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Before buying one, do some research to make sure you get the system or sensor that suits you. Here are some items to take into account during your purchases: why do I need a domestic security system or an alarm system? What should I protect? What is the size of my house? What is my budget? What the timetable and routine of my family look like?

The 13 best alarms house 2023 – Home test & comparison alarm

Each year, nearly 500.000 burglary attempts that take place in mainland France. Our consumer portal has chosen to compare the best house alarms offered by the various manufacturers. This comparative test, based on consumer opinions, on external tests and our conclusions, has enabled the development of the table of the 10 best products exposed below. Thanks to him, you will know which house alarm to choose to protect your goods and your family against malicious individuals.

Home alarm List of best products 2023

Home alarm List of best products 2023

Last update: 26.08.2023

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The Home Alarm Price/Performance ratio diagram

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Our approach summarized in a few words

We are not dependent on an organization (merchant site, manufacturer, service provider, brand or laboratory). We carry out our comparative paintings and tests in collaboration with external partners. Regular updating of the product catalog, coupled to a competitive monitoring allows us to offer products from very good quality and at the fairest price, especially thanks to customer reviews. Learn more.

What is a homemade alarm ?


In order for our comparison to be clear, it is better to describe what we mean by homemade alarm. A Home alarm is a device to combat risks that can threaten a home such as intrusion or fire.

It is generally made up of a mermaid and a power plant as well as several detectors sensitive to movements, smoke, heat or shocks. Home alarm is used to identify a danger that threatens property or persons occupying housing to prevent owners or police capable of to secure the situation.

In most cases, the house alarm system is used to transmit information to the most competent person to intervene, but does not intervene directly to remedy the situation.

How does a house alarm work ?

How exactly does a house alarm work?

As we wanted to establish a specific and objective comparison, we first had to look at the overall operation of a house alarm. It turns out that the principle of most house alarms sold in the trade is similar. The alarm must be activated by the occupant of the accommodation.

L’activation can be done manually, automatically or remotely. This manipulation allows you to activate the sensors that will detect and then point out any danger.

When an intrusion, a shock, a fire or any other problem that can be detected by the home alarm is spotted, it triggers a sound siren and transmits the information to the owner of the premises or to a surveillance center.

L’intervention or theevacuation accommodation will then be organized to guarantee the safety of goods and people present in the house. The alarms of our comparison all have similar operation.

Benefits and areas of application

What are the greatest advantages of

The use of a house alarm in a accommodation has several benefits. We have listed them during our comparative test:

  • Deterrence: Installing a home alarm is the best way to deter burglars to get into your home. Indeed, our research has revealed that a house which is not equipped with a security system is 4 times more likely to be burned than a home with a home alarm. The stickers affixed visibly to show that the house has an alarm system retain many burglars to act.
  • Protection: In 95 % of cases, the impact of a mermaid but on the run the criminals. Thus, a house alarm ensures a good protection to your whole family as well as to the value goods that you have.
  • Security : The level of protection of homemade alarms has never been so high, as demonstrated by our comparative table. Today, the slightest risk can be warned or detected instantly.
  • Personalization: Home alarms allow a securing adapted to the types of risks involved in your neighborhood for better protection.
  • Price : As you can observe in our comparative table, a real drop in prices for homemade alarms has been observed in recent years.

What types of house alarm are there ?

To present you the best report to choose the right house alarm, we have made it a point of honor to study the various types of alarm available on the market. Our comparative test has shown us that several kinds of homemade alarms exist and that each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

The wired house alarm

What to know about a wired house alarm?

This is the most house alarm type unavoidable. It consists of a network of cables which makes it possible to establish communication between the alarm power plant and the various detectors. According to the opinions of experts and consumers, the main advantages of the wired house alarm are its reactivity and his big reliability. It cannot be hacked and is easily ordered using the power station.

On the other hand, its disadvantages are that this is a very expensive model to put in place which involves heavy work to pass all the necessary cables. Another problem is a type of house alarm sensitive to power cuts. These alarms have been taken into account in our comparison.

