Youprice mobile packages: new brand, offers, comparison, opinion, Youprice review: the testimonies of the operator’s customers

YOUPRICE OPINION: The testimonies of the operator’s customers


As said above, YouPrice is not an operator with its own lines, but is a MVNO which rents that of historical operators, in this case here SFR and Orange. The network is not randomly assigned and it is up to the customer to choose it when ordering. Orange being the first mobile network in France in 4G and 5G in terms of quality of service, we strongly advise you to subscribe to it, especially given given the identical pricing with SFR.

Youprice mobile packages: new brand, offers, comparison, reviews

On the market for mobile plans, competition is tough. The choices are multiple as much as the operators who offer them. It can therefore be sometimes difficult to choose, because you need an interesting offer that allows you to really enjoy your subscription. Among the newcomers whose offers are advantageous, you will find Youprice. Find in this file all the information namely about this operator.

7.99 € / month 9.99 € / month

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    • non -binding offer
    • Unlimited SMS and MMS calls
    • 44GB in France of which 10GB Usable in EU/DOM
    • SFR or Orange network of your choice
    • ESIM available on the Orange network
    • Visual voicemail for iPhone
    • Adjustable package

    Youprice, the new brand that arrives

    Each year, new offers arise on the market. This time, this is the turn of Youprice packages. Before we learn more about them, let’s review the operator. It is a brand of Netcom Group, a subsidiary of France Digital SAS France. If Netcom Group represents the business operator of the company, YouPrice, on the other hand, is the version for the general public. It is with this in mind that it is launched on the market with five various packages that meet different consumer needs.

    Its great feature, compared to other operators, is that it is until then the only one to offer the use of two networks. In addition, they are not just any; These are SFR and Orange, the two historic market operators. In all the packages offered, you will have the choice between them with their respective services and prices. The idea at the base is to suggest to each user a adjustable. The offer is so adjustable that the packages are also adjustable ! The advantage here is that this brand new operator benefits from the already well -seated experience of its elder Netcom Group.


    What are the mobile plans Youprice ?

    If you want to take out a Youprice package, Know that various possibilities are available to you: The mini, the one, the essential, the most, the optimal. All these packages, except for the mini, are adjustable. Here are their characteristics.

    List of youprice packages and prices

    The mini

    The first YouPrice package is “the mini”, The most accessible option. In general, it gives you access to the basic services of a package, namely: Internet, Call and SMS/MMS. You will take advantage of it for € 4.99 per month. Inside, you will be entitled to 500 MB of Internet operating on 4G, In other words, the second most efficient network. You will also haveUnlimited calls, SMS and MMS for all of France.

    The One

    If you are looking for a more supplied package, You can opt for ” The One »». This second offer gives you access to 10 GB of Internet to € 6.99 And € 8.99 up to 30 GB of Internet. What to see your emails and surf more with the number one option. Note that these prices are valid during the first year of subscription. The second year, The package will cost you € 9.99 per month.

    Youprice One Package Price

    In both cases, you will surf on an excellent 4G/4G network+. 5G remains available, but optional at € 5/month. The most is that in the offer, 10 GB can be used in the European Union and DOM. Calls and SMS are obviously unlimited and overcrowd numbers will be automatically blocked. This is a proposal for people who make more intensive use of their mobiles.

    The Essential

    As said above, user profiles, there are several. With this in mind, not everyone has the same needs. Thus, those who require more of their operator will be able to turn to the “Essential” of Youprice. Available from € 8.99, He gives you Up to 110 GB. Here again, these are valid prices during the first subscription. After a year, the monthly rate will be € 14.99 per month.

    Price of the Essential Youprice Package

    For people who often move in European area or DOM, It is a very interesting offer with its 16 GB. Like the previous package, 5G is available as an option. In addition, you can continue to call your loved ones throughout France unlimited. The same goes for SMS.


    You are looking for even more ? Well, the package ” Most “Can offer you to 140 GB. We must admit that it is a fairly substantial internet envelope. Youprice offers you the package between € 13.99 and € 19.99 per month and This fixed price is guaranteed for life. You will always have 4G/4G+ which will allow you to connect practically anywhere. As a reminder, the 4G/4G+ network already covers all of France.

