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Did you already know that you could save $ 4 per month by subscribing to YouTube Premium directly via the YouTube website ? And if this is not the case, you will continue to pay $ 15.99 instead of $ 11.99 for YouTube Premium ?

How not to pay too much for YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is something that after trying, you will never want to give up again. It is easy to register via the youtube application of your iPhone or iPad for $ 15.99, but did you know that you can get exactly the same Premium YouTube subscription on your iPhone or iPad for only $ 11.99 ?

I did not realize it before I saw an advertisement on the YouTube site after canceling YouTube Premium for a brief period; But the so-called ”Apple tax” is real, and YouTube passes the operating costs that he pays for Apple for the privilege of selling this service directly on the iOS and iPados platform directly to its iOS and iPados users.

Why this cost difference ?

Apple receives a commission on each sale processed via the App Store. These commission costs vary from 15 to 30 % depending on the developer, and include subscriptions to the services that developers choose to offer via an iPhone or iPad application.

Apple prohibits application developers who host applications on the app store offering subscriptions within iOS or iPados applications without using the App Store to process payment, which means that youtube cannot simply you link to their official website from the application to pay a premium YouTube subscription.

This limitation obliges application developers to make a choice: 1) invoice the same amount via the App Store as everywhere else and undergo a loss of income; or 2) Invoice more for subscriptions based on the App Store in order to absorb commission costs.

Obviously, YouTube does not like the idea of ​​undergoing a loss of income, so he passes the additional cost of Apple navigation from commission costs to the User.

But you don’t have to pay such a useless price increase if you know where to look for, and that’s what we are going to show you today.

How to avoid the Apple tax for YouTube Premium

The key to pay $ 11.99 for your Premium YouTube subscription instead of $ 15.99 simply consists in buying your Premium YouTube subscription directly from Youtube instead of using the subscription mechanism of the App Store to acquire the same service.

By eliminating the intermediary, Apple does not obtain any share of the profits, and therefore YouTube invoices you the initial cost of the Premium Youtube Service instead of an inflated amount since it is not forced to pay commission fees in Apple If you register in this way.

In the screenshot on the left, you can see that the YouTube application for iOS announces a price of $ 15.99 for YouTube Premium. Conversely, on the right, you can see that the YouTube website in Safari announces exactly the same Premium Youtube services for only $ 11.99.

Pro advice: it doesn’t matter where you register for Premium YouTube, because you will get the same features. But if you choose the iPhone app, you will simply pay more.

And if I already pay $ 15.99 for YouTube Premium ?

If you have already subscribed to YouTube Premium from your iOS or iPados application for $ 15.99 and you want to rebuild yourself for the price of $ 11.99, then you can certainly do it.

To do this, open the App Store app and press your profile photo at the top right, then press the Subscribe button. When your active subscription list is filled, you can cancel your existing Premium YouTube subscription.

After cancellation, you will need to use the rest of your Premium YouTube subscription before you can re -use. When your YouTube Premium subscription ends, you can visit the Premium Subscription website of YouTube in Safari to refurbish yourself at the price of $ 11.99.

The URL to visit for premium YouTube subscriptions is located below:

The advantages of Premium Youtube

We want to reiterate that registration at YouTube Premium via the YouTube website instead of the App Store allows you to benefit from the same advantages as if you subscribe to YouTube Premium via the iOS application.

These advantages include:

Reading video in the background no advertising before, during or after videos no advertising in your video flow the possibility of downloading videos for offline reading access to new features such as image mode in image and Intelligent downloads before anyone can use them access to the entire youtube music streaming catalog

In addition, you can access YouTube Premium on your iPhone or iPad in addition to all your other machines and/or devices, whatever the place you choose to subscribe.


Did you already know that you could save $ 4 per month by subscribing to YouTube Premium directly via the YouTube website ? And if this is not the case, you will continue to pay $ 15.99 instead of $ 11.99 for YouTube Premium ?

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