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Amazon music unlimited test: our opinion on the audio streaming service

Accustomed to using Deezer Famille (Hi-Fi) on a daily basis, we have swapped our reference streaming service for Amazon Music for several days. The subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited was paid by us. In addition, we have mainly listened to music from a iPhone SE (2020) with some Airpods Pro, A Pixel 6 and for Windows PCs with the help of a wired helmet Sony MDR-1A.

Amazon Music Unlimited: Is it worth it ?

Although it is often less known, Amazon offers just like Apple a musical streaming platform. This is Amazon Music Unlimited and the result is quite similar to what can be obtained via Spotify or Deezer. The subscription is paid, the number of titles announced is dizzying and the music is listened to with or without internet on television, a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

It remains to be seen if it is really worth it or rather if the advantages of Amazon Music Unlimited are enough to prefer that to another solution.

All about Amazon Music Unlimited

Here is first of all a little present presentation to understand what we are talking about. In the second part, we focus on what is really included and what we think.

What is Amazon Music Unlimited ?

Jeff Bezos’ company is much more than an online sales site and it is now joining various services. They are grouped in the Amazon Prime subscription where we find among others Amazon Music. There are as many applications as services, even if all accounts can be linked.

Amazon Music Unlimited is the premium version of the service included in the Prime subscription. This gives access to music and podcasts, with sound in high definition (and more), without advertising and with the possibility of choosing the titles that we listen to.

What is the price of Amazon Music Unlimited ?

Three offers are available and they all allow you to start with a free trial period. The first two give access to the same services, the third is much more restrictive:

  • The individual offer is € 9.99 per month and it allows you to listen to music on one device at a time.
  • Family offer is € 15.99 per month and it allows you to have music on six aircraft at the same time.
  • Offer one device is € 4.99 per month. It allows you to have Amazon Music Unlimited on Echo or Fire TV. High definition sound is not available as well as offline listening.

How to terminate the Amazon Music Unlimited subscription ?

We can terminate Amazon Music Unlimited at any time in a few clicks. It is enough to go to the Amazon Music settings to end automatic renewal.

What is included in Amazon Music Unlimited

To take advantage of it, you have to go to Amazon Music or download the application. Then, as soon as the subscription is active, we have access to all the advantages provided in the subscription. The interface is very similar to that of Prime Video with a lot of sobriety and thematic selections.

⇨ 100 million titles on demand

This is the main difference between access included in the Prime Subscription and the independent Subscription Music Unlimited. With premium, we have access to all the music included, but only via playlists. You can choose a singer, a group or a style, but that’s all. To put it simply, you can listen to random the titles of Sofiane Pamart or BTS, but you cannot select your favorite song and listen to it in a loop.

This is where Music Unlimited becomes interesting. We can do Reading on demand, without any advertising. It works for music and for podcasts. Playlists are always available, you can even create it, and you can zap at will.

⇨ Top sound

Amazon admits not to target the same customers as its competitors. She has a more mature audience who may wish very good quality sound, because he has the equipment to take advantage of it. When you have invested in beautiful speakers or a high -end helmet, you might as well have access to a minimum HD quality. With the subscription, we have HD, UHD and even what Amazon names space sound. It is actually an immersive three -dimensional sound.

⇨ No advertising

We have already mentioned it earlier, but the lack of advertising is quickly appreciable especially when you use music to focus. The subscription guarantees not to undergo any interruption !

Our opinion on Amazon Music Unlimited

Difficult to know what advantage we prefer, because there are several. Lack of advertising offer a real respite. We do not always realize how constantly advertising us. There, you can work, meditate, listen to your favorite singer, without risk of having an incentive to take out insurance or change scent.

The other pleasant element is the interface even the site or the application. The ergonomics are good, we quickly have access to what we like the most. The algorithm makes it possible to make some discoveries without having to go through singers who do not suit us at all. It is even possible to listen to songs by being offline, just download the files.

To enjoy the its high -end, You need very good equipment. However, even without being picky on this subject, it never makes you feel like you are coming across a badly recorded video on YouTube.

The answers to your questions about Amazon Music Unlimited

What are the differences between Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify ?

The prices are exactly the same. We can just note that Spotify offers a duo account (for two accounts) and a student rate. Just compared to that, there are only students who clearly have more interest in a Spotify account. The only other notable difference is sound quality. If you have a good helmet and you are sensitive to the source of sound, Amazon Music Unlimited offers space sound, that is to say, immersive triple. Otherwise, the interface and download of the titles are very close between the two sites.

Is Amazon Music Unlimited free for the bonus members ?

No, with bonus, we simply have access to Amazon Music Prime. If access to the catalog is the same (for music and podcasts), it takes the UNLIMITED subscription to listen to titles on demand and not just via playlists.

