4 ways to locate a Samsung phone step by step – Airdroid, how to locate a Samsung phone for free

How to locate a Samsung phone for free

How does Samsung intend to locate our phone without it being connected to a network? Using the strength of the number and the brand’s Galaxy devices!

How to locate a Samsung phone ?

In terms of mobile security, the Samsung laptops are undoubtedly at the top of the classification for the majority of us. The reason is simple: Samsung phones are compatible with Google safety devices and offer a variety of applications and services to preserve the confidentiality of our information.

But what would you do if you lost your Samsung phone ? Could you find him ? Can you recover the data it contains ? And what about all the photos and videos taken with your mobile ?

Follow a Samsung phone

Losing your laptop is a major drawback, but above all a risk to security. If someone manages to seize your device, it is possible for them to access all the information saved. Therefore, to protect your data from hacking or theft, this article presents some quick tips. First of all, let’s see in more detail how to locate a Samsung phone.

  • Part 1 : How to locate a Samsung phone with Find My Mobile ?
  • Part 2 : How to follow a Samsung phone with mobile tracers ?
  • Part 3: How to locate a samsung with an iPhone ?
  • Video tutorial: How to locate a Samsung phone ?

Part 1: how to locate a Samsung phone with Find My Mobile ?

Samsung has an effective tool to find a lost or stolen device: Find My Mobile. This free service allows users to follow a Samsung phone in real time, to erase all the data remotely and much more. The best in all that ? It works even if the device is not connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data !

You must connect to a Samsung account to use this tool.

Find My Mobile configuration

  1. Step 1.Access the settings on your home screen or in the apps folder.
  2. 2nd step.Scroll down and select “Biometrics and Safety”, “screen locking and security” or “security” in the list of options.
  3. Step 3.Scrolle until “find my mobile” appears in the list of options, then press it to open it.
  4. Step 4.Press Activate the remote controls. Make sure this button is activated on “on”, then select “Add an account”. You will then have to connect to your Samsung account or create one if you do not have them. You will need a Samsung account to use this service.

Tracking your lost phone using Find My Mobile

    Step 1.Open a browser and access the Samsung Find My Mobile website. Connect with the Samsung account associated with your phone.

Connect to Find My Mobile

1. Ring the laptop in order to locate it if it is somewhere in the house.

2. Delete phone data so that no one can access it.

3. Log the mobile and assign it a new PIN code so that no one can unlock the device.

4. Extend the battery life. The background applications will be disabled, which will allow the battery to last longer.

Found My Mobile remote control

Part 2. How to follow a Samsung phone with mobile tracers ?

What are the mobile tracers ?

Mobile tracers are programs to follow a Samsung phone on track. They record your incoming and outgoing calls, your messages, your downloads, etc. Some of them even give you the opportunity to read erased messages. Mobile tracers always use GPS and alerts to locate your phone.

1Ardroid parental control application

A question arises: how to locate a Samsung phone for free ?

The Ardroid parental control application is the best way to monitor and control your child’s Samsung phone. It is compatible with all Samsung models, such as S7 Edge, Galaxy, A20, etc.

Ardroid parental control application

It allows you to follow a child’s Samsung phone as well as all the activities carried out on it. You can check all the apps installed, consult the history, obtain the call details, SMS, screen time and the position of the phone. It also allows you to order your child’s phone from a distance. The interface is very user -friendly and simple to use. Thanks to this application, you can supervise your child in real time.


Location monitoring: Consult the location history of your child’s Android device and display their current position at any time.

Environmental remote monitoring: Observe and listen to the Samsung phone environment remotely

Security zone alert: Receive a notification when your child enters or leaves the areas previously delimited on the map.

Panic mode: In the event of an emergency, your child can send you an alert by pressing a button.

Application control: Consult all the applications installed on the target device and filter the ones you disapprove of. You can also monitor social media apps by synchronizing incoming messages and displaying the Samsung Target phone screen.

Limitation of screen time: Define when and for how long your child can access their Android device.

Ardroid parental control board

Why choose Ardroid parental control ?

Several reasons explain why users favor this application. Here are a few ;

Quick setup : The commissioning and operation of this application are very simple. You don’t need special knowledge to use this software.

No root: You don’t need to root your mobile to install this application. Indeed, it works perfectly even with an unmanated phone.

