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Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S test: the future queen of promotions

In this area, the Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 gets out with honors. And even more. Its brake system is complete enough for you to feel reassured once on board. We can count on a rear disc brake, and a regenerative brake which it is possible to modulate the force.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 test: an electrical scooter that won the market (2023)


I bought my first electric scooter in 2017 and I immediately fell in love. Seeing these little gems revolutionizing urban transport, I told myself that I had to make a blog to talk about it. This is how Electricada was born.

There Xiaomi Mi Eletric Scooter Pro 2 is a model that you have probably heard. It is one of the most renowned on the market in 2022. Among its strongest arguments, you can cite its great autonomy, its very commendable power or its formidable braking system. You can simply regret your weight slightly above average, and a charge time that we would have hoped lower.

  • A whole, everything, very low price, without sacrificing the quality.
  • A correct power for such an inexpensive model.
  • Easy to drive overall.
  • Xiaomi has not forgotten to offer a secure experience.
  • Average autonomy
  • Not the most comfortable

Xiaomi Essential

Now that these few bases have been laid, I suggest you observe the model more closely. I have prepared for you a complete test, which will allow you to know the machine better. In order to be as objective as possible, I questioned several sources.

Consumer opinion, expert analysis, personal sensitivity … I put all these data in common to guide you. Of course, I referent the usual criteria: autonomy, security, transportability, performance on less regular land ..

And here I am ready to tell you about the beast ! So, ready to grab the handlebars … virtually, to start ?

Table of contents

Technical characteristics

I would like to start by drawing up a list of the main characteristics that this Xiaomi Mi Eletric Scooter Pro 2. So you already have an overview of what she has in her stomach … An electric belly, in this case ��.

  • Builder: Xiaomi
  • Autonomy: 45km covered at the start of use
  • Engine power: 300W, worn by a 12800 mAh battery
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Rear disc brake, brake with front regeneration system
  • Very resistant 8.5 inch wheels
  • Connectivity provided by the manufacturer’s application
  • LCD screen
  • Dimensions when it is not folded: 113 x 118 x 43cm

All this seems rather correct, no ? That said, nothing beats some additional explanations in order to forge a solid and complete opinion.

As usual, I give you some information on the design of this model. So … Does this electric scooter sets us up ?


Which marked me the first time I put my eyes on this Xiaomi Mi Eletric Pro 2, This is its resemblance to the previous version. Obviously, the brand wants to give a visual identity to this range.

Since the result is satisfactory aesthetic, there is no need to complain about it. We are faced with a very elegant electric stew, silhouette and pacific lines. Once on the handlebars, we appreciate the way in which the LCD screen is integrated: it confuses “naturally with the rest of the device.

On this side, therefore, nothing to say of particular. Or rather, it’s positive ! We are now heading for a more technical point: autonomy.


When we buy this new model, the manufacturer promises 45km of autonomy. Some customers note that in reality, the figure is A little gross, and that we rarely reach such a distance without going through the “recharge” box. However, it is already a good base. Since this is a mid -range vehicle, the score remains honorable.

You will probably not be able to experience an epic adventure on the handlebars of this manufacture Xiaomi, All right. But for daily journeys and some walks, you should find your account.

I simply advise you to wisely manage the speed of the beast: when it is not necessary, as much to spare the battery.

Regarding the “sustainability” of the Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 On a day, for a cycle, therefore, the balance sheet is generally good. I still have to raise a downside: the recharging time ! About 8 hours so that our traveling companion regains his energy … It’s strangely high.

Well, for the moment, we have only taken the handlebars in a very theoretical way. And if we wondered a little about the comfort ? The driving ?

Comfort of use and ergonomics

Xiaomi is due to its reputation. The creations of this firm are known to provide quality experience to trotters. And this version is no exception.

The grip is pleasant. Overall, the handlebars and the surrounding devices are easy to handle. Some deplore a lack of ergonomics linked to the position of the sound warning system, it is true. But in terms of the main interest (management and conduct, quite simply), there is something to be satisfied.

During my readings, I was able to notice the satisfaction of users in terms of speed, especially in relation to the fluidity of changes. It is possible to reach the regulatory 25km/h, and oscillate between the other degrees should seem very intuitive to you.

The machine also exists in “AMG” version, a collaboration with Mercedes

As for the 300W engine, it will be very useful to you when the slopes are a little too stiff. This is one of the main qualities that are asked for electric scooters, no ?

For those who love large escapes on less hospital land, this is not the best choice. Indeed, the absence of suspensions may make certain phases … painful. Nevertheless, the wheels 8.5 really resistant inches will avoid untimely defling.

So this is a very pleasant model to direct overall. It’s an excellent point. What about the moments when you have to wear it ? On the stairs, typically ?


