Netflix Package Price: What is the price of the subscription in 2023?, Netflix price: what is the best subscription in 2023?

Netflix price: what is the best subscription in 2023 


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Netflix rate: what is the price of the subscription in France ?

Netflix regularly changes its prices. Discover in this file What is the price of the Netflix package in France in 2023, the number of screens offered by each subscription formula (essential, standard, premium) and how to subscribe to Netflix offers.

What is the price of Netflix packages ?

Netflix is ​​the SVOD service which has the most subscribers in France. However, with the arrival on the market of several competitors, its growth has slowed down. This phenomenon led Netflix to Increase the price of its subscriptions And to offer a brand new subscription formula: essential Netflix with pub.

Now here is the Netflix rate in force in France in 2023 for each subscription formula:

  • Essential Netflix with Pub: € 5.99/month
  • Essential Netflix: € 8.99/month
  • Standard Netflix: € 13.49/month
  • Netflix Premium: € 17.99/month

What is the number of Netflix screens included in each formula ?

THE Netflix subscription price depends largely on number of screens on which it is possible to view Netflix films or series simultaneously.

The following table summarizes the Number of Netflix screens Available for each subscription formula, as well as the associated image quality.

Number of Netflix screens by type of formula

Netflix subscription Number of screens Image quality Netflix price
Essential Netflix with Pub 1 screen SD € 5.99/month
Netflix Essential 1 screen Hd € 8.99/month
Netflix Standard 2 screens Hd € 13.49/month
Netflix Premium 4 screens 4K HDR € 17.99/month

Good to know: it should be noted that whatever the package chosen, you can install the application on as many devices as you wish (mobile, tablet, smart tv, pc. )).

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Which Netflix subscription to choose ?

The differences between the 4 Netflix subscriptions

The elements which differ from one Netflix package to the other are the rate, there image resolution and the number of screens on which you can watch Netflix simultaneously.

To determine what is theNetflix offer Who best suits your needs, you must therefore take several criteria such as your budget, the number of people in your home or your degree of requirement as to the video quality offered.

For example, if you are alone and to benefit from an optimal image quality does not matter to you, it is likely that theNetflix subscription The most suitable is the essential package. Available with a monthly rate of € 5.99 in its version Essential with pub or € 8.99 without advertising, This one will not damage your budget too much. On the other hand, it should not be expected with the SD (standard video quality – 720 pixels) with an image of relentless sharpness.

For a couple or two friends, if your consumption of series and films is regular and your budget allows, it will be more advisable to turn to the standard package. Indeed, this allows you to benefit from the Hd (high definition – 1080 pixels) and use 2 screens simultaneously. Practical if everyone wants to follow their series.

Finally, for large families or people who want to benefit from the 4K, It may be interesting to favor the premium package. With optimal image quality and the possibility of looking up to 4 screens simultaneously, it will be perfect for the most cinephile households. A downside however, his price, high compared to competition.

To help you choose your formula, you can know more with user experience feedback by consulting Netflix reviews.

Good to know: Note however that the content in HD and ultra HD depend on the devices used but also on your internet flow.

Fiber or ADSL?

You want to know if you are eligible for fiber or ADSL ?

Netflix price: what is the best subscription in 2023 ?


Whether you want to subscribe to Netflix or simply change your offer to choose a more suitable for your budget and your desires, we compare the different options here. Price, content, features, we take stock together.

Netflix is ​​one of the oldest and most popular video streaming services on the market. The American company regularly offers new content to satisfy its subscribers and convince people who have not yet subscribed to doing so.

It must be said that the competition is increasingly harsh for Netflix, who now has to face these size opponents in the presence of Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Paramount+or MyCanal. A competition that is played on the front of exclusive content, but also prices charged by the various services.

In 2023, Netflix offered four subscriptions that cover different needs and budgets. As we will see in this file, it is possible to lower the invoice thanks to the group offers of certain Internet operators. But before, let’s start with the basics: the prices and features of the different offers.

At what prices are the Netflix offers offered ?

