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Bike tourism: the top 5 smartphone applications


You can acquire additional topographic cards, 20 countries are available. The cards are then stored on your phone and use the GPS of your device, which therefore has No data connection to work.

Bicycle application: the 15 essential apps (counter, route, etc.)

In the digital age smartphones punctuate our lives. Among a multitude of apps available, Which bike application to choose ? As in many other areas or sports, bicycle applications exist for Facilitate your practice, you Discover places, YOU drive, YOU motivate or you reward. To meet you are the mass of available applications, we have selected the 15 Best Applications for Bikes. The majority is free, some have paid features and others are fully paid.

GPS applications or bicycle routes

1 – Strava, the number 1 bike application

How to make an article on bicycle applications without mentioning Strava ? Available on Android and iOS, Strava allows to’Save data from its output (course, speed and mileage) thanks to the GPS of his phone.

Although you can use Strava As a bicycle counter on your phone, most cyclists use a separate bicycle GPS counter to save and download their routes, then use the application to synchronize their outings and benefit from social features application.

All outings downloaded on Strava give rise to an automatic classification of your times on the most popular road and path sections – called ” segments »In the jargon of Strava – as well as to a GPS card from where you drove. The segments are created by users and there are around the world.

Velo Strava application

For these segments, there is a “real -time” feature, which informs you when you pass on a segment that you have selected beforehand, your speed, the advance or the delay that you have on your best performance or the time by relation to the leader on the segment (called kOM for King of Mountain)). This functionality works on smartphones but also on the latest counters Garmin Edge and Wahoo.

An essential bike application ?

Which makes Strava essential, and which separates it from its competitors, is its social component. Like Facebook, you can follow your friends and see where and at what intensity they roll, leave comments and congratulate them for their outings (the famous Kudos !), as well as post photos of your own outings. It’s very motivating When you start, and the application can constitute an additional source of motivation to surpass itself and measure up.

You can also find me on this network to follow my training and find sources of inspiration for some of your bike outings: find myself on Strava.

In addition to social functions, there are challenges organized each month, one of the best itinerary designers on the market and other tools related to thetraining (follow -up of the form, power curve and PRR …).

How much does Strava cost ?

Since May 2020, Strava rendered part of its paid features, accessible via a premium subscription to € 7.99 per month Or € 59.99 for the year (just under 5 € per month). This concerns in particular the creation of routes and the viewing of all of the segments rankings.

2 – Google Maps

We continue with a particularly known application, Google Maps. The Californian company knows how to do it in terms of cartography. Google Maps is a great tool for locate easily, find business or a remarkable place but also trace a Cours to follow by bike.

Just as you use your phone on the fly to find places, read a few reviews and go to the one you have chosen, you can use Google Maps To do the same – and get there by borrowing cycle paths and routes adapted to bikes.

Google Maps Velo

Like any bicycle application, it is not infallible, but in its category, it is one of the best. THE Audio tinging audio instructions are also very useful by bike; For cyclists who choose to ride with headphones, you can have your phone in your pocket and go easily where you have to go (be careful all the same security, We rather recommend that you use bone conduction headphones that allow you to hear the surrounding noise). Otherwise, to follow the route on your smartphone, you can use the smartphone bike meters with magnetic fastening for example.

As I said, the application is not infallible and sometimes passes the cyclist on roads unpublished, which is annoying for Road cyclists For example.

3 – Komot

If Google Maps is undoubtedly the reference in navigation in general, it is sometimes a little limited for the Design of bicycle routes.

Komoot uses the OpenStreetMap open-source database and allows you to plan Road journeys, in Mountain biking and in gravel, as well as daily journeys. The big difference compared to Google Maps is at the level of the choice of roads, where Komoot Try to choose the most effective route, taking into account the ease of use of a road or a path for cyclists, as well as your physical condition.

From a starting point and an arrival point, Komoot indicates the degree of difficulty, the physical condition required, the coverings you will meet and a drop of elevation.

Once you have started your route, it tells you the speed, the distance traveled, the remaining distance and allows you to easily modify the itinerary on the fly. You can also consult other route recommendations in your region via the route explorer.

KOMOOT Route Application

The bicycle application to discover new courses

Komoot also offers selected routes, suggested by local cyclists and ambassadors of The bicycle application. This is a great way to discover unknown gems in your region and discover new roads !

