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Xplayer Android

Xplayer – Video player all formats is a software application specially designed for Android tablets and smartphones, offering a multitude of audio and video features for an optimal viewing experience.

Xplayer – Video Player All Format

Watch videos in any format on your Android

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Xplayer – Video Player All Format is a complete application that offers the possibility of reading just about any video on your Android device. This application can adapt any video – can import the format or the size – so that you can comfortably watch it on your device.

This media reader is compatible with a wide variety of formats, letting you read videos in MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MOVP, FLV, WMV or RMVB format format. Even if the video has been recorded with state -of -the -art equipment, this application will be able to read it in a question of seconds.

In addition, Xplayer – Video Player has a safety feature that allows you to restrict access to certain videos. This feature prevents any other users from reading your private videos using your device.

In summary, Xplayer – Video Player offers a complete video player that makes it possible to read almost any video on your Android device.

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Required conditions (latest version)

  • Requires Android 5.0 or more

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Licence Free
Operating system Android
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Xplayer Android

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Video player for Android with support for several formats

If you want a multifunctionality video player for Android devices try Xplayer. This application is Compatible with different formats, including files in 4K image quality. It has in addition to options which serve to ensure the confidentiality of the user, by protecting private videos from being eliminated or seen by other users who use the smartphone or the tablet.

Main characteristics of the video reading application

This alternative to other apps such as VLC, MX Player or BSPlayer has the following functionalities:

  • Supports practically all video formats, most famous like MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV or 3GP at least extensive.
  • Support for reading Ultra HD videos.
  • Hardware acceleration.
  • Option to create private folders whose content cannot be reproduced or eliminated by other users.
  • Compatible with Chromecast.
  • Option for downloading subtitles.
  • Pop-up reading, divided screen or background.
  • Interface with night mode, quick silence and reading control.
  • Automatic identification of all files stored in the device or SD card.
  • Easy video management.
  • Simple controls.

Additional conditions and information:

  • Minimum operating system required: Android 4.3.

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Xplayer – Video player all formats

Xplayer - Video player all formats

What is xplayer – video player all formats ?

Xplayer is an excellent reader which guarantees the confidentiality of your videos. By proposing in particular to protect some of your content by hiding them in a private file locked by a PIN code. All video formats are supported, but that’s not all. The interface is optimal with in particular navigation by gestures or the possibility of activating a night mode for better visual comfort.

The free version of Xplayer displays very discreet advertisements in the form of pastilles on which the user decides or not to press to display it. You can opt for the paid version to have no advertising.

Why use xplayer – video player all formats ?

The main objective of Xplayer – Video player all formats is to make your viewing experience as fluid and pleasant as possible.

XPlayer’s user -friendly and intuitive interface greatly facilitates its use, even for novice users. You can Easily navigate in your library of videos and access the main features in a simple and intuitive way. Which allows you to take advantage of your favorite videos without hassle or confusion.

To further improve the viewing experience, Xplayer offers A dark theme. By activating this low -light display mode, you reduce eye fatigue and improve readability, especially in dark environments. This allows you to Watch videos as much as you want without tiring your eyes.

Furthermore, Xplayer facilitates the management of your video library. The application automatically identifies all the video files present on your Android device and on the SD card, which allows you to organize and sort your videos effortlessly. You can quickly find your favorite videos and share them with your friends and family in a few clicks.

A key advantage of Xplayer is its private file option. This feature allows you to Store your private videos in a secure space, thus protecting them from prying. Your confidential videos cannot be deleted or visualized by other users of the device, offering you additional peace of mind.

Xplayer – Video player all formats is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, tablet phones. No matter the device you use, you can take advantage of all Xplayer’s features for optimal viewing experience.

In addition, the Xplayer development team regularly offers updates, which guarantees that the application is constantly improved in terms of performance, bug corrections and adding new features.

What are the audio/video features of Xplayer – Video player all formats ?

Xplayer – Video player all formats is a software application specially designed for Android tablets and smartphones, offering a multitude of audio and video features for an optimal viewing experience.

Regarding audio features, xplayer – video player all formats allows you to precisely control the reading volume. You can adjust the volume according to your preferences, thus offering you an audio experience adapted to your needs.

In addition to sound control, Xplayer offers several options to personalize your viewing experience. You can Customize subtitles by modifying their size, style and synchronization with video. This allows you to easily follow the content while adapting the subtitles to your preferences.

Xplayer also offers the possibility ofAdjust the brightness of the screen during reading. This feature allows you to optimize the display according to your environment and your personal preferences, thus offering you optimal visual comfort.

To avoid accidental interruptions, Xplayer includes a functionality of screen locking during video playback. You can lock the screen to avoid involuntary touch keys that could interrupt your viewing experience, allowing you to fully enjoy your videos without worrying about accidentally touching the screen and pauses reading.

Xplayer also offers several reading options to personalize your experience. You can Activate self-stem so that the video automatically adjusts to the orientation of your device. In addition, you can choose the image format that best suits your screen, guaranteeing optimal visualization of the video.

Even more features with Xplayer – Video player all formats !

Regarding advanced video features, Xplayer supports the Reading video in high definition, including 4K and Ultra-HD videos. The application use the hardware acceleration of your device To guarantee a fluid and effortless reading, thus offering optimal reading quality even for high resolution videos.

Xplayer – Video player all formats also offers practical features such as easy control of reading the reading. You can slide your finger on the reading screen to advance or go back to the video, allowing you to navigate easily through the contents.

In addition, Xplayer offers other advanced features such as the floating video player, which allows a multitasking experience by moving and resizing the video window. You can also Watch videos in the background, while using other applications, similar to music reading.

In addition, xplayer – video player all formats supports the Video broadcast on Android TV via Chromecast, allowing you to watch videos on the big screen.

What are the video formats supported by Xplayer – Video player all formats ?

Xplayer – Video player all formats provides extensive management for a wide variety of video formats, guaranteeing a problem of viewing without problem. Whether you have videos encoded in commonly used formats or less widespread formats, this application ensures complete compatibility with a diverse range of video files.

Popular video formats such as MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV and RMVB are supported by Xplayer, allowing you to take advantage of a fluid reading of most of the videos you may meet. These formats are widely used and you can be sure that your videos will be read without any problem.

In addition, Xplayer goes beyond current formats by also taking charge of less common formats, which offers you additional flexibility when reading your videos. For example, the TS (transport stream) format is supported, allowing you to Read encoded video files in this specific format.

Xplayer supports all formats of 4K/Ultra HD videos or lower resolution videos. It doesn’t matter whether you have videos encoded in current formats or less widespread formats such as RMVB and TS, you can count on the video player all formats – Xplayer to read them without concerns of compatibility compatibility.

Is xplayer – video player all formats ?

Xplayer – Video player all formats is a free application. You can follow our direct download links to download the application for free from the Google Play Store or use our APK provided and follow the instructions to install it on your Android device. The application is designed to provide a high -quality video viewing experience without requiring paying or paying subscription.

Note that although Xplayer is free, it may include advertisements in the application. This can allow developers to support the continuous development of the application and offer quality features at no cost. However, to delete pubs, you can opt for the Premium Xplayer Pro Mod Apk version.

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