    Youprice Plus Package Price

    Nevertheless, for better speed and for more satisfaction, there is always the 5G optional. This is not yet widespread everywhere, but in most regions of France. This is why it remains optional on the package. If you leave the territory, it is 20 GB of your envelope which will be accessible from the EU and DOM. We must not forget the basics which are unlimited calls and SMS throughout France.

    The optimal

    Finally the last, but not the least, it is ” the optimal »». An internet envelope up to 200 GB per month waiting for you. This package will cost you € 12.99 per month for a year before moving to € 15.99. The 200 GB can be used in 4G/4G+ still on all of France. You will also have 20 GB available in the EU and DOM. As with the other previous packages, 5G is optional.

    Optimal Youprice Package Price

    This is the ideal proposal for businessmen on a permanent trip. With such an offer, you can continue to work freely on your mobile between two meetings or traveling. For all your appointments, you can enjoy the Unlimited calls and SMS. This is also worth staying in touch with your loved ones. As a reminder, these are services available from and to all of France.

    Summary of YouPrice offers

    You will find below the summary of the four youprice offers according to the network (orange or SFR) which interests you.

    Offers without obligation and adjustable with YouPrice

    It’s not for nothing that Youprice is considered a consumer service. In addition to the very interesting packages it offers, it also has a definite advantage. To be more precise, simplicity is a must. This is why all the higher cited packages are offered without commitments. In other words, you can subscribe to any offer at any time. Thereafter, you can unsubscribe without the need for justification or payment of additional costs. You can without any problem try all offers one by one.

    The other very interesting aspect of YouPrice is its adjustable package concept. Basically, you only pay for what you consume and that is all the interest of these offers. When you choose your package, you can add the options and data according to your needs. The One from 10 to 30 GB, the Essential up to 110 GB, the plus up to 140 GB and the optimal up to 200 GB.

    7.99 € / month 9.99 € / month

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      • non -binding offer
      • Unlimited SMS and MMS calls
      • 44GB in France of which 10GB Usable in EU/DOM
      • SFR or Orange network of your choice
      • ESIM available on the Orange network
      • Visual voicemail for iPhone
      • Adjustable package

      What are the advantages with YouPrice ?

      Opt for a given mobile operator, in addition to Packages offered, is also to choose a service. Thus, with YouPrice, here are some advantages that can surely tip the scales. Already, the networks 4G and 5G with Orange and SFR are excellent. This will allow you to surf in peace and without bug. An efficient service with quality services is available to you.

      THE side customizable offers is not to neglect either. In addition to offering a wide range of possibilities, YouPrice still allows you to adjust these. This type of adjustable packages was first launched by the Prixtel operator (see pricettel packages here) and works very well. What’s more, Any subscription can be done in a few clicks from the operator’s website. You will find on the latter all the details relating to each offer before making your choice. You can even follow the guides to register. Afterwards, You will receive in no time your SIM card at home. Nothing better to facilitate the subscription.

      What to think of youprice ?

      Youprice is, of course, a very young operator, but he benefits from the experience of Netcom Group which has been on the market for over ten years. It is thanks to this that he is able to identify, from his beginnings, different requirements. Youprice is also an operator in line with his time. What satisfies the customer more, in addition to the packages, is the service dedicated to him. The operator makes it a point of honor to get closer to his users by offering them a fast and efficient customer service.

      Available at any time, you can count on his qualified team to help you find the most suitable solutions. There section “” Assistance »From the site is there for this. Whether for requests for information or complaints, do not hesitate. The ease of use of the operator’s web page is only the image of the quality of its offers. What also pleases is this Possibility of adding or withdrawing options on each package. In the end, it is practically the only operator allowing you to be really yourself.

      In short, you now know the essentials on youprice. Do not hesitate to take out one of the 5 offers presented in this article.

      Are the YouPrice Packages Compared with ESIM ?

      Unfortunately, to this day youprice does not seem compatible ESIM. But it is very likely that they allow you to subscribe to an ESIM in the coming months.

      Youprice in 5G mobile package, it is possible ?

      Youprice already offers her 5G offers. This is an option to check at the time of subscription to one of the offers that interests you. The 5G option will be invoiced to you € 5/month.