The use of the application or the website is free. Users can choose to pay for premium functions, which include voice navigation, offline cards, free updates of cards and circuit export for your GPS device. Payment is made by region, only one region costing € 3.99 and the whole world € 19.99 by paying single (no recurring payment).

4 – Viewranger

While Google Maps or Strava are ideal for truckers or to find your way to the trails, this mapping application is useful for mountain bikers who like a little exploration outside the beaten track.

It can be downloaded for free and comes with an OpenCycle basic card around the world, very intuitive and free, who frees you from any “uncertainty of navigation” when the need arises.

You can acquire additional topographic cards, 20 countries are available. The cards are then stored on your phone and use the GPS of your device, which therefore has No data connection to work.

The application uses your GPS position and the your phone camera To show you the names of the heights you look at (pretty nice in hiking too !)).

You can create and share your own routes in the application, Download the traces of other people or simply explore the surroundings. There is even a live follow -up function “Buddy Beacon” which allows you to share your journey with your faithful audience or with selected friends, and to see who is around you.

Weather applications for cycling

5 – Windfinder

When you draw a route, whether you want to go on roads you know or not, it is always important to know the weather and especially the wind direction. As you surely know, I rather recommend that you go on wind from the back to get back from back. It is an old technique like the world, always relevant, you still have to know the direction of the wind.

Windfinder is the application that I use the most to know the localized weather and the wind direction depending on the time during the day (and yes the wind can turn during the exit !)). This is a card Wind and weather forecast. We can find the meaning and strength of the wind at a specific point. The menu also offers the Localized Map of Precipitation forecasts, Very practical to avoid a downpour.

Windfinder Velo Application

Thanks to this tool, I happened several times to leave with the favorable wind, and to also return with a favorable wind because I had anticipated the change of direction. When it happens, It’s a real pleasure !

6 – Epic Ride Weather, the weather bike application

Epic Ride Weather allows Windfinder to visualize the essential weather information on your outing. The application works important course or some segments From a variety of sources like Strava, Ride with GPS, Garmin, Komoot and VeloViewer. Once you have coupled your sources (s), you just have to select the course or the segment you want to see, Choose your departure time and your estimated average speed, and the application provides information hyper-detailed weather, detailing the temperature, direction and wind speed at each point of the route. For the routes, you can also see the elevation profile under the 2D card of the wind direction. The stronger the wind, the larger the wind arrow icon,.

Epic Ride Weather

This application is used in particular by certain professional teams (that’s how I discovered it) such as the Jumbo-Visiona team or the Israel Startup-Nation team. Below, you can find the data for stage 20 of the Tour de France 2019, the time of the Beautiful Filles Plate, Fatal in Primoz Roglic.

Only negative point, the application is paying for use. Count € 2.49 per month or € 8.49 for the year, reasonable given the quality and precision of the data provided.

Bicycle meter applications

7 – Cyclemeter

Cyclemeter Transform your smartphone into an excellent bicycle counter – if you place it on your handlebars, of course. A good alternative to start by bike without investing directly in a GPS counter.

The application is similar to others by the richness of its customizable options during the trip, but you also benefit from a wide range of analyzes after the trip. In addition, you do not need to connect to a site, the data remains on your device.


You can also start/stop your outings using the headphones’ remote control button of your phone, and integrated Google Maps can help you in unknown areas.

Cyclemeter is also compatible with Strava, Facebook, Twitter and other applications, and the import and export of routes are also easy.

8 – Mapmyride

Mapyride is quite similar to Cyclemeter, but benefits from the online experience of the parent company in terms of mapping software of routes. The application was bought by Underarmour to allow the development of new features.

The application is well designed to follow not only journeys, but also food, weight and many other things, and can also lead you to your destination.


There Premium version Includes training plans, more advanced guide options and live follow -up that can be shared with family and friends. The premium version also gets rid of the advertisements you face in the free application (which is a negative point but difficult to do without for free applications).

Applications for cycling

9 – Nolio Planning and performance monitoring platform

As a cyclist who wishes to progress, it is important to have access to all its data and keep a training book. In the digital age, no more paper notebook or Excel table, make way for an application that connects with all large applications (Strava, Garmin Connect, etc.) and which synchronizes all your data by giving you access to features Analysis of your training sessions.

