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Wireless system for its apartment alarm: how to choose


We do not equip in the same way a studio on the ground floor overlooking the street and a large apartment with balcony upstairs high. For example, it is useless to place an anti-intrusion sensor on a window equipped with thick bars, but it can be wise to protect its possible terrace using an infrared motion detector. Rather than opting for an alarm pack that may not be properly sized, favor the constitution of a tailor -made alarm, With remote control functions.

Apartment alarm: Combine comfort and safety !

Verrisure also protects apartments 24 hours a day. Deterrence, detection, fleeing: Discover our complete wireless alarms, suitable for all apartments.

We protect what matters to you in the face of the dangers of daily life: intrusion, domestic accident, departure of smoke, squat, etc.

Your wireless and design products

Arlo Pro 4 camera

My Verisure mobile application

Movement detector with HD images

Shock and opening detector

Connected smoke detector (DAAF)

Multifunction play reader

Verisure dissuasive plate

Anti-Cambriolage fog (BAC)

Smart access badges

Verisure offers alarms for tailor -made apartment. We take care to adapt the device to the characteristics of the accommodation and your daily life:

  • Configuration from home: number of coins, layout ..
  • Level where the apartment is located : ground floor or garden, intermediate floor, top floor
  • Access points : doors, windows, balconies, terraces ..
  • Physical safety equipment Already existing: bars, reinforced lock ..
  • Specific lifestyle and wishes : presence of pets (compatible detectors), integrated video surveillance.

Thanks to the advice of your safety expert, benefit from special prices and protection packs. You thus optimize the purchase of your wireless alarm.

Did you know ? Goalkeeper, digicode, landing neighbors: their presence is sometimes not sufficient. The flights in apartments are practically twice as numerous as those in houses.* The installation of an alarm helps fight over burglaries.(*Source : Victim-Cambriolation site))

The efficiency of your Apartment Apartment Verisure

650,000 protected

N ° 1 in France*

Pose without cable and without work

Answer under 1 min & call to the police

3,000 experts by your side

Elected product of the year 2023

Our all -inclusive services

Deterrence, early detection, remote intervention, recovery of security, help and support: We are always by your side, reactive 24 hours a day.

Installation without work by an expert

Our Verisure professionals are responsible for installing your wireless alarm; It’s quick and easy ! They make sure to choose the best locations for your various equipment, take care of installation and configuration according to your lifestyle. They accompany you in its handling. A control visit can even be made to ensure that you are satisfied with the installation.

Your alarm for all risks

With Verisure, everything is integrated into a single protection system for reinforced multi -risk efficiency and simplified use. Intrusion attempt, SOS alert, smoke departure, home jacking, squat: we react in less than 1 minute to each alert signal. We protect what counts for you permanently, whatever the place you are.

By your side securely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Your alarm is equipped with an anti -fitting device and several communication channels to ensure a permanent and secure connection with our remote monitoring center in all circumstances. The majority of your equipment operating using batteries and/or batteries, your alarm remains functional despite the potential power cuts.

Concrete and rapid actions to protect you

Alert for the police, gendarmerie or firefighters, moving a security agent on site, fog fog fire: remote monitoring agents act remotely to dismiss the danger quickly and restore the safety of your apartment. You benefit from the best of Verisure technology and human intervention for your loved ones, your goods and your home.

Your alarm always at hand

With My Verisure, your apartment alarm is always by your side, wherever you are ! Your mobile app allows you to keep an eye on your home at any time and manage your connected alarm with your fingertips: activation/deactivation of your alarm, photo/videos, sending a SOS, vigilant my verrisure, routines , notification of comings and goings ..

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Discover our alarm for house and apartment

You want to buy or obtain information on our wireless alarms ? House as apartment, our safety experts are at your disposal !

They will move for free for:

  • Proceed to a Safety diagnosis of your accommodation
  • Answer your questions About Verisure wireless offers and general security of your home and your loved ones
  • Introduce you to the verisure material. You thus appreciate our design and wireless products concretely.
  • Establish a security quote. This will specify all the components and services, as well as the corresponding price detail.

