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5 Best Android applications to use with Spotify for 2022

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Spotify a musical streaming platform. It was founded in 2008 by the Swedish Daniel Ek, but it quickly developed in other markets in Europe, America and elsewhere. From now on, it is positioned as the number 1 in the world facing rivals like Amazon Video, Apple Music or Deezer.

In 2022, Spotify had more than 422 million active users, a figure that the company intends to double by 2030.

How to use Spotify ?

Download Spotify is particularly simple. First of all, you have to create an account using an identifier and a password and then choose the formula that interests you in the range, we will come back to the prices thereafter. As soon as you are connected, you are free to enjoy the service as you see fit.

On Spotify, there is a search bar that allows you to find a song or a title, in which case you can add the name, the album or the artist in order to access the most suitable search results. From then on, you can add content to your Like titles or to your favorite playlists.

On this subject, Spotify leaves you the leisure to create playlists that you rename and that you fill over time. In the process, it is possible to include titles suggested by the platform according to the style of your reading list. In addition, the enrich functionality adds random titles automatically so that you can discover new songs over the listening.

Otherwise, Spotify also relies on playlists of its own creation, you can find them from the reception or from the search option. They can focus on different styles, different times or different atmospheres. In addition, the Playlist radar of outings is updated every week so that you can listen to the most recent titles.

In parallel, an offline mode allows you to find the songs or the podcasts that you have downloaded earlier so that you can listen to them even without network.

Download Spotify is paid, you must take a monthly subscription in the range to take advantage of the musical streaming platform. Thus, you have the choice between premium, duo, family and student formulas.

The Spotify Premium formula costs 9.99 euros per month for an account with access to music without advertising, music on demand and offline mode.

What is the compatibility of the streaming platform ?

It is possible to download Spotify from many devices. On the one hand, you can favor the desktop application to take advantage of the streaming platform from a computer with Windows or MacOS. In parallel, the mobile application is compatible with smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS.

Finally, Spotify also benefits from an online service to which you access from any Internet browser.

What are the alternatives to Spotify ?

Spotify is an excellent musical streaming platform, it is not for nothing that it is positioned as number 1 in the world. It includes a large number of titles and podcasts, but also features that make its success. Beyond playlists and personalized suggestions, the service is extremely simple to use. Nevertheless, he is not the only one to have his place on the market, there are also alternatives like Amazon Music.

In case you do not want to download Spotify, Amazon Music is a great option. First, be aware that there is also an application for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS as well as an online service. If it is a paid offer, this is 79.90 euros per year while it also includes access to Prime Video and Prime Prime Delivery if you order with the ECOMMERCE SITE.

In general, Amazon Music has features quite similar to Spotify. Thus, you are free to find songs by informing the title, the album or the artist, where you can do the same for the podcasts. Otherwise, there is also an offline mode to download titles to listen to them even when you are not connected to the network. The service also counts on the recommendations so that you can discover new content.

Otherwise, it is possible to choose Deezer rather than Spotify. Of French origin, the platform is one of the world leaders with a large number of titles, it is available in the form of an application for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS and an online service. The principle is the same as that of its counterpart, you must take a monthly subscription in the range, where you have the choice between a premium, family or student offer.

Like Spotify, Deezer is based on a refined and aesthetic interface at the same time. We appreciate the presence of playlists according to themes, but also the Flow option which allows you to launch a reading list based on titles that you listen to as well as songs that could please you.

5 Best Android applications to use with Spotify for 2022

Download funds D

Although there are many music listening applications, Spotify It is very popular. Where he offers an application Spotify or in English: Spotify Many songs and better sound quality than most other music listening services currently available. It is also via a premium (paying) subscription in the application Spotify You can access an unlimited number of songs and music with superior sound quality.

Spotify for Android also offers you all the music listening features that you may think, but users often look for more to improve their experience. Listen to music their own. Fortunately, the application supports Spotify Android has a wide range of applications and other services that help you Improve your listening and music viewing experience.

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List of 5 best Android applications to use with Spotify

Therefore, in this article, we have listed some of the best free third party apps for Android that you can use with Spotify To get Improved musical experience. Most of the applications we have listed are available on Google Play Store and you can download them for free. So check these applications.

1. Spotifyoutils for Spotify

Spotifyoutils for Spotify

Application Spotifyouts This is an Android application that works with the Spotify application. And fundamentally, it offers additional tools for an application Spotify For the Android system.

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Once you have merged Spotify With application Spotifyouts You can quickly search for an artist or a song, start Spotify via a new Bluetooth connection, download photos of artists and songs, import your listening activity, and much more.

The application also has a functionality called Song surveillance He monitors the listening time of an artist or a specific song with a precision of a millisecond.

2. Sleep timer for Spotify and music

Sleep timer for Spotify and music

The official Spotify app offers you a standby timer, but this application offers you a more advanced version of the standby timer. using Sleep Timer has Spotify -You can set a timer to automatically turn off the music, turn off the screen when the music is off, turn off the wifi and activate the silent mode/NPD mode.

It also allows you to apply Watch timer for Spotify Also define the chained fade duration of the song, extend the timer from the notification panel, etc. However, the only drawback is that Watch timer for Spotify He must operate all the time in the background to activate the standby timer.

3. Spotist for Spotify

Spotist for Spotify

Application Occasional statistics This is a simple assistant application for Spotify For Android gives you a detailed overview of the most listened to songs and artists. The right thing about the application Occasional statistics is that it allows you to choose different periods to create a file Spotify cabbage.

Use Occasional statistics , You can see a lot of information on your listening habits like when you listen, what you listen to, how long you listen, what kind of music you like, and more.

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Anyway, he shows you Occasional statistics For Android also the number of times you have played a particular song and the popularity of the song on the application Spotify , And much more.

4. SPOTIQ – Basse equalizer and amplifier

SPOTIQ - Basse equalizer and amplifier

Application Spotiq It is an audio equalizer application Bass amplifier working with the application Spotify For the Android system. And be an application Audio equalizer It provides a graphic equalizer with five frequency bands.

In addition to frequency bands, it also offers predefined equalizations such as Classic و Heavy metal و Jazz و Hip hop و Pop And many more. Just run the application in the background and play a song on Spotify. And the application will be Spotiq Automatically recovers the song during reading on Spotify and applies the preset of the equalizer.

5. Switch


If you use the free version of the application Spotify You may know that the application has many advertisements. Advertisements are something we all hate, but we cannot get rid of it without buying a premium subscription (paying).

This is where the application comes into play Switch For the Android system. It is a free application that runs in the background and detects advertisements on Spotify and reduces its size. The MOD does not remove advertisements; He just cuts them to make sure you don’t receive noisy advertisements when listening to your favorite music.

Where it provides you with an application Switch Also a manual deactivation and deactivation button that you can use to deactivate or reactivate an ad. The application can be downloaded and used safely because it does not require any authorization.

Here are some of the best android third-party applications to operate with Spotify. Also, if you know other applications of this type to apply Spotify Let us know in the comments.

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We hope you will find this item useful to find out the 5 best Android applications to use with Spotify for 2022. Share your opinion and experience in the comments.



Among the precursors of musical streaming Spotify, service of Swedish origin, is today the main actor.

Now available free on mobile The application really takes advantage with Premium subscription. This gives you access to a gigantic catalog of artists and titles, you can also create your own playlists and enjoy the recommendations and of Your personalized playlist, automatically created every Monday to start your week well.

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