YouTube Music and YouTube Premium also increase in Europe, but only for some users?, The best sales: the most popular items in the subscription and prepaid cards list for online services

The best sales in subscriptions and prepaid cards for online services

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Published on: 07/25/2023 @ 16:34:55: By nic007 in “google”


It now seems that the time has come for YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium to increase their prices. The first is the paid service dedicated to those who want to access the catalog of 100 million Google songs without advertising, with offline listening, in the background or with the extinguished screen, while the second also adds the same features To YouTube videos. What’s happening ? In the absence of official communications, it is difficult to take stock of the situation, but we know that last week in the United States YouTube Music Premium went from $ 9.99 per month to $ 10.99 per month ( From 14.99 to 16.99 for the Family package), and Premium Youtube from 11.99 to $ 13.99 per month (from 15.99 to a good 22.99 for the Family package). Nothing had changed in Europe but today, without any warning, the YouTube Music and YouTube applications for iOS have changed the price list. If you try to subscribe to YouTube Music Premium from an iPhone or an iPad, you will find the following rates:

– Private: 12.99 euros per month
– Family: 19.99 euros per month

A considerable increase compared to the previous 9.99 euros and 14.99 euros, and curiously the student option of 4.99 euros per month has disappeared . From the web or from the Android application, the prices have however remained unchanged. The same goes for YouTube Premium. Of an iOS application, prices have become:

– Individual: 15.99 euros per month (from 11.99 euros per month)
– Family: 22.99 euros per month (from 17.99 euros per month)

Student has disappeared here too, while versions for the web and Android have remained unchanged at the moment. Again, for the moment, it is difficult to understand what is going on, but these increases are much more important, at least for the individual regime, than those that occurred in the United States (there was an increase one dollar per month, not three). In any case, we have no trouble believing that they will soon arrive on other platforms also. It is also the prices for new subscribers, who can always benefit from the 30 -day free trial, when there is no indication of increase for current users (who in case they do not take long come).

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The best sales in subscriptions and prepaid cards for online services

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