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WPS BBOX button: How to use the WPS Bouygues

For Wi-Fi 6 modem, the WPS Bbox Fiber button is on the front facade of the device to the left of the central wheel (the symbol consists of two arrows forming a circle). To connect devices to this modem, just just Maintain the WPS key pressed for 5 seconds.

WPS Bbox button: how to benefit from the WPS Bouygues function ?

WPS functionality makes it possible to greatly simplify the connection to your Bouygues WiFi. A simple WPS BBox button pressure is enough for your devices to have access to the Internet network in your accommodation. Discover in our article how to activate and use the WPS BBOX function, to connect to the internet more easily !

  • The essential
  • Squeeze The WPS Bbox button Allows you to connect by wifi faster than by entering the safety key.
  • To be able to use the WPS, you must first activate it On the Bbox interface.
  • On some Bbox, the WPS Bouygues key is Replaced by the WiFi button.
  • All devices are not compatible With WPS Box Bouygues technology.

What is WPS BBOX functionality ?

WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) is a technology that allows Connect to a WiFi network thanks to the simple press of a button, Almost always located on the Internet box. The WPS protocol is mainly intended for people who are not used to new technologies, greatly facilitating access to the WiFi network.

The principle of the WPS connection is very simple: the user who wishes to connect to the WiFi network of his accommodation has only to press a button so that the BBOX automatically authorizes all connections for several minutes : all nearby devices will be authorized on the network, without having to enter the safety key.

All Bboxes are equipped with a WPS function: you can therefore take advantage of it and easily connect to Bouygues WiFi if you decide to activate this protocol.

Why use WPS Bouygues ?

WPS present on paper several advantages Compared to a traditional wifi connection:

  • The connection is faster : a simple button pressure is, it is no longer necessary to find your network and to identify you.
  • It also becomes easier to connect to the Internet : you no longer need to remember the SSID BBOX (name of the Internet network of your accommodation) and the WiFi safety key, which can sometimes be very long.
  • Security is reinforced : Only someone in your home is able to activate the WPS, a neighbor cannot have access to the physical WPS button and connect to your network.

However, one WPS connection actually includes several problems, especially in terms of security. Several faults have indeed been identified, the latter that can facilitate network hacking. Anyone who visits your accommodation could also connect to the Bbox network, without having to ask you the Internet password. This is why many manufacturers, Apple in particular, have decided not to make their devices compatible with the WPS protocol.

You can briefly activate the WPS time to add your devices to the Bbox network, then deactivate the functionality once the combination of your equipment is finished in order to avoid any risk.

How to activate the WPS function on Bbox ?

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To be able to take advantage of WPS technology on your Bouygues box, you must first Activate feature. For this, you must go to The Bbox administration interface.

  1. Use a device connected to the Bbox, by WiFi or by Ethernet.
  2. Open the https: // mabbox URL.Bytel.FR/ On an internet browser.
  3. Go to the “WiFi” tab.
  4. Open “WiFi configuration” and press the arrow to the right of the screen to open the “Advanced Settings”.
  5. In this menu, check the “Activate WPS” box.
  6. Save the changes made.

Depending on your Bbox model, the Bouygues administration interface menus may vary: if you can’t find the “Activate WPS” box, refer to the manual delivered with the Bbox or contact the customer service Bouygues for more information.

Connect by wifi thanks to the WPS BBOX button

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Once the WPS is activated in the Bbox configuration space, you must Press the WPS button on Bbox To activate this feature for a few minutes. The WPS button is often at the back of the Bbox and its logo is made up of two arrows that form a circle. On some Bboxes, including the Bbox Miami, The wifi button plays the role of WPS button : it must be maintained for several seconds to activate the WPS association. A flashing of the Internet light will then indicate if the connection by WPS is authorized.

Bbox Fit

You can consult the manual of your Bbox or call Bouygues customer service if you cannot find the WPS button on your Bbox.

After pressed the WPS Bouygues button, the process for connecting to the Internet is different depending on the device you want to use.

Connect your computer to the Internet via WPS Bouygues

THE Windows computers have WPS technology. In Windows 10, you must press the WiFi icon, at the bottom right of the taskbar. Select your Bbox network: a field will open, in which you are supposed to enter your WiFi safety key. Stay on this window and press the Bbox WPS button: your computer will then automatically connect to the Internet network, without having to enter the WiFi key.

Apple computers that use macOS are not compatible with WPS: Apple judges the security of this insufficient connection mode.

Use the WPS Bbox key with your smartphone

The WPS has been removed from Android devices from version 9.0.

If you haveAn Android 8 smartphone.0 or anterior, You can connect by WPS to your Bbox:

  1. Open the “WiFi” menu on your phone.
  2. Select your Bouygues WiFi network from the list of neighboring networks.
  3. Open the network settings and select the WPS logo (two arrows that form a circle).
  4. Your phone will connect by WIPS by WPS.

Depending on your smartphone brand, the method for connecting can be slightly different: see your device manual if you can’t find the WPS logo.

Like Apple computers, iOS smartphones do not have the WPS function.

Alternatives to the WPS Bbox protocol

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The WPS is not compatible with all devices, and this connection method has several safety problems. There are other safer ways to facilitate connection to the Bouygues WiFi network.

You can first Modify your SSID In order to more easily identify your Bbox network: give a personalized name to your Internet network will distinguish it from that of your neighbors. Here’s how to do:

  1. Open the Bbox interface available at the URL https: // Mabbox.Bytel.fr/ and identify yourself.
  2. Select the “WiFi” tab and choose “WiFi network”.
  3. Thanks to the arrow on the right of the screen, open the “WiFi configuration” menu.
  4. You can change the name of your network in the “SSID” field.
  5. Apply the modifications then restart your BBOX.

