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A more efficient, faster and more stable wifi begins with the orbi and Nighthawk WiFi routers. Choose from a range of options depending on the size of your home and the speed of your internet subscription.

860 Router LP Desktop 860 Router LP Mobile

New orbi routers

Discover our most
fast and the most powerful to date.

Up to 10 connected devices
Up to 20 connected devices
Up to 25 connected devices
Up to 30 connected devices
Up to 40 connected devices
Up to 50 connected devices
Up to 60 connected devices
Wifi 4 and less (802.11b/g/n)
Fast (up to 2000 Mbit/s)
Faster (up to 5000 Mbit/s)
Ultra Fast (Up to 7800Mbps)
Ultra-fast (up to 10 gbit/s)
Faster (more than 10 Gbit/s)
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WiFi 6e Quad Band Orbi Series 960, 10.8gbps router

Deliverable: shipped from:


Mesh Orbi WiFi 6 Tri Band router, 860 series

Deliverable: shipped from:


Nighthawk ® WiFi 6th Tri Band router (up to 10.8gbit/s) with a 6GHz frequency, intelligent parental control and netgear Armor ™ armor

Deliverable: shipped from:


Nighthawk ® (up to 7.8GBPS) WiFi Router with a 6GHz frequency, intelligent parental control and netgear ™ netgear ™ armor

Deliverable: shipped from:


Nighthawk ® 8 Stream WiFi Router 6.6 Gbit/s) with Netgear Armor ™, MU-MIMO technology and USB 3 port.0

Deliverable: shipped from:


WiFi 6 Tribande WiFi Router Nighthawk ® 12 Stream (up to 10.8 Gbit/s) with Netgear Armor ™, smart parental control, Mu-Mimo technology and USB 3 ports 3.0

Deliverable: shipped from:


WiFi 6 Dual Band Nighthawk ® 12 Streams (up to 6 Gbit/s) with Netgear Armor ™, Mu-Mimo and USB 3 ports.0 armor

Deliverable: shipped from:


WiFi 6 Dual Band Nighthawk ® 6 stream router (up to 5.4 Gbit/s)

Deliverable: shipped from:


WiFi 6 Dual Band Nighthawk ® 5 stream router (up to 4.15 Gbit/s), intelligent parental control Netgear ™ and Netgear Armor ™ armor

Deliverable: shipped from:


WiFi 6 Dual Band Nighthawk ® 4 stream router (up to 3 Gbit/s) with a USB 3 port.0

Deliverable: shipped from:


WiFi Router 6 Nighthawk ® Rax30 (up to 2.4 Gbit/s) with netgear Armor ™ armor

Deliverable: shipped from:


WiFi 6 Dual Band 4 stream router (up to 1.8 gbit/s) with netgear armor ™

Deliverable: shipped from:


WiFi 6 Dual Band 4 stream router (up to 1.8 gbit/s) with netgear armor ™

Deliverable: shipped from:


Dual Band WiFi router (up to 2 Gbit/s) – Integrated Mu -Mimo

Deliverable: shipped from:


WiFi router (R6120)

Deliverable: shipped from:

Also available from our partners

15 Sort by https: // www.netgear.com/fr/home/wifi/road/

0 https: // www.netgear.com/fr/home/wifi/mesh/rbre960/WiFi router AX11000 (Rbre960) https: // www.netgear.com/fr/media/960_prodimg_tcm169-142299.jpg

1 https: // www.netgear.com/fr/home/wifi/mesh/rbr860s/orbi router wifi 6 ax6000 (RBR860s) https: // www.netgear.com/fr/media/hand_rbr860_v1_tcm169-146628.jpg

2 https: // www.netgear.com/fr/home/wifi/routers/raxe500/WiFi router AX11000 (RAXE500) https: // www.netgear.com/fr/media/raxa500_ces2021.png_tcm169-133443.png

3 https: // www.netgear.com/fr/home/wifi/routers/raxes300/WiFi 6e AX7800 router (RAXE300) https: // www.netgear.com/fr/media/raxi300_ces2022_tcm169-133442.png

4 https: // www.netgear.com/fr/home/wifi/routers/rax70/WiFi router AX6600 (RAX70) https: // www.netgear.com/fr/media/rax70_productcarousel_hero_image_tcm169-1077333.jpg

5 https: // www.netgear.com/fr/home/wifi/routers/rax200/WiFi router AX11000 (RAX200) https: // www.netgear.com/fr/media/rax120-200-1_tcm169-105414.jpg

6 https: // www.netgear.com/fr/home/wifi/routers/rax120/WiFi router 6 Ax6000 Nighthawk AX12 (RAX120) https: // www.netgear.com/fr/media/rax120-200-1_tcm169-105414.jpg

7 https: // www.netgear.com/fr/home/wifi/routers/rax50/WiFi router AX5400 (RAX50) https: // www.netgear.com/fr/media/rax50 -hero_tcm169-85002.png

8 https: // www.netgear.com/fr/home/wifi/routers/rax43/WiFi router AX4200 (RAX43) https: // www.netgear.com/fr/media/rax43_productcarousel_hero_image_tcm169-107674.png

9 https: // www.netgear.com/fr/home/wifi/routers/rax40/WiFi router AX3000 (RAX40) https: // www.netgear.com/fr/media/rax40_productcarousel_hero_image_tcm169-96516.png

10 https: // www.netgear.com/fr/home/wifi/routers/rax30/WiFi router AX2400 (RAX30) https: // www.netgear.com/fr/media/hero-image-rax30_tcm169-121528.png

11 https: // www.netgear.com/fr/home/wifi/routers/rax20/WiFi router AX1800 (RAX20) https: // www.netgear.com/fr/media/rax20_productcarousel_hero_image_tcm169-96389.png

12 https: // www.netgear.com/fr/home/wifi/routers/rax10/WiFi router AX1800 (RAX10) https: // www.netgear.com/fr/media/rax10_productcarousel_hero_image_tcm169-1083888.png

13 https: // www.netgear.com/fr/home/wifi/Routers/R6850/WiFi AC2000 (R6850) https: // www router.netgear.com/fr/media/hero_r6850_tcm169-115567.png

14 https: // www.netgear.com/fr/Home/Wifi/Routers/R6120/WiFi router AC1200 (R6120) https: // www.netgear.com/fr/media/r6120_productcarousel_hero_image_tcm169-96410.png

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