Netflix subscription price

Essential subscription with advertising at € 5.99 per month

This is the cheapest Netflix subscription. For less than six euros per month, you can access 85 % of the Netflix catalog. The content that is not available are marked with a small padlock. To unlock them, you will have to go to a higher package. Advertisements of 15 to 30 seconds will be broadcast before and during the programs, up to 4 to 5 minutes per hour.

With this package, you can only look at Netflix on one screen at a time and in HD quality (720p). A configuration that makes the account sharing to which Netflix wishes to end. Download to watch over-line content is not available here either.

The essential subscription (without ad) at € 8.99

It takes up certain bases of the previous package such as the simultaneous display on one screen at a time and the HD definition, but this time removes advertisements. You can also enjoy 100 % of the Netflix catalog, but download movies and series on a device alone at the same time. This is the most affordable offer for those who are allergic to advertising and who do not wish to share access to their account.

Standard subscription at € 13.49 per month

If you live as a couple, collocation or family, the standard subscription becomes more advantageous. Indeed, this time we go to two screens simultaneously. Practical if a home user looks at Netflix on the living room TV and another wants to watch content on his tablet in the bedroom, for example. Full HD definition and download from two devices are also most appreciable according to your uses.

The Premium subscription at € 17.99 per month

The most expensive subscriptions to Netflix is ​​intended for people who want without compromise of the service. For this price, up to 4 people will be able to watch the programs simultaneously, in an ultra HD / 4K quality perfectly suited to large televisions. The six devices on which it is possible to download the offline movies and series also offer great flexibility during travel. Finally, the Netflix space audio enriches the sound experience.

How to subscribe to Netflix ?

Now that you have a global vision of the different packages, let’s see together the different options available to you to subscribe to Netflix.

Subscribe to Netflix from the official website

Netflix subscription

It’s the simplest and easiest way to do it. To do this, go to the official website, then enter your email address to start the registration process. The package you choose will be taken every month. You have the possibility of paying by bank card, by Paypal, adding the direct debit to your mobile invoice or using a gift code or a special code of offer.

Netflix does it offer a free trial offer ?

Netflix unfortunately no longer offers a free trial. The company has decided to end this 30 -day offer since 2020. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can however modify your offer or cancel your subscription online at any time. You will pay the monthly payment in progress, but no cancellation fees will be charged to you.

Subscribe to Netflix via Canal+

Netflix Canal Plus subscription

By going to the Canal+site, you can subscribe to Netflix by choosing an offer that brings together several channels. The cheapest is the “Canal+ Series” pack which is offered from € 25.99 per month, with a 24 -month commitment.

At this price, you have access to Canal+channels, but also to Disney+, Paramount+, OCS and Netflix. For the latter, the “standard” package at € 13.49 per month is included. You have the possibility of going to the upper Netflix package if you wish, for a new check -up. If you are already subscribed, you can attach your account to the canal offer+. The channel also offers a reduced price for those under 26 to € 19.49 per month without obligation.

Subscribe to Netflix via your FAI

To attract new customers or sell their internet subscription offers, access providers do not hesitate to offer advantageous prices for various video streaming services, including Netflix. This can range from simple service reduction to the service, provided you choose the right offer.

Subscribe to Netflix with Orange

Orange Netflix OCS subscription

On the Orange store, you can currently find an “OCS + Netflix Standard HD” pack at € 22.49 per month or “OCS + Netflix Premium” at € 26.99 per month. For both packs, this represents a saving of € 3.99 per month compared to the two offers taken separately.

Subscribe to Netflix with free

Netflix Freebox Delta subscription

If you are looking for an advantageous price for Netflix by being at Free, you will have to turn to Delta offers which include the essential package of the streaming service. Thus, the Freebox Delta with Player Pop included Netflix without additional cost, but also Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ (for 3 months) and Disney+ (for 3 months) for € 39.99 per month for 1 year, then € 49.99 per month.

Subscribe with SFR

SFR offers Netflix in the form of paid options that you can couple with other services to save money. As the operator’s site specifies, these offers are five:

SFR Subscription Netflix

By dismissing the last option that does not offer a preferential rate, the other four allow you to couple Netflix (standard) with one of its services to save a few euros each month: SFR Entertainment+, SFR Cinema, Deezer or RMC Sport.