Wireless house alarm


This type of alarm can Use the computer network local, Wi-Fi waves, radio waves or take advantage of a GSM mobile network. It includes different sensors, detectors and consoles of controls, all capable of communicating with each other using a wireless network.

The advantages of this system are its speed installation and its lower cost. Indeed, it is very easy to set up the different sensors and connect them to each other. This installation can be carried out yourself and therefore provides the intervention of a professional.

However, most of the opinions collected from professionals and customers for our comparison test report the lower level of security of these wireless house alarms. The waves are more sensitive to interference and some of them can be hacked by the best equipped burglars. GSM alarms are then the most reliable to resist these hacking attempts. The best alarms in this category have been studied for our comparison.

Connected house alarm

How does a connected home alarm work?

Our comparison test reveals that more and more homemade alarms are part of a home automation set at home. These Connected alarms are controllable from a smartphone, tablet or computer. The main advantages of this type of alarm are a better readability of the product, an important diversity of possible interventions for the user and an ease of installation.

Indeed, connected home alarms are more readable because they record the movements of the various users of the house. Inputs and outputs can thus be easily controlled. In addition, many Remote interventions are possible on this type of alarm. It can be activated or deactivated from a smartphone and all these settings can be easily changed.

Several opinions, however, reveal the drawbacks of this type of alarm. These house alarms are less safe and cost more. In addition, a system breakdown often leads to many operating problems throughout the home home system. This type of alarm has been analyzed in depth for our comparison.

The fire alarm

How does a fire alarm work?

L’fire alarm is the only type of compulsory alarm in all households. It is made up of a sensor case capable of detecting smoke and emitting a sound signal in order to prevent The occupants of the danger housing threatening them. This type of alarm has several advantages: a low price, a very easy installation by simple fixing to the wall and very reliability.

However, it is also an alarm that has its disadvantages. Many untimely triggers can occur when cooking, because of the fumes emitted during cooking. Its other weak point is the low lifespan of the batteries which feed it. This type of alarm has not been the subject of our comparison but helped us to assess the best systems.

Product assessment

Somfy alarm 2401497

Here are the functions of the Somfy alarm 2401497 in our comparison

This house alarm Somfy alarm 2401497 includes an alarm siren of 110 dB, 3 Vibration detectors and opening to place on doors and windows, 1 motion detector, 2 deactivation badges and a central. This is a connected home alarm considered one of the best modern safety solutions.

The numerous positive opinions of users reveal that this system is very effective in protecting housing thanks to its vibration detectors. Her Intellitag Technology is also highly appreciated for its precise analysis of the vibrations and movements which makes it possible to detect intrusions before they occur.

L’Quick and practical installation of all detectors is very well rated among users whose opinions have been taken into account in our comparative test. The possibility of adjusting the trigger thresholds of each detector individually is also one of the positive points most highlighted by consumers.

The main negative points noticed when using this Somfy Alarm 2401497 model are too strong a sensitivity of certain sensors that can cause many false alerts and the rather limited range of remote control badges.

Benefits :

  • Ease of installation.
  • Intellitag Technology.
  • Integrated vibration detectors.


  • Too strong sensitivity of sensors.
  • Limited range badges.

Tiiwee Starter Home Alarm Kit

Here is a view of

The Tiiwee Starter Home Alarm Kit is the sufficient start -up pack to equip a house. It consists of a high voltage alarm of 120 dB, two window and door sensors and a remote control. This is a compact wireless house alarm using radio signals.

Consumer opinions interviewed during an external survey report a Very dissuasive siren. This starting pack is stretchable, It can be embellished with various other detectors from the Tiiwee brand or even a power station to make the house alarm connected. The simplicity of the Tiiwee Starter Home Alarm Kit as well as its discretion and its ease of installation have attracted many users who also point out the little price of the entire starting kit.

The main negative comments that appeared during our comparative test from customers who bought the product show that this homemade alarm that works with batteries tends to discharge very quickly. The wireless interaction of the various components of the system also seems rather sensitive to interference caused by smartphones or other multimedia devices.

Benefits :

  • Powerful siren.
  • Easy installation.
  • Possibility of extension.
  • Little price.


