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Zoom Cloud Meetings

The office version of the Populaire VoIP service has arrived

Zoom Meetings for Mac

Zoom.US, free software for videoconferences

Zoom is a free software For professionals as well as for individuals. It allows you to make videoconferences and much more. He is simple to use with an ergonomic, secure and very well organized interface.

Videoconferences for all

Zoom.They are free software for everyone for the video or audio communication. It allows you to create a virtual room that supports many participants. The latter can reach the conference by being invited and via a unique identifier. This software is Compatible with computers, tablets, mobile phones. It offers many possibilities and makes it possible to group people from around the world in a virtual room.

Zoom features

Zoom offers exclusive features. This software is free but extremely complete. You can enjoy the Visioconference in the Cloud. Users benefit from a HD quality Whether in terms of sound or image. It is possible to see all participants with a gallery display or to select a single worker in full screen. The conference takes place under cloud which offers great flexibility and perfect stability. It is also possible to share your screen, documents or access group messaging.

Easy and secure

Zoom is really easy to use by all participants. On the security side, Zoom is ultra efficient. In order for subjects to remain confidential, several protocols are set up such as HTTPS access, encryption.

A real audio conference

Zoom can be used for a video conference but it is just as efficient for simple audio conferences. It then allows you to benefit from an unlimited VoIP line with the possibility of having incoming and outgoing calls. These calls are free to many destinations.

The many advantages of zoom

Zoom allows you to bring together up to 500 participants for HD videoconference. It is even possible to record the conference to look at it later. A whiteboard can be used and the conference can be on video or audio. Zoom can be integrated into the various browsers and online technical assistance is available. Many aids are accessible to take full advantage of the software. There are zoom alternatives like WhatsApp or Hangouts, the instant messaging platform and google videoconference.

Really complete software

Zoom is free software but among the most complete in audio and video communication. It is compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones.

  • Free software
  • Ease of use
  • Up to 500 speakers
  • HD or audio video conferences

Zoom Cloud Meetings

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