Subscribe with Bouygues Telecom

Netflix Bouygues Telecom subscription

You can subscribe to Netflix from your Bouygues Telecom Internet box, but you will not benefit from any particular offer by making it. Indeed, the operator displays the same rates as those displayed on the official website.

What are the alternatives to Netflix ?

Netflix may be the most popular video streaming platform, many alternatives have arrived on the market in recent years. We obviously think of Disney+, Amazon Prime, Paramount+ or Apple TV+.

Each platform is distinguished by the richness of its catalog and the quality of the exclusive content offered. Despite the existence of group offers and the practice of account sharing, subscribe to all VOD services would represent a significant cost for users. Thus, the latter do not hesitate to take advantage of the offers without obligation to move from one platform to another according to the calendar of outings.

Netflix price (2023): the ultimate offer of offers and subscriptions

We advised you the series of the year but to discover it, you must subscribe to Netflix and you do not know which subscription to choose ? Number of screens at your disposal, price, video quality … Zoom on all Netflix subscriptions in 2023. From 5.99 euros per month.

Posted on January 31, 2023 at 5:30 p.m


You are determined to subscribe to Netflix, but you don’t know yet which formula to choose nor what are Netflix prices in 2023 ? It’s normal. The American streaming platform often changes its subscriptions, its prices have recently increased and since November 3, you have the possibility of choosing a cheaper offer with advertising.

If many people prefer to choose alternatives to Netflix such as Prime Video or Disney+, a mediammetry study relayed by Europe 1 revealed that more than 19 million French Watch movies and series on Netflix every month. Despite a difficult year, the platform continues to seduce thanks to its catalog of original programs (but not only).


To choose the Netflix offer that meets your needs and your budget, we have identified you The different subscriptions offered By the platform, updated in real time. Since Netflix also offers formula offers with third parties, we will also explain what are what are Internet access providers who offer to subscribe to Netflix.

With Our Netflix 2023 price guide, You should be able to have all the keys in hand to make your choice in all conscience. Let’s start without further delay with the prices and characteristics of Netflix formulas.

What is the price of a Netflix subscription in 2023 ?

If you want to enjoy all the films, series, documentaries, animes available on Netflix, it is possible between € 5.99 and € 17.99 per month in France. Since November 3, 2022, you can subscribe to the formula with advertising for 5.99 euros. Unlike other offers, this subscription does not allow you to access the entire catalog. For the other three Netflix packages, you can always access theFully of the catalog of the streaming platform in unlimited. And this, on all compatible devices: smartphone, TV, computer, tablet.

But then, what are the differences between the 4 subscriptions that Netflix offers ? Here is the details of the Netflix formulas in France in 2023:

1) Netflix essential package with advertising

As its name suggests, the Netflix subscription called “essential with ad” is the first of the platform to be disseminated from advertising. Which explains its lower price. At € 5.99 per month, This formula is the most affordable in Netflix and allows you to look at content with HD quality (no very high definition) on all its screens. Films or series, advertising cuts punctuate the programs. They do not last more than 4 to 5 minutes per hour in total. Note that this formula does not allow you to download your programs to watch them offline. Finally, youth profiles are free from advertisements.

2) Netflix essential package

At € 8.99 per month, This is the cheapest advertising subscription from Netflix. At this price, you cannot take advantage of the platform on 1 a unique simultaneous screen. For this price, you are entitled to good video quality in SD (480p) on your smartphone, TV, computer or tablet. This is the minimum strict formula, in a way. It is ideal for people who live alone.

3) Netflix Standard package

This subscription can be considered intermediary. Netflix’s standard package will cost you € 13.49 per month. At this price, video quality is much better than the essential formula. Indeed, you can watch your programs in Hd (1080p). With this “mid -range” formula, Netflix is ​​accessible on Two different screens simultaneously. So it’s perfect if you are several at home. What to avoid dramas and arguments ..