  • Unable smartphone control.
  • Batteries quickly discharged.
  • Sensitive to interference.

Kodak SA101

What should you know about the

This Kodak SA101 house alarm is one of the best hybrid systems combining the reliability of the wired to the speed of installation wireless detectors. This pack is made up of a power station with LAN connection using an RJ45 cable, 2 door contactors, a motion detector, a 105 dB mermaid, a light flash and a remote control. It is a connected home alarm compatible with a smartphone application that allows you to manage the alarm settings from its mobile device.

The best positive opinions collected for our comparison bear witness to a reliable and practical system to use thanks to an intuitive interface. There Possibility of extension With more than 32 accessories, including cameras and additional detectors, has experienced many users with this Kodak SA101 even better. The live notification system as soon as a detector triggered very well and few false alerts have been reported by the various opinions. L’battery life is very good and the fact that the power station is directly connected to the sector pleases many users.

The most useful negative opinions help us to know a little more about the product. They indicate that the siren is a little weak to effectively dissuade burglars.

Benefits :

  • Good autonomy.
  • Possible extension.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Live notifications.


  • Sound level of the weak mermaid.

Tike Security DNB


The Tike Security DNB security system is made up of a homemade alarm center with integrated mermaid, 5 door opening or window detectors, a solar external siren 108 dB, 4 infrared movement detectors and 4 remote controls. It is a wireless house alarm system that can be connected to the Internet box to serve as a connected alarm. Our comparison test has taken into account the best positive opinions and the most useful negative opinions to better know this Tike Security system DNB.

Satisfied users point out that the preprogramming of the system makes the start -up easier and allows better use of the product. The long range of all wireless detectors as well as solar operation of the external mermaid are most appreciated by a majority of buyers.

The weak points of the device are the fragility of the detectors as well as the sound level of the siren which is rather low. Some opinions also note that unloading of batteries can sometimes be faster and that no seer reports whether the detectors are still operational or not.

Benefits :

  • System pre-programming.
  • Long range of detectors.
  • Solar exterior siren.


  • Sound level of the weak mermaid.
  • Quick unloading of batteries.

GSM alarm fuers


Still among the best homemade alarms, the FUERS ALARM GSM model is a wireless device using the GSM connection To give the alert. This alarm pack contains a control unit, 2 door opening sensors, 2 motion detectors, 2 remote controls and an interior mermaid.

The most positive opinions of people who have been able to buy this product demonstrate that it has a Excellent value, Just like the best product in our comparison table. Installation and connection are very easy when starting up and are also one of the strengths of this GSM alarm fuers. Detectors are apparently easy to set up. The siren is rather powerful and the GSM technology is the most reliable for sending notification SMS or for automatic calls in the event of an intrusion.

The only low points to note are the communication costs generated by using a SIM card, even if these remain fairly low, as well as certain parameters that are difficult to adjust.

Benefits :

  • Easy installation and connection.
  • Powerful siren.
  • GSM technology.


  • GSM communication costs.
  • Difficult configuration.

This is how the house alarm is tested

So that you can choose your home alarm well and have the possibility of find the best product, We wanted the comparisons made by external organizations to take place in the best conditions. All the results collected relate to experiences carried out under similar conditions and on devices with equivalent parameters. Of the Very precise criteria have been taken into account during comparative tests so that our table helps you really choose the best alarm:

  • Sensitivity:: The sensitivity of detectors has been evaluated in order to be sure that the recommended alarms can prevent maximum intrusion while triggering a minimum of false alerts. Thus, a better appreciation of the quality of the detectors and the connection between the power station and the sensors is possible.
  • Innovation:: Technologies used and their reliability are at the heart of our analysis process so that you have access to the best products.

GSM, Wi-Fi, radio waves, wired, everything has been studied to advise you on the best house alarm.

