The best MMORPG games (Multiplayer online role) for Android – Download APK Free, MMO S and MMORPG S available on Android and iOS.

Mobile games

Tera M is none other than the smartphone version of the MMORPG Tera.

The best MMORPG games for Android

Role games are much more fun if you play with other gamers like you online. For this reason, we offer you this selection with the best MMORPG or massive multiplayer role -playing games online for Android

GENSHIN IMPACT 4.0.0_16983586_17100363

An Open World RPG where you can reach your strengths to those of other players

Free French 556 MB 08/16/2023 Android

The 3V3 fighting game between Pokémon coaches

Free English 104 MB 24/08/2023 Android

Play Black Desert on your Android

Free French 92.4 MB 29/08/2023 Android

Create your own characters and prepare them for combat

Free French 100 MB 16/08/2023 Android

Naruto game for Android

Free English 1,8 GB 06/06/2022 Android

The game based on the anime and the one piece manga

Free French 490.5 MB 10/09/2021 Android

MMORPG in open world based on Naruto

Free English 2 GB 08/11/2021 Android

A Strategic Fighting Tour -based Fights based on the world of Pokémon

Free English 79 MB 07/16/2021 Android

The famous manga comes to life in this fantastic mmorpg

Free English 3.4 GB 15/02/2022 Android

A MMORPG in a world open to the GTA style

Free English 98.7 Mb 12/06/2023 Android

Create your own characters and participate with them in various mini-games.