      Is you compatible with visual voicemail ?

      You can of course benefit from visual voicemail from your smartphone with YouPrice. If it does not work at first when activating your SIM card, restart your smartphone and check that visual messaging is well activated.

      YOUPRICE OPINION: The testimonies of the operator’s customers

      YOUPRICE: customer feedback

      Youprice is a virtual mobile telephony operator. He takes advantage of SFR and Orange networks to highlight cheap and mobile data packages. Youprice is in addition the only operator currently who leaves the choice of network to his subscribers. The operator thus has many advantages to put forward to attract new subscribers. However, before subscribing, it is advisable to inquire about the quality of the services provided by these operators, in particular via youprice customer reviews.

      If youprice is distinguished from his competitors, it is thanks to ::

      • The possibility of choosing between the Orange and SFR networks.
      • Prices that adapt to the consumption of data from subscribers.
      • Offers only without commitment to duration.

      What do subscribers of youprice packages think ?

      Average note based on 74 Notice

      • Useful opinion
      • Recent opinion
      • Positive
      • Negative opinion

      I am very disappointed with youprice, you have to send messages by email and we wait a long time to have an answer I therefore closed my line and went to another operator, I do not recommend

      Corinne 08/11/2022 at 11:37 p.m
      Was this opinion useful ?
      Request Change Package

      Hello, I made a request to go to the orange network with 5g more for my YouPrice Package. No response from the operator.

      Michel 09/15/2022 at 9:30 am
      Was this opinion useful ?
      Cheap with a lot of choices

      I went to youprice. On July 27, what a very good surprise to discover all the possibilities they offer.
      – The choice between Orange and SFR (with flows similar to these two major operators)
      – The choice of 5G or not if your mobile is compatible
      – The choice between the packages, no less than 10 packages are offered distributed between Orange and SFR
      – And the best, the packages that adapt by compensating according to your monthly consumption currently consumption monitoring is only on the Internet, is not long to have a mobile application nevertheless I recommend 100% youprice.

      Jérémy 05/08/2022 at 12:00 p.m
      Was this opinion useful ?
      Very good new operator

      I subscribed a mobile plan at YouPrice not long ago and I find their formulas very practical. We don’t have to always monitor your data consumption since the package has several levels. I recommend.

      MAEVA 07/25/2022 at 1:31 p.m
      Was this opinion useful ?
      I took the SFR network and I have many 4G problems, YouPrice should review its agreements.
      Francis 07/25/2022 at 1:29 p.m
      Was this opinion useful ?

      Leave a return of experience on YouPrice

      The content of this page was verified by an editorial expert on the date of 06/22/2023

      Before committing to a brand for a service issued daily, it is recommended to learn about it. One of the best ways to do this is to consult customer reviews, in this case, customer reviews about youprice. This makes it possible to anticipate the problems linked to the packages or to the operator’s customer service for example. Internet users are thus invited to leave their customer reviews here on the offers and services of YouPrice. Here is In any case, the positive and negative opinions of YouPrice subscribers in order to highlight the qualities and defects of the virtual operator.

      Youprice customer reviews

      What are the opinions of youprice customers on the services offered ?

      YOUPRICE customer reviews on adaptive packages

      The main mobile packages that YouPrice currently offers, these are the adaptive packages. It’s about Packages whose price billed at the end of the month depends on the consumption of data from the subscriber. The range of YouPrice Packages consists of several offers:

      • The One : from € 7.99/month for 2 months on the Orange and SFR network for a Data envelope from 44 to 60 GB;
      • the optimal : To be able to use the data envelope from 155 to 180 GB, this mobile plan is displayed from € 16.99/month on the SFR and Orange network.
      • The First : from € 9.99/month for 2 months on the Orange and SFR network for a quantity of data between 111 to 130 GB;
      • The mini: displayed at € 4.99 on the SFR network and that of Orange (for 2 months), this cheap package gives access to 5 GB of basic data, up to 10 GB and calls/SMS/MMS without limit.

      These packages are highly appreciated by subscribers, because they allow you to pay a fairer price. In addition to that, once the data included has been exhausted, the flow is restrained and no non -package fees are therefore charged.