From the expert, diagnosis, presentation, quote: Everything is free and without commitment from you.

Did you know ? In terms of safety, the effectiveness of an alarm is no longer to be proven. In 95% of cases, its trigger is enough to scare up the intruders. (Source: Planetoscope: burglaries in France)

Installation without work within 48 hours

Thanks to our network of agencies spread over the entire territory and our perfectly trained professionals, we install your apartment alarm and protect which counts for you in less than 48 hours. This is the strength of n ° 1 !

1. Online quote request

Click on Start my quote and provide the first information requested. These will be useful to us for our future exchanges.

2. Meeting your professional verrisure

Your home does not have a contraindication to the installation of an alarm system ? We come to meet you, on site, on the agreed date.

3. Installation of your apartment alarm

Once your quote has been validated, the Verisure security expert installs your alarm system. Without cable, its installation does not require work. The installation is thus easy and quick.

From quote to installation, Everything is carried out by the Verisure professionals. In less than 48 hours and Only three steps, Your alarm is installed and connected to our remote monitoring station.

So do not hesitate: contact Verisure, ask for your 100% personalized quote and delegate the security of what matters to you at n ° 1 TV alarm Connected TV. Finally take advantage of your home with ease and serenity !

Learn more about apartment alarms

How much is an apartment alarm ?

The answer will depend in particular on the configuration of your accommodation and the risks against which you wish to protect yourself. Here is an overview of what you need to know before you start installing an apartment alarm.

Favor a tailor -made device

So that the protection offered by your various safety accessories is effective, it is important to encompass all the access and the exits of your home. Otherwise, burglars will quickly find the entrance that was not protected and they will be happy to exploit this gap to enter your home ..

The price of an anti-intrusion device for apartment will therefore first depend on the Number of housing parts and of His position in the building. We do not necessarily secure in the same way a ground floor and a high floor.

It will then evolve according to Specificities of the apartment, of his immediate environment and any safety facilities already present. For example, it is not essential to place an opening detector on a window protected by thick iron bars.

On the other hand, it is necessary systematically secure the front door since it is the most frequently borrowed passage by intruders. In the same way, it is recommended to install at least a movement detector In the main living rooms Or in the corridor which serves the different spaces of the appartment.

To guarantee the implementation of an alarm adapted to protected places, Verisure recommends the prior visit by a security expert who will take care ofprecisely assess the necessary accessories and offer A quote adjusted as close as possible to real needs.

Integrate all operating costs of the apartment alarm

THE Price of an apartment alarm Then depends on services that are associated with protection. When the alarm power plant is linked to a remote monitoring center or a web portal which allows it to be administered remotely, it is indeed necessary to take into account the costs linked to these communications, as well as the possible associated subscription.

For maximum efficiency, Verisure systematically associates its alarms with remote monitoring. Communication between the alarm and the remote monitoring center is done through mobile networks (GSM), but All operating costs are included in the amount of the subscription in the service.

The price of an alarm is therefore divided into 3 points ::

  • The number and type of equipment safety to install in the different areas of the apartment.
  • THE installation costs, of Several hundred euros ; they are sometimes offered
  • THE monthly subscription price to remote monitoring if necessary, Several tens of euros per month on average

These three points – equipment price, amount of installation costs and subscription rate) must be detailed in your quote. So do not hesitate to look at it carefully, compare different quotes between them and make your own opinion; You will thus avoid potential disappointments.

Do not forget : Watch out for very attractive offers and prices !

The price of certain alarm kits can quickly increase due to the equipment that is compulsory to integrate into your pack to ensure its efficiency … and the offer is much more expensive than at first glance.

Also, some services may not be included in your basic pack and increase the amount of your monthly subscription … and/or increase expenditure in the event of an incident.