4) Netflix Premium package

This is the most expensive Netflix package. Why choose a premium account ? Inevitably, this is the most complete offer among the Netflix 2023 subscriptions. For 17.99 euros per month, You can watch your series and movies on Four different screens at the same time. All this in Hd, even in Ultra HD (4K). Aficionados of Binge-Watching will be won over by this formula. If you are shared or have a large family, this is the most suitable package.

Netflix subscriptions

Essential Netflix with Pub Netflix Essential Netflix Standard Netflix Premium
Price € 5.99 € 8.99 € 13.49 € 17.99
Simultaneous screens 1 1 2 4
HD (1020p) No No Yes Yes
Ultra HD (4K) No No No Yes
Download No No Yes Yes
Advertisement Yes No No No

If your needs, your desires or your budget change from one month to another and want to modify your Netflix package, it is possible in just a few clicks. To find out all about how to subscribe to Netflix, modify your current subscription or delete your account, go below in this Netflix 2023 subscription guide.

Before evoking Netflix tutorials, let’s talk about competition. In 2022, Netflix no longer has the primacy of the most popular series and films available in SVOD. In the video streaming landscape, Amazon and Disney, but also Apple, launched their own platforms. Ultimately, customers should be divided between each and change subscription over time to vary their catalog.

What are the alternatives to Netflix ?

If the Netflix catalog does not interest you that much, know that this is not the only streaming platform available in France. Fortunately ! We take stock of the alternatives to Netflix which are now available.

  • Video premium
  • Disney+
  • DNA, Wakanim, Crunchyroll

Amazon Prime Video

Little by little, Prime Video takes place in the landscape of streaming platforms. With a well -supplied catalog (films, series, documentaries) and original and really great programs (like series The Lord of the Rings: the rings of power And The Boys or the documentary Orelsan: never shows anyone to anyone), you have enough to look at. Especially since the SVOD managed to get their hands on the HBO series and currently broadcasts The Last of Us Good news ! The video premium subscription costs only € 6.99 per month. It is at the same price as the now the most affordable formula of Netflix … without advertisements. Nevertheless, certain SVOD options are paid.’’


Disney joined the race in streaming in 2020 (after several long months late). His strength ? A very complete catalog of films, with many classics that we can never do without. All Disney Pixar are there, but also The Simpsons, Marvel, Star Wars or National Geographic licenses. Original productions and new products are also present as series Moon Knight, She-Hulk or The Bear, as well as the animated film Red alert. Disney+ is regarded by more than 5.5 million French people per month (Mediamétrie). All, for only € 8.99 per month.

DNA, Crunchyroll

These services are made for anime lovers. If Netflix actually expands its catalog of Japanese productions, Crunchyroll and DNA are two streaming platforms are much more complete. Normal, they are specialized in Japanese animation. All classic animes are at hand: the new nugget Chainsaw Man, The last season The attack of the Titans, the second season of Demon Slayer, all of One Piece

And if you are curious to discover the Netflix catalogs from other countries, here is how to unlock them.

How to subscribe to Netflix ? (Tutorial)

SO ? You are convinced by Netflix ? You have found the offer made for your needs and your wallet ? So much the better ! So you just have to subscribe. Here is The method to subscribe in Netflix in 2023.

Capture D

Subscribe to a Netflix subscription from the site

  • Go to the official Netflix website
  • Take your email address
  • create a password
  • Choose the suitable package: essential (with or without ad), standard, premium
  • Define your payment method

Netflix: Subscribe with its internet box

If the most common and the simplest is to subscribe to Netflix from the application or the website, you can also access the streaming platform from your ISP (Internet service provider). To do this, you can add Netflix optional … but you can also subscribe to Netflix for free, without additional cost, thanks to Free.

Netflix offer at Free

To obtain Netflix without additional cost with Free, it is possible by choosing the Free Delta offer. It is the operator’s most premium internet box and it brings together several additional services such as Netflix, without additional cost, all for € 39.99/month the first year. With it, it will therefore be possible to take advantage of 280 television channels and not pay the Netflix supplement to € 8.99/additional month (minimum).


Freebox Delta

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Unlimited Fixed & Mobiles

280 TV channels included