      Besides that, subscribers seem to appreciate the variety of choices offered to them. Fact, These are four adaptive packages that are accessible, From 5 GB of mobile data each month, up to 180 GB. The range of mobile plans by YouPrice is complete, which necessarily makes it possible to find a package that encompasses its data needs.

      However, some subscribers criticize the operator a catalog of confused packages. Each package exists in double according to the chosen network, and displays three billing levels, with A price that changes after the first year in case of promotion. Also, offers can be quite difficult to compare.

      The main opinions concerning the adaptive plans of YouPrice therefore evoke ::

      • The wide choice of mobile packages;
      • adaptability of offers;
      • A catalog that lacks clarity and transparency.

      Read the detailed sheets before subscribing

      The best way to know the details of a YouPrice Package is still to consult your standardized information sheet. This document is made available to Internet users on the operator’s website and allows you to know precisely what services are included in the package and how its invoicing works.

      YOUPRICE review: what is the mini package worth ?

      In addition to its four main packages, YouPrice also allows you to take out a mini package. This is a fixed price subscription which only offers the minimum in a mobile package: 5 GB of mobile data and unlimited calls and MMS and MMS. This mobile package is highly appreciated in the YouPrice Reviews. This is mainly due to the possibility of choosing a less connected and really cheap package.

      However, some negative customer reviews concerning YouPrice recall that with this mobile package, The possibilities are rather limited. This phone subscription is therefore to be reserved for people who use little data in the month. That is, children and the elderly. Indeed, this offer constitutes an ideal children’s package.

      YOUPRICE customer reviews concerning mini packages mention in short:

      • access to very inexpensive packages;
      • mobile packages to disconnect;
      • The choice of the mobile network.

      Be careful, to benefit from the orange mobile network, it is necessary Pay € 1 more per month after the first two months of subscription.

      Comparison Youprice Packages

      To read also Youprice packages: all operator’s mobile offers

      Youprice: customer reviews and feedback on the operator’s prices

      The price of subscriptions offered by an operator is always at the heart of customer reviews. In the case of youprice, there are several points raised on the operator’s price policy by these opinions, positive and negative.

      Youprice reviews underline Very affordable prices. A 100 GB package returns to around € 10 on promo. In addition to these basic rates, the prices put forward by promotions, in particular those offered at the launch of the operator, are deemed very attractive. On this point, subscribers are clearly satisfied.

      However, a point generates some negative customer reviews for YouPrice. Some customers evoke a form of Price confusion Due to the landing system and the choice between the mobile networks of Orange and SFR.

      How to know the amount of his next YouPrice invoice ?

      Due to the operation of the YouPrice Packages, the amount of the mobile invoice may vary from one month to the other. To find out what it is before having the surprise, just connect to your personal youprice space and consult the consumption monitoring. This allows you to estimate the package billing level easily.

      Customer reviews on the mobile network of YouPrice

      The question of the mobile network is always an essential point in the case of a new mobile operator. In order to take advantage of its mobile plan, you must, in fact, benefit from good access to this network. On this question, there is no shortage of YouPrice customer reviews, whether positive or negative. Here is an overview of these various customer reviews concerning the mobile operator Youprice.

      What do positive youprice reviews about the operator’s network ?

      The main positive youprice reviews that talk about the operator’s network concern the possibility of choosing this network. Many customers are very satisfied with power Choose, as soon as the Orange network and SFR was subscribed,. Some comments do not fail to emphasize that this fills the lack left by the abandonment of this Prixtel strategy.

      The other positive point that returns the most in YouPrice Customer Reviews concerning the operator’s network is the quality of the network. Although it is a mvno, Subscribers seem to say that the flow rates and stability are completely reliable. In 4G, flow rates are around and exceed 100 Mb/s if the comments are to be believed. However, beware of some irregularities undoubtedly due to the strong occupation of the network.

      Read also Youprice mobile network: 3G/4G/5G coverage and speeds

      The synthesis of negative opinions concerning the YOUPRICE network

      There are also several negative customer reviews with regard to the YouPrice Network. Admittedly subscribers are very happy to have access to SFR and Orange networks, but some regret The absence of the Bouygues Telecom network. However, Netcom Group, a parent company of YouPrice, has an agreement with Bouygues Telecom to operate its network. The least satisfied can change operator to go to the Bouygues Telecom network.

