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The 10 best applications to travel in 2023

In terms of travel preparation, the application that crushes all competition is tripit. With its automatic addition of information on your trip, it has all the features wanted for this type of application (plane, hotel, car reservation, etc.). The app also offers routes for your trips and even directs you at the airport in search of a kiosk or coffee.

19 essential applications to go on a trip

Travel applications

GPS ? Weather report ? Restaurants ? No need to fill your bags with directories, useful applications will facilitate the trip !

Anyone, whatever it is, plans, prepares, is organized and most often, leaves room for little improvisation. With the rise of new technologies and the last development of applications for smartphones and tablets, it has become just as important in addition to garnishing its suitcases and bags, to adorn its phone with useful mobile applications that will make it easier to during the trip. What applications are useful ? What goals ? Here is our review on essential applications to go on a trip.

Manage your budget

Tricout application

It’s well known, good accounts make good friends. True to the adage, the Tricout application specializes in budget management for a trip with friends. All payment associated with a trip are listed in the tool, in the same way as participants (maximum 30 people). Thus, Tricout allows us to recall who paid what, who must reimburse to whom, who has paid too much, etc … In short with Tricout, the account is good !

Wallet application

On vacation, if there is a resolution that you never keep the penny, it is to respect your budget. To do this, the Wallet application takes on the role of accountant and allows you to control in time your overall budget. On your side, simply indicate the initial amount provided for your vacation and establish categories of expenditure (accommodation, food, outings, etc.). Simple and easy to use, Wallet synchronizes even with your current account !

Easy Currency Application

Photo credit: Apple

A master of the motto it is, the Easy Currency tool presents itself as one of the flagship applications to travel.Just create your personal currency list so that the application gives you the exchange rate. most ? Easy Currency does not need the internet to work.

Find a flight

Kiwi application

Small by name, gourmet by its performance, Kiwi resonates as the reference of online flight comparators. Among 18 billion combinations and no less than 700 airlines to its credit, the application offers you the best offer for an unbeatable rate. Its plus, unique correspondences whose tool has the secret.

Get organized

My trip check application

Travel regularly requires a millimeter organization. Whether you are a businessman or simply a globetrotter/inveterate-handed-up, Checkmytrip presents itself as the ideal manager of your trips. His role ? Gather them in detail (flight, hotel, rentals) thanks to the various planning tools, on one and the same application. A kind of calendar of your trips, all-inclusive ! Significant fact, Checkmytrip alerts you in the event of a delayed flight, canceled or modified.

To find accommodation

Booking Application

We no longer present it. Elected best hotel booking site with its more than 2,60,000 hotels listed worldwide, Booking is one of the applications essential to travel in good and due form. The principle is simple: enter your destination and booking is responsible for offering you a selection of accommodation (apartments, hotels, holiday homes, etc.) at the best price.

Airbnb application

There too, the Airbnb name is enough for itself to speak to the whole world. Pioneer in community vacation rental, the site has become a must in terms of accommodation. By downloading the application, you have on hand what to find accommodation “like at home”, whatever the tastes and colors, in a few clicks and wherever you are.

Couchsurfing application

Based on the community aspect, Couchsurfing offers you a full -fledged accommodation experience. The application allows you to find accommodation with the locals, for a few hours rich in meetings. Off the beaten track, Couchsurfing detonates with its values ​​of sharing and conviviality. And for good reason: you stay for free for premises in exchange for a simple reciprocity !

Hostelworld application

You are looking for a youth hostel ? Hostelworld presents himself as the ideal application to find accommodation during your trip. Community above all, Hostelworld stands out for its 36,000 properties in 170 different countries. His credo ? “Meet the World! »»


Uber application

Do not want to pay a taxi, take public transport or move your vehicle ? Uber awaits you at the turn ! With the application, order a driver in a few minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You just have to enter your address and choose a driver from those offered nearby. In particular, you can follow your progress on a card. When the race is paid, it is activated as soon as your journey is validated by the driver. Simple and efficient.

Blablacar application

Pioneer of carpooling, Blablacar allows you to travel while sharing costs. The principle could not be simpler: search for a journey according to the desired date, choose the person with whom you wish to travel and voila. If you travel with your own vehicle, why not offer your trip as a driver ? Just register on the application and publish your journey. You just have to choose with whom you will leave !



Known as the reference card, Maps.I only work with GPS: with the application, no need for connection. Whether you are lost in the heart of a forest or in the mountains, the tool works without the internet and promises to always situate you. Do not panic so, you can explore anyway !