Free French 211 MB 12/22/2022 Android

An RPG of open world action with Marvel heroes

Free French 1.6 GB 08/27/2023 Android

Pokémon style monster capture game

Free French 991.2 MB 27/09/2021 Android

Collect, train and fight with many monsters

Free English 587 MB 12/01/2022 Android

Explore a huge world of fantasy with your heroes

Free French 37 MB 20/12/2021 Android

A successful Pokémon game

Free English 343 MB 02/10/2019 Android

An MMORPG with an epic and immersive atmosphere

Free English 1,6 GB 02/20/2023 Android

Defend your kingdom and create even stronger magic

Free English 82.8 Mb 07/01/2021 Android

Become a hero in this dark fantasy mmorpg

Free English 161 MB 12/06/2023 Android

Impressive ARPG inspired by the Nordic Methodology

Free English 2 GB 25/01/2022 Android

Join a guild and fight the forces of evil in this mmorpg

Free English 1,6 GB 04/26/2023 Android

Save a fantastic world on the verge of destruction

Free English 134 MB 04/04/2023 Android

A world of virtual animals

Free English 64.1 MB 23/05/2022 Android

Hunt, train and collect nearly 400 monsters

Free English 90 MB 07/11/2021 Android

Collects and leads powerful monsters to fight

Free English 75.6 MB 14/04/2020 Android

Role play with battles by Tours

Free English 5 MB 20/10/2020 Android

Open world mmorpg

Free English 670.1 MB 25/04/2023 Android

Explore the planet Noah with other players

Free French 1.7 GB 05/08/2022 Android

An RPG of action and adventure that takes place in a gigantic world

Free English 102 MB 19/09/2022 Android

Wake the spirit of the legendary samurai

Free English 1,2 GB 08/28/2023 Android

The MMORPG based on Robert Rodríguez’s film

Free French 52 MB 03/22/2019 Android

Save dreamy land in this pretty rpg

Free English 2 GB 01/26/2023 Android

RPG type hectic action game based on Bleach

Free English 1 Gb 08/01/2023 Android

Travel through time and space to defeat the tyrant

Free French 73 MB 02/12/2021 Android

Take part in a MMORPG in a huge open world

Free French 120.8 MB 02/12/2022 Android

Defend the kingdom of Valenthia

Free French 64 MB 01/21/2022 Android

A kind of multiplayer GTA for laptops

Free English 488 MB 08/30/2023 Android

A social platform inspired by My Little Pony

Free English 1,3 Mb 24/05/2022 Android

Fight and explore a vast world with an animated character and his robots

Free French 534.9 MB 16/05/2023 Android

A strategic RPG taking place in a pirate world

Free English 251 MB 03/06/2021 Android

Survive to fight those who betrayed you

Free French 62 MB 01/26/2022 Android

Action game and strategic role of urban guerrilla warfare

Free French 163.6 MB 15/09/2021 Android

Game based on manga and Inuyasha anime

Free English 608 MB 07/21/2020 Android

Digimon -based game

Free English 428 MB 25/02/2020 Android

Game that combines platform and mmorpg genres

Free English 13 Mb 01/22/2020 Android

Fight to save Téléria

Free English 156.8 Mb 08/22/2023 Android

The RPG of the Knights of the Zodiac

Free English 3.6 GB 04/02/2022 Android

Multiplayer online role -playing game

Free French 41.8 MB 21/12/2021 Android

The second part of Dragon Raja

Free English 1,9 GB 05/05/2022 Android

A new Bleach adventure

Free English 139 MB 08/05/2023 Android

Zodiac knights arrive on Android

Free English 90.7 MB 18/08/2022 Android

Fight to protect the fantastic kingdom of Nevareth.