In addition to these extensive analysis features, the differentiating point with the applications we have seen previously, this is the possibility of planning your training weeks. On a scheduled sessions calendar, you can plan and organize your training as you wish. Nolio allows the addition of Training blocks, of sessions, of competitions and of notes. You can also create models of drag and drop sessions in your calendar to save time.

Graphic session analysis

It’s’bicycle application For the training we have chosen to use to support our personalized coaching athletes. You can read a much more detailed test on the features and find our opinion on the Nolio test article.

10 – ZWIFT the essential indoor training platform

The application Zwift is an indoor training platform, a pioneer in the virtual cycling. Halfway between training tool And video game, the company offers cyclists to ride on the roads of virtual worlds (some imaginations and some inspired by real places such as the wind-top or the Alpe du Zwift to respectively Mont Ventoux and the Alpe d’Huez). Your virtual avatar takes up your physical characteristics (weight and size) and advances according to the developed power (captured by your connected home trainer or your power sensor).

Popularized to the uninitiated during the last world pandemic, Zwift is also a social and community platform. Many interactions are possible between cyclists rolling on the same roads (possibility of taking the wheel, sprinter …), which makes the application very fun With lots of gamification aspects: leveling of levels, unlocking new material ..


It is also a very good training tool, with the possibility of following the training offered by the application or creating your own sessions thanks to the workout designer. You can also take part in group events (group outing, meetup with your friends or virtual race).

To access the application, and be able to train in this virtual world, you will have to pay a monthly subscription to € 14.99 or an annual subscription.

11 – Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect is the application available for people who have a garmin device. There is a version for computer and an mobile version.

In summary, Garmin Connect Allows you to bring together All data in your watch or bicycle counter. From running to cycling through cardio and power, if your Garmin follows it, Connect shows it. You can see how many steps you have taken, how far you have traveled this week/month/year, an estimate of your VO2 max, your training charge …. And the list is long.


It is also an application that you can connect as source for other services requiring some of your sports data. This is the case for example for Strava. If you are in possession of a Garmin Edge, once your outing is finished, it is synchronized with Garmin Connect via the mobile application or a connection to the computer. Garmin Connect Coupled with Strava will allow your release to be on the Strava network in a few seconds (which requires a manual import if you do not use Garmin Connect)). I specify that this is the case of the Garmin devices and that the other manufacturers of GPS meters all have their own application for the import and synchronization of data to third party services.

12 – Wahoo fitness

The biggest advantage of the application Wahoo Fitness is that it adapts perfectly to others.

It is easily coupled with Bluetooth sensors, such as cardiofrequencymeters, speed sensors and power sensors. (With a Wahoo Key plugin, you can also couple with Ant+Sensors).

In a world where many companies keep your data in their ecosystems, Wahoo Fitness Download on all the right sites-Strava, Mapmyfitness, Trainingpeaks, MyfitnessPal-and, if you wish, you can transmit your data in one of the five file formats of your choice by e-mail or Dropbox.

Wahoo Fitness Bike

If you are a data enthusiast, you will love the presentation of the application, rich in figures, with eight customizable pages of data on speed, power, heart rate and more. In addition, there is a GPS card, although it consumes the battery fairly quickly.

The application can also be used with Wahoo connected home trainer.

Bike application to motivate yourself, get rewards or relive your outings

13 – Cycling Heroes, the Application Bike Rewards and Motivation

To motivate you to roll, Cycling Heroes is an application that you Reward for the kilometers traveled. The concept is simple, the kilometers accumulated are transformed into points which can in turn be converted into awards. These awards are offered by Cycling Heroes partners, major brands in the bicycle universe but not only.

Challenges are organized, with greater rewards up to a whole road bike offered by drawing among all finishers.


To earn points, synchronize theapplication With one of these compatible apps: (Garmin Connect, MAP My Ride by Under Armor, Decathlon Coach, Rouvy, Adidas Running by Runtastic, Nike+ Run Club, Runkeeper, Fitbit, Tomtom, Polar, Suunto …).

14 – Relive

Using Strava, Garmin Connect, Mapmyride and other data, Stagger Grinds a 3D video overflight of your course, similar to the overviews presented before the WorldTour road races.

