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To read before any use of a video game by yourself or by your child.

Generative ai

WPP and NVIDIA at the service of the digital advertising industry, valued at $ 700 billion

The largest global company in the advertising and creative marketing sector is developing AI generative services thanks to Nvidia Picasso and Omniverse Cloud platforms.

For Over 20 Years, Nvidia Quadro® has been the World’s Most Trusted.

Gaming material

GeForce RTX 4060 range

The DLSS 3.5 improves Ray Tracing with AI
NVIDIA DGX GH200: IA instrument with several billion parameters
NVIDIA MGX announcement
NVIDIA and SOFTBANK develop new generation data centers with Grace Hopper

WPP and NVIDIA at the service of the digital advertising industry, valued at $ 700 billion

GeForce RTX 4060 range
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The conference for the AI ​​and Metators era

Join us online from March 20 to 23 and enter a new era with us. Register for free>

Design and simulation

NVIDIA RTX ™ and NVIDIA OMNIVERT ™ offer the performance required to help professionals, creators, developers and students around the world optimize creation workflows, but also to design, use and connect.

NVIDIA OMNIVERT hosts a major update for 3D creators

A new version of Audio2face, thousands of free 3D resources, Blender extensions and Optimizations relating to ADA Lovelace are made available to millions of users GeForce RTX.

Simulation | Research

NVIDIA Research revolutionary AI technology

Stay at the forefront of technology by accessing the NVIDIA researchers, videos, videos and libraries.

Simulation | Platform

Siemens Synthai uses omniverse replicator for synthetic data

Synthai now accelerates industrial workflows thanks to the synthetic data of Omniverse Replicator on AWS.

Simulation | Platform

Discover the future of visual IT for professionals

RTX professional solutions transform today’s challenges into commercial success of tomorrow.

Simulation | Platform

Design and run metatavers applications, wherever you are

Omniverse Cloud facilitates the use of rich and interactive 3D internet applications, anywhere and on any device.

Lockheed Martin and Nvidia help researchers accelerate their climatic models

Learn how Lockheed Martin and Nvidia have designed a new digital twin system that contributes to accelerating climate research.

Enter the future of the XR

Listen to extended reality leaders discuss the latest news and advances in the ecosystem.

Live streaming is the future of audiovisual broadcasting

Enter the future of audiovisual broadcasting thanks to the complete technological battery of Nvidia.

Virtualization | Solution

Incomparable graphics performance thanks to NVIDIA virtual GPUs

Take advantage of a lasting infrastructure, fully managed virtualized environments and continuous availability.

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IA and Data Science

AI accelerates innovation in all sectors. From voice recognition to the recommendation systems through medical imaging and optimization of the management of the logistics chain, AI offers companies the computing power, the tools and the algorithms that their teams need To fulfill their most important projects.


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Health and Safety Information

  • Electric Shock: Hazardous Voltage Levels Contained in Parts of the Product
  • Fire: Overload, temperature, Material Flammability
  • Mechanical: Sharp Edges, Moving Parts, Instability
  • Energy: High Energy Levels (240 volt-omps) or potential as burn hazards circuits
  • Heath: Accessible parts of the product at high temperatures
  • Chemical: Chemical Fumes and Vapors
  • Radiation: Noise, ionizing, laser, ultrasonic waves

Retain and follow all product Safety and Operating Instructions. Always fer to the documentation supplied with your Equipment. Observe All Warnings on the Product and in the Operating Instructions.

NOTE: Read All SAFETY Information below and OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Before using the shield to avoid Injury.

Warning: Failure to Follow these Safety Instructions Could Result in Fire, Electric Shock or Other Insjury or damage.

Electrical Equipment can be hazardous If Misused. Operation of this product, or similar product, must always be supervised by an adult. Do not allow children access to the interior of any electrical product and do not allow them to handle any cables.

To reduce the Risk of Bodily Injury, Electric Shock, Fire, and Damage to the Equipment, observes the Safety Labels included on the Equipment.

Symbols on Equipment

This symbol in conjunction with any of the following symbols indicate the presence of a potential hazard. The Potential for Injury Exists if warnings are not observed. Consult your documentation for specific details.

This Symbol Indicates The Presence of Hazardous Energy Circuits Or Electric Shock Hazards. Retrite all servicing to qualify personal.

Warning: To reduce the Risk of Injury from Electric Shock Hazards, do not open this enclosure. Return All Maintenance, Upgrades, and Servicing to Qualified Personal.

This Symbol Indicates The Presence of Electric Shock Hazards. The Area Contains No User Or Field Serviceable Parts. Do not open for any reason.

