With this promotion, this Dyson vacuum cleaner is finally affordable for sales, quickly! The Dyson V8 Absolute goes to only € 299 for an ultra limited period (-25%)

Quickly! The Dyson V8 Absolute goes to only € 299 for an ultra limited period (-25%)

The Dyson V8 ™ Absolute is powered by the Dyson V8 ™ digital engine making up to 110,000 rpm, for a powerful suction on carpets and hard floors. It also provides up to 40 minutes of suction without a drop in diet.

With this promo, this Dyson vacuum cleaner is finally affordable for sales

If you are looking for the ideal broom vacuum cleaner signed Dyson for a deep cleaning of your home, the Dyson V8 ™ Absolute is to be seized at less than 300 euros.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are among the most appreciated on the market. During this summer sales period, we find the Dyson V8 ™ Absolute in promotion on the official website of the brand. While it is normally sold at 399 euros, it is possible to order it at 299 euros. In addition to this reduction of 100 euros, a light accessory worth 49.90 euros is offered.

Price not to be missed on Dyson vacuum cleaner !

This limited duration offer is to be grasped quickly, especially since the vacuum cleaner is delivered for free at home within 24 to 72 hours.

The Dyson V8 ™ Absolute is available at a minimum price on the official Dyson website !

The Dyson V8 ™ Absolute vacuum cleaner is a wireless vacuum cleaner sold with various accessories including the Motorbar brush. The latter notably sucks animal hair and automatically detangles them. It also cleanses carpets in depth, eliminates dust and hard floors debris. This vacuum cleaner is accompanied by other accessories such as the gentle cleaning roll, the mini motorized brush or the low furniture adapter.

The Dyson V8 ™ Absolute is powered by the Dyson V8 ™ digital engine making up to 110,000 rpm, for a powerful suction on carpets and hard floors. It also provides up to 40 minutes of suction without a drop in diet.

Two power modes are available: Max mode for high power operation and power mode for prolonged cleaning.

In a few seconds, this broom vacuum cleaner turns into a hand vacuum cleaner. For summer sales, the Dyson V8 ™ Absolute is displayed at less than 300 euros.

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Quickly ! The Dyson V8 Absolute goes to only € 299 for an ultra limited period (-25%)

A week extended, the summer sales will finally end on August 1. The opportunity to get hold of attractive last minute offers. Targeted ? The Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner which benefits from an exceptional reduction of € 100. The opportunity to afford the Rolls of vacuum cleaners at less than € 300.

Real reference, the Dyson V8 Absolute is a concentre of technology at the service of everyday life

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It has become the benchmark brand for demanding users and enthusiasts of innovative technologies. With its peak devices for the house with details well thought out to make our life easier, Dyson won in homes. And this promotion should not leave you indifferent if you have not yet been equipped.

Because if the prices of Dyson vacuum cleaners can fly to the thousand euros, summer sales are an opportunity to afford one of its technology concentrates for less than 300 €. The Dyson V8 Absolute, entry -level of the British brand, is indeed displayed at € 299 instead of € 399 until the beginning of August. A limited offer that should quickly fly away.

With its digital engine which performs 110,000 rpm, the Dyson V8 Absolute performs a Powerful suction both on tiles and parquets as on carpets and carpets. Equipped with two power modes: max mode and power mode, it can work up to 40 minutes in a row without a drop in diet. Its 43 polycarbonate strips detach the hair and hairs stuck in the roll to send it directly in the dust tank to avoid obstruction and loss of suction that all the bench vacuum vacuum users know well.

In one click, you can transform it into hand vacuum cleaner. Convenient to suck up the stairs, sofas, worktops or the cabin of the car. He is also accompanied by Three accessories capable of cleaning the whole house from the floor to the ceiling:

A mini motorized brush which eliminates the tenacious dirt from mattresses, sofas and stairs

A long combined sucker To accurately clean the inaccessible places

A two accessory in one To easily switch from one cleaning task to the other in the house or the car

Like all Dyson vacuum cleaners, its dust tank empties with one hand and the wall load station allows it to be recharged after each use without even thinking about it while facilitating its storage and accessibility.

For several years, Dyson has specialized in air purification, interior and exterior, and this vacuum cleaner has not escaped the rule since its two filtration stages capture up to 99.99 % of particles and allergens and release a cleaner air. All that, without being deafening since its acoustic design is such that it absorbs vibrations to mitigate the sound level.

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