The moving card not only shows your progression on the course, but also the place where you have reached your Maximum speed and the elevation profile, as well as all Photos you were able to take along the way.


It’s a nice enough for relive (Relive !) his outings after the fact, share them on social networks in a more fun and simply record it in his documents as a memory ofA nice outing.

Bicycle application to find used equipment

15 – barter Velo

Like the right corner, barter Velo is the platform, and the application for thePurchase and resale of new and used bicycle equipment. Available in computer version and mobile bicycle application, the site includes no less than 60,000 goods ads put online by individuals and professionals.


You will find a lot of categories concerned: whole bikes, used room, wheels, frame, cyclist equipment, home trainer or accessories. Whether you are looking to invest in a new bike or sell your equipment, Barter is the platform you need.

Antoine - Founder and Head Coach

Antoine – Founder and Head Coach

Passionate about cycling, I very early became interested in the preparation of the cyclist, training methods and what made the difference when we want to progress.
Our objective, through this blog, is to allow the greatest number of cyclists, to understand and apply training methods which correspond to them and which will lead them towards the achievement of their objectives !

Bike tourism: the top 5 smartphone applications

This summer, to discover the neighboring landscapes your holiday destination will certainly be part of your goals. Here are the applications that can help you.

The CNET France team

Posted on 07/27/2023 at 19:00

Bike tourism: the top 5 smartphone applications

Update of July 27, 2023

The Grand Cross Crusader Between July and Autians arrives. Whether you are a category or the other, summer is conducive to bicycle walks. On vacation or near you, here is how your smartphone can help you enjoy your outings.

Doing bicycle visits is a unique way to discover trails and make long walks to see a maximum of magnificent corners while playing sports. But getting your paper GPS card holding the handlebars is not easy for ordinary people.

This is why we have decided to make your life easier by listing the 5 best applications to go on tourism by bicycle everywhere in France. To your handlebars. Loans ? Pedal !

1. Cyclemeter

Application number 1 For any self -respecting cyclist, CycleMeter has sworn to accompany you wherever the desire to pedal will take you. In addition to finding you the most affordable paths and paths to the most unusual, it provides you with a whole range of indications on your performance during your bicycle routes.

With a very powerful fitness computer, CycleMeter allows you to consult the cards, graphics on your time and racing intervals, but also the intervals and information of the tourist areas to be discovered absolutely.

Cycleter GPS bicycle and race

CycleMeter is an essential application for expert and leisure cyclists. The mobile application (Android, iOS) contains a GPS for route monitoring, a statistical tool, a link to social networks, etc.

  • Downloads: 3797
  • Release date : 2023-09-11
  • Author : ABVIO INC.
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Sport
  • Operating system : Android – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch

2. Bikemap

Discover the existing bicycle routes around you or during the next vacation with this unique dedicated application. Indeed, Bikemap lists all the ideal paths and paths for your bicycle walks, but also allows you to create those you will see good to save during your visits.

Imagine going to the forest or in the mountains to discover still unexplored passages. Download Bitmap and draw all your future bicycle vacation yourself, whether it be road or all terrain.


Discover all the trails in the countryside or well -marked cycle paths for your road bikes or mountain bikes with the free mobile application Bikemap.

  • Downloads: 1265
  • Release date : 2023-09-19
  • Author : GMBH bikemap
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Sport
  • Operating system : Android – Online service – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch

3. Komoot

You are looking for your next summer outing on tar or a walk on a path, perhaps pedaling in the heart of the forest ? Do not look anymore, Komoot has already found.

This application provides you with an inexhaustible pool of routes and routes to attack the most beautiful sites and the way you prefer. Not happy to provide a phenomenal quantity of trails to explore by bicycle, Komoot also provides you with all the interesting information concerning your tourist insert. Go by knowing in advance the state of the roads and their coating, the level of difficulty and the elevation profile.


Komoot is a free mobile GPS navigation application for Android and iOS, intended for outdoor athletes who love hikes, trails on foot or mountain biking, etc.

  • Downloads: 1224
  • Release date : 2023-09-19
  • Author : Komoot GmbH
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Sport
  • Operating system : Android – Online service – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch

4. Strava

We present more the favorite sports app of runners, trailers and marathon runners. But did you know that it is also aimed at all those who prefer to pedal to make their stay more pleasant ?