Citymapper application

Whether in train, in the tram or in inter-urban buses, thanks to Citymapper, public transport of big cities will no longer have any secrets for you. This world famous application is both available in English as in French, Android and iOS. It offers users information on public transport of a kyrielle of cities, both French and American, or British.


MAPSTR application

And if you built your own world map ? Real little gem in the MapStr matter allows you to list your good addresses and classify them by tags. To prepare your trip, the application allows you to consult other cards (friends, influencers, etc.) and thus list new addresses to experiment ! Most: Mapstr works all the time and everywhere, even without the Internet.

Izitravel application

Guide in its own right, Izitravel invites you to put on your headphones and let yourself be carried away by his visits. Like a guide, therefore, the application offers an audio tour of the most beautiful museums as well as audio visits in more than 900 cities around the world. Almost all of the visits are free and offered in French. For an optimal experience, remember to download the desired guide before browser: once downloaded, the latter does not need a connection to be launched.

Communicate, exchange

  • Google Translate

Google translation application

Impossible to move, walk, eat, rent a vehicle, discuss the conditions of a accommodation without being able to speak in the language of your interlocutor. To help you with this problem, your best friend will be google translation. On a trip to Turkey a few weeks ago, lost in the aisles of the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, the Google application has proven to be very useful. How ? We line the text in the area provided for this purpose in the application and in our language (French), then we launched the translation and once this carried out, we trigger the reading of the text in the language of our interlocutor, who did the same to answer us in French.

Travello application

Social network for globetrotters by Excellance, Travello is an essential application to exchange worldwide. Whatever your destination, the TravelloApp passenger community is there to answer your questions, give you advice, recommendations and even good deals. From the experienced profile to the budding traveler, the application is full of profiles of people who have one and the same passion: the whole world.

WhatsApp application

Free messaging, WhatsApp has made a place of choice on the trip. The application works like your phone, with one difference: it uses the internet. So, once connected to a WiFi terminal, you can send messages, photos/videos, voice messages and even make calls without fear of the package.

Stay connected

Wifimap application

Photo credit: Apple

Today, the Internet connection is one of the essentials when we go on a trip even if however, the goal is still … Disconnect. However, it is a fact: the Internet is still very useful to overcome a large number of situations. If you do not have a local data package, you can help yourself from WiFi Map. The application allows you to identify in real time the wireless terminals with free internet access around you.

The 10 best applications to travel in 2023

The 10 best applications to travel in 2023

Going on a trip is an always exciting event, but whose organization can be tedious at times and reserve many surprises. Nowadays, thanks to our smartphones and technology, organizing a trip becomes easier even for the least organized of us.

We have made you a selection of 10 applications that can facilitate your future trips and avoid some disappointments.��

Housing & Restaurants



Henoo application screen

Get Your Guide

Gotyourguide is an application to book visits and activities worldwide, such as museum tickets, tastings, cooking lessons and other various experiences.

The goal is to allow you to book your activities in advance to avoid the crowd and the wait once there. Its advantage is also that the cancellation of your reservations is free up to 24 hours before the start of the activity. Reviews are also available with activities to help you make the best choice.

Get Your Guide could be akin to Tripadvisor which is cited above, but it is more oriented towards the booking of activities, rather than to a list of points of interest in a city like TripAdvisor. Get Your Guide is therefore a good option to help you book activities and other excursions to animate your stay.




You have already wondered when buying a plane ticket if you had had it at the best possible price ? If so, like many people, Skyscanner should be useful to you.

Skyscanner is an application to compare flights (flight comparison n ° 1 in Europe), but also hotels and rental of cars. Thanks to it, you will be able to see the best offers available from thousands of options, and thus find the best price for your flight, hotel reservation or car rental.

In addition to being a comparator, Skyscanner helps you prepare your trip more serenely by informing yourself of the latest regulations related to travel. Note also that the cancellation of accommodation or car rental via the application is free, as well as COVVI-19 insurance. This can be advantageous in this period of health crisis, where you can cancel a reservation at no cost becomes an important factor.

Skyscanner is therefore the ideal tool for your budget and to travel with confidence.



City Mapper

City Mapper is an application for urban travel and route calculations that are active in many cities, such as Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Tokyo, but also in smaller cities.

It allows in particular to find various routes in town, whether by metro, bus or by bicycle. It lists and compares the routes according to their duration and informs users of any disturbances in real time. Nevertheless it does not allow to reserve online transport tickets or compare prices. Its main asset is to centralize various information on journeys and its easy and intuitive use.