What to choose Amazon Music Unlimited or Deezer ?

There are two notable differences: Deezer is a French platform which has slightly fewer titles (90 million against 100 million). Otherwise, the sound quality is similar although Amazon offers, in addition to high definition, three -dimensional spatial sound. Depending on the subscriptions chosen, the prices are quite similar. Amazon therefore has a more developed musical streaming, but the nuances are weak. You choose !

On how many devices can we install Amazon Music Unlimited ?

There are three different offers, but only one is restrictive. The only one device provides your account only on Fire TV or Echo. Otherwise, other offers do not limit the number of devices on which to install the application, but the number of devices for simultaneous listening. You can opt for only one (individual offer) or up to six (family offer).

What to remember on Amazon Music Unlimited

This streaming music service is very complete. While prices are similar to what competitors are asking for, Amazon stands out with a few more or less unique services. Thus, there are a very large number of podcasts and the possibility of listening to music without internet connection. The quality of the music aims to be extraordinary and therefore targets the most demanding listeners and amateurs.

For the rest, we find all the basic elements, that is to say from music on demand in unlimited, without advertising and with the possibility of zapping from one song to another as often as necessary to find this that we like. The family subscription allows you to save money and if we hesitate, the trial period is completely free. The first sample only takes place at the end of it and everyone can therefore form their own opinion on Amazon Music Unlimited.

Amazon music unlimited test: our opinion on the audio streaming service

Amazon music unlimited test: our opinion on the audio streaming service

Update from 07/07/2022 – Amazon regularly produces promotional offers. A few days before the Prime Day, which takes place on July 12 and 13, the firm offers 4 free months instead of one at Amazon Music Unlimited. What give you time to fully appreciate space audio, music in CD quality and ultra HD (hi-res) and see if you like the service.

Like it or not, Amazon struck hard with its premium subscription. Against € 5.99 monthly or € 49 annual, its members benefit from free and fast delivery, from a large catalog of films and series with Video premium, free games on PC with Gaming premium Or access to a musical streaming platform with nearly 90 million titles (among others), Prime Music, which has tickled our curiosity.

For most of us to write an Amazon Prime subscription And at a service of musical streaming (Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music …), we wondered if this service, accessible without surplus, could save us money. And at the same time, if its premium formula Music Unlimited from € 9.99 per month allowing to listen to music in hi-res vaed.

How we tested Amazon Music Unlimited ?

Accustomed to using Deezer Famille (Hi-Fi) on a daily basis, we have swapped our reference streaming service for Amazon Music for several days. The subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited was paid by us. In addition, we have mainly listened to music from a iPhone SE (2020) with some Airpods Pro, A Pixel 6 and for Windows PCs with the help of a wired helmet Sony MDR-1A.

Interface & ergonomics

On iOS like Android, the interface is cut into three parts, starting with the home page which opens automatically with the application. It offers an overview of the latest musical novelties, podcasts and other themed playlists by parading down. Most of the suggested content are based on listening.

We spot with a simple glance under the album covers if the songs are HD, Ultra HD or even space audio (we will come back below these terms). Information rarely highlighted by other platforms, which is a very good point.

Amazon Music’s interface is simple.

The other two remaining parts are the search bar which is used to find titles more easily and the library. They compile your playlists, favorites and even the albums that you could have bought on Amazon. The Alexa button located at the bottom right allows you to trigger the voice assistant if necessary. Note that it is possible to awaken it with standard sentences when the application is open. A car mode is also present. Once triggered, he transforms the player in a more refined version facilitating navigation. However, prefer steering wheel controls to pilot your titles … We are never too careful.

It is also possible to match the Amazon Music application with Waze, always in this perspective to facilitate reading control by car. Finally, be aware that the application has experienced some slowdowns and clashes on our smartphones. An optimization problem or overloaded devices ?

In music

Once the music is launched, you can read the lyrics or even watch the video if they are available. There is also the possibility of obtaining information on the song thanks to X-Ray, a sympathetic feature that will allow you to learn more about artists.

A appreciable feature for music lovers.

Unsurprisingly, you can add the songs, artists and album you want in your favorites. It is also possible to download music to listen to them when you are offline, whatever their format.

Amazon Music, Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited, for what use ?

If it is quite possible to enjoyAmazon Music for free, It will be necessary to deal with the advertisements and the impossibility of passing the songs, which is quickly annoying. The Amazon Prime subscription, which includes many services, Give access to Music Prime and allows these restrictions to go beyond and listen to nearly 2 million titles.

For the most demanding, there is a prime music unlimited. Against € 9.99 per month, This formula gives access to more than 90 million titles, with 75 million of them in hi-res. Some others are in Dolby Atmos or 360 Reality Audio. The family offer for 6 individuals costs € 14.99 per month.