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Back Market Iphone reviews

I ended up buying new.

Back market vs. Amazon

Ready, set, go ! Compare information between these two reconditioners.

  • During a quality control, a used device is fully renewed and verified in detail by experts.
  • So that it works like a new.
  • But unlike the new, a reconditioned device is up to 70% cheaper.
  • It’s better for the planet and for your wallet.
  • All refurbished devices work perfectly.
  • Only appearance differs.
  • Our advantages: fast and free delivery, 30 -day return policy or free exchange, free 24 -month warranty, resumption of your old smartphone.
  • New and reconditioned certified products (Amazon Renewed)
  • Includes Amazon Warehouse Deals
  • Most products are eligible for Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Renewed products are inspected and tested by qualified suppliers to verify that they operate as new products and are guaranteed for one year by the Amazon Renewed warranty.

Free delivery for orders above € 25. Most products are eligible for Amazon Prime.

Payment in several times (3x or 4x) – via Oney

CB, Visa, Visa Electron, Aurore, Eurocard-Mastercard and American Express card (debit and credit cards but no bank cards)

-5% we all the site for students (link)

• Excellent : The case may have very light micro-scratch, invisible at a distance of 20 cm or more. For products with screen, the screen has no scratches. Technical state: Excellent. The lifespan is high and the probability that technical problems arise is very low.

• Reconditioned premium: The products are shipped and sold by Amazon and have been certified to operate and resemble new products. They have a longer battery life (at least 90 % of the battery capacity) and are delivered with an Amazon brand box and generic accessories that are in new condition. Renewed Premium products are not Apple certified but are accompanied by a one -year total satisfaction guarantee.

• Alright : The case may have slight micro-scratches which are not visible at a distance of 50 cm or more. For products with screen, the screen will not have scratches. Technical state: very good. The lifespan is greater than the average and the probability of the appearance of technical problems is low.

• Reconditioned: The product works and looks like a new product. It benefits from the Amazon guarantee renewed 90 days. Product battery has a capacity more than 80 % of that of a new product.

• GOOD : The case can have some visible scratches and bumps that do not affect performance. For products with a screen, it may have slight scratches which are not visible when the screen is on. Technical state: good. Sustainability is average and always meets the quality levels required by our quality charter.

Back Market Iphone reviews

You have made a purchase in a store or online and you encounter problems: article never delivered, unreachable after-sales service, damaged goods, counterfeits etc.You can testify to this forum.

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Reviewed Site Rewarded Sale: Backmarket ?

by Guest »March 29, 2018, 16:29

Hello, I would like your opinions on this site of resale of various reconditioned products at relatively low prices.Their site seems clean and professional (legal notices, CGV. ) and some media have already talked about it (Figaro, Echos. ), they are more French. However, the opinions concerning the site diverge certain vouchers, and many people dissatisfy.
I would like to know if some of you know this site and could share their good or bad experience.
Thanking you.


Re: Reviews Reconditioned Sale: Backmarket ?

by Guest »May 30, 2018, 10:38

Good morning
I therefore share my experience of the backmarket reconditioning site on the purchase of iPhone
1 First purchase of iPhone 5C for my daughter. He broke down fast. Impossible repair which followed up to 1 refund
So I left them 1 second chance and bought 1 new reconditioned product (iPhone 6s) Silver so a priori in very good condition even if Zero Info Detailed and Zero Photo
A reception, the charger supplies exploded, caught fire and set fire to the catch
A priori therefore 1 counterfeit product
Ai contacted Backmarket and the reseller (no just live call just from the cat) and 24 hours after no response.
I would go on the danger of the situation but 2 defective products in 2 and a non -reactive after -sales service This gives you an idea of ​​the professionalism of the site


Re: Reviews Reconditioned Sale: Backmarket ?

by Guest »09 June 2018, 18:58

This opinion should allow you to have a more precise idea of ​​how Backmarket manages its customers:

We buy for the birthday of a friend an iPhone 8. On D -Day, we decide to get him out of his packaging – very summary for a product so fragile – and we realize that the iPhone is broken in the 4 coins!! It is certain that he fell seeing more given the impacts. Immediately, we send an email to the site with the photos. This one answers us (in a very reactive way we must admit) the following:

“Good evening, xx you think it is impossible that we will send a device to this state. All our devices are tested and checked before expesition. You received the device on June 05, 2018 in a packaging box with a protective foam suitable for sending for this type of device. You should have contacted us on 05/06 and no more than 72 hours after his reception if that had the case. You simply dropped your device. The photos indicate many shock traces. I can in no case take into account your request. From this day the device is no longer guaranteed cordially Fany “