Finally pay particular attention to the quality of products and services, as well as The reliability of the company that secures you. Before making your choice, you have every interest in verifying that you are proposing to a recognized actor in the world of security of which The installations meet the highest requirements in the sector in terms of certification.

How to install an apartment alarm ?

The installation of an apartment alarm is a quick operation that can be carried out without significant work if it is a wireless alarm. This is also scalable and modular, making it an effective and practical safety solution.

If the wired alarm gives very good results, it however requires the passage of cables to all the parts equipped with an alarm element from the central case. Wireless systems assume no constraint since the scope of secure radio links is much higher than the dimensions of an apartment, even large.

Most often, it is enough to pierce two holes in the wall to spend ankles then fix the device.

What must be planned before starting the installation ?

The essential prerequisite is to select the equipment that will be necessary with a double objective.

First, it is important to comply with the rules of the condominium : Alarm kits with external mermaid are generally prohibited in collective residential buildings. We will therefore take care to choose an alarm without external mermaid.

The second objective is to ensure exhaustive security of the exits and means of access housing. The front door constitutes of course an essential crossing point which is subject to special attention, but in some cases it is also important to integrate the apartment alarm intended for windows and bay windows. Here, The exact configuration of the anti-intrusion device will vary depending on the configuration of the apartment and its position in the building.

For An apartment on the ground floor, It is generally recommended to install shock and opening sensors in terms of all the openings accessible from the outside, especially if the windows overlook the street. On the other hand, we can refrain from protecting a window already protected by bars.

Live upstairs does not mean that the windows must be ignored: in many cases, it is possible to climb a facade or a building store to enter through a balcony or a French window ..

Safety diagnosis: what is the advantage of using a professional ?

Before starting the installation itself, it is therefore recommended to proceed to A prior visit to the premises accompanied by a security expert. His role is Determine the accesss that deserve dedicated accessories and those that can be bare insofar as they do not present any particular risk.

This study is also an opportunity to verify the parts or areas that will accommodate the infrared movement detectors: volumetric protection is indeed intended to embrace the living rooms which contain valuables or essential passage points of housing.

We will also create if necessary a specific area for opening detectors that will remain activated when everyone has returned to the home, and another area for living rooms where movement detectors will be cut. All these elements are used to constitute the kit and prepare for its installation.

The whole is the subject ofA quantified quote subject to customer approval. It includes and described all the costs linked to the installation of the system as well as the associated subscription.

If the quote is accepted, the installation can start quickly, sometimes the same day, knowing that a few hours are enough to put the equipment, carry out the commissioning and check the proper functioning of the device.

What is an apartment alarm made up ?

An apartment alarm works in the same way as a house alarm. It has several important accessories.

The power plant

It constitutes the heart of the device. It is she who coordinates all the elements of the pack: detectors, camera, siren, order, remote controls, etc.

The presence detector

The presence sensor is the key element of any anti-intrusion device. Indeed, it is precisely this device that will detect any intruders or incidents. There are several types of detectors, to choose according to your needs: smoke detector, opening detector, movement detector, etc.

The surveillance camera

Playing a very important role, the camera is one of most alarm packs. It allows, in the event of a alert, to easily consult the images of the apartment, and thus to lift doubt. If the intrusion is confirmed, the images can also serve as proof.


The siren plays a deterrent role. In the event of intrusion, the sensors detect the presence of the criminal. The alarm power plant interprets the information, and informs the owner or the remote monitoring center. At the same time, the mermaid sets out to scare any criminals and alert residents if they are at home. Consequently, if there has indeed been attempted to intrusion, burglars will often be put to flight without any action being necessary on the part of the owner or the remote monitoring operators. The siren can also be very effective in the event of a fire, especially at night.

What detectors include in my apartment alarm ?

For an apartment, it is advisable to Equip at least a detector for the front door since it is it which represents the main access route to housing for burglars.

If the windows are easily accessible from the outside, they will be added opening sensors intended for other openings.

For the main parts, one or two movement detectors are responsible for ensuring volumetric detection and taking photos in the event of an intrusion.