      The other misunderstanding that emerges from negative opinions on the YouPrice network concerns The impossibility of changing network without changing the package. While Prixtel allowed this at the price of a SIM card, YouPrice requires changing mobile package and telephone number. Portability to keep your number is not allowed here. Undoubtedly the biggest weak point of this mobile operator.

      Why is it not possible to change network ?

      Changing network involves changing SIM card. This is valid both in the event of a change of operator and without changing it. This is why YouPrice cannot make a network change easily and must ask subscribers to take out a new mobile package.

      What do you say the youprice subscribers on the operator’s customer service ?

      One of the elements that returns the most in YouPrice Customer Reviews is the operator’s customer service. This encompasses all the help services that the operator offers to support his subscribers: FAQ, telephone service or even online subscriber area. There is no shortage of comments on these different aspects of YouPrice’s customer service and here is what to remember.

      What are the qualities of customer service according to customer customer reviews ?

      YOUPRICE CUSTOMER NOTICE TO HAVE TO BROWN ALWAYER ADVANTAGES OPERATIVAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. The first of these advantages concerns the ease of finding important information. Youprice offers a fairly supplied FAQ For the main questions related to the packages it offers. This helps to avoid contacting said customer service. Apart from this solution, subscribers seem to appreciate having a customer area to find major information.

      This customer area is thus cited as the second positive point in customer service. It is created by default to the subscription of a package, easy to access and easy to navigate. Subscribers can find the live follow -up of their consumption, The latest invoices and all information about their current mobile plan.

      Youprice customer service

      Read also YOUPRICE customer service: number and solutions to reach it

      YOUPRICE customer service defects according to subscribers

      Youprice’s customer service is undoubtedly the element that attracts the most negative comments from Internet users. It should not be surprised since it is generally towards this service that all the problems of subscribers are addressed. Several elements are thus to be retained from customer customer reviews on customer service.

      The first point concerns theUnable to find a phone number to reach customer service. The help is dematerialized and goes through the site. Certainly the FAQ and the customer area are full of precious information, but for sometimes more technical problems, this is not enough. From there emerges the second major problem linked to youprice customer service: the lack of useful response.

      Thus, subscribers who encounter unresolved problems by the FAQ or the operator’s customer area generally do not find concrete aid from customer service. The difficulty in finding a human interlocutor pushes some to turn to alternative solutions and to ask for help on specialized forums. Several subscribers came to terminate their YouPrice mobile package.

      Always more numerous negative opinions

      Negative opinions are always more numerous than positive opinions. Internet users more readily highlight what does not only work well. It must therefore be kept in mind that if the negative comments are in the majority, they do not always reflect the opinion of the majority of subscribers. However, they allow you to have an idea of ​​the most frequent problems of the operator.

      Assessment: the advantages and disadvantages of the mobile packages of YouPrice

      In the end, are the youprice customer reviews rather positive or negative ? They are mixed, but we must not forget that customer opinions are much more often left by disappointed subscribers than by satisfied subscribers. Nevertheless, thethe customer reviews give fairly clear indications of what to expect to the subscription of a YouPrice Package.

      Among the main positive aspects that subscribers retain, there are first the choice of network as well as the adaptability of the packages. Very clearly, according to customer reviews, Youprice comes to fill the lack left by the change in pricing policy, and subscribers are very happy. In addition to this, the prices charged overall on the packages satisfy the majority of subscribers.

      On the other hand, and without much surprise in the end, Customer service is the point that receives the most negative reviews. Despite a good FAQ and a beautiful customer area, the impossibility of finding human help quickly makes every problem unusual very difficult to solve for subscribers. The other grievance raised by comments concerns the impossibility of changing mobile network freely after subscription. This is particularly problematic in the event of moving and changing network coverage.