We can only recommend it to facilitate your journeys and help you find the right route when you travel.

Finance management & Documents




Now we are going to discover Travello, which is an application that turns out to be a real social network made for travelers, used in more than 180 countries.

The passion common to all its users: travel. It will allow people to meet people around the world, who have common interests between them.

Travello allows in particular to share photos, videos and statutes, as on a social network. The user can also define his interests in order to facilitate exchanges with the community and users with the same. Beyond that, it is also possible to inform your travel projects on the application in order to be able to exchange with people with the same, and why not travel together. With Travello, it is even possible to book activities via Travello and enjoy exclusive prices.

If you go on a trip alone or with others and want to meet people on site, Travello could be a good ally to avoid loneliness.

Voyage application: Organize your vacation with our selection

Travel applications are now the essential accessory for globetrotter. Whether for a short or long stay, in France or abroad, here is our selection of apps for a successful vacation.

You go on vacation and you are not sure how to do it ? Why not rest on your smartphone to help you during all steps in your trip ? Here is our list of the best travel applications.

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The travel manager

The first application to install is an all-in-one travel manager, which will bring together your plane tickets, your hotel reservations and will suggest activities (museums, restaurants, etc.) depending on the time, the weather and your location.

To start, a good scruting application will allow you not to forget anything. Do not hesitate to consult our guide dedicated to the best applications dedicated to this theme.

In terms of travel preparation, the application that crushes all competition is tripit. With its automatic addition of information on your trip, it has all the features wanted for this type of application (plane, hotel, car reservation, etc.). The app also offers routes for your trips and even directs you at the airport in search of a kiosk or coffee.


Before leaving, the checklist is essential to be sure not to forget anything. There are Packing (fairly basic), Packpoint (more settings) or Packteo, The most complete and original. It allows you to quickly read things to do before leaving. You can create lists from suggestions (suitcase, sea, desert, mountain, abroad, with children, hiking, etc.), whether for things not to forget, your activities requiring a particular organization or According to the coming situations.

Packteo - Travel list

Packteo – Travel list

Find the ticket at the best price

Travel to Europe

To reach the destination, we can borrow different means of transport. If you cross Europe, Omio is the ideal service to compare the plane, train and bus to 35 countries and more to come. The app also offers airport transfers and ferry journeys. She then keeps your tickets at hand and sends you notifications in the event of a change.

OMIO: Train tickets, bus and plane in Europe

OMIO: Train tickets, bus and plane in Europe

Train tickets

To book a train ticket, there is of course yes.SNCF, the SNCF travel agency, essential and rather well done. You can book there for the train, the bus, but also carpooling in France and Europe.

Trainline: low -cost train and bus tickets

Trainline: low -cost train and bus tickets

We also and above all think of Trainline, which markets the same train tickets at the same prices, but with an interface often quoted as a model of ergonomics, all sectors combined.

SNCF Connect (yes.sncf)

SNCF Connect (yes.SNCF)

Take the plane

To go further, the only option is the plane. But this is the most competitive means of transport, so the most difficult to tame: the prices constantly fluctuate. In this context, the Hopper application does not only offer you to buy the cheapest ticket at time T, but predicts the best time to buy it according to your criteria. You can also receive recommendations according to your previous trips.

Hopper: flights, hotels, car

Hopper: flights, hotels, car

Unavoidable on computer, Google Flight is also accessible from smartphone under the name Take A Plane to find the ticket at the best price.

Take a plane - Google Flights

Take a plane – Google Flights

If you take the plane, there are pretty flight tracking applications, but the safest value is the application of your airline. We think for example stupidly of the Air France application.

Air France

Let us also quote Easyjet which has a clear and effective interface, allows you to manage your reservations and accompany you throughout the trip with boarding notifications.

Easyjet: Travel App

Easyjet: Travel App

As a rule, these applications allow you to register (check-in), present your electronic ticket and be alerted in the event of delay or change of boarding gate.


If you want to be sure you have opted for the right seat, do not hesitate to use the Seat Guru site (in English). You will have all the information on the distribution of the best places on an airplane, their equipment and services, indicating the flight number. All the companies around the world are referenced and users can add photos such as information.

GPS by car

To travel by car, you certainly need a GPS navigation application, and a traffic info service at the cleat. Waze is the reference, but it requires an internet connection. If you are traveling to France or Europe, this is no longer a problem, now that homelessness (roaming) is included.

Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic

Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic

If you are traveling internationally or if you want to save your internet volume for other uses, you can use Google Maps offline mode, or turn to a 100 % offline navigation application, such as Here Wego.

Here Wego

So don’t forget to deactivate your mobile data, or check our guide for the best offline GPS apps. Let us also quote the excellent maps.Me, a reference in the matter.


The Coyote application offers one of the best GPS tools to find its route, be alerted to traffic difficulties and dangers on the road. Years of know-how available in an app that is based on information shared by its large community of members for real-time information.


To travel by transport

To move on site, if you do not have your own car, the two universal solutions are public transport, taxi … or VTC. Uber is a controversial service, but it has the advantage of operating in several cities around the world.


To navigate by the metro, the bus or the tram, Citymapper and Google Maps allow you to easily find the line to take. Apple’s plans app has made enormous progress and now offers information on public transport in many major cities.


Book a hotel, guest room or hostel

To find accommodation, it is spoiled for choice: you can find a hotel room with a service like Booking.com.


If you appreciate the comfort of an apartment or a house, you can also turn to Abritel, which offers a wide variety of sets.

Abritel - Homeaway

Should we cite Airbnb, the reference of the genre when you are looking for a place to spend the night in a less formal setting than a hotel.


Great air lovers and campers can take advantage of HomeCamper to find the location to plant their tent.

HomeCamper & Gamping - Camping, garden side

HomeCamper & Gamping – Camping, garden side

Find restaurants, bars and cafes

The publisher Lonely Planet declines its famous tourist guides in the form of a successful application, supplied by local guides.

Guides by Lonely Planet

Guides by Lonely Planet

There is also Tripadvisor, whose reliability of opinions is sometimes called into question, but which has the merit of covering the whole world for free. The application has also modernized and now allows you to pin your best addresses, for you or on a card to share.


Finally, Lafourchette allows you to find a restaurant around and book at advantageous prices. The service is only available in France and in a handful of foreign countries.

Thefork (Lafourchette)

Internationally, Yelp will be of great help to find bars and restaurants. It can also be useful to find shops, leisure places or parks to rest.


Talk about foreign languages

Above again, you may need a translator to understand or make yourself understood. This is precisely the goal of Google Translation, which translates the text, the voice and even panels in augmented reality. The application can operate without internet connection if you have downloaded adequate language packs.

Google Translate

To translate posters, panels and other menus at the restaurant, Google Lens easily recognizes the characters of all linguistic systems and offers to send back directly to Google Translation to understand its meaning. In addition Google Lens, can identify certain objects, although the functionality is not very precise at the moment.

Google Lens

You can also simply learn a foreign language and we offer you a selection of the best apps to take lessons.

Exchange currencies and pay

Outside the euro zone, a currency conversion application will help you not spend without counting. We recommend XE.


Converting currencies is one thing, paying for it is another. Fintechs now allow you to pay a minimum of costs: N26 offers you to open a real current account for your expenses abroad.

N26 - The mobile bank

N26 – The mobile bank

Curve uses another way. The application provides you with a mastercard debitting one of your existing accounts.


Revolut goes a little further and provides you with a bank card to recharge. A small revolution.


To do his accounts

Do not wait for the end of the holidays to do the accounts, rather use an application to manage your expenses with family or friends with Tricout for example. You will then know who owes what and to whom.


Split is also a good solution, with a more refined interface. It is a little slower to handle, but is practical and effective once adopted.

Split: Group Expensures Manager

Split: Group Expensures Manager

You can also opt for the common pot and create a common kitty. For more details, do not hesitate to consult our full selection of applications to manage its budget.

The common pot

Note that more and more banks, especially online, offer costs for sharing costs with friends. This is the case of Money Friends Coté Banque Populaire or we share with my French Bank.

Now that you have been able to do your accounts with your friends or family, it’s time to pay your due. For this, the giant Paypal is perfectly suited.


In recent years, good alternatives very practical to use have emerged, such as French Lydia, which allows you to exchange small sums without going through the traditional transfer.


And also…

To find a WIFI connection Around you, you may use WiFi Finder. For more security and peace of mind, you can also for A VPN. And we have a guide to help you choose.

WiFi Finder - Free Wifi Map

WiFi Finder – Free Wifi Map

We do not fully measure the interest of such an application before you need it: where the toilets are ? lists more than 150,000 places around you, especially in France. Internationally, you can opt for Flush Toilet Finder, which lists 200,000 addresses (including France).

Where is the restroom?