Free English 103 Mb 08/31/2023 Android

Choose your faction and face the darkness

Free English 1,2 GB 03/29/2023 Android

Join a young tribal man to find his father disappeared in a fantastic world

Free French 176 MB 05/09/2022 Android

Hunt the demons that wreak havoc in Glamland

Free English 198 Mb 04/28/2022 Android

Become an epic goalkeeper and defend Astrapolis

Free English 1,2 GB 08/07/2023 Android

A spectacular inactive MMORPG with gods and demons

Free English 102 MB 10/27/2021 Android

A tactical RPG in which you can immerse yourself in the world of Warhammer

Free English 1,8 GB 08/03/2022 Android

MMORPG type game based on the Naruto universe

Free English 506.5 Mb 30/03/2021 Android

Become a tiger in this role -playing game

Free English 90.8 Mb 01/27/2022 Android

Constitute your team of “radiant” in this RPG of action and strategy

Free English 3.6 GB 16/12/2022 Android

Action and role game where the strategy is fundamental

Free French 256.9 MB 03/02/2022 Android

Become the alpha male of a pack of wolves

Free French 104.5 Mb 05/31/2021 Android

Form your team of heroes and get into the rescue of the world

Free English 1,6 Gb 07/30/2021 Android

Strategic role -playing game based on the attack on titans

Free English 124 MB 07/09/2020 Android

Nice retro mmorpg with personalization options

Free English 60.7 MB 02/12/2022 Android

Wod is an open world mmorpg where you will be dragons hunter

Free English 76.2 MB 19/05/2021 Android

MMORPG of fantasy in a vast epic world

Free English 1,4 GB 07/06/2023 Android

The version for Android of the role -playing game for Netmarble PC

Free English 74 MB 08/05/2020 Android

Game that combines the role with the simulation of virtual lives

Free English 60.3 MB 24/10/2019 Android

New game in the Kingdom Hearts series

Free English 1,7 GB 30/06/2021 Android

Android version of the famous MMORPG

Free English 96 Mb 05/29/2020 Android

Evil fights in a fancy world

Free French 189.5 MB 01/12/2022 Android

LEGO’s online RPG

Free English 264.8 Mb 03/28/2023 Android

Team fight on the thrilling RPG with DC Comics characters

Free French 80.1 MB 29/03/2022 Android

Fight in a world of epic fantasy

Free English 57.7 Mb 24/05/2023 Android

The famous JRPG saga arrives with more action on your smartphone

Free English 57 Mb 03/27/2019 Android

Play the role on Android

Free English 147.3 MB 08/07/2023 Android

Retro role -playing game for Android

Free French 97.3 MB 15/02/2022 Android

Face dragons and monsters to save Dragon Valley

Free English 1,4 GB 08/03/2023 Android

A magnificent Korean inactive RPG game

Free English 99 Mb 06/27/2023 Android

Embark on an epic adventure to save the universe

Free French 544 MB 15/05/2023 Android

Spectacular multiplayer RPG in the genus Wuxia

Free English 540 MB 12/05/2023 Android

An MMORPG in which you can be yourself

Free English 1,2 GB 03/09/2023 Android

A magnificent MMORPG with oriental aesthetics and blockchain

Free English 911 MB 20/02/2023 Android

A superb MMORPG with oriental aesthetics

Free English 104 MB 11/01/2023 Android

Out a way in a world at war

Free English 234 MB 15/06/2023 Android

Become an epic hero and hold up to Lucifer

Free French 497 MB 24/10/2022 Android

An MMORPG to play with one hand

Free English 26.1 MB 20/10/2022 Android

Face the ancestral enemy of the gods

Free English 890.4 MB 04/01/2023 Android

Become a god or an angel in this inactive vertical mmorpg

Free English 10.5 Mb 19/09/2022 Android

An original MMORPG for laptops

Free English 29 Mb 25/08/2022 Android

The mobile version of the role -playing game for PC

Free English 22.8 MB 09/01/2023 Android

Save the world of darkness in this mmorpg

Free French 688 MB 07/28/2022 Android

The classic PC game revisited in mobile format

Free French 72.4 MB 24/07/2022 Android

Save the world of fairy tales of a curse

Free French 820 MB 08/30/2023 Android

A magnificent RPG inspired by fairy tales

Free French 1.3 GB 08/27/2023 Android

Master chaos in an epic fantastic world

Free English 679 MB 15/06/2022 Android

A passionate story to continue with GENSHIN IMPACT

Free French 1.5 GB 06/26/2023 Android

A magnificent RPG in an open world with mythical creatures

Free English 954 MB 07/06/2023 Android


Free French 100.6 MB 18/04/2022 Android

Play this MMORPG to win tokens

Free English 95.6 MB 07/04/2022 Android

The gods chose you to restore order

Free English 118 MB 04/06/2022 Android

The eternal fight between good and evil in an epic mmorpg

Free French 943 MB 03/22/2022 Android

Adaptation of one of the Pokémon games for Nintendo DS

Free French 67.6 MB 15/02/2022 Android

Impressive MMORPG with a classic touch

Free French 854 MB 08/04/2022 Android

Explore space with millions of players

Free English 26.9 Mb 06/05/2022 Android

Conquer the world with your hero army

Free French 1 GB 01/02/2022 Android

Become a hero in this retro mmorpg

Free English 4 Mb 09/12/2021 Android

Form a powerful team of heroes and restore peace in the kingdom of Awaken

Free English 1,2 GB 03/03/2022 Android

The fantastic saga continues in portrait format

Free English 1,6 GB 11/23/2021 Android

Explore the world of Aden 150 years later

Free English 1,2 GB 25/05/2022 Android

An epic fantastic mmorpg

Free English 102.1 MB 13/03/2023 Android

The sequel of Seven Knights

Free French 81.1 MB 08/03/2022 Android

Ultraman and Mother of Ultra plunge into an RPG

Free English 160 MB 10/29/2021 Android