Obviously for this person we are clearly at fault. There were many of us preparing the birthday and seeing that when leaving the packaging, the device was in a deplorable condition! We have never accused the seller elsewhere, it could very well have been the delivery service. We argued in this sense, despite the questioning of our integrity and the accusations which we are the subject, and here is the answer:

“Hello, we make available to backmarket the state of our stock in shiny grade as well as any other element. We confirm that the device was not sent to you in this state. Your package was shipped to you by Colissimo, if the package had been damaged it would not have been delivered to you. You can open a complaint with Colissimo by contacting customer service. For our part, we regret informing you that we are on our position. Sincerely Fany “

Colissimo’s client being Backmarket (and if it is a Colissimo error) it does not seem to me that it is up to us to undertake this approach!

We feel *** and cheated! However, we are all used to making our internet purchases (whether for clothes, high tech items, . ) But this is the first time it happens to us. We could put 25 € each to have it repaired but that does not seem honest to us! We paid for a phone, certainly not new but in good condition, and we receive a broken phone!! We will certainly take additional steps to gain their case but I can only advise you to flee this site if as we do not like unpleasant surprises and throw your money through the windows.


Re: Reviews Reconditioned Sale: Backmarket ?

by Guest »July 29, 2018, 10:27

Very lucrative art to reduce Spanish waste .

How to transform Spanish waste into French waste while earning a lot of money? It is relatively simple, via the Back Market platform (“n ° 1 of the reconditioned in France”. ) especially. See (https: //
This platform claims that it wants the planet good by reducing waste by “reconditioning” (implied repair and rehabilitation on the market) and by offering it to purchase on behalf of “reconditioners”. All matched with attractive commitments for the planet and for the buyer. Either. So the offers of “reconditioned” products appear (smartphones, laptops, etc. )).How to resist when we love the planet when we find among them a product that interests us ? One buys. And immediately you are congratulated for having reduced x kilos waste added to a significant total!
The problem is that for it to actually work it is necessary that the product arriving at the buyer is usable. And then there we enter another world. We can already learn in this regard thanks to the reactions collected and published in particular by “what to choose?””.
For my part I ordered a laptop. Delivered by a Spanish “reconditioner” (it is unknown at the start) with a non -usable power cable. So, the battery being discharged, impossible to check the proper functioning of the product before having acquired an adapted cable which takes some time anyway the model no longer being first youth. I specify that in delivery, or the packaging or the product presented shock traces. There was no shock after. The test, only possible after receiving the adequate power cable, has revealed a damaged display screen making the device unusable! I give you thanks to the jewels started with the “Reconditioner” and Back Market after having pointed out to them. The damage appeared would obviously be due to a shock that took place everywhere except before sending!Everything is organized to elude a guarantee in Enjoleters terms tending to make believe that everything is possible to solve the problem. We even offer a paid refurbishment.
Refer to Spain?Repay? And what’s back. In fact, which would engage in such a complicated paid solution and to the random result for a product which obviously should fall under the warranty? We no doubt put it on this to close the case. In summary, we therefore sold at a high price a waste from one country to another (less x kilos of waste on one side and the same quantity in addition to the other!)). To defend yourself from this kind of mishap obliges to take a conflictual and perhaps long, even ineffective path outside the territory of the buyer (consumer organizations (dissemination of information), consumer protection services (code of the code consumption), judicial powers (penal and civil codes) etc. )).
Conclusion ? It is categorical: to avoid as the plague a purchase via back market! This platform is an ideal relay for indelicate operators and buying it is done with a big risk of expensive and practically insoluble disappointment!It hardly protects against the seller and would rather be, unlike other clearly protective platforms of the buyer, on the side of it (accomplice (accomplice?) even if serious clues exist against his good faith ! Many cases simply seem to be a complaint, either for deception or even for ***. This is the impression to this day. If serious reasons of denials had to appear soon I would obviously report here!

This August 8, 2018:
Continuation of the Backmarket soap opera .
Responded to the request of Barthélemy Support Backmarket on August 2. To date no suite.
Another “Customer Champion” is also on the circuit. Completely incompetent. He is told that we cannot envisage a responsibility of the carrier the sending having arrived in good condition. He replies that so you have to get closer to him because “he should tell you the procedure to open a damaged parcel investigation”. A crazy story!No?


Re: Reviews Reconditioned Sale: Backmarket ?

by Guest »August 29, 2018, 22:21

For my part, I strongly advise against buying anything at Backmarket.
I experienced once.
An experience, a galley. Stats level, it’s not bad.
Frankly, my phone was rotten, worn and old battery, the camera did not work.
No reliable after -sales service, no one on the phone [moderate].
When you send you your thing, brands have appeared. Everything is your fault.
Professional smoking. You have made yourself ****, too bad for you. You have played, you lost.