It is finally advisable to integrate into the alarm system the compulsory smoke detector in all residential apartments since 2015.

Remote monitoring, the essential complement ?

There are self -rocked alarm systems with which the user acts independently, from laying to daily use, including commissioning and management of alerts. The model, however, presents a limit : he assumes that the occupant is available to receive and process alerts sent in the event of the security system. If it is far from any internet access, asleep or isolated on an aircraft, the alarm may not be followed.

Remote monitoring precisely fill this gap since it connects the anti-intrusion device installed in the apartment to a center in which Operators take turns 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Their mission consists in connecting remotely to the anti-intrusion system as soon as an alert is launched to analyze the situation and provide it with an appropriate response.

Thanks to movement detectors with camera and cameras, they are able to consult images of the premises. They are also able to communicate with the apartment through the intercom integrated into the multifunction badge player. These tools allow them, for example, to attest to the presence of intruders.

Depending on the results of their analyzes, remote monitoring agents can challenge burglars to flee, lend assistance to a person in danger or alert the police.

Contained in the Verisure apartment alarm ?

Verisure apartment alarm revolves around a basic kit including the components essential to the creation of an effective and dissuasive protection system. This alarm pack is articulated aroundAn intelligent alarm center With a GSM transmitter. It is this link that allows the user to Control his wireless safety device remotely. It also establishes a secure link between the local alarm and the remote monitoring center responsible for reacting in the event of a alert. The latter can thus lift a doubt or alert the emergency services securely, even if the residential telephone line has been damaged or sabotaged.

The verring alarm then incorporates the elements necessary for a double volumetric and perimeter protection. Shock and opening detectors installed on the openings thus play the role of a door alarm, while Movement detectors ensure vigilance in living rooms or the main spaces of passage. The number of components offered in the starting alarm kit is then adjusted according to the exact configuration of the accommodation so as not to leave any vulnerable access without protection against the break -in. The alarm thus protects a studio as well as a large family apartment.

The device also includes an intelligent player and its personalized connected badges which allow users to simply pass this accessory in front of the reader to deactivate the system. They no longer have any complicated code to remember and inform.

Of the Verisure stickers are also provided to be arranged visibly on the doors and windows potentially at risk. The objective: dissuade the intruders from attacking the accommodation.

Optional accessories are also available: cameras, smoke detector, Independent interior mermaid ..

Once installed and configured, the alarm signals any intrusion attempt at the opening level. If this first barrier was crossed, the volumetric alarm takes over thanks to the detection of movements. The apartment thus benefits from complete protection associated with Vigilance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from the remote monitoring center.

* Data turnover made under the financial year ended at 12/31/2021 – Source: Trade and companies register.

Discover our sections and articles dedicated to the safety of apartments

How to choose your apartment alarm ?

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What is the best alarm system for apartment ?

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What is an apartment alarm kit ?

Choose the right alarm involves thinking about how we want to interact with your daily device. If we want have a distant means of control, Via your mobile phone for example, it is imperative to go through a connected alarm power plant. For Have assistance in the event of trigger even when you are not at home, It is the use of a remote monitoring service that becomes essential.

These considerations also raise A technical choice : the channel borrowed by the alarm system to communicate with the outside of the house. Here, it is the GSM wireless alarm that stands out for its practicality and its ability to resist sabotage attempts.

Also make sure of evolutionary character of your protection system : In this way you will have the possibility of extending its functionalities according to the evolution of your safety needs. Certain devices allow for example to add very simply one or more cameras, new wireless sensors or home automation equipment.

How to secure your apartment ?

Verisure tips to protect your apartment

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What is the use of an apartment alarm ?

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My building is not sure, should I take an apartment alarm ?

Keep in mind that a glass door with Digicode is not really an insurmountable obstacle for motivated burglars. Thieves do not lack a trick when it comes to finding a way to slip into a building. From the passout to the stolen code of the corner of the eye while a neighbor enters the building, the possibilities of infiltrating the common areas are not lacking. From there, the only protections that separate your accommodation from the lohasslers’ appetite are the ones you have chosen to set up: armored door, reinforced lock, bars, alarm system, etc.