The long -awaited suite of the MMORPG Grand Fantasia Online

Free French 66.5 Mb 08/28/2023 Android

An inactive ARPG with dozens of heroes to discover

Free English 787 MB 15/02/2022 Android

A mobile MMORPG with epic proportions

Free English 71 MB 06/10/2021 Android

Survive on a mysterious island after a plane crash

Free English 794 Mb 02/28/2022 Android

Rpg of oriental action where you can reach a clan or form yours

Free English 141 MB 08/22/2023 Android

A MMORPG in the vast scenario with infinite parts

Free English 713 MB 03/09/2021 Android

A beautiful mmorpg drawn by hand

Free English 117 MB 02/01/2023 Android

Collect the Pokémon and train them for the fight

Free English 290 MB 07/27/2021 Android

Browse the world of The Witcher in this RPG with cards

Free English 307.1 MB 20/10/2021 Android

A MMORPG in the vast world of Ragnarok X

Free English 675 MB 19/04/2023 Android

Help Myel to fight the underworld in this strategic RPG

Free French 213 MB 12/01/2022 Android

One of the cutest MMORPGs for Mobiles

Free French 680 MB 10/06/2021 Android

Gather a team of heroes and team up with other players

Free English 74 MB 02/06/2021 Android

The MMORPG based on the Korean novel

Free English 179 Mb 04/27/2023 Android

A JCJ game in real time in an epic and fantastic world

Free French 1.4 GB 10/03/2023 Android

A RPG Roguelike in the world open to pixelated graphics

Free English 94.4 MB 28/04/2021 Android

An excellent RPG that takes place in a futuristic world Cyberpunk

Free French 144.6 MB 25/01/2022 Android

The MMORPG of strategic combat of the Disgaea series

Free English 1,9 Gb 03/05/2023 Android

MMORPG in a world inhabited by dragons

Free English 302 MB 16/12/2021 Android

Automatic MMORPG with a fantastic artistic section

Free English 93.3 MB 19/04/2021 Android

An epic adventure in a fantastic world

Free English 85.5 MB 02/12/2022 Android

Discover a fantastic world filled with magic and dangers

Free English 1 Gb 06/22/2023 Android

An epic moba with dozens of heroes

Free French 263 MB 04/09/2021 Android

Survive in this zombie sandbox game

Free English 17.9 Mb 20/01/2022 Android

Browse all the corners of Cloudia in this spectacular RPG

Free English 634 MB 15/06/2023 Android

Multiplayer RPG with guild system

Free English 98.8 Mb 03/31/2021 Android

Fantastic MMORPG taking place in a postapocalyptic world Ciberpunk

Free English 94 Mb 04/27/2023 Android

A MMORPG in an epic and fantastic world

Free English 492 MB 29/01/2021 Android

An inactive RPG in 2D with pretty drawings

Free English 1,4 GB 08/16/2023 Android

Explore a world of fantasy in this role -playing game

Free English 258.8 MB 01/06/2023 Android

Collect and train Pokémon creatures

Free English 309 MB 14/11/2020 Android

A hectic and complete MMORPG of action

Free French 149.5 MB 09/03/2022 Android

An obscure MMORPG which takes place in a fantastic post-apocalyptic world

Free French 320.5 MB 03/11/2020 Android

A retro look mmorpg with a large world

Free French 18.8 MB 17/06/2022 Android

Choose and create your own hero to defeat Maou

Free English 76.9 MB 04/04/2022 Android

  • Cabal: Return of Action
  • Dragon Nest 2 Evolution
  • Tarisland
  • Heartswar
  • Skylore

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Mobile games

Discover here MMO available on iOS mobile platform, Android Or other. Whether it’s a Mmorpg, A Moba A MMO Str Or an online strategy game, you will find in this guide the titles available on Smartphone and tablet. We will enrich it as and when exits in early or final access. If a game does not appear, do not hesitate to let us know.

Battleheart 2

Battleheart 2

Each victory you will be faced with ever greater dangers. This is what the Battleheart 2 tactical RPG offers you

Lineage 2 Revolution

Lineage 2 Revolution

Find the famous Lineage license in this MMORPG adapted to the mobile !

Dungeon Hunter Champions

Dungeon Hunter Champions

Dungeon Hunter Champions is defined by Gameloft as being an RPG and MMO action online available on Android, iOS and Microsoft platform.

Royal Blood

Royal Blood

Royal Blood is a mobile MMORPG based on a gigantic open world !

Heir of Light

Heir of Light

Engage in a crusade against darkness with this multiplayer RPG to the Ghtoci and Fantastic Universe.



Discover (or rediscover) on Mobile, this famous MMORPG MANGA with 2D platform graphics and advanced personalization.

Crusaders of Light

Crusaders of Light

A free MMORPG on mobile that will immerse you in a fantastic 3D fantastic adventure and with customizable heroes.

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is the adaptation of the MMORPG Action available on PC to mobile media.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Equip yourself with your smartphone and go explore the real world to become the most powerful of the sorcerer’s apprentices !

Lineage 2 m

Lineage 2 m

NC Soft continues its offensive on mobile with the adaptation of lineage 2 on iOS and Android. 2M lineage is planned for 2018.

Aion Tempest

Aion Tempest

After adapting its world famous MMORPG, Aion, to our smartphones and tablet, NC Soft is launching a new mobile game based on the universe of.

Blade and Soul 2

Blade and Soul 2

Building on the success of its first title of the same name, NC Soft launched in 2018, Blade and Soul 2 . A MMORPG dedicated to mobile platforms.

Begins archeage

Begins archeage

Take control of 4 heroes simultaneously and discover the archery beginnings with this MMORPG on mobile.