I ended up buying new.


Re: Reviews Reconditioned Sale: Backmarket ?

by Guest »September 11, 2018, 16:32

To run away absolutely .
I bought a Cover Type keyboard for my pro surface.
The keyboard never worked well to finally fall completely down after six months.
I contacted the seller who replied that the warranty is exceeded (note: for a week. )). No discussion is possible insofar as my interlocutor is content to answer me systematically by the same typical message without any relationship with my message.
In summary if you buy on backmarket you have no warranty, no after -sales service on your product, you might as well buy on eBay or Le Bon Coin !
It is all the more serious in reality, as a consumer, the law offers us a legal guarantee of 2 years which also applies to used products (contrary to what we try to do us believe). Obviously, the seller pretends to ignore this small detail.
I therefore strongly advise you not to use the Backmarket site. In any case, know that the professionalism of the sellers is only apparent and disappears once the transaction is concluded.


Re: Reviews Reconditioned Sale: Backmarket ?

by Malata »September 15, 2018, 2:15 pm

Several very edifying opinions on this site (backmarket) made me give up attempting a purchase through it. If it is so rotten, it would be good to “basher” on social networks, it avoids that they allow themselves to erase unfavorable opinions on their site.

Malata Message (s): 2 Registration : February 28, 2017, 08:51

Re: Reviews Reconditioned Sale: Backmarket ?

by Guest »September 28, 2018, 11:53 am

Go your way ! I don’t even understand that a site like the one still exists. Everything is done not to leave a message on Facebook or Google +. The S6 galaxy received in total malfunction. 6 weeks to react ! For two months I have been waiting for a refund and I have no news. Do not look at the glowing opinions on their site because they only publish those who honor them. Look at the forums that are independent, and there are a lot of dissatisfied. I am not used to react thus, but frankly I find their attitude scandalous ! And I will rot their networks as long as I do not have my refund !


Re: Reviews Reconditioned Sale: Backmarket ?

by Guest »October 16, 2018, 5:45 pm

Messagepar Wild Sky »16 Oct 2018, 17:41

To follow up on the already long list of emails complaining of backmarket, here is my misadventure.
IPhone ordered in May for my daughter, received a few days after.
The battery only works very partially (2h/3h max): Well it starts badly.
And general breakdown 5 months later in September (the telephone refuses to connect to a network)
I send it as a warranty, but it was simply replied that the phone is not covered because the window is split on 2 cm on the top corner. I explain to them that the window broke 5 months ago, that without being an engineer I strongly doubt that a damaged window has any connection with a connection bp. But no, just this beautiful email up to a after -sales service worthy of the name that takes care of its customers “This is the last message we exchange, your device has been broken so excluded from its warranty. I wish you a good day.””

And as at Backmarket we do not lack humor, it is kindly offered to recover my phone but for that I have to pay shipping costs which are. 40 €. (yes, yes, in 1 life of purchases on the web, it is the most expensive shipping costs ever reached)

I’m not used to reacting, but there I really feel that I am rolling. In short to avoid absolutely!


Re: Reviews Reconditioned Sale: Backmarket ?

by Guest »October 17, 2018, 09:36

Please note, read this before ordering at Backmarket:

I do not recommend telephone purchases reconditioned on the Backmarket website.

Indeed I was the subject of a very bad experience, to start a delay in my order which continued with the reception of my phone and whose battery was HS, waste of time because I had to return All to make an exchange.
2-3 months later I decide to change the battery at Apple at my expense (€ 29 because iPhone SE), and this is the cold shower. The expert clearly tells me that I have a kit phone: the back is not original, the little slot for the sim is not the same color, and the worst is not a screen Apple and this one is peeling off.
As I am someone who does not like to wait and feeling rolled by the backmarket reconditioner, I asked to change at the same time as the battery this defective screen. I undertook this compensation by learning that it was “jumping” the guarantee, nevertheless I said to myself they may make a commercial gesture for the compensation caused.
So I opened a conversation with them (reconditioning and backmarket) it ends nothing, they hide very clearly behind the regulations, I explain to them that for me it was out of the question to wait to replace my screen and that I did at the simplest. Here, I leave you in full reflection on the conscience of this company, and the big lack of consideration of their client. I regret having advised 2 friends for the purchase of their phone.
Concretely, it’s playing Russian roulette, you can come across good or unpleasant surprises.
I embark on a preventive opinion campaign on this company.