The advantages and disadvantages described in customer comments

Once our comparative table has been established thanks to our many hours of opinion and Tests carried out Externally, we were able to establish the various advantages and disadvantages of the main house alarm models described in customer comments. Dots positive are the following :

The advantages of

  • Facility : There ease of installation Home alarms is reported by many customers. The implementation time is about 1 hour for the most complete kits.
  • Efficiency : There reliability Products seems very satisfactory. Multiple opinions of our comparison testify to trigger efficiency In the event of an intrusion or attempted intrusion.
  • Sensitivity: There sensitivity of detectors is appreciated. It is often well settled and makes it possible to point out the vibrations and movements linked to an intrusion and to ignore the false alerts.
  • Food : The supply of the control center directly by sector is beneficial, it allows you to be sure of proper functioning alarm without having to worry about your battery.
  • Notifications: There speed operating connected products is surprisingly. Various opinions of our comparison share the instantaneous nature of sending notifications by GSM or Wi-Fi in the event of suspicious detection.
  • Extension : The possibility of extension is one of the best advantages of all packs. Of the Dozens of accessories can be added to departure kits such as cameras, additional detectors, Light flashes or some sirens outdoors.
  • Versatility: The versatility of home alarm kits allows a Best customization product according to everyone’s needs in order to prevent risks according to their place of residence.
  • Discretion: There discretion Products is essential. According to most homemade alarm buyers interviewed during our comparison, detectors are all almost invisible.
  • Remote controls: The number of remote controls is suitable for use for the whole family. Of 1 to 5 remote controls are provided in most kits.
  • Deterrence: The stickers provided have a Non-negligible deterrent. They point out that a house alarm has been installed in order to repel Some burglars.

Despite all these good points, Some disadvantages are to be put forward even among the best brands and the best products:

The drawbacks of

  • Sound level : The sound level of the somewhat low mermaid of certain products can reduce The deterrent effect when the alarm is triggered.
  • Autonomy: Rapid unloading of sensor batteries can have a negative effect and forces to be constantly alert.
  • Programming: The difficult setting of sensors can make the difficult programming. A long time will be necessary for the least experienced users to adjust the sensitivity of the sensors according to their needs.
  • Interference: Sensitivity to interference is a major problem on certain products, it makes communication between detectors and the power plant difficult in the presence ofwaves Radio or GSM waves disruptive.
  • Scope : The limited scope of badges can make setting On the way or putting the less convenient alarm to be triggered.
  • Price : The price of the best products in our comparison may seem pupil and maybe a brake to purchase for many potential customers.
  • Assisted surveillance: The absence of connection to a surveillance power station is regrettable. The intervention of an external company for VErify the cause of trigger alarm and to intervene if necessary prevent the owner from having to manage his safety himself.
  • Fire prevention: The scarcity of combined intrusion-fired alarms requires installing several types of devices to protect the same place against different risks.
  • Notices: The notices that are not very detailed by models of our comparison table does not facilitate not assembly and configuration.
  • Current cuts: Devices are sensitive to power cuts and can therefore be disabled easily by the best burglars.

The 7 main house alarm brands

The best house alarm brands taken into account in our comparison test are:

  • Delta Dore
  • Diagnost
  • E-tiger
  • Fuers
  • Securitas
  • Somfy
  • Tiiwee

This French brand of home automation products has more than 40 years of experience in creating alarms and domestic safety devices.

He is one of the French leaders in wireless house alarm systems. This brand of the Hager group has produced safety solutions for 29 years in the world of comfort and home automation.

This Belgian brand is one of the best European specialists in the connected home alarm system. It also produces cameras and video surveillance systems. Some specialized stores are present in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Fuers is one of the best Chinese home automation brands. It is diversified in the creation and production of safety products, wireless homemade alarms, but also various technology devices.

The Swedish company has been exercising since 2003 in the field of private security. It employs security and remote monitoring agents and provides house alarms connected to Securitas surveillance centers.

It is a French brand of home automation created in 1969. It designs thousands of products in Haute-Savoie and offers shutters, alarms, doors, heating solutions, terraces, blinds, curtains, etc. The best models of this brand were studied during our comparison.

This brand founded in 2015 is affiliated with Amazon. It markets home safety products, simple and inexpensive. In our comparison, we have analyzed the characteristics of the best Tiiwee products.