Download Strava and go into visits thanks to its GPS system that lists the best local roads around you. Then share your favorite places with your friends on the application and on social networks. Also benefit from suitable monitoring and advice to analyze your progress and improve your sports performance.


Strava a cartography service that uses smartphone GPS to trace the course for your running or cycling activities. You can download the application for Android or iOS.

  • Downloads: 458
  • Release date : 2023-09-20
  • Author : Strava Inc.
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Sports
  • Operating system : Android – Online service – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch

5. Geovelo

Your personalized application has arrived. In addition to finding the best trails and visits around you, Geovelo adapts to your racing style and prints your rhythm on a bicycle. Whether you have an electrical assistance or not, whether you are fast, on more or less secure trails or tar routes, Geovelo adapts to provide the ideal support support for all your visits.

Download it without further delay and conquer the most beautiful local visits. With Geovelo, hundreds of routes more beautiful and practicing each other and tens of hours by bicycle waiting for you.


Geovélo is a real navigation application for your bicycle walks. It guides you on suitable routes, allows you to discover information about the places you visit and even more !

  • Downloads: 3441
  • Release date : 2023-08-30
  • Author : The Mobility Company – Around the train
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Sport
  • Operating system : Android – Online service – iOS iPhone / iPad


The CNET France team published on 07/27/2023 at 7:00 p.m. | Updated on 07/27/2023

The 10 best cycling applications

Between route planning, tracking of travel, virtual races and camping recognition, our list of the best cycling applications explains how to use your smartphone to improve your bike outings.

The 10 best cycling applications

Whether you do road, hiking or pedaling on your interior bike, there is today a cycling application for almost everything. You are looking for the best bicycle path in a new city ? Try Trailforks. You want to participate in virtual races from the comfort of your home ? Zwift is the app you need. You try to find the best route to go to your favorite park ? Komoot will do the trick. There are an astounding number of cyclists’ applications that are just waiting to be downloaded. We have selected the best.

Content :


Both route planner, travel monitoring tool, training newspaper and social network, Strava is the most popular cycling application for a good reason. You will be impressed by its travel monitoring function. Simply put your phone in a pocket or fix it on your bike and the GPS will record all your activity. At the end, you can not only consult the data relating to your course, such as distance, altitude, cadence and even maximum speed, but also see where you are in relation to other runners in the segments of the segments concerned. Road or path sections specially timed, segments are a great way to follow your progress over time.

If you use a cycling computer compatible with Strava, for example a recent wahoo or garmin, you will see when you approach a segment and know what effort you have to go, which will allow you to dose your effort as effectively as possible. Once your journey is online, comments and congratulations will start to fuse from your friends on the app. You undoubtedly have some knowledge among the 76 million users of the platform. Want to know even more about Strava ? Consult our detailed article.


The time when we had to watch old stages of the Tour de France on TV to be able to train at home is over: place in the virtual world of Zwift. Not only does the app allow bicycle enthusiasts around the world to compete on tracks in synthetic images (there is even a canyon team), it is also an excellent training tool offering a range of plans and exercises For cyclists of all levels. The ZWIFT team is constantly adding new roads and new training programs. So, if you pedal a lot indoors, this app is to download absolutely. Make your first steps on Zwift with our beginners guide.


Zwift – Canyon ZCC

Wahoo Fitness

Designed for cyclists straddling the figures, Wahoo Fitness displays and records detailed information on your journey so that you can make the most of your training. The application is completely free and easily associates with your performance monitoring devices, such as cardiofrequencymeters and wattmeters. Once you have recorded all the statistics of your effort, it is easy to transfer them to other applications or training programs such as Strava or Trainingpeaks. If cyclists who already use Wahoo products, such as their indoor training devices, are the most enjoying the application, this remains an excellent free tool for all passionate cyclists who seek to collect more data On their performance.


The ultimate navigation tool for bicycle journeys: Komoot can help you find the best route to get from point A to point B, that you use your electric bike in town to visit a friend or that You are embarking on a week -long odyssey on your tourist bike. The application uses the OpenStreetsMap database to select the best possible roads or tracks for your trip. Just open it on your phone or computer and select departure and arrival points. It effectively generates routes specific to bikes, but you can also change your route to reach crossing points or specific picturesque sites. It also has a community function which allows other cyclists to share their favorite section of road, a good path or even a beautiful point of view.

