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The 6 best applications to transcribe audio into text

Speechnotes can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The Premium version and other features are available in the form of in-app purchases for a price between 0.99 and 7.99 dollars.

The 8 best word conversion applications in text for Android and iPhone

The use of voice conversion applications to text is more and more common. People use them to write business letters and memos, to transcribe meetings in order to report discussions, to write books; in a word, for everything they want to write in writing.

In most situations, a person may think and speak much faster than they can grasp or write. This is why the use of speech conversion applications to text can speed up many tasks, whether in a professional or personal setting. The problem is that if text transcription applications in text are not of the highest quality, the experience can be frustrating. The application can poorly transcribe what you say, or jump whole words.

Instead of making your life easier, a poorly designed vocal transcription application makes things even more complicated.

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The 8 best text transcription applications in text for Android and iPhone

You will find below the ten best word-text conversion applications that you can use to transcribe from audio to text. These applications convert audio into text transparently and are available for Android or iOS devices.

1. Speechtexter (Android)

It is also possible to create your own commands for specific punctuation, as well as add specific words to the application dictionary.

The software allows you to work with more than 60 languages, while the percentage of recognition is around 95 % for English. The application requires an internet connection to work as well as possible, because precision is less in offline mode.

Speech TextER

2. Voice Notes (Android)

Voice Notes is available on the Google Play Store for free download, but the recording time is limited in the free version. Users who wish to access the full version must pay the premium price of $ 3.

This application allows you to convert speech into text to create notes, reminders and other documents. You can group documents according to categories, take care of up to 120 languages ​​and switch between 20 different user interface languages.

Voice Notes

3. Speechnotes (Android)

Speechnotes can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The Premium version and other features are available in the form of in-app purchases for a price between 0.99 and 7.99 dollars.

The text conversion application into text allows you to effortlessly create simple text notes with your voice. It allows you to record longer conversations, to transcribe interviews and to accomplish similar tasks. You can even back up the data you save on Google Drive to make sure you don’t lose any of your audio files.

Speechnotes allows you to use the offline application, but the precision is much better online.

Speech Notes

4. Voice Notebook (Android)

Voice Notebook is an application downloadable for free on the Google Play Store which allows you to perform intra-applicative transactions for an amount between 2.99 and 8.99 dollars. These purchases will give you access to premium features in the application.

The application allows you to record voice notes, then save them on your device or on cloud computing services. You can create a list of words and punctuations replaceable if you have a specific style of expression.

There is an offline mode, but it is only available for some specific languages.

Voice Notebook

5. Voice Texting Pro (iOS)

Voice Texting Pro is a free downloading tool on the Apple Store for iOS devices, which allows you to easily convert to text on your iPhone or iPad.

Thanks to this application, you can pronounce words, convert them automatically into text, then send them to your friends and family on iMessage, WhatsApp or other messaging services.

You can even use the application to transcribe conversations or longer interviews. The application supports several languages ​​in its configuration menu.

Voice Texting Pro

6. Dictation-vocal (iOS)

Dictation – Voice synthesis is available for free download on the Apple Store on iOS devices. The application supports up to 40 languages. It also makes it possible to transcribe audio recordings or speeches and to easily synchronize them with iCloud on your iPhone or iPad.

The basic version of the application has limitations, such as the length of the audio files that you can save. If you want to use all the dictation features – Word in text, you can buy the Dictate Pro – Word in text application from the same company for $ 35.99.

Speech to text dictation

7. Transcribe (iOS)

Transcibe can be downloaded for free on the Apple Store for iOS users and supports more than 120 languages ​​and dialects. You can transcribe from audio files, video files or directly from speaking when the application is listening to your device.

The application offers you up to 15 minutes of free transcription, then you must pay to use the full version to obtain additional access. The 15 minutes are more than sufficient to decide if the application suits you.

Users can buy an hour of transcription for $ 4.99 and ten hours for $ 29.99.

Transcribe words in text

8. Just Press Record (iOS)

Just Press Record is available for purchase for $ 4.99 on the Apple Store on iOS devices. You can use the program to save conversations, audio files, videos and other sources for a precise transcription.

The application supports 30 languages, supports Siri shortcuts and includes recognition of punctuation commands. The files are easy to organize in your device or on iCloud. You can also share them easily on social media, in the form of messages to friends or by email.

One of the advantages of Just Press Record is that you can use it on an Apple Watch.

Just Press Record

Create a text transcription of lyrics

Thanks to audio transcription applications in text, it becomes easier than ever to create a written trace of everything you say in a professional or personal framework. Whether you transcribe conversations with your friends or family or even interviews in your workplace, the text conversion applications to text make the process much more fluid.

Use one of the voice conversion applications to text, cute one of the voice conversion applications to text above and you will have the guarantee of a pleasant experience when converting audio to text.

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The 6 best applications to transcribe audio in text

Applications transcribe the

There Audio transcription to text It’s not new. In fact, this feature has existed for more than 20 years (Dragon Dictation being one of the first to offer this functionality), although at that time, it was only available for computers because of the limitations of telephones ‘era.