What should be taken care of when buying a homemade alarm ?

Different criteria of homemade alarms in this comparison

The various opinions of people who wanted to buy a home alarm as well as the opinions of the people who bought an alarm allowed usIdentify the most important criteria to be taken into account when purchasing your security system. These same criteria have been integrated into our comparative table:

  • The alert system:: Our comparison test explained to you the different types of alert available. You must take it into account when buying the best home alarm for your home. The GSM seems the most reliable but obliges to subscribe to a mobile plan for its alarm.
  • The control system:: There are three different control systems: keyboard, badge and remote control. For you, the best system will be the one that offers you the best range, the one you need to lock or unlock your home alarm easily. For example, badge can be practical for children because they do not have to handle to unlock the alarm. However, it can be stolen easily.
  • The number of detectors:: Your housing must be able to support a sufficient number of detectors to cover your whole house. If you do not have a sufficient number of motion detectors or door or window opening sensors, the weaknesses of your home alarm can be spotted and a burglar will be able to enjoy it.
  • Utilisation facility:: On a daily basis, the use of the best 2019 alarm chosen thanks to our comparison table will take you time. If you cannot understand the operation of the interface and its configuration, you will waste even more time to activate and deactivate the alarm, watch the video flow of the cameras or to adjust the sensitivity of the sensors.
  • The sound level of the siren:: Your mermaid has a double role, warn the occupants and scare burglars to encourage them to flee. Her sound level must therefore not be overlooked. The more powerful it is, the more its noise will deduce the criminals and will force them to flee. Outdoor sirens are very useful if you have a reactive neighborhood. Also remember to choose one that has a high sound level !

Internet or specialized trade: where should I rather buy my house alarm ?

Many individuals go to a specialized store To buy their house alarm. However, the same models are also available on the internet. What is the best way to buy your homemade alarm ?

THE specialty stores have many advantages. They allow receive advice a specialized seller to find out the best product to buy. They are also useful if you want to do install its house alarm by a professional. Shops specialized are very practical If we do not want to wait for the delivery of his systeme of alarm and that one must have one installed one as soon as possible.

However, there are several advantages to buy your home alarm directly on the internet. The main strengths of online purchase are as follows:

  • Home alarms sold online are often less expensive that in a specialized store.
  • Products sold online have the same guarantees than in security stores.
  • On the Internet, specialized sites offer a wider choice of models and have a larger stock.
  • THE time waiting and delivery costs are very weak on safety products.
  • If you make your purchases online, you don’t have to travel to a store.
  • The advice of a seller are unnecessary If you have consulted an online comparison to find the best house alarm available.
  • Thanks to our comparative, you have an idea precise of the product you need.

Homemade alternatives

The best alternatives to a home alarm in a comparison

If you hesitate to get the best home alarm described by our comparative test, you can think about the various alternatives that exist.

Some remote monitoring centers offer Discreet surveillance contracts Made without alarm. These contracts make it possible to entrust the surveillance of your house to security professionals. They are the ones who will take care of intervening directly or who will summon the police in the event of an intrusion into your home.

This monitoring system also allows Prevent certain risks like fire or domestic accidents. The SOS button is another alternative which instantly contacts the competent authorities when an intrusion or a domestic accident are reported by the occupant. Also you can use a videophone either wired or not.

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How to install my house alarm ?

The implementation of a wired alarm must be carried out by a professional. The installation of a wireless home alarm is easy. Just set up the various detectors, install the central system in the best possible place and make the connection between the sensors and the control center.

What is a good homemade alarm system ?

As we saw during our comparative test, the best alarm system for your home depends on several factors, including the size of your home, the risks incurred in your neighborhood and the number of openings that your accommodation. The above selection criteria will help you know if the best alarm indicated in our comparative test is for you.

How long does home alarm batteries last ?

The batteries of homemade alarms can last from a few days to several months. It all depends on the sensitivity of the sensors and the alarm model. This criterion was taken into account in our comparative test. By relying on our comparison table, you will therefore be able to know the winning product of our comparison and the one that has the best battery life.

How to configure my house alarm ?

