Zoe battery rental price – Renault Zoe – Clean automotive forum, buying of the used zoé battery: everything you need to know!

Buying the battery of a used Zoé: what you need to know

Since January 2021, the rental of the battery on the Renault Zoé has been definitively completed.

Zoe battery rental price


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Buying the battery of a used Zoé: what you need to know

Who does not know the Renault Zoé, a pioneer in the world of electric cars ? Since its marketing in France in 2013, the Zoé was only offered with the rental battery. It is only in 2018 that Renault offers the full purchase of its electric vehicles, with battery included.

Since January 2021, the rental of the battery on the Renault Zoé has been definitively completed.

But then what are the advantages offered at theBuying the battery of a zoé ? Especially on the second -hand market ?

Reminder on the purchase of used battery of a Renault Zoé: price, modalities …

Buying a battery

It is an imprecise knowledge of the lithium-ion battery and its aging which prompted Renault to offer its zoe only with battery rental for so long. But today, the latter is only obtained when purchasing.

Indeed, at the beginning of the electric, the manufacturers could not predict with certainty the lifespan of the batteries, that is to say the evolution of its soh. In addition, these were more expensive than they are today.

In addition to the economic advantage of this solution, there is the battery warranty.

Indeed, the battery not belonging to the motorist, it is guaranteed throughout the life of the ZOE. This “life” guarantee is nevertheless valid from a certain Soh (State of Health) Battery: S I The battery (therefore SOH) descends under 75% of its initial capacity, Renault undertakes to repair or replace it, and this free of charge if all the conditions of the warranty are respected.

In addition, Renault Zoe holders benefit from free 7/7 assistance and 24 hours for breakdowns, even those of energy, with care and repatriation.

On the second -hand market, Renault also offers second -hand zoe with battery rental. If you want to go through an individual who rents his battery, you can take a subscription in turn or else buy the battery, which has recently been possible.

A shallow model

If the rental of the battery has long been the dominant model on the market of electric cars, This is a trend that tends to disappear. Indeed, many manufacturers have started to offer their electric vehicles to full purchase, also followed by Renault in 2018.

More and more motorists want Buy the battery of their vehicle, For the freedom offered by this solution. Indeed, the purchase of the battery allows drivers to take full advantage of their electric car, without constraints: more rents to pay every month and above all more mileage limits.

The battery is also guaranteed when buying full, 8 years or 160,000 km.

Why buy the battery of his used Zoé ?

Lower the total cost of his zoé

Full purchase is certainly more expensive at the start than purchase with battery rental. However, it is quickly profitable for motorists who travel a lot of kilometers. After a certain duration, the rental of the battery is no longer an advantage because the monthly payments are more expensive than the purchase of the battery. In addition, you may see your monthly rents increase if you exceed the predefined mileage.

The simulation below, made by clean automobile, concerns a new Renault Zoe.

If the purchase with battery rental is € 24,000 against € 32,000 in full purchase, we observe that after a few years, the rental is no longer advantageous. Indeed, battery rental becomes more expensive than full purchase after 5 and a half years for a 20,000 km/year contract and after 9 years for a contract of 7,500 km/year.

Purchase Renault Zoé battery

What is valid for a new ZOE is also for a used ZOE. Indeed, used vehicles are also offered to full purchase.

You own a Renault Zoe With battery rental ? You can now end your rental contract with the Diac. So you can buy the battery of your vehicle.

Sell ​​his used Zoé more easily

As mentioned above, Renault offers the possibility to its customers who already have a ZOE to terminate the rental of their battery in order to buy it.

This new solution provides a considerable advantage when motorists wish to resell their ZOE in the second -hand market. Indeed, before that, the sellers yielded the vehicle without the battery. This forced buyers to subscribe to a battery rental. Today, this brake on purchase is no longer systematic because sellers have the possibility of fully yielding their electric car.

In addition, if you want to buy the battery of your vehicle, know that it is guaranteed with the same conditions as a new battery. That is to say 8 years (from the date of circulation) or 160,000 km in total.

Buying the battery of your ZOE therefore allows you to better resell it on the second -hand market.

How to buy the battery of his Zoé

Know the price of the battery of your Zoé

When you want to buy the battery of your Renault Zoe, the buy -back price is determined by its age. There is therefore no fixed price, because it is calculated by the Diac.

To give itself an order of ideas, the new battery of a 41 kWh zoe costs € 8,900. The 22 kWh that costs € 7,400.

We also found the testimony of a motorist who bought the battery of his two Zoe in 2019, which allows us to have an idea of ​​the prices offered by the Diac.

  • 42 kWh zoe dating from January 2017, 20,100 km. 2 years and 6 months of rental, € 2,070 of rents paid: € 7,300 (Diac proposal), negotiated at € 7,096.
  • 22 kWh ZOE dating from March 2013, 97,000 km. 6 years and 4 months of rental, € 6,600 of rents paid: € 3,600 (Diac proposal), negotiated at € 3,030.

So do not hesitate to negotiate with the Diac the price offered for your battery, especially if it has a lot of km or a relatively low soh.

Check the state of health of your battery to avoid bad things

Before purchasing the battery of a zoe, It is necessary to verify your state of health with a trusted third party. The beautiful battery allows you to diagnose your battery from your home, in just 5 minutes. You then receive a battery certificate, attesting to the SOH (State of Health) from your battery, its maximum full load autonomy as well as the BMS reprogramming number.

With your battery rental contract, you benefit from a “life” guarantee. If the MOBA Certificate announce that the Soh is below 75%, Renault can repair or replace your battery. We therefore advise you to have your battery reproduced or reprogrammed before purchasing.

If you want resell your zoe On the second -hand market, do not hesitate to make a Battery certificate. This will allow you to reassure your potential buyers on battery capabilities. And thus facilitate the resale of your vehicle.

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