Game of Thrones Conquest

Game of Thrones Conquest

Create your own home and try to reign on Westeros thanks to this free and playable strategy game on mobile.

Paladins Strike

Paladins Strike

After the success of Paladins: Champions of the Realm, Hi-Rez Studios intends to launched its universe on iOS and Android platform.



Survive in a prehistoric world and populated by dinosaurs, in this MMORPG on mobile.

Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth is a mmo of survival populated by zombies, on smartphone and tablet in which each survivor has a lens: stay alive.

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor

A MOBA thought for the mobile. Join the arena, use your dexterity and team spirit to win the game !



NCSOFT continues to adapt its licenses to mobile platforms, and it is now the MMORPG Aion with Aion Legions of WAR .

Tera m

Tera m

Tera M is none other than the smartphone version of the MMORPG Tera.

Nords Heroes of the North

Nords Heroes of the North

An ax, a hydromel horn and forward for the battle with this mmo of strategy playable by browser.

Rise of Ragnarok - Asunder

Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder

Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder is a mmoarpg on iOS and Android that will make you face gods and a fierce mythological universe !

Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms

MMO adaptation of the famous strategy MMO. Become the largest conqueror of this medieval world !

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends

Face formidable aliens and become a legend with this first MMOFPS on mobile !

Summoners War

Summoners War

Live a fantastic adventure, and surrounded by your faithful companions, with this multiplayer RPG on mobile.

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Top 14: Best MMORPG Mobile | Android and iOS selection

Top MMORPG on Android and iOS mobile

We invite you to discover our Top 14 of the best Android and iOS mobile MMORPG MMORPG. Whether you are a lover of PVP fights or on the contrary prefer the explorations and more relaxing atmospheres, you will find a wide range of games that we have classified according to our preferences ! So we let you discover all these favorite games And we explain to you why they stood out from their competitors.

  1. 1) What is a mobile mmorpg exactly ?
  2. 2) The 14 best mobile MMORPG of the moment
    1. 2.1) Albion online
    2. 2.2) Black Desert Mobile
    3. 2.3) V4
    4. 2.4) A3: Still Alive
    5. 2.5) Lineage 2: Revolution
    6. 2.6) Forsaken World: Gods & Demons
    7. 2.7) MAPLESTORY M
    8. 2.8) Order & Chaos Online
    9. 2.9) Dragonicle
    10. 2.10) Runescape
    11. 2.11) RPG Toram online
    12. 2.12) Dofus Touch
    13. 2.13) Aura Kingdom 2
    14. 2.14) Moonlight Sculptor

    What is a mobile mmorpg exactly ?

    An Android and iOS MMORPG is a favorite game The multiplayer experience online. To start, we will generally have to create his character and who will evolve in a particular universe. We can find various atmospheres ranging from the medieval realistic to fantastic universes, science fiction, steampunk … Beyond its universe and its artistic direction, an MMORPG offers many community activities and is based on a scientist Intensive farm mixture, crafting, exploration, PVE and PVP fights, hundreds of quests and mutual aid between players, sometimes with hierarchies as in guild systems. Some MMORPG Telephone even offer players to actively participate in the economy of the virtual world they are traveling.

    Albion Online

    • Official Albion Online website
    • Economy managed by players
    • MMORPG par excellence

    Google Play icon

    We find the game Sandbox Albion Online in place of Best Android and iOS MMORPG. The mobile version brings exactly the same experience as the PC version and is also Cross-Platform. Here, the players and the guilds direct the world as well as its economy: all the equipment and constructions come from resources collected by real players. You are what you wear: you can become a blacksmith, farmer or even fighter according to your desires and your needs.

    This game embodies The MMORPG par excellence, Because it has a very good craft system, but also offers fairly strategic fights. Wild PVP, GVVG, as well as dungeons will spice up your sessions. To conclude, what sets out Albion online from other mobile MMORPG is to be able to browse a living world that evolves according to the actions of each.