You can very well improve day after day the security of your apartment without pouring into paranoia. To do this, just Equip safety devices adapted to the characteristics of your accommodation, then accompany them with a few good habits most of the simple common sense. The protection of his home sometimes is due to details as simple as not to leave the door open behind you, close your windows and bay windows before going out and ensuring that the alarm device is activated at night.

To do well, We also avoid behaviors at risk in the form of a false good idea, Like the keychain left under a doormat or hidden in a mailbox. By showing a little caution and as long as we are equipped with an alarm, we already considerably reduce the risk of burglary.

Coupled with physical protections as well as the right habits that you will not fail to take, such a alarm will greatly contribute to the safety of your apartment.

To do well, we also avoid behaviors at risk in the shape of a false good idea, such as the keychain left under a doormat or hidden in a mailbox. By showing a little caution and as long as we are equipped with an alarm, we already considerably reduce the risk of burglary.

Installing a security alarm offers in this context a precious help, First of all thanks to its deterrent effect. All the challenge is to choose equipment that meets quality standards in the sector (NF standard) and adapted to its needs, preferably with an intelligent alarm capable of communicating with a remote monitoring center in the event of alert. This precaution greatly contributes to the safety of an apartment since it allows, as soon as necessary at any time of the day or night, that a specialized agent proceeds to a remote doubt when the door alarm or the Opening detector indicates intrusion.

We do not equip in the same way a studio on the ground floor overlooking the street and a large apartment with balcony upstairs high. For example, it is useless to place an anti-intrusion sensor on a window equipped with thick bars, but it can be wise to protect its possible terrace using an infrared motion detector. Rather than opting for an alarm pack that may not be properly sized, favor the constitution of a tailor -made alarm, With remote control functions.

Also make sure the evolutionary nature of your protection system: in this way you will have the possibility of extending its functionalities according to the evolution of your safety needs. Some systems allow for example to add very simply a recorder dedicated to video surveillance, new sensors or home automation equipment.

Coupled with physical protections as well as the right habits that you will not fail to take, such a alarm will greatly contribute to the safety of your apartment.

Wireless system for its apartment alarm: how to choose ?

An apartment alarm brings an undeniable plus to secure your apartment or house against any intrusion. Easy to install, the security system is thus sold in kit or detached elements, but you will have to choose between a wired alarm system or a wireless GSM pack.

Apartment alarm: which wireless system or alarm to choose?

Basic principles of the apartment alarm

An alarm dissuade the break -in attempts, makes it possible to alert the neighborhood, and can also reduce the amount of your insurance premiums, of the order of 15 to 20 %.

To do this, you must set up a safety device adapted to your needs, with:

  • Enough detectors to protect access from your home
  • An outdoor siren to alert the neighbors
  • A remote monitoring option if your accommodation is isolated

Other questions to ask:

  • If you have domestic animals, some models of detectors may trigger and are therefore to be avoided.
  • You want to be alerted in case of intrusion ? Then the GSM alarm is made for you.
  • If you want to pilot the alarm and remote monitoring functions yourself live, then opt for an internet alarm to install.

The apartments are five times less protected by an alarm than individual houses. However, they are experiencing an increase in burglaries, which mainly intervene:

  • During the day (between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. in particular), in the absence of occupants
  • At night, including in the presence of the inhabitants

Installing an alarm in your apartment is first of all enjoying its deterrent effect: the triggering of a mermaid is enough to scare many thieves flee. In addition, this helps reduce the duration of the intrusion, estimated at 10 minutes on average.

Alarm types for an apartment

There are two main categories of alarms:

Wired alarms (cable connected)

More efficient but more complex installation. This generally requires the intervention of a qualified professional. These systems are preferably pose in a house.