Where is the restroom?

And finally, an app that can always be useful: that of the Red Cross. She presents the gestures that save in video, from training to the main medical emergencies with clear and detailed explanations. You can also test your knowledge, train yourself to prepare to deal with natural disasters. Emergency numbers are listed.

The Sauve App: Red Cross

The Sauve App: Red Cross

Want to join a community of enthusiasts ? Our discord welcomes you, it is a place of mutual aid and passion around tech.

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The best applications with traffic info to avoid traffic jams and web trends

For me it’s maps on site and that’s all. The rest plane tickets and hotel is made from the PC before leaving. These apps save time is true, but hey we must not forget that we are on vacation and the goal is not to make time profitable as if we were at work, you have to relax a little.

This makes them frankly useless applications in the Lot. People managed very well without, when the smartphone did not exist.

Regarding the train I much prefer Moove very easy to use, but still very little known
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The guy who says to let go of the technology meets himself a year apart. Excellent, don’t change anything: D

2 times per year. Rooo you can welcome your friends without app, you have to stop. A360 tire pressure, temperature on board and on the ground ? Order an Uber in 1 click to bring them home, and interflora for the bouquet��

Believe me I take the plane twice per year, it’s not as simple you don’t always have the info on the panel and abroad the phone does not always work ! There were flights canceled and I was at home no need to move to the airport to look for a friend with this app

a call ? An info on the display panels ? No Stess ��

My comment dates from 4 years but I will answer anyway;) to tell the truth an app as made to follow someone from the family family who comes from another country to find out if he has taken off or to see, see If our plane will be on time because sometimes they do not give information on delays of more than 2 haures . I do not know if you have already taken the plane or you waited for someone at the airport for hours .

and ‘at Ginette’, Anapurna, basic camps 4820 meters, 4 stars on the Roublard guide. The adventure begins ��

Offff, 3D network in network? we divide by the number of participants, simpler not? The app must be stopped to measure the number of liters of piss and the length of the pq roller consumed.��

pfff. On vacation we turn off his fucking mobi_drogue. Stop the apps to tell you or piss on the armored highways of Dorifores, and map to guide you in muddy trails. We let go of the thing, we take the departmental, the tites inns without full electric socket of rapid death, we leave the 3 moments at Mami to devote the 4G 100 GB of death, and above all, we do not answer for forums ��

Sorry the matche will start good evening

Like what, not really novelty on these miracle apps. Ah if I think you can note with Stars the quality of the toilets of the motorway areas . nice ��

and so ? You’re on the plane, you take off and your expected. what interest ? A good book by Marcel Proust: Sodom and Gomorrhote��

Vacance ok ? A paper card at the initiative union, Relax . No need to launch algorhythms of the best path from A A B, METHODE PERT, to do what ? Cool what ��

Well done, but you will do it ? or 1899 ridiculous photos and selphies on all world postcards? chiche !

And if the real useful app for the holidays was the ‘OFF’ button come out !?

I recently traveled in the south, I wanted to use the city’s public transport app but rotten total app, direct trip, she found nothing at all whatsoever stop or address. I found an app that even if imperfect, was top and was not only for this city but for a lot of cities in France, Europe. The drawback on the other hand is that it is that online or not found. When asked the way between point A and the low point, whether it is address or stop, she finds. It offers local public transport methods (ex RATP, RTM. ) with or not the correspondence whether by bus, metro, RER. Indicates whether it is necessary to walk or not, also indicates the other possible modes like bike, car rental like autolib. uber. The app is called Transit. Frankly she super served me where I went.

For a long time, for navigation, I do not separate from Osmand https: // play.Google.Com/Store/Apps/Details?id = net.Osmand The major advantage is to operate offline what Google Maps does not do if you are on foot or by bike. So for cities (Venice) or hikes in armenia assemblies, it works! The free version is the same as the paid version except that you can in principle only load 2 cards, in practice we find them easily and we put them in the ad hoc folder. After several trips, I chose the paid version to support the OpenSource project that users improve in particular with StreetComplete https: // play.Google.Com/Store/Apps/Details?id = of.Westnordost.Streetcomplete When you load a card, its level curves if necessary, you can also load Wikipedia, which makes a tourist guide (offline summary, more complete if you have data)

Back from Iceland or I was able to test a lot of apps. The best for me is maps.Me hiking trail/Volcal guidance offline. Hurry of Poi. In short, this app has everything to prepare your trip and travel. Its interface is intuitive. And in addition, it’s free.