The best way to succeed in setting up your home alarm purchased thanks to our comparison is to refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturer. This manual will tell you how to activate and deactivate your home alarm as well as the different parameters that must be personalized.

How many detectors do I need for my home alarm ?

For better protection, the number of detectors must be adapted to the size of your home. It is essential that each window and each door overlooking the outside is equipped with an opening detector. The installation of a motion detector in each room or at least in the room where you store your value goods will offer you better security.

How to configure my homemade alarm detectors ?

Our comparison made you understand the importance of setting up detectors. If they are too sensitive, they will trigger constantly, if they are not enough, they will not prevent in case of intrusion. A live test is the best way to ensure the right adjustment of your detectors.

How to be sure that my homemade alarm mermaid will scare burglars scare ?

To be sure that the best house alarm of our comparison makes burglars flee, we have chosen the one that has the most powerful mermaid. A power of at least 110 dB will allow you to be sure that burglars will run away before you have been able to fly you.

Are homemade alarm sirens dangerous for children ?

Too strong noise can affect the hearing of babies and young children. To protect your child, do not place the alarm sirens in his room and cover the ears during the tests or in the event of trigger the mermaid.

Is the house alarm compulsory ?

No, the house alarm is not compulsory. However, the fire alarm is compulsory. In some cases, depending on the valuables you have, your insurance may force you to use a professional’s services for the installation of a home alarm in order to cover your possessions in the event of burglary.

Can we have a homemade alarm when you have domestic animals ?

Yes, most current models are equipped with a function that recognizes domestic animals. Thus, the alarm will not be triggered by their movements.

Home safety systems and motion detectors

Be notified immediately when something is wrong with residential alarm systems and motion detectors.

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Protect your home with an alarm system and motion detectors

A home security system allows you to have a quiet mind, knowing that your property and your loved ones are a little more safe. If you plan to install a wireless domestic security system yourself and add components such as motion detectors, here is what you should take into consideration.

What is a home security system?

As its name suggests, a domestic security system protects your home from intruders or burglars thanks to a series of interconnected components. In general, a security system includes a control panel, sensors in doors or windows, motion detectors, security cameras and alarm or a mermaid.

What is the difference between a domestic security system and an alarm system?

At the start of your research, you may wonder what is the difference between a domestic security system and an alarm system. The difference is based on the functions included there. A domestic security system is complete and includes cameras, bells and motion detectors. On the other hand, an alarm system tends to have only motion and/or door detectors as well as a mermaid to warn you of any problem.

What is a motion detector?

A motion sensor or detector is one of the most important elements of your domestic security system, as it is one of the main ways to detect if someone is trying to enter your home. Moving detectors use waves or pulses to detect movements in the room. This will trigger the alarm.

What are the advantages of having a domestic security system?

Why buy a domestic security system? A complete alarm or security system protects your home and your family, and its simple presence can dissuade burglars. An alarm can scare anyone who tries to illegally enter you. Alarm and safety systems can alert you in the event of a gas or water leakage, dropping temperature or fire, and can therefore really prevent all kinds of problems. Alarm and safety systems can also reduce insurance rates.

What are the advantages of a wireless system to install yourself ?

Formerly, a security or alarm system had to be installed by a professional and completely wired, leaving holes and cables everywhere. Today, it is simple to do it yourself, which makes it an excellent option, reliable, practical and profitable for many people.

You consider the advantages of a wireless system to install yourself made yourself? These systems are easily expandable. You want to add a new motion detector or modify the position of a camera? It is easy to add new safety devices. They are affordable and adapted to the needs of tenants. As everything is wireless, even tenants can take advantage of it to secure their home.

What should I look for when I choose a domestic security system or a motion detector?

Before buying one, do some research to make sure you get the system or sensor that suits you. Here are some items to take into account during your purchases: why do I need a domestic security system or an alarm system? What should I protect? What is the size of my house? What is my budget? What the timetable and routine of my family look like?

Take the time to search for the different systems to see what suits you best. Remember that wireless domestic safety systems and movement detectors to install yourself are easy to upgrade or modify, so you can always add features as you discover additional needs.