      The main positive and negative points of youprice customer reviews
      The positive points The negative points
      The large choice of packages A dense and confused catalog
      Prices that adapt to data consumption Little help customer service
      The choice of the mobile network No network change after subscription
      Cheap packages Price differentiation depending on the levels

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      Youprice: our opinion on this promising young operator


      Arrived just a year ago in the MVNO landscape, YouPrice is already making great noise thanks in particular to the very advantageous prices of its flexible packages, but also that it is possible to choose its operator (Orange or SFR). But what about concretely once the SIM card inserted in the smartphone ?

      Average descending speed 89 Mb/s
      Average amount rate 16 Mb/s
      4G population coverage 99%
      4G Territory coverage 95%

      The packages of the moment at YouPrice


      YOUPRICE 4G package
      The First


      YOUPRICE 4G package
      The mini


      YOUPRICE 4G package
      The back to school

      Who is the operator YouPrice ?

      On the scene of mobile operators and more particularly MVNO, Youprice is a newcomer who has already made a big noise. The brand was created in 2022 by France Digital, a multiservice company wishing to embark on telecoms, via a partnership with Netcom Group, another operator offering network solutions for professionals.

      When it was launched, the brand did not hide its ambitions by affirming its desire to become a leader in the telecoms market in France in 2023. The strategy is simple: offer offers that we do not find anywhere else and especially at the lowest possible prices, whether in 4G or in 5 g. First, by the flexibility of the packages, while providing consumers to pay for data that they consume, a bit like a pricetel for example, but also by the choice of the network, in this case SFR and Orange with prices that may vary depending on one or the other. This is the only operator who currently offers this possibility on the French market. Also note that the operator also takes into account the different call options (WiFi/Volt).

      Mobile package offers at YouPrice

      As said above, YouPrice is to date the only operator on the market to offer multi -rienseal packages. The latter are also surprisingly offered at the same prices for the same services in terms of data. The offer generally revolves around 4 to 5 packages depending on the commercial periods. Let’s move on on the package called “the mini” which as its name suggests only offers a simple 3 GB envelope to focus on the other 3 more interesting levels

      From the outset, we notice that prices are clearly among the lowest on the market, whether on a 4G basic package or even taking a 5G option. This feeling is all the stronger when compared to an Orange or SFR package with prices that can die the ceiling on important data envelopes. The only MVNOs that can line up are Lebara and Prixtel even if the latter does not offer the Orange network (SFR only). However, the fact that the data envelopes are flexible – concretely, the price of the package depends on your consumption of data each month – is another element that plays in favor of Yeprice. He is also the only operator to offer this type of package from the Orange network. Another good news, the package resets to zero (data and invoicing) at 1ᵉʳ of each month rather than on anniversary date, which makes it easier to change the package if necessary.

      Follow your consumption on YouPrice via the customer area

      It is still to be noted that YouPrice does not offer an application to pilot his package and have access to his invoices. Everything goes from the site’s customer area, very readable and easy to use, moreover. Youprice also offers a promo code sponsorship program that it is very easy to find everywhere on the internet.

      The customer experience is still tainted on one point: customer service is unreachable and is only accessible if the subscriber already has a YouPrice Package. There is no number with which you can reach an advisor for example. Furthermore, we therefore sent an email to find out if it was possible to send a passport photo rather than the identity card. If it has been possible to do so to subscribe to a package, the email has to date have remained unanswered. Another pitfall, we found it amazing that the operator must ask for an IBAN when ordering, where other operators are satisfied with a bank card imprint.

      The quality of the 4G and 5G network of Youprice

      As said above, YouPrice is not an operator with its own lines, but is a MVNO which rents that of historical operators, in this case here SFR and Orange. The network is not randomly assigned and it is up to the customer to choose it when ordering. Orange being the first mobile network in France in 4G and 5G in terms of quality of service, we strongly advise you to subscribe to it, especially given given the identical pricing with SFR.

      According to the NPERF 2022 barometer, Orange and SFR trust the first two places with a definite advantage on the first.

      This observation is also highlighted by Arcep data. The organization also measures network covers, which allows us to see that whatever the operator chosen, you are guaranteed to benefit from more than 99 % network coverage in metropolitan territory in 2G/3G/4G/4G.

      Regarding the quality of network, the arcep place Orange number far ahead of SFR, Bouygues Télécom and Free, on almost all scenarios.