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Foldable Xiaomi scooter with a weight of 16.5 kg

Xiaomi Pro 4 electric scooter

The Xiaomi Pro 4 electric scooter is ideal for intensive practice. It takes you further into your urban explorations, up to 25km/h.

Power, autonomy and comfort, the Xiaomi Pro 4 electric scooter has all the characteristics to accompany you in your trips in urban areas without difficulty up to 55km.

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Product advantages


Autonomy up to 55 km. Maximum speed of 25 km/h.


Front engine wheel of 350W (nominal), 700W max


Incredible tire of 10 “, self-referral gel Xiaomi Duragel

Ease of reading

Integrated display with driving information (speed, battery, km, mode)

Braking power

Front e-abs engine brake and rear dispelment brake


Foldable Xiaomi scooter with a weight of 16.5 kg


Connectable in Bluetooth to the Xiaomi Mi Home application


IPX4 type: Dust protection and water projections

Technical informations

How to maintain your Xiaomi scooter ?

We advise you to control before and after each outing the condition of your scooter and any absence of abnormal game, cracks or bright edges.
The wheels and bearings are wear parts, remember to control them also and change them if necessary.
Remember to recharge your scooter after each use.
During a long period without use, your scooter can fall into a deep landfill. To avoid this, recharge it once every three months to maintain it.

Adopt the right gestures for after-sales service

To ensure the quality of the after-sales service, we recommend that you keep the packaging card, the wedging items, your accessories and your receipt to simplify the procedure for your Xiaomi scooter

Safety instructions

Before any use, please read the local regulations in force, and respect it.
A helmet should be worn for the practice of the electric scooter.


Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 474 Wh.
The battery life is around 500 load cycles. In order to guarantee the battery screw duration, watch the stored battery loaded with around 70%.
Plant time: 8.5 hours.
Sophisticated cruise control and kinetic energy recovery system (KERS).
Battery and charger supplied with your Xiaomi Pro 4 scooter.


Safe design thanks to an aeronautical quality aluminum alloy for the central part.


Incredible tire of 10 “, with its self-referral gel Xiaomi Duragel

User size and weight

The Xiaomi Pro 4 scooter is suitable for users aged 16 to 50 measuring between 120 and 200 cm.
Resists a maximum load of 120kg.

Xiaomi scooter dimensions

Dimensions: 1198 x 484 x 1240mm
Folded dimensions: 1198x484x510mm

How fast can the Xiaomi Pro 4 electric scooter go ?

The Xiaomi Pro 4 electric scooter has three speed modes:
– Pedestrian mode which allows you to go up to 6 km/h.
– The standard mode that will take you up to 15 km/h.
– Sport mode for a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

Can my Xiaomi scooter roll in the rain ?

No, your Xiaomi electric scooter has an IPX4 protection index, this index informs you that your product is protected from dust and splashes like puddles. The practice in the rain is strongly not recommended.


2 years except wear parts (wheels, bearings, grip, handles, brakes).
2 years for the battery

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Why choose Xiaomi electric scooters ?

To move calmly with an electric scooter, it is important to choose a model that suits you and a quality brand. On the electric scooter market, Xiaomi is a reference brand that has a wide range of quality products. Combining power, autonomy and comfort, Xiaomi electric scooters accompany you in all your journeys. In order to find the ideal model, it is important to take into account several criteria for your search: autonomy, power, weight of the scooter … In our Decathlon stores or on our site, you will easily find the model that meets your needs.

What are the advantages of the daily electric scooter ?

If you want to use this kind of daily transportation means, you can trust the Xiaomi brand. Indeed, this brand has a wide range of electric scooters designed for intensive and regular uses. Allowing you to roll up to 25 km/h, Xiaomi electric scooters will quickly replace your car in your daily life. By opting for this new means of transport, you can move faster in the city and no longer have a problem to park.

Discover all power of the Xiaomi electric scooters

Xiaomi electric scooters are among the most interesting and efficient models on the market. Indeed, offering autonomy up to 45 km and power between 250 and 300 watts, these scooters will be ideal for all your urban trips. Depending on your budget and your color preferences, you can find the model that suits you among the Xiaomi electric scooters. To be sure to choose the right scooter model, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated guide: how to choose an electric scooter ?

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