I have never done electric scooter on the stairs, because I hold a lot to my anatomy. Suddenly, in these moments, I pass my traveling companion above the shoulder.

Will this break in driving be pleasant with the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 ? Yes and no.

Yes, because she is folding, and according to a very well designed system, moreover. You should not live any frustration when giving it more reasonable dimensions.

… But a little no, Because the weight remains above average for urban models, with its 14 kilos. Of course, it also depends on the sensitivity of the driver or the driver. You just shouldn’t expect an aerial milling.

Brief. It would be impossible for me to finish this test without approaching a fundamental category: security.


In this area, the Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 gets out with honors. And even more. Its brake system is complete enough for you to feel reassured once on board. We can count on a rear disc brake, and a regenerative brake which it is possible to modulate the force.

In terms of lighting park, nothing to deplore either: the headlight installed in front of even an average power, with its 2 Watts welcome to increase night visibility.

If you already know Xiaomi, You probably know that this Chinese brand attaches some importance to connectivity. This is what you need to know about this electric scooter !


It is far from being a constant, even nowadays: the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 Allows you to follow your races via A consecrated application.

You should not imagine dementia software, full of features and surprises ..

… but you will no doubt appreciate having an eye on the kilometers traveled, the remaining autonomy, and other data. The whole is carried by Blueetooth technology, and therefore puts this scooter in the family of modern alternatives.

We almost come to our balance sheet ! Before that, I suggest you take a look at the information that I have not given at this stage, but which remain interesting.

Additional information and indications

  • This model has non -slip handles.
  • The maximum supported weight is 100kg
  • The screen displays some summary information, the remaining battery rate of which. More precise information is communicated via the application. His positioning makes him really pleasant to consult – including night.

How to choose an electric scooter ?

But by the way, what to base yourself to buy an electric scooter ? Before concluding, let us recall the Criteria to take into account when buying An ecological means of transport such as this:

  • There security is essential. This is a parameter that everyone must take into consideration.
  • Autonomy may have an impact on your decision. Ask yourself What distances do you want to travel, And, it’s linked, What use you will make.
  • Comfort is prohibitive for some. If you have fragile mechanical health, favor manufacturing harmonious, who will not mistreat your body. According to journeys, the difference is sometimes painful.
  • The power, One of the cornerstone in the creation of this guide has an influence on the driving experience, especially in terms of speed. Ask you how much you want shorten the duration of your journeys.
  • The ease of handling, in particular having regard to dashboard, is really an advantage for users who love know what they are doing.
  • The price has an influence.

Before you buy, so ask yourself specific questions about your profile.

✅ The Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2: a scooter that deserves its good reputation

Certainly, there are still points to improve. We can regret the excessive weight (a little) for a scooter in this range. At this point, I still do not understand why the recharging time has not been optimized. I will recover, promise. But I find it a shame !

However, the assessment is rather positive. Even very positive. This Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 remains a reliable model, pretty to watch, complete and connected. Nowadays, you should be able to find it in a price range between 500 and 700 €, depending on promotions and availability.

So we can talk about a very good value for money. The faults exist, but in my opinion are not serious enough to disqualify this Xiaomi.

Many users and many users have not been mistaken. This model remains one of the most popular of the brand at the beginning of the 2020s.

So if you too want to give it a chance ..

If you want to facilitate your daily journeys with a touch of connectivity ..

If you want to join urban travelers who have already taken the handlebars of the Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2

Take the plunge ! You will enjoy an autonomous model, whose driving will be able to satisfy you. Let’s add, this is the little bonus of the end, that the material quality is there and that you can therefore count on this traveling companion !

Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S test: the future queen of promotions

We tested the Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S out of several hundred kilometers. Here is our full opinion on the new Xiaomi electric scooter.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S // Source: Frandroid

Where to buy the
Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S at the best price ?
712 € discover the offer
937 € discover the offer

In short
Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S

  • Light and handy
  • Effective brakes
  • Pleasant to drive
  • A little fair autonomy
  • The slightly rough application
  • Its starting price

This test was carried out on August 15, 2020 and the market may have evolved since. Consult our comparison to discover more recent products potentially more relevant to you.

Our full opinion
Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S

August 15, 2020 08/15/2020 • 20:00

Xiaomi launched in July 2020 three new scooters. Among them, the Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S acts as “mid -range”, between the “essential” model and the “pro” model. On paper, it is a simple m365 rebranded as the technical characteristics are the same, but is this really the case ? We tried it to check.

This test was carried out with an electric scooter mi scooter 1S loaned by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi mi scooter technical sheet 1S

Model Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S
Announced autonomy 30 km
Max speed 25 km/h
Engine power 250 watts
Maximum supported weight 100 kg
Price 712 €
Product sheet

A design… of Xiaomi scooter

If we had to describe the design of the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S, the most obvious would be to say that it is … a Xiaomi scooter. Since the first model released in 2017, the manufacturer has only changed its models in small touches. At first glance, we therefore have an M365 before us with some subtle improvements.

