in our test proved to be Swappie And Coolblue. The latter does not himself carry out repairs, but is only a point of sale of the reconditioner Renewd. You could buy an iPhone for, respectively, € 499 and € 519. They obtained good results both for the quality of the device and for the service provided. On the quality of the device, there is very little to complain about. The battery capacity was at least 96 % – Apple uses a minimum of 80 % to qualify a usable battery – and only original parts were used.””

“At the house of Hubside.Blind, The story is, on the other hand, mixed: all the devices tested have obtained very good results, but the service leaves something to be desired. We had to wait 37 days for delivery, when we were promised a maximum of 5 days. In addition, the store was not reachable to answer questions concerning the delay in our delivery. When we went to recover the devices in store, he used aggressive sales practices and tried to impose subscriptions to us.””

“With the iPhones of Certideal, It was the reverse story. The service obtained a good score, but the quality of half of the devices was very bad. The memory of one of the two models of iPhone 11 must have been resourceful manually, an intensive process during which many things can go wrong and which reduces the lifespan of the iPhone. The iPhone X had a counterfeit screen and a false Apple shell. The use of a material different from that of an original apple device seems harmless, but can affect the reception of telephone signals and WiFi. In addition, the counterfeit screen displays colors different from those of an original screen.””

In short, recommend yourself a reconditioned iPhone ?

“This can be interesting if you buy from a good supplier and if you can save about the current new price. This last point remains of course a personal criterion. For the iPhone 11 that we bought, the average saving was 13 %; With the iPhone X models we climbed to 46 % on average. In any case, the quality of the devices was much better than when we tested them five years ago.””

More information on reconditioned products

You want to know more about the reconditioned? What is for example the difference with the opportunity? What about the guarantee and updates? Is a reconditioned device so much cheaper? Find out the answer to these questions and others in our file “what you need to know before buying a reconditioned product”.

Instead of buying a reconditioned iPhone, you can also consider giving a second life to your current smartphone. You may still be fixing it. Find all our advice on this subject on our repairguide platform.

Buying guide: Reconditioned iPhone

Reconditioned iPhonex

The purchase of a reconditioned or used iPhone is a real alternative to planned obsolescence and thus to the mass production of new devices.

Indeed, since the introduction of the iPhone 10 years ago, more than seven billion Apple smartphones have been produced. The manufacture of these electronic devices requires a large amount of energy and raw materials.

Cobalt, for example, which is essential for lithium-ion batteries of smartphones is extracted in Congo. Country where the construction and exploitation of mines to serious consequences on the environment and contributes to deforestation.

What are the criteria to check before buying a reconditioned smartphone ? Where to buy an iPhone reconditioned at the best price ? I give you my opinion in this complete guide on the refurbished iPhone !

Apple iPhone 11 Reconditioned SLP 64GB

Apple iPhone 11 Reconditioned SLP 64GB


Apple iPhone 14 128GB Midnight – Reconditioned – Excellent condition


Apple iPhone XR 64GB smartphone reconditioned


Apple iPhone 13 128GB smartphone reconditioned


Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TO Gold (2021) – Reconditioned – Excellent condition


Renewd Apple iPhone SE 2020 11.9 cm (4.7

Renewd Apple iPhone SE 2020 11.9 cm (4.7 “) Double SIM hybrid iOS 14 4G 64 GB Reconditioned



Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB or pink gold – Reconditioned – Correct condition


Apple iPhone 8 Plus 128 GB – Reconditioned – Excellent condition


Apple iPhone XS 512GB OR – Reconditioned – Correct State


Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB or – Reconditioned – Correct State


Why buy a reconditioned iPhone ?

First, to save money. Indeed, a reconditioned smartphone little cost up to 30% cheaper than new.

Reconditioned iPhones are the most sought after products, indeed a new iPhone is coming out now every 6 months, so it is easy for your to become obsolete.

Another advantage is to give new life to devices still in working order that would be found in the trash or at the bottom of a drawer. Also, by buying or selling used devices, we participate in the recycling of electronic components. Because these require a large amount of energy and raw materials to their manufacture.

Reconditioned smartphones

How to choose your reconditioned iPhone ?

To have a product without defects, the best solution is often to buy new. But the new is very expensive, especially at Apple. It is possible to find a state -of -the -art phone like the iPhone 14 Pro Max cheaper, but in new condition.

There are different grades for reconditioned products, which are allocated according to the different aesthetic states of the device. Whatever grade allocated to it, each device is 100% functional.

Several grades such as refurbished or partially new (A+ or a or b) are available for the buyer. Consequently, the price will be higher or lower depending on the quality of the reconditioning.

  • The Grade A+ or “Like Neuf”: This is the highest grade possible with regard to the reconditioning of devices. The device is impeccable: there is no wear of wear.
  • The grade a or “very good”: The device is almost similar aesthetically speaking to a new device. However, there may be slight wear and tear brands.
  • The grade B or “good”: The device has visible wear marks.

Comparison of the best repackaged iPhone

Here are the three reconditioned iPhone models that I mainly retained for their very good value for money.

iPhone 13

iPhone XR

iPhone 11

Reconditioned iPhone 13

Reconditioned iPhonex

IPhone 13 release date 2021

Screen size (thumbs): 6.1
Storage capacity: 128 GB
Definition: 2532 x 1170
Connector: Lightning
Network: 5G
Camera type: Double (2x)
Memory: 4 g

iPhone XR 2018 release date

Screen size 6.1 inch

Definition 1792 x 828 pixels

Memory 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB

A12 Bionic processor. RAM 3 GB

IOS operating system

iPhone 11 2019 release date

Screen size 6.1 inch

Definition 1792 x 828 pixels

128 GB memory, 256 GB

A13 Bionic processor. RAM 4 GB

IOS operating system

Reconditioned VS Used

A reconditioned device is a used electronic device. It was completely refurbished, reset, as well as tested by specialized technicians.

Unlike a used device, a reconditioned device will have been referred by a professional before its sale.

The advantage of the reconditioned device is also the fact, that being sold by a professional, we can benefit from a warranty. In some cases, it can reach 30 months, that is to say more than a new device.

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My opinion: Buying a reconditioned iPhone is it really advantageous ?

I find that buying a reconditioned iPhone is very advantageous. You can, for example, buy a reconditioned iPhone13, like new, from around 500 euros.

However, you have to pay attention to a few criteria before buying. For example with reconditioning grades.

In my opinion, the most important criterion to compare before your purchase is the sale price. But more importantly, it is in particular the withdrawal period and the duration of warranty !

Also be sure to check that the smartphone you buy is unlocked for all operators, in principle the reconditioned devices are.

What users who bought a reconditioned iPhone think

Just browse the comments section of online stores that offer refurbished iPhones. To realize that the opinions are very positive on the part of users.

Admittedly, like any product, there are sometimes dissatisfied, often people who are unlucky enough to come across a defective model, but on average the opinions are generally very good.

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Where to buy an iPhone reconditioned at the best price ?

The sale of reconditioned smartphones is a real online success. There are many sites where it is possible to buy a reconditioned iPhone.

On the site Amazon Renewed The right to return is 30 days after delivery, and you will have a 1 year warranty. Your device can be delivered in a brown or white box, with accessories that can be generic (no headphones included).

While on the site Asgoodasnew The return time is also 30 days, conversely, all ordered devices have a 30 -month warranty.

The French e-commerce giants which are Cdiscount, Boulanger or Fnac and Rakuten also offer a very large choice of repackaged products in all categories of articles on their marketplaces. Including in particular, large household appliances or even mattresses.