Xpeng P7: the same thing as a tesla in cheaper?, Xpeng launches the G9 and a P7 Update in Europe

Xpeng launches the G9 and a P7 Update in Europe

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Xpeng P7: the same thing as a tesla in cheaper ?

In China, the segment of electric sedans is on the rise. In order not to leave too many market share to its Californian counterpart, Xpeng (Xiaopng’s contraction) shares the technical characteristics of its new P7.

It is positioned between the Model 3 and the Model S

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Xpeng P7 | Official photos of the electric sedan +39

Why not face two models at the same time ? The dimensions of the Xpeng sedan thus interferent the P7 between the two vehicles in the Tesla range. Indeed, it measures 4.88 meters long, 9 centimeters less than the Model S but offers 19 centimeters more than the Model 3. In this little game, it is more positioned as an adversary of the high -end model of its Californian competitor. We also find aesthetic similarities with a long hood lined with a more stocky rear and handles of retractable doors. It distinguishes itself, however, with a luminous signature that is its own. It’s simple: a headband at the front, one back. Minimalist, but no less effective.

However, other differences appear when you enter the cabin. Where Tesla shows only one (very) large screen on its central console, the P7 opts rather for a set of two screens on a single tactile slab (a particularity borrowed from Mercedes ?)). A very elegant two -branch steering wheel is also to be noticed in the slideshow of photos offered by Xpeng. On the technology side, it is armed with autonomous level 3 driving helped by its partnership with the company NVIDIA. In this regard, Xpeng is attacked by Tesla for theft of the source code of its famous (and envied) autopilot.

Autonomy (s) and marketing price

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Xpeng P7 | Official photos of the electric sedan +39

As an autonomy, the Xpeng P7 plays its most beautiful card. The brand confides that it is also the standard electric car with the kilometers record traveled without recharging in China: 706 km according to the NEDC cycle. Admittedly, this cycle is clearly less precise than the WLTP but on the same exercise the Tesla Model 3 is less efficient with 668 km. This Chinese version is called “RWD Super-Long Range” and comes to be placed in the middle of two others. The entry -level has 568 km of autonomy while the last mount has 4 -wheel drive supplied with a battery of 80.9 kWh allowing to display 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds.

For the price, the victory returns to Xpeng since the price of its P7 starts at 30.000 euros for its “small autonomy” version, 33.250 euros for the long range and finally 44.340 euros for the 4 -wheel drive. In Chinese land, the Model 3 is marketed at the minimum price of 39.600 euros, or almost 10.000 euros more than its Asian rival. Finally, the Xpeng firm has not yet announced the sale of its sedan in Europe. Wait, patiently.

Xpeng launches the G9 and a P7 Update in Europe

Xpeng P7 (2023)

As promised, Xpeng presented its two new models for Europe: the large SUV G9, as well as an updated version of the P7 which corrects the major defect in the speed of charge.

Arrived in Norway shortly after Nio, Xpeng tempered its development ardors in Europe in 2022, preferring to stabilize its situation in China. Business resumes for 2023 with the arrival of the G9 SUV and the P7 in an improved version. It is above all the latter that will lead the burden of the development of the brand in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Norway this year.

On the program of this 2023 development, no big style change. The only visible evolution concerns the headlights at the front. The block now incorporates 2 Lidars which accompany the latest version of the Autonomous Driving X-Pilot 3.0. The equipment wins a motorized trunk door, assisted closing doors, heat pump and a heated steering wheel.

But the most interesting concerns the load power of the two propulsion versions and 4 -wheel drive. The continuous current load goes from 100 to 175 kW. Not yet the super fast charge of the G9, but it is already significant progress.

Xpeng P7 prices start at € 49,990 in the Netherlands. Either between a standard Range and Long Range Tesla 3 Tesla 3.

Length 4880 mm 4880 mm
Width 1896 mm 1896 mm
Height 1450 mm 1450 mm
Wheelbase 2998 mm 2998 mm
Chest 440 L 440 L
Cx 0.236 0.236
Power / torque 203 kW / 276 hp
390 Nm
348 kW / 473 hp
655 nm
Motor wheels Propulsion Integral
Battery Nc Nc
Autonomy 530 km 470 km
Charge 175 kW 175 kW

A g9 less fast than in China

The load is precisely one of the major arguments of the G9. However, the burden announced in Europe is less efficient than in China. With its SIC battery operating on 800V voltage, the G9 claims 480 kW in direct current in China, but is satisfied with 300 kW in Europe. This is still enough to reduce the duration of a full of 10 to 80% to 20 minutes for its 98 kWh battery. The autonomy reaches 570 km on its most efficient version.

The G9 is sold from 57,900 to 71,990 € in the Netherlands, or around € 10,000 more than a Tesla Model Y.

G9 RWD Long Range
Length 4891 mm 4891 mm 4891 mm
Width 1937 mm 1937 mm 1937 mm
Height 1680 mm 1680 mm 1680 mm
Wheelbase 2998 mm 2998 mm 2998 mm
Chest 660 660 660
Cx 0.272 0.272 0.272
Power / torque 230 kW / 313 hp
430 nm
230 kW / 313 hp
430 nm
450 kW / 551 hp
717 NM
Motor wheels Propulsion Propulsion Integral
Battery 78 kWh 98 kWh 98 kWh
Autonomy Nc 570 km Nc
Charge 300 kW 300 kW 300 kW

Xpeng P7

Xpeng P7

Configure your Xpeng P7 vehicle or ask for a free trial.

Competitor of the Tesla Model 3, the Xpeng P7 is a sedan like a coupe. Arrival in Europe by Norway, it announces more than 500 km of autonomy.

The Xpeng P7 sports a rated line and stands out by a light strip at the front. The interior of the sedan is very refined with a multifunction steering wheel and two screens. She has a Wing Edition on the market, a luxury version with doors in elytre.

Xpeng P7 engines and performance

There are two different engines on the Chinese sedan. The first is a propulsion version which displays 196 kW of power, or 266 horsepower. It develops 390 Nm of torque and fell on 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds.

The second version has four -wheel drive and two engines. The front of the front develops 120 kW of power, and the rear engine displays 196 kW. Total power exceeds 300 kW, or 410 horsepower. The couple is then 655 nm and the 0 to 100 km/h takes only 4.3 seconds.

Battery, autonomy and recharge of the Xpeng P7

The Xpeng P7 battery has a capacity of 80.9 kWh, whatever the version. The autonomy announced is 700 km in NEDC cycle, or 530 km in mixed WLTP cycle. The four -wheel drive version falls approximately 470 km in WLTP estimate. On the recharge side, the Xpeng P7 accepts up to 100 kW of charging.

Price and marketing of P7

The Xpeng P7 sells for less than a Tesla Model 3 in China, at the equivalent of 30,000 euros.

For her arrival in Europe, she displays a rate equivalent to 42,500 euros in Norway where her marketing started at the end of 2021.