80 GB package without obligation: which one must choose between Orange and SFR?, The SOSH 80 GB Limited series Package: an attractive offer?

The SOSH 80 GB Limited series Package: an attractive offer

Like all other operator’s packages, the 80 GB Sosh offer is without obligation. You can terminate the subscription at any time at no cost.

80 GB package without obligation: which one must choose between Orange and SFR ?

It is sometimes difficult to decide between different mobile offers, especially when they offer the same services for the same price ! This is the case with the 80 GB orange and SFR packages: but which is the best ?

80 GB orange or SFR package

The editorial staff Ariase – published on 03/10/2023 at 3:02 p.m

80 GB package: the Best-Seller package of SFR

The 80 GB package of SFR is Ideal for travelers who do not wish to change their subscription during their trips, even if they could in theory do it free of charge since it is without commitment. It includes :

  • unlimited calls/SMS/MMS from France to the fixed and mobiles of France and the French overseas departments;
  • 80 GB of data and calls, SMS/MMS from Europe, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra.

Knowing that the average of the mobile data used by the French is 14 GB, with 80 GB you are not likely to miss it to surf the web, view your favorite programs, listen to music in streaming and even download large files. All this is possible with the SFR network which has good 4G coverage. This is also one of the first criteria that will allow you to guide your choice: to do this, start by checking the network coverage in your area of ​​residence.

On the price side, the 80 GB package is at € 16.99/month then € 29.99 after 12 months Which is a good price for such a quantity of services and gigas. The package is even cheaper if you are SFR box customer or € 11.99/month the first year. The SFR offer will therefore be interesting if already own a box and you want to change mobile because the operator also gives access to discounts on a wide selection of smartphones with the 80 GB package.

80 GB package with the quality of the Orange network

The 80 GB subscription of the Orange operator is also suitable for a large part of consumers. Like SFR, it gives access:

  • unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France and from the Europe, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra areas;
  • To 80 GB of mobile internet in 4G/4G+ usable in mainland France and in the Europe, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra areas.

This package is also without obligation you can then terminate it at any time at no cost ! The mobile subscription is rising to € 17.99 then € 29.99 after 12 months, Which is not much more expensive in the first year than its competitor SFR and also allows access to an interesting offer on the Internet + Mobile pack.

If you don’t have an internet box yet, it is an ideal choice, especially since you can enjoy the undisputed quality of the Orange services. Indeed, in terms of calls for calls, receipt of SMS or Internet debit, the Orange mobile network is the first in the class throughout the territory.

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The SOSH 80 GB Limited series Package: an attractive offer ?

The 80GB Sosh package is not offered all year round. Right now, it is not available, but you can take out the 130GB offer at € 15.99/month instead.

Like all other operator’s packages, the 80 GB Sosh offer is without obligation. You can terminate the subscription at any time at no cost.

Orange network quality

SOSH using the Orange mobile network, you benefit from a quality network in 4G and 5G, covering a large part of the territory.

Sosh 130GB package without obligation


  • Illim +SMS/MMS calls
  • 130 GB
  • Towards/from 264 countries

When the Sosh 80 GB package will be available ?

THE 80 GB SOSH package is a limited series that is not offered for sale all year round. As of July 20, 2023, he was not not available In the Sosh mobile catalog. However, he can reappear in the catalog at any time, especially during Promotions periods The best known like Black Friday in November, the end of year celebrations in December, summer sales in June/July, winter sales in January/February or even at the start of the school year at the end of August/ early September.

When available, the 80 GB Sosh package includes Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France with 80GB of mobile internet in France and 10GB of data in Europe and the DOM. It generally costs € 14.99/month, without engagement.