Reliable and safe: The application is very effective and reliable to follow a Samsung phone or any other remote mobile device from anywhere in the world. You can consult the information collected in real time and at any time when you want to spy on a phone’s activities.

Trendy mode: The application icon will not appear on the home screen or in the device notification bar. It will therefore be difficult for your child to know that she exists on his phone.

Steps to follow to use Ardroid parental control

We know that your child’s protection is your priority. Maybe you are wondering: how to locate a Samsung phone for free ? We will therefore detail the steps to follow;

Step 1. Download and install the Ardroid parental control on the laptop you will use to follow a Samsung phone.

Google Play BlackBlack App Store

2nd step. Create an account and connect. Click on the ” +” icon in the upper right corner and follow the instructions to connect the Samsung phone to the first phone.

Step 3. Select the Location icon to follow the Samsung phone location. You can also use remote commands, use restrictions and other parental control functions.

2Flexispy application

Flexispy is hybrid software/service that allows you to control your smartphone in real time. This unpublished system records the activities of anyone who uses your compatible Android iPad or Android device. Just install a small app on your laptop. It starts at each start -up of your phone but remains stealthy and does not appear in the Windows Mobile task manager.



There are two flexispy versions: a high -end version and a more affordable basic version. The upper version includes the following features:

Environmental recording

Interception and recording of calls and listening live

Surveillance of social networks and SMS

How to install it ?

Just follow simple instructions.

1. Download and install FLEXISPY on the target phone.

2. Open the application and create your account.

3. Connect to your dashboard and start following all the data.


This application allows you to follow a Samsung phone easily. Indeed, the data of the target device is available from anywhere and at any time by internet. Using this application, you can monitor all messages and call history on the target device and much more.



MSPY is an excellent tool for controlling the use of a mobile phone. It is easy to use and works on Android, iOS and Internet. You can use MSPY for:

Consult SMS

Show call history

Consult the Internet browsing history

See the activity of social networks

Show GPS location information

Block applications and websites

Lock the phone remotely

Take a photo from a distance

How to install MSPY ?

First of all, you need to buy MSPY, because it is only free for 7 days. You can buy MSPY on its official website. It is 100% legal.

After buying MSPY, you will receive a confirmation email, then you will have to download the application to the target device.

Use the identifiers provided in the email to connect to your online dashboard and start surveillance.

Why is an application to follow a Samsung phone required ?

Let’s examine the reasons why an app can be useful to you:

Follow your children on track

As a parent, it is reassuring to know where your children are, at any time. If you think your child is in danger or in a place where he should not be, knowing how to locate a Samsung phone will allow you to be alerted to the situation and act before things degenerate.

Find lost phones

If you lose your phone or it is stolen, a tracking application will allow you to locate it very quickly. Thus, there is less risk than someone can use the phone without being caught. It is therefore much more prudent to have one of these devices rather than to do without.

Control the activity of employees

Employees can easily take advantage of the company’s time during working hours when there is no control over what they do. The use of this type of applications makes it possible to ensure that an employee does not use the resources of the company unhappy.

Part 3. How to locate a samsung with an iPhone ?

Open the Safari web browser and go to the official Samsung website, then run the steps mentioned above in the first part. If you connect to the Google account from your Samsung phone, Find My Device is also an interesting choice. You can also use Ardroid parental control because it also allows you to follow a Samsung phone from your iPhone.

Video tutorial: how to locate a Samsung phone ?

Follow a Samsung phone: info to remember

In the current context where everything goes very quickly, a large part of the population is tempted to buy high-tech devices, such as smartphones, to their children. However, if you are concerned about the safety of your loved ones, you can be reluctant to this idea. Indeed, the protection of the child could be threatened if he was manipulated by someone, for example.

So what to do ? Fortunately, Airdroid has answers to this kind of situation ! Even if you can use laptops in almost all places and all circumstances, they are not completely sure. In addition to problems with confidentiality violation, more and more mobile phones are fearful for their safety in the era of mobile telephony.

Following a Samsung phone using an application makes it possible to prevent the loss or theft of your mobile and locate the device when it has been lost. You can follow all devices connected to your account, including tablets and laptops.

How to locate a Samsung phone for free

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How to locate a Samsung phone for free

  • Post published: March 31, 2023
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The location of a phone can be useful in different situations. You may be looking for your brand new Samsung Galaxy you just lost. Or you want to locate a friend to make sure everything is fine for him. Anyway, there are several ways to locate a Samsung phone for free. Take a look at our list and choose the method that suits you best !

1. Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile is a service provided by Samsung that helps you find your lost phone. Available for all Samsung Galaxy phones, Find My Mobile is the easiest way to locate a Samsung phone for free.

You can easily locate your Samsung phone with Find My Mobile. The app also allows you to ring it at its maximum volume or lock it remotely. Furthermore, Find My Mobile notifies you when the SIM card is activated on your phone and allows you to check it on the devices of your loved ones if saved on your Samsung account.

Although Find My Mobile is the ideal solution to find your own lost device, it is limited as to the location of another person. It allows you to locate the phones of your family members, but only if they have preappropriate. And you can only see their current position.

In addition to that, the app only works with Android Samsung. It is therefore impossible to make a location from an iPhone or a Google Pixel via Find My Mobile, which requires a Samsung account.

2. FIND My Device

Find My Device is the integrated function for all Android phones. Its features are very similar to those of Find My Mobile. Just like on Find My Mobile which requires a Samsung account, you can connect to your Google account and check all the Android devices that are saved. One difference however, Find My Device being compatible with all Android devices, the location between phones of different manufacturers (eg between a Samsung phone and a Google Pixel) works perfectly.

Like Find My Mobile, Find My Device also allows you to ring the phone at its maximum volume and lock it. It also provides the last location and the remaining battery load of the moment.

Find My Device displays the same limitations as Find My Mobile. If this is an excellent solution to find your own phone, it is far from the case for a Samsung Phone phone that is not yours. In reality, it is even more limited than Find My Mobile, because it does not offer any position of position sharing with friends and family.

3. isharing

Isharing is not affiliated with Samsung or Google. But this is probably the best solution to locate a Samsung phone for free via another person’s device. Isharing is a real -time location app that is available for free for Android and iPhone.

Isharing allows members of a family and close friends to share their position between them via the app. It completes its offer with several other features. To name only the location history over the last 90 days or the Place alerts function which notifies you when a friend joins or leaves a given place. Isharing also has integrated functions such as driving report or SOS panic alert that will help you protect your loved ones.

If Isharing is not the first app that comes to mind when you lose your phone, having this app on your phone can be a great way to protect your device in the event of a loss. You can easily locate your Samsung phone via a friend who is added to your Isharing account. You can even consult the location history to trace the premises where your phone was. As a bonus, their customer service offers assistance via email in the event of a loss of phone. They send you the latest contact details detected, on request.

Ready to try Sharing ? Learn more about the app or download it by clicking below !

Find your Samsung phone lost or stolen without network? It’s possible!

Samsung deploys a new function allowing you to locate your smartphone from the brand. Unlike the function: Locating my Android device, this new Samsung function does not require a mobile or internet network to geolocate.

Losing your phone or leaving it for creating a little panic in us. It’s worse if we are robbed, because our information is potentially at risk.

Although there is the application: Locating my device on Android, it requires that our device be connected to our cellular network or an internet network.

It is not particularly practical if our device is not precisely connected to any network.

Samsung has therefore designed a location option for its devices which does not require connection to a network.

Samsung phone Find location without network

Samsung offers a way to find our smartphone without having to be connected to a network.

Use Galaxy devices to locate your Samsung phone

How does Samsung intend to locate our phone without it being connected to a network? Using the strength of the number and the brand’s Galaxy devices!

Indeed, it is using other Samsung galaxy phones that the South Korean company will allow us to locate our device to us.

Via a mesh network between Samsung galaxy phones which are nearby, we can locate our device.

Likes like Samsung Just Added Offline Finding To Samsung’s Find My Mobile.

Let’s you track your phone even if it doesn’t have wifi or celllar by using other galaxy users. peak.twitter.com/PSLL1RCB4X

– Max Weinbach (@maxwinebach) August 22, 2020

In theory it’s beautiful, but in reality we must depend and hope that there are other Samsung phones holders in the area and that they have activated the function. In town we are surely more likely, but far from an urban environment it remains to be seen.

The fact remains that by activating the function we increase the chances of finding our Samsung phone if we lose it or that we have it stolen it.

When writing these lines, the function seems to be deployed only in the United States and South Korea. It will probably be deployed to more countries over time.

A notification will be displayed on the screen to mention the availability of the function if we believe the information shared on Twitter by hand Weinbach from XDA Developers.