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Video Template is a powerful tool that can make convincing videos with some simple active. Discover this presentation to see how you can make videos directly on Tiktok Ads Manager in just a few minutes.

The model video of video (Video Template) allows you to create video ads more easily and faster. With this tool, you can create your video ad simply by selecting a model and by remitting your logos, texts and photos.

Currently, dozens of customizable models are available for all existing appearance reports (vertical, horizontal and square). Whether you promote a new product, tell the story of your brand or have your application, our Library of ready -to -use models adapts to all your marketing needs !

Advantages and features

Quick and easy to use

  • Reduce the time spent creating videos by entrusting the task to this tool. No more long hours spent putting on ads !
  • Save money by avoiding calling on providers to set up your supports and make marketable videos.
  • Video creation in a single click. Use photos you already have to easily create 10 -second videos. It’s almost magic !

Models adapted to all the needs of marketing specialists

  • Make your choice from our large library of ready -to -use models that will adapt to all your marketing needs thanks to their different styles and designs.
  • Make your choice from our more than 300 free sound music tracks, all without having to worry about copyright issues.

Better quality videos improve announcements performance

  • Create an immersive video experience with optimized mobile models. Make your choice from the reports of vertical appearance 9:16, horizontal 16: 9 and square 1: 1.
  • Present your marketing message more clearly using videos that open in a new window: it is impossible to miss !
  • Develop a solid brand image by creating videos likely to please an audience that loves to browse attractive videos.


Promote several features of a single product

We love products with many features ! More features = more things to present. Load separate images for each functionality and present the world of the brand of your product to the world. This solution is great for car and electronic products as well as for clothing !

Promote several products

One could almost believe that this tool was designed especially for these companies. If you promote several products or if your product is available in several styles, colors or sizes, you need this tool ! Present all your products with different photos and associate them in a single promotion video. We address you, e-commerce and clothing shops !

Tell the story of your brand

Develop a solid brand image by sharing your story using images that describe the characteristics of your brand. Sometimes it takes more than one slide to describe your brand and this tool allows you to tell your story using several visuals. It is ideal for anyone seeking to develop a brand image and to make themselves better known.

Demonstrate your product or application

Do you need a tutorial type video ? Show customers how to use your application, product or software using different images to give detailed instructions. When it comes to presenting applications or cosmetic or electronic products, this tool is a real gift from the sky !

How to use video models

  1. The following elements allow access to the video model of video:
  • The announcement process, once your announcements group has been created.

Video Template-How to Use-Jpg1

  • Dashboard> Assets> Advertising content

Video Template-How to Use-Jpg2

  1. From one of these two locations, you can quickly get into video models by choosing the category Recommended, electronic commerce, games or trend.
  2. Browse the library to find a model that you like.
    1. You can preview the model by clicking the button Reading.
    2. Just click on the model to start creating your video.

    Noticed : Vertical models are only available for Tiktok placement, while horizontal models are available for all placements.

    Supported features

    • Choose a vertical, horizontal or square model.
    • Create a video using images or videos.
    • Personalize the fonts, and choose the font type and the color of your text and your call-to-actions.
    • Use the masking function to preview your video as it will appear as a announcement on Tiktok.
    • Download content in a grouped way and use the automatic cropping tool to crop your content in vertical format.
    • Recede your images grouped. Simply click on the crop button on any image to crop all the images used in your video.
    • Select up to 20 different music for the soundtrack, to create 20 unique versions of your video.

    Good practices


    • Use high resolution images.
    • Choose images that show people using your product.
    • Use images that have obtained positive results in previous marketing campaigns.
    • The best is the enemy of good. Use simple and clear messages
    • Underline a main message. Each image should deliver a unique and impactful message.

    Performance of your ad

    • Create and test different elements for your advertising content (for example, models, videos, music, images, texts, miniatures and logos).
    • Create and test different audiences (age, sex, geographic area, interests, etc.), keywords and investments for your ad groups with the videos you create.

    How to download template

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