Balai vacuum cleaner V15 Detect Absolute Dyson-Kit-M, Dyson V15 Detect Absolute: XL Offer Emergency Entering the Premium broom vacuum cleaner (-200 €) ⚡

Dyson V15 Dettect Absolute: XL offer to enter urgently on the premium broom vacuum cleaner (-200 €) ⚡

Digital engine ::
Its Hyperdymium digital engine provides you with better energy performance and speed of action with its 125,000 rpm. It generates 241 AW powerful suction for deep cleaning.

V15 broom vacuum cleaner Absolute Dyson

Its laser reveals the particles invisible to the naked eye !

  • Suction power: up to 241 AW
  • Autonomy up to 70 minutes
  • Brush equipped with a laser to make dust visible
  • LCD screen displaying the type of dust aspirated
  • Low furniture adapter
  • High Torque High Brush
  • Mini self-demolish motorized brush
  • 2 years warranty


L’Dyson V15 multifunction broom vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning all types of floors thanks to its compact motorized brush with belt ! Rechargeable, it offers you up to 60 minutes of suction to remove fine dust and debris, in a single passage.

Digital engine ::
Its Hyperdymium digital engine provides you with better energy performance and speed of action with its 125,000 rpm. It generates 241 AW powerful suction for deep cleaning.

Motorized brush ::
It has an automatic load detection system automatically adapting to different types of soil. Self-demolishing technology to prevent animal hair and hair from getting tangled around the brush.

Technology ::
Its laser reveals the particles invisible to the naked eye. Its precise angle laser makes the invisible dust visible on hard floors so that no dust escapes you. Scientific proof of in -depth cleaning, the LCD screen displays what has been sucking, displaying scientific proof in real time in depth cleaning.

Battery ::
Each clipable battery offers up to 60 minutes of loss of aspiration to clean everywhere in the house.

Acoustic genius ::
Designed to eliminate unpleasant tones. Acoustic deflectors integrated into the engine divert noise pollution and maximize air flows.

Power ::
In auto mode, DLS ™ technology monitors the resistance of the brush 360 times per second, intelligently adapting the power according to the different types of soil.

The different brushes ::

– The Slim Fluffy laser brush
Its precise angle laser makes invisible dust visible on hard floors. Brush designed with flexible nylon and antistatic carbon fiber filaments, to remove dust from hard floors and narrow spaces. With a low profile to go under the furniture.

– High High Torque motorized brush
With a dynamic load detection system that automatically adapts to different types of soil. Cleans the carpets in depth and optimize autonomy during the suction on hard floors. Self-demolishing technology automatically removes hair from the brush roller.

– Mini self-demolish motorized brush
The conical roller of the motorized brush evacuates long hair and animal hair directly in the collector, and prevents the hair from wrapping around the roll of brush brush.

– Mini gentle brush:
With flexible hairs to remove dust from fragile surfaces.

– Rigid brush
With rigid hairs to remove dust and dried mud traces.

Cleaning :
The versatility of Dyson wireless technology facilitates cleaning your home. Powerful cleaning on the floors, in difficult access areas and on mattresses.

Wall loading station:
It allows you to store the device while loading and store additional accessories. The battery can be loaded when the device is on the wall station, or independently.

Light ::
It only weighs 3kg. The weight well distributed for cleaning at the top, bottom, and on intermediate surfaces and to offer you easy and practical maneuverability.

Accessories ::
It comes with a combined accessory (brush and large driving for crumbs and large particles) and a long sucker to clean up confined spaces. Accessories storage clip on the tube.

Dock :
To recharge and store your device when it is not used. Without needing to hang it on your wall.

Dyson V15 Dettect Absolute: XL offer to enter urgently on the premium broom vacuum cleaner (-200 €) ⚡

For the end of the sales, Dyson offers a very nice reduction on its v15 broom vacuum cleaner asbolute. An excellent deal to be seized quickly, valid within the limits of available stocks.

Dyson V15 DETECT

If you want to acquire a vacuum cleaner from the Dyson range, you will be pleasantly surprised by the promotional offers currently available on the manufacturer’s official website. It is for example possible to equip yourself with the high -end V15 detect Absolute (our test) model at reduced price. While it is generally sold 799 euros, the code Summer-2023 Allows you to take advantage of an immediate reduction of 50 euros thus dropping the price of the Dyson V15 detect at 599 euros.

This initiative is rather surprising, since Dyson rarely offers promotions on its products through its official canals. Thanks to this current operation, you can save considerable savings, with discounts up to 100 euros, and thus offer you the Dyson vacuum cleaner of your dreams. Although their price is not negligible, Dyson vacuum cleaners offer an exceptional value for money. Unlike other models on the market, Dyson vacuum cleaners are designed to last over time.

Even if the initial investment may seem important, it guarantees you lasting efficiency, which allows you to keep your dyson vacuum cleaner for at least 10 years without it losing in performance. In addition, these vacuum cleaners are accompanied by a 2 -year manufacturer’s warranty, protecting you in the event of a manufacturing defect.

By taking advantage of this good plan, you will be able to invest in a superior quality vacuum cleaner that will offer you remarkable efficiency and long -term durability. Do not miss this opportunity to offer you a dyson at reduced prices while benefiting from the guarantee and reliability that make the brand renowned.

Dyson V15, the cream of the cream of wireless broom vacuum cleaners

Dyson offers a wide range of references in its catalog, which sometimes makes it difficult to choose the ideal vacuum cleaner. If you are undecided, consult our guide to find the dyson that best suits your needs. The V15 Detect is undoubtedly positioned as the brand’s high -end wireless broom vacuum cleaner. With an integrated light (green laser), the Dyson V15 Detect detects microscopic dust particles to allow you to effectively eliminate the dirt from your home.

Its ultra-powerful engine can reach up to 125,000 turns per minute, associated with a high suction power of 240 AX, only one pass is enough to eliminate dust and dirt. The V15 is also versatile and can be used on all surfaces such as parquet, tiles, carpets and carpets. The box includes two brushes, including the new Motorbar, as well as seven accessories. Regarding autonomy, the Dyson V15 offers an excellent duration of 60 minutes, which allows you to clean an apartment or an entire house.

In addition, the Dyson V15 DETECT comes with its wall support which also serves as a charging station. You just have to put it on the support once finished, so that it is ready for the next cleaning session. The broom vacuum cleaner is also equipped with an LCD screen on its upper part, which allows you to select the suction mode among the three available. The LCD screen also offers a quick preview of the battery condition.

To come to the independent reception station offered, the latter is specially designed to offer a practical and organized storage solution for your Dyson vacuum cleaner and its accessories. Thanks to it, you can keep your vacuum cleaner and up to five accessories at hand, without having to pierce holes in the walls. This station perfectly meets the needs of wireless vacuum cleaners in the Dyson Outsize range, Dyson V15 Detect and Dyson V11.

It offers a practical way to store your vacuum cleaner and keep the essential accessories well organized. Whether for brushes, suckers or other tools, this station allows you to have them at hand when you need them. In addition to facilitating storage, it offers a practical load function. Place your vacuum cleaner on the station and it will recharge automatically, ready to be used during your next cleaning session.

This ensures that your vacuum cleaner is always ready for use and maintains its optimal performance. Thanks to the current offer and the code Summer-2023, The Dyson V15 detect goes to 599 euros instead of 799 euros. Do not drag too much if you want to take advantage of it, if it was breaking out of stock, you might regret it.

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