Regulation obliges, the 1S scooter mi is equipped with several reflectors, both on the wheel before and on the rear wheel, but also at the front of the gallows, allowing to be better seen in dark environments. At the rear, on the mudguard, there is also a bigger fire, therefore more visible, as well as a small square to possibly house a small license plate if it were to become compulsory.



Beyond that, there is an electric scooter with the same dimensions, with a deck rather tightened (14.4 cm) on which it is rather difficult to position yourself with attached feet. It forces to put your feet in a square, which is not worse, but we will come back to it later. Difficult also to climb to two above, that’s good: it is prohibited !

The small deck of the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S

Note that with its small size once folded and 12.5 kg, it is rather light and can be handled without too much difficulty in crazy places. If you have an elevator to take, this is not a problem, as well as to climb several floors by carrying it by the fork. Note that it is fixed and cannot be adjusted in height. The handlebars are located 1.10 m from the ground (or 95 cm from the deck approximately), which allows use, according to Xiaomi, by drivers from 1.20 m to 2 meters. From the top of my meter 75, I did not notice any inconvenience.

The Mi 1S N

Once installed on the scooter, we find the acceleration controller, a doorbell, and the rear brake. I must admit, however, that the whole is quite distant and could be better arranged so as not to have to reach out to the tendonitis to give a bell while keeping the hand on the brake for example. However, the handles remain comfortable, even on long journeys.

The doorbell of the 1S scooter mi is a bit far

The control screen, on the other hand, includes the information available on the M365 Pro, with the speed counter, the driving mode and the battery level. These are no longer the simple LEDs of the M365 and the screen remains very readable even in direct sunlight. Everything is also piloted with a unique button, which is just as practical as it is frustrating when the lamp lights up when you want to change driving mode. Note in passing that the latter was improved and lights up very well during night trips.

On the finish side, we remain on what Xiaomi has accustomed us, namely an aluminum chassis capable of supporting a maximum load of 100 kg, with visible cables. Nothing very extraordinary, but it is rather solid and handy, including at the level of the fold. The latter is also very simple to understand, with security to prevent the handlebars from playing the spaghetti in the middle of the race. We fold or unfold the mi scooter 1S in just a few seconds and she clings to a gesture. It is also IP54 certified, guaranteeing splash resistance. Avoid all the same to drive voluntarily in the puddles.

The cables are always visible around the new reflector

Finally, Xiaomi indicates that it has improved the quality of the tires of its scooter, a black point of previous generations which tended to die regularly. These are still not full tires (anti-harassment), so we will have to see what it gives in a long term. As on most scooters, the engine is integrated into the front wheel, which requires secure only the rear wheel when you want to hang an anti -theft. A loop at the frame would have been reassuring.

Much more reassuring driving

Regarding the power, the 1S scooter mi again takes up the characteristics of the first M365 of the name – and the essential model – with in particular a nominal power engine of 250 W and a maximum power of 500 W. In all cases, the top speed remains softly restrained 25 km/h in order to correspond to French standards, but the power of the engine will play on accelerations and top speed in the coast.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S

In the idea, the driving is pleasant, we reach the maximum speed in about 5s on the dish and its small template gives it exemplary maneuverability. But what is an advantage is also an inconvenience: this lightness makes it a little more difficult to maintain completely stable and I had to get used to a little before removing a hand of the handlebars in all serenity to scratch my nose in the middle of. We got used to it, but after trying the Boosted Rev (which does not play at all in the same category however), it’s strange.

The most notable point for driving compared to the M365 is braking. We find as before an adjustable regenerative brake (I will come back to it) and a powerful rear disc brake. Very powerful. It is reassuring to say that it is possible to make a real emergency stop when a pedestrian or a scooter crosses the cycle path without paying attention or that a car tumbles at full speed.

The power of this brake is done on a condition nevertheless: the rear hunting scooter at this time. It is certainly better than being projected back or forward, but the first time surprises a little (and this although all the electric scooters have more or less this defect). This is where putting your feet aside on the platform is important: by distributing its weight on the foot perpendicular to deck When braking, you can more easily control this slippage and quickly regain control of the machine. It was the advice of the day, nothing.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S N deck

Finally, not surprisingly, the Xiaomi range does not embark on shock absorbers. Borrowing a paved street is the assurance of feeling each vibration through your arms to your skull. At least it will have the merit of making you slow down.