If you judge your wifi security key too difficult to remember or too long to enter, you also have the possibility of modifying it: always in the Bbox administration interface, go to the “WiFi” then “WiFi” menu. Access the “WiFi Configuration” tab by pressing the arrow on the right: Choose the “WPA/WPA2” safety mode and “AES” encryption. Enter the safety key you want to use Then save your changes to change your wifi password.

All you have to do is restart your Bbox: your new password will be effective and you will have to reconnect all your internet devices by using it.

These techniques can simplify your connections to the Bbox network while maintaining a higher level of safety than with the WPS.

Updated on 03/23/2023

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WPS BBOX button: How to use the WPS Bouygues ?

The WPS Bouygues button allows you to easily connect your devices to the Internet via your box. Indeed, the WPS BBOX functionality allows you to dispense with the safety key by simply pressing a box button. Discover in this guide how to use the Wi-Fi Bouygues Wi-Fi connection method.

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  • The essential
  • Bbox WPS feature allows you to connect to Wi-Fi without the need for a password, Simply by pressing the dedicated button on its Bbox.
  • All operator’s modems have the WPS BBOX button whether with Bbox Fit, Must or Ultym offers. The Wi-Fi 6 fiber Bbox modem even has a dedicated key At the front of the device.
  • To activate the WPS Bouygues, it is necessary to activate the functionality From the management interface of its Bbox. It only remains to press the WPS BBOX key for 5-10 seconds to connect new devices to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Imac) do not Do not allow to connect At WPS on Bbox.

What is the WPS Bbox ?

Box question

The WPS (English WiFi proteced setup) function is a Automatic pairing system via Wi-Fi. THE Bbox WPS button thus allows you to no longer have to type the extension safety key, usually preconfigured for the connection of devices in Wi-Fi. The term WPS can sometimes be replaced by “Push ‘n’ Connect” or “Wi-Fi simple config” according to modem brands.

Functionality WPS Bbox Allows you to simply connect all types of devices to Wi-Fi. You just have to locate the WPS Bbox key on its internet box and keep the button pressed for allow all incoming connections For smartphones, tablets and computers.

The good news is that the Bouygues WPS Box button exists on all internet offers offered by the operator. It is thus found on the white Bbox modem with the Bbox Fit, Bbox Must and Ultym in ADSL but also with the Bbox Fiber 6 modem which accompanies the Bbox Ultym in fiber offer.

How to activate Bbox WPS functionality ?

Before you can take advantage of the Bbox WPS functionality, it is necessary to go to the Bbox management interface to put it according to. For those who will access it for the first time, it is necessary to be connected to the Bbox network via an Ethernet cable.

Here are the steps to follow to Activate WPS Bbox ::

  1. Once connected to the Bbox administration interface via Mabbox.Bytel.FR or, you must enter your username and password (default the password and username is “admin”).
  2. You must then go to the “Wi-Fi” section and select “Wi-Fi network”.
  3. It only remains to go to “Wi-Fi configuration” then “Advanced parameters” before navigating to find and check the “Activate WPS” box. It will be necessary to remember to record the modifications to validate the activation of the WPS.

If the Wi-Fi network is activated for the two 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands, it is necessary Activate WPS Bouygues for both.

Remember to change the passing mode of the Bbox management interface ! From your first connection to the Bbox administration interface, it is strongly recommended to change the password. To do this, go to the “Advanced Configuration” section and click on “Modification of the password”.

Where is the WPS BBOX button ?

The location of the WPS Bbox button depends on the type of Bbox modem held. Most Bouygues customers have the white Bbox Modem that accompanies Bbox Fit and Must in fiber and ADSL offers but also BBOX ULTYM customers in ADSL. On the other hand, the Bbox Ultym Fiber subscribers benefit from the Bbox Wi-Fi 6 Black and Vertical Modem.

Regarding the white Bbox modem, the WPS BBOX key corresponds to the Wi-Fi key located on the front facade of the device. To activate the WPS BBOX, just press this Wi-Fi button for about 10 seconds, Until the button flashes.

For Wi-Fi 6 modem, the WPS Bbox Fiber button is on the front facade of the device to the left of the central wheel (the symbol consists of two arrows forming a circle). To connect devices to this modem, just just Maintain the WPS key pressed for 5 seconds.

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WPS Bouygues: how to connect your devices ?

After activating the WPS Bouygues and understood its operation, all you have to do is connect its devices. The approach to connect a device via the WPS on BBOX works similarly with most of the different devices:

  • WPS functionality exists For PC computers (but not for Mac), to connect via the BBOX WPS, just click on the Wi-Fi icon and select your Bbox network. Then just hold the WPS button pressed on its BBOX instead of entering the safety key, the connection is automatic.
  • For smartphones, only Android phones that have the version 8 or anterior can still enjoy the WPS Bouygues. To connect you have to go to the Wi-Fi Bouygues network settings and click on the WPS logo to connect via this technology.

Apple devices whether iPhone, iMac or iPad cannot connect via WPS whose security is deemed insufficient by the apple brand.

The advantages and disadvantages of the WPS on Bbox

Consult the internet woman

THE WPS button on Bbox presents many advantages (simplicity and speed of use) even if certain security faults have been identified. This is why Apple decided not to use it on its devices. The main faults nevertheless concern theWPS activation by a simplified code. Regarding the WPS button, the main risk is that anyone present at home can connect without password.

For those who nevertheless prefer an alternative to the WPS button on Bbox, it is also possible to Simplify the Wi-Fi connection mode By changing the BBOX password for example. To do this, go to the “Wi-Fi network” section then “WiFi configuration” from the Bbox management interface. Then just choose “WPA/WPA2” and “AES” and modify the password before validating by clicking on “Apply”.