To reduce the risk of electric shock, personal injury, or damage to the Equipment, observes the following precautions:

  • Follow All Cations and Instructions Marked On The Equipment.
  • Do not bend, drop, crush, puncture, incinerate, or push objects into openings of the device.
  • Do not connect or disconnect any cables or performing maintenance or reconfiguration of this product during an electrical storm.
  • Do not use the shield in Rain or Near Sink, or Other Wet Locations. Take Care Not to Spill Any Food or Liquid Into Device. In Case the Shield Device Gets Wet, Unplug All Cables and Turn off before cleaning, and allow it to dry thoroughly before turn it on Again.
  • Do not exhibit the shield to any gas which is not normally contained in the atmosphere. It may cause ordefect.
  • Never turn on any Equipment when there is evidence of fire, water, or structural damage.
  • Place The Product Away from Radiators, Heat Régisters, Stoves, Amplifiers, Or Other Appliances that produce Heat.
  • Never Force A Connector Into Port. Check for obstructions on the port. If the Connector and Port do you Join With Reasonable Ease, they probably donkey match. Make sure that the connector matches the port and that you have positioned the connector correctly in the port to the port.
  • Operate the AC Adapter in A Ventilated Area.
  • When you are using the nvidia shield, it is normal for the system and/or ac power adapter to get warm.
  • Do not use conductive Tools that could bridge live parts.
  • Do not make mechanical or electrical modifications to the Equipment.
  • Never Attempt to Reconnect the Shield Yourself. This Device do not contain any user-serviceable parts. Do not attempt to open, disassemble, or Remove the Battery. You run the Risk of Electric Shock.
  • Operate the shield in a place where the temperature is always between 5 and 30 ° C (41 to 86 ° F).
  • Store the shield in a place where the temperature is always betwen 0 and 35 ° C (32 to 95 ° F) with relative humidity of 70% or lower. When Taking the Device from A Low Temperature Condition, Allow the Device to Reach Room Temperature Before Turning the Power On.
  • Use this product only with approved Equipment and/or accessory
  • If the Product Sustains Damage Requiring Service, Disconnect the Product from the Ac Electrical Outlet and Retr Servicing to An Nvidia Authorized Service Provider.

Proposal 65 Warning: This Product Contains Chemicals Known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive other. (California Law requires this warning be provid to california customers.

To read before any use of a video game by yourself or by your child.

I. – Precautions to be taken in all cases for the use of a video game.

Avoid playing if you are tired or if you lack sleep.

Make sure you play in a well-lit room by moderating the brightness of your screen.

When you use a video game likely to be connected to a screen, play a good distance from this television screen and as far as the connection cord allows.

In use, take breaks of ten to fifteen minutes every hour.

II. – Warning on epilepsy.

Some people are likely to make epilepsy attacks containing, if necessary, losses of consciousness in sight, in particular, of certain types of strong light stimulation: rapid succession of images or repetition of simple geometric figures, lightning or explosions. These people are exposed to crises when they play certain video games with such stimulation, even though they have no medical history or have never been subject to epilepsy crises themselves.

If you yourself or a family member have already presented symptoms related to epilepsy (crisis or loss of consciousness) in the presence of light stimulation, consult your doctor before use.

Parents must also be particularly attentive to their children when they play with video games. If you yourself or your child present one of the following symptoms: vertigo, vision disorder, eye contraction or muscles, orientation disorder, involuntary or convulsion movement, momentary loss of consciousness, you have to stop playing and see a doctor.

NVIDIA Brand and Logo Instructions

The logo and other elements of the NVIDIA brand are the cornerstone of our identity. They are the ones who allow our company to differentiate themselves from others. These assets cannot be used in a way that is not expressly authorized in writing by Nvidia.

Application for approval

NVIDIA vertical format (privileged)
Horizontal NVIDIA format

Our logo is our main brand identifier and the element of the visual identity of Nvidia most often used. This is our signature; It is therefore important to use it in a coherent and appropriate manner. The use of our logo implies that a partnership has been concluded or that approval has been given. To guarantee the brand’s consistency on all contact points, the instructions below must be respected when using the Nvidia logo.

  • For co-branding with partners’ logos.
  • When Nvidia is sponsor.
  • In a group of logos, with other companies (“Logo Garden”).
  • In educational or research applications that use NVIDIA technologies and products.

Use the right size

The Nvidia logo must be as much as possible displayed in large and fatty. In the event of a reduced space, here is the minimum size which can be displayed the logo to be readable.