Fortunately, as technology has progressed, we can say without fear that today we can do exactly the same with a PC as with a smartphone, provided we use the right tools. In this sense, we show you below the Best applications to transcribe audio in text on Android.

In the Play Store, we can find a large number of applications that claim to be ideal for converting audio files into text. However, I decided to opt for the quality of applications rather than the quantity. All the applications I show you in this article are perfect and fantastic for Transcript the audio in text without any problem.

  • 1 instant transcription
  • 2 Gboard
  • 3 speechnotes – Speech in text
  • 4 speechtexter
  • 5 dragon anywhere
  • 6 otter

Instant transcription


One of the applications The best rated on the Play Store which allows us to convert the audio to text is the instant transcription. This application is designed for deaf or hard of hearing people who can use their smartphone to maintain conservation and be aware of the sounds that surround them.

The application uses the automatic voice recognition system and Google sound detection Make real -time transcriptions and send noise notifications to our house, so that hearing impaired people can be warned of the doorbell, a fire alarm, a crying baby, the smoke detector.

Instant transcription transcribes audio into a real time in real time in more than 80 languages, It captures the shades of words (ideal for avoiding misunderstandings), it is compatible with the microphone of the device and external whether via cable or bluetooth.

All transcriptions are stored for 3 days in the application, so we can export them to a text document. The application is available for free download and does not contain advertisements. This is due to the fact It is an application created by Google. Requires Android 5.0 or later.


Gboard - Transcribing L

We will talk about Google technology for Convert the audio to text. This time, this is the Gboard keyboard, you may have already installed it on your device, because most Android devices arrive on the market include it natively. Otherwise, I leave you the link to download it.

Although designed mainly for physical entry, GBOARD Take charge of the Voice-Texte transcription. It works very well because it is powered by Google, it therefore also supports more than 80 languages ​​and dialects. In addition, it can be used offline.

Gboard, like all Google applications, is available for your free download And this is a very interesting option to consider if you already use this keyboard.

Also it’s free And this may be more than enough for your needs.

Speechnotes – Speech in text

Speechnotes - Transcribing the

If what you want is Transcribing long conversations into text, As courses or conferences, the best application available in the play store for these purposes is speechnotes, an application that allows you to use both the device microphone and other connected via Bluetooth or a cable.

Use it Google voice recognition system, We will therefore not have problems with transcriptions beyond the vocalization problems that the interlocutor can present. The application, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, is designed to transcribe long sounds, so that it does not stop even if there are moments of silence.

To use this application, our smartphone must be Managed by Android 6.0 or superior, an internet connection to download the languages ​​that we will use and that the device has the activated google recipient.

Speechnotes is available for your Download for free and display ads. If we want to eliminate them, we must use the in-app purchase that he offers us, the price of which is 6.99 euros.


Speechtexter - Transcribing the

Another interesting application we have to transcribe the audio in text is in Speechtexter, an application supports more than 80 languages Ideal to use in courses, conferences as well as to capture our ideas when inspiration strikes.

Speechtexter depends on an internet connection and is powered by Google. What makes him special is his Personalized dictionary, which allows you to use phone numbers, addresses and much more.

Speechtexter is available for your Download completely free, includes advertisements, but no purchase via the application. To be able to use this application, it is necessary that our smartphone is managed by Android 6.0 or superior.

Dragon anywhere

Dragon AnyWhere - Transcribing L

At the beginning of this article, I spoke of Dragon Dictation, an application which, over 20 years ago, already allowed PC users to transcribe audio into text. This application, created by the company nuance (company which is at the origin of the creation of Siri, Apple wizard who is currently part of Microsoft) offers us the Dragon AnyWhere app in the Play Store.

Dragon Anywher is aimed at professionals And it is one of the most precise on the market (seniority is a diploma). With this application, we can create any type of document only using voice commands, without limit of duration or duration.

The company claims to have a 99% precision, something quite doable knowing this business. Being a tool focused on the environment of companies or the most demanding users, to use the application, it is necessary to pay a monthly subscription of 14.99 euros or 149 euros per year.

Yes we can Try it for free for 1 week to check if we meet our needs.


Otter - Transcribing L

The otter allows us Record and take notes of meetings and/or courses in real time, so that you can focus on conversation/explanation and be sure that the information will be stored on our device.

If we are connected to the Internet at the time of recording, we can Activate transcription in real time, transcription to which you can add images or make annotations. From the application itself, we can share with other people both the transcriptions and the audios recorded.

In addition, this allows us Synchronize Otter’s web version with a zoom account that we use to transcribe conversations in real time. Otter allows us to use its transcription service for free via Android or Web for 600 minutes per month.

If our needs go further, we can opt for the Otter Pro package with a maximum limit of 6.000 xnumx minutes per month. To use this application, our device must be Managed by Android 5.0 or higher and have an internet connection.

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