If you are looking for a similar mobile package, note that Sosh offers other limited series. Among them, we advise you to turn to the 130GB limited series. It costs € 15.99/month, Without commitment, and more or less offers the same services, with more mobile internet in France and abroad:

  • 130GB in mainland France instead of 80 GB
  • 20 GB From Europe and the DOM instead of 10 GB

Presentation of the overall mobile offer of the operator

Sosh offers 4 mobile plans:

  1. The 100MB SOSH package at € 5.99/month (exists in blocked version)
  2. The 1GB SOSH package at € 7.99/month (valid for any new subscription)
  3. The 130GB SOSH package at € 15.99/month (valid for any new subscription)
  4. The 140GB 5G SOSH package at € 20.99/month (valid for any new subscription)

All Sosh mobile offers are without engagement. You can change your offer as a function of your needs. The prices are quite varied, going from € 5.99/month to € 20.99/month, in order to adapt to all budgets.

THE 100MB and 1GB Sosh packages are perfect for children or adolescents looking for a first mobile package. The blocked version of the 100MB package can even allow you to best control your child’s consumption. They can also adapt very well to an elderly person who does not use their smartphone and their mobile package.

THE Packages 130GB and 140GB 5G SOSH target people who regularly use their smartphone, especially to surf the internet and use mobile internet. With 130 to 140GB of data, you can do everything or almost everything: online mobile games, streaming, videoconferencing calls, etc.

Note that the 140GB package is the Only 5G offer At Sosh. The other packages work with 4G.

Find The prices and services included With the SOSH packages in the table below.

An ephemeral catalog All Sosh mobile offers are considered to be limited series. The operator regularly renews its catalog and Prices and mobile envelopes may vary. If you are interested in an offer, you cannot advise you not to wait too much before subscribing it.

How to subscribe to an 80 GB Sosh package ?

To subscribe to a limited SOSH series, you can go to the operator’s website, at the “Mobile Packages” section. Click on “Select” under the package that interests you and let yourself be guided. You can also contact Sosh by phone at 3976 (Free call + price of a call).

After your subscription, you receive your SOSH SIM card at home as soon as possible. The latter is normally already activated. Just insert it in your smartphone to take advantage of your new Sosh mobile services.

You want to take out a SOSH offer ?

In the event of a problem with the operator, you can Contact Sosh ::

  • By phone at 3976.
  • By cat From the assistance site.sosh.Fr.
  • By Twitter By sending a tweet to @Sosh_fr.
  • By E-mail From the Sosh customer area.
  • By mail At Sosh Services Customers Mobile, 33 732 Bordeaux Cedex.

It is also possible to find answers To your questions from the SOSH FAQ, on the Sosh support forum or by viewing the Sosh YouTube tutorials.

Activation fees specify that on your first SOSH invoice, you are debited from 10 € that correspond to activation fees of your SIM card. The amount of these costs is the same for all operators in France.

FAQ: Current questions about the Sosh limited series

What are the services included with the 80 GB package at € 14.99 ?

When proposed by the operator, the 80 GB Sosh package at € 14.99/month generally includes the services below:

  1. THE unlimited calls in France
  2. THE Unlimited SMS/MMS in France
  3. 80GB of mobile internet in mainland France + 10GB of mobile internet in Europe

What is the best limited series SOSH 5G ?

SOSH offers only one mobile package with 5G: the Limited series 140 GB 5G Sosh at € 20.99/month, without obligation. For this price, she understands:

  1. THE unlimited calls in mainland France and Europe
  2. THE Unlimited SMS/MMS in mainland France and Europe
  3. 140GB of mobile internet in 5g from mainland France + 25 GB mobile internet in 4G from Europe

Note that this offer is only valid For any new subscription. If you are already a SOSH customer, you cannot take advantage of it.

5G smartphone to take advantage of 5G with SOSH, you need to subscribe to the 140GB 5G SOSH offer, but also have a smartphone compatible with the new mobile network. Sosh offers several models of 5G smartphones at low prices from its website. You can also get a mobile on your own (in a specialized store or to another operator without package).

What are the cheapest SOSH plans ?

Sosh offers 2 packages at less than 10 €/month ::

  1. THE 100MB package at € 5.99/month which includes 2 hours of calls and unlimited SMS/MMS from France and Europe with 100MB of mobile internet from France and Europe.
  2. THE 1GB package at € 7.99/month which includes calls and SMS/MMS unlimited from France and Europe with 1GB of mobile internet from France and Europe.

All these offers are without obligation. SOSH does not currently offer a package at 2 euros or less.