    Black Desert Mobile

    • Official Bdo Mobile website
    • Adding frequent content
    • Advanced systems like sea navigation

    Google Play icon

    In second place of best mobile mmorpg, There is a successful PC port mixing tactical combat game and management: Black Desert Mobile. In this Korean title, go on an adventure, build your camp, manage your harvests, go fishing or navigating at sea, etc. The avatar creation system is very precise, allowing you to model unique characters despite the gender lock typical of Asian games.

    Choose one of the 15 classes available and go fight against various enemies, players or not. The title is quite realistic thanks to majestic graphics: on this point, it clearly did not stole its place of number 2. In addition, Black Desert Mobile takes advantage ofA huge community as well as very regular updates. Thus, no risk of going around quickly, there is so much to do !


    Google Play icon

    Due to the possibilities he offers with his open multiplatform world, V4 finds himself on the third step of the podium of Best MMORPG Telephone. Character customization is also very advanced thanks to its 50 publishing options. Then choose one of the 6 epic classes to fight the other fallen players like you in the dimensional fault. Then you will integrate the faction of good or evil.

    Finally, develop your character by acquiring new capacities and interact with other players during hunting games. V4 also offers to bring together up to 300 players on the same battlefield: Unheard of mobile ! In addition, the title of Nexon has 3D graphics and high quality animations, enough to fully benefit from this adventure.

    A3: Still Alive

    Google Play icon

    We then find A3: Still Alive, theOne of the jewels of the Netmarble studio. Here, you will have to play one of the 5 available classes and then recover many loots and equipment throughout your adventure. Dark and medieval look, A3’s world is full of imposing creatures to be terrified in real time. A PVP format is also there and even goes so far as to offer a Battle Royale fashion bringing together up to 30 fighters.

    As in large numbers of mobile MMORPG, you will be able to create your guild. Thus, you can more easily conquer territories or even face overpowered monsters in raid in order to obtain team rewards. Finally, the title benefits from very beautiful graphics and many various environments, but for our part, we particularly fell for its gameplay quite close to a hack & slash. Too bad the Auto mode be also present !

    Lineage 2: Revolution

    • The official Lineage 2 website: Revolution
    • A beautiful license to discover

    Google Play icon

    First of all, it is important to remember that this MMORPG is the worthy heir to the LINEAGE license. As always Oriented towards PVP fights, The title benefits from exceptional graphics. The battles are fought in real time. They take place on an open battlefield, whether it is a Classic duel or a 50 vs 50. These arenas will require a certain mastery of his character and, even if the game offers automatic battles, in PVP, they are synonymous with defeat !

    As in many MMORPG Mobile, You will have the choice to embody several breeds as well as various classes, to join a guild and to combine yourself with other heroes to fight epic bosses in very realistic raids.

    Forsaken World: Gods & Demons

    • Forsaken World’s official website
    • How to play Forsaken World on PC or Mac ?
    • Versatile class system

    Google Play icon

    With his fanciful style, Forsaken World: Gods & Demons immerses us in the vast universe of Grand Mundo, off a world at war. We quickly notice that the title has a licked and very attractive aesthetic Recalling the world of Final Fantasy With a touch of steampunk. Quite classic at first sight, this mobile MMORPG then stands out for its class system which allows you to change between different gameplay according to your desires. Of course, the key for a character to be powerful is the specialization. It will therefore still have to make a few choices.

    The game remains very pleasant to browse, through its living environments or its Solos and multiplayer dungeons. We can however blame him for an automatic gameplay which is becoming more and more usual in this kind of game, but also the still recent modification of his economic system which would unfortunately guide him towards Pay-to-win models.


    • MapleStory M official website
    • A cute and enchanted world

    Google Play icon

    MapleStory plays above all the card of retro and some nostalgia. Indeed, with its cute and refined graphics, the title has a certain charm. We always embody an explorer who must choose between several unique and well -known classes like Dark Knight, Bow Master, Night Lord, Bishop, Corsair … We have the opportunity to discover The Shadower, the Hero or the Arch Mage. You can then explore legendary cities like Henesys, Perion, Kerning City or Elinia and join a guild.

    MapleStory will also ask you to reveal all your fighter talents in order to carry out 10 players raids, Participate in guild battles and defeat bosses with your friends. You can also enjoy the PVP mode thanks to the Monster Carnival arena. In short, with its little retro side and its fairly generous content, MapleStory is far from having said his last word !