Wireless alarms (radio link)

Simpler installation, suitable for an apartment, but that can experience operating problems (radio interference), especially in urban areas, or be blurred by experienced thieves. These problems are mainly encountered with low -end models, to be avoided. The existence of RFI protection decreases these risks.

Types of detectors to set up

Once you choose the alarm, you just have to choose your detectors. They are mainly divided between:

Volumetric detectors

Triggered by any movement inside a defined space. To be used at night, or when you are absent. If you have domestic animals, favor certain models that are not triggered in their presence.

Perimeter detectors

They allow you to control the exits of your apartment (door, window), detecting their opening, shock or broken window.

In an apartment, perimeter detectors can be used alone, or associated with volumetric detectors.

Bivoletric detectors

Coupling detection by infrared and hyperfrequency. More recent, they are more reliable but also more expensive. Covering a wider surface, they can be purchased in less than many.

Perivolmetric detectors

Measuring pressure changes following the opening of a outcome.

The former allow a very precise adjustment, but their cost is higher than conventional detectors. The latter are rather intended for professional use.

The types of sirens

Finally, you still have to choose the type of mermaid:

Interior mermaid

It is integrated into the alarm power plant, especially plays a deterrent role, and has a lower sound volume that the second.

Exterior siren

This is generally prohibited in buildings due to the risk of noise pollution. Also playing a prevention role with neighbors, police ..

Some have a flash, making them more dissuasive but also easier to spot. A tip can consist in setting up a false mermaid with flash, which will strengthen the confusion of thieves.

Please note, the volume authorized for your external mermaid is the spring of your town. In case of non -compliance, you expose yourself to a fine.

What budget ?

An apartment alarm system will generally cost less than for a home. Beware, however, of too low prices, which may result in technical failures and a lack of reliability.

An entry -level alarm may cause you inappropriate trigger problems, interference, etc. Another aspect to monitor, the number of detectors.

Depending on the size of your apartment, the number of access and therefore of detectors, provide around 300 to 800 euros in investment. At a comparable price, some offers will have much less than others !

For a house with garden, you will find suitable offers from € 200. But these may cause reliability problems, or number of detectors. Rather count € 600 to 1,200 for a quality installation that meets your needs.

Finally we recommend that you call on a specialized installer. This will advise you for the exact number of detectors and the place to position them. It will also optimize the settings of your installation. Provide a cost between 800 and € 1,500 around.

You can also opt for a subscription system, also offering you a remote monitoring service. The alarm is then provided, for a price ranging from 20 to 30 € per month.

What installation to provide ?

First question to ask you: the number of devices admitted by your power station. You must be able to connect all the ones you planned !

Regarding detectors, you have to count:

  • 4 to 5 volumetric detectors for controling the main access
  • 3 to 4 perimeter detectors for the garden

The cameras are less essential. 1 to 2 for main access will be more than enough. If you have to choose, favor detectors. Also provide a spare battery, in the event of an electricity failure, as well as batteries for a wireless alarm.

Depending on the size of your apartment concerning detectors, you have to count:

  • Movement detectors (volumetric), in rooms, in height, avoiding blind spots.
  • Opening detectors (perimeter), primarily on the front door, on the side where the handle is located.

If you want to benefit from a remote monitoring system to be carried out yourself, the internet alarms to be installed are made for you. They allow you to control the device directly from your mobile.

What are the reference marks ?

To choose your alarm, make sure NF A2P standard. This brings you guarantees in terms of reliability, while allowing you to benefit from a reduction on bonuses and the deductible with many insurers.

Also ask the duration of the warranty, which can go up to 5 years with some manufacturers.

Avoid entry -level alarms, which may experience technical shortcomings (jamming, etc.) and fall more quickly.

Prefer brands that have proven themselves in this area: Daitem (wireless specialist), Delta Dore, Diagral, Eden, Logitech or Somfy.

Another interesting option, some companies like Mediaveil offer an alarm incorporating the issue of an opacifying fog, making any action impossible for burglars.

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