Three driving modes

The 1S scooter mi has three speed modes: pedestrian mode, limited to 5 km/h, standard mode, limited to 20 km/h and sport mode, limited to 25 km/h. Let’s face it, we tend to stay in sport mode, but pedestrian mode can have its interest when you cross a place for example.

I was very surprised to see that it is enough to give a little momentum to the scooter with the foot to give it a real impulse, which does not weaken from the moment when we keep the controlle of the stuck gas, and what is the selected mode. Understand by this that in a few kicks, you can easily raise your 1S scooter mi to 16 km/h in pedestrian mode and keep this speed without even having to change fashion.

Xiaomi also promises to hold 25 km/h on ribs with an inclination up to 14 %. So, I rarely stroll with my rapporteur on me to check the inclination of the ribs, but in any case we feel the difference in power with the pro Mi scooter and it happened to me several times, on small climbs , to see the speed of my electric scooter oscillate between 20 and 23 km/h at full gas. Worse, faced with a violent wind, I found myself limited to 18 km/h.

Xiaomi Home: Always the main defect

Like all Xiaomi devices, the Mi Electric Scooter 1S connects to a Bluetooth smartphone thanks to the Xiaomi Home application. This nevertheless presents some major defects.

First of all, at the first ignition of the scooter, it beeps repeatedly, without indicating why, blocking its speed a few km/h. I had to pair it on my phone before I can unlock his real power. In the idea, it is rather a good thing knowing that the application plays at the first launch a video recalling elementary security standards, but an explanation would have been appreciable.

Then, each Xiaomi product is associated with a “room” of the accommodation connected to Mi Home. Well, this is not a real problem, but I admit that I took a little time before deciding to assign this scooter to my “basement”.

The information consultation is also done only when the two devices are paired and lit. If you are not next to your scooter, you will not be able to consult its latest level of battery recorded for example.

Xiaomi-Mi-Home-Electric-Scooter-1S- (2)

Xiaomi-Mi-Home-Electric-Scooter-1S- (1)

It also happens that the application sometimes has trouble finding the electric scooter in Bluetooth. It is rare and a restart of the application and the scooter is generally enough to solve the problem, but it is still to underline.

A good point all the same: it is possible to lock your electric scooter from the application and to secure it by a password. Password that is not hidden on the screen when you get it ..

Apart from that, the application allows you to update the firmware From our faithful destroyer, to know its temperature or the state of its battery, to know its battery level or the total distance traveled by the racing car, its remaining mileage (do not be fooled), or the ” Unique mileage “And the” average speed »…. who strangely stayed 0 throughout the duration of our test.

Xiaomi-Mi-Home-Electric-Scooter-1S- (2)

Xiaomi-Mi-Home-Electric-Scooter-1S- (3)

Xiaomi-Mi-Home-Electric-Scooter-1S- (4)

Xiaomi-Mi-Home-Electric-Scooter-1S- (1)

You can also activate the cruise control – which blocks the speed of the mi scooter 1S after 5 s without change – forcing the constant ignition of the rear light or managing the energy recovery force. Three options are available: ” weak “,” average ” Or ” strong »». Depending on this choice, the scooter will slow down more or less strongly by dropping the accelerator, returning more or less energy to the battery. Setted on ” weak “By default, this parameter was adapted to my use on” average »». It’s up to you to try the option that best suits your driving style and your autonomy needs.

In short, between the few bugs and the imprecision of certain data, we will quickly do without the application to settle for the LCD screen on the handlebars.

A battery a little limited

With its 7650 mAh and 275 Wh battery, the Mi Electric Scooter 1S promises, according to Xiaomi, a range of 30 km. A small asterisk nevertheless specifies that this autonomy was obtained with a load of 75 kg, at 25 ° C, without wind on a flat road in pedestrian mode at a constant speed of 15 km/h (which is normally limited to 5 km/h, but we have already said that we could exceed this speed …).

In fact, these conditions are rare. My work/home journey is 5 km and indicated as ” mainly flat »According to Google Maps. In reality, I do some detours to avoid the most dangerous places and take a few small climbs-which turn into descents on the return-, and I can make a full round trip before falling completely out of battery. Recall that I weigh 75 kg (to which you have to add 1 or 2 kg for the weight of my backpack) and that this test was carried out in summer, with temperatures sometimes exceeding 30 ° C.

So count 20 km of autonomy with a driving essentially at 25 km/h, with a difficult end of the course. When the battery arrives on its “reserve”, the mi scooter 1S starts to slow down little by little and my last trip generally ends at 15 km/h (even in sport mode). Keeping your charger on yourself can therefore be useful in case of long journeys.

Where to buy the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S ?

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S is available during the month of August 2020 at a price of 449 euros. A surprising price placement knowing that the M365 Pro is sometimes available at largely lower prices.

We have no doubt that she will be regularly on promotion, making her much more attractive.