Komoot is also useful for bicycle navigation. If you do not have a bicycle counter, you can simply store your phone in a pocket and let the application warn you with audio alerts before your next turn. If you prefer to use a bicycle counter, Komoot allows you to save your planned routes and download them in a variety of different formats compatible with the system you use. Komoot can be downloaded and used for free but requires a small contribution for each region that you plan to explore if you decide to download offline cards. If you like the application, a higher unique payment will allow you to download cards from around the world for use outside connection.

Google Maps

Although it still requires an occasional inspection of dubious roads, the Google Maps bicycle function is constantly improving. Google Maps is ideal for the city dweller who wishes to get on his city bike and find a friend in a specific bar or restaurant. This is the only application of this list that allows you to read a store review, decide to get there and immediately get a detailed route on your phone.

Ride with GPS

Direct competitor of Komoot, Ride with GPS is a very popular application for those who plan long -term trips in bikepacking or cycle tourism. The application is easy to use and the basic monthly subscription allows you to record detailed routes with altimetric data to be used offline when you are on your gravel bike and the cellular network is out of reach. The application also offers detailed navigation and allows you to publish journey reports so that other people can consult them. This is an excellent option for any cyclist who travels the 11 best cycle paths in the United Kingdom. / The best gravel paths in Germany.


With more than 161,000 trails around the world, Trailforks is the most popular application to mountain bikers. Whether you are looking to discover new trails or just want to check the condition of your favorite single course before you start, Trailforks has everything you need. The application allows you to easily explore all the mountain tracks closest to you and provides information on the level of difficulty and altitude, as well as moderate user comments describing the condition of the tracks, in order to that you can prepare accordingly accordingly.

Dark Sky

Depending on where you live, the weather can be a determining factor in planning your trips. While a forecast application may only display rain all day long, the complex algorithm of Dark Sky provides surprisingly precise weather data hour by hour. The clouds that darken the horizon before your departure worries you ? Dark Sky can tell you if these clouds will turn into rain and when it happens. You wonder if you shouldn’t wait for the rain to calm down a bit before getting on your road bike ? The application can tell you with precision in how many minutes the weather will change. It is a great tool for all cyclists who seek to optimize the time they spend driving in the sun.

Gaia GPS

Originally designed for hiking and hinterland use, Gaia GPS has attracted many mountain bikers and backpacking enthusiasts by detailed downloadable cards. Choose between Nat Geo illustrated cards, satellite cards and topographic cards to plan your excursions in nature. While other applications make you follow an arrow closely along your route, Gaia works more like a traditional card, allowing you to situate yourself in your environment and then determine the best path to take. The application allows you to download large areas cards with a minimum of cellular data. She will save you the stake if you notice that the path you had planned to travel by mountain bike is no longer passable and that you must find another.

Gaia GPS


Community mapping project, IOverlander is an essential application for all those who provide a trip of several nights in bikepacking or cycle tourism. All over the world, iOverlander gives details on the various places where bicycle travelers can rest for the night, free or at cost cost. Each bivouac, campsite, hostel and hotel is accompanied by notes left by users of the application so that you can choose the accommodation that will best suit you. The application also provides important information on the road, such as places to shower, laundry or sites to visit.

Honorable mentions

Dotwatcher.CC If you want to get into bikepacking or long -distance cycling races, try Dotwatcher.CC. The “dot watching”, or point observation, is simply a way to follow a long distance race without assistance. In many races, all runners are equipped with GPS and Dotwatcher tracers.CC integrates follow -up cards while using volunteer commentators to give life to the race. You can follow the course of your favorite runner or that of your friend. It doesn’t seem very enticing, but you can experience moments of intense suspense to speculate on what happened when your favorite point exceeds others while other points stop for hours to sleep or repair the mechanics of their bicycle.

On the go map Although it is not an application, on the go map is the simplest tool to plan a bike hike or to see the distance traveled afterwards. This free freezing website allows you to trace your way by simply clicking on the streets or by drawing a straight line from one point to another. The site indicates exactly the distance from your route and the elevation that it covers. He does little, but does them to perfection.