Which format to choose for a successful photo draw?, Photo format: what format for printing photos in standard size?

Choose the right format for your photo printing

The 3/2 ratio is present in almost all digital SLRs and hybrids.

Which photo format to choose for your photo printing ?


Just as you must have set your camera to make beautiful images, photo development also requires making choices of formats and paper qualities that will make the difference. So how to choose the ideal size for your photo prints ?

What is the most used photo draw dimension ?

To give even more relief to your online photo printing, the choice of format is an important criterion, to be taken into account when developing your photos. THE most common photo prints dimensions are the classic/standard formats:

  • 10x13cm format
  • 10x15cm format

What about the quality of the papers used ?

We develop your digital photos exclusively on superior quality Fujifilm photo paper and a grammage of 256 g/m².

Fixed photo draw format or variable format: what difference ?

If you choose the variable length, we adapt the length of the image to your photo format in order to keep the entire image. If you choose a fixed format, all your photos will have the same format, but the photos could be cropped.

Choose the variable format to print all of your shooting, regardless of the original ratio of your photo. Your prints ordered in variable format will therefore not all have the same dimension.

Our tips for choosing the ideal format for your draw

  • If you like travel notebooks: choose the retro square format

A travel diary composed of photos stored in a box to protect your memories. It is that you can make with retro square prints, to offer or to offer.

In addition to its fun and trendy format, you can use filters in the photos and write texts like the names of the cities and countries visited, or a word in direct connection with the memory that the photo evokes for you. Remember to slide, between two portrait photos, close -up of flowers or significant places for an artistic touch.

Choose a fine art draw to make a thank you card, birthday or wishes with your photos … This format close to that of the postcard also offers possibilities of frames and filters. Depending on your text, your background, you can stage your photo draw as you wish.

  • If you prefer the vintage effect: Test the retro format photo draw

With the retro photo print, you can make a wall-shaped wall-shaped hanging on one of your walls, above your office, for example, baby cradle. Also try the installation in the heart, by bringing together photo prints representing your loved ones or your couple. You position them to form a stylized heart on your wall, like a wink full of tenderness to those you love.

A little longer to achieve but the result is worth it: use the retro photo draw for a more imposing shape on a wall in your interior. Examples that work well: the first letter of the first name of your little bit, a Christmas tree, a cloud, etc. Let your imagination speak ! Operate as if you were to represent the chosen shape from squares (thanks to a sheet with small tiles for example). You will be able to better estimate the number of necessary images.

  • If you are looking for a useful gift: offer the photo bookmark

With the personalized bookmark, offer all your best printed moments on 10 strips of photo, with the possibility of adding up to 4 photos per band.

You can also print the photos you keep in your smartphone on the bookmarks. The photos you have posted on your social networks will also make very nice personalized marks. Have fun from themes to make your selection as by choosing, for example, portraits of your loved ones in the middle of a laugh or images all taken in the same place but to different eras.

  • You want to develop your dandruff ? Opt for the silver print

You are a follower of silver photography ? With silver photo printing you can drop your dandruff in one of our partner shops. Our sellers will be responsible for informing you about the processing deadlines. They will advise you as well as possible in the choice of the quality of the paper, its finishes and its format for an optimal photo rendering.

Choose the right format for your photo printing

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When you take photos, whether from your digital camera, smartphone or tablet, the images you capture are not always in the same format.

This is something that we do not think of immediately and which will determine the possible sizes of your Photo printing.

Zoom on the choice of format to guarantee perfect photos !

Photoweb classic photo draw

Photo format: standard photo sizes

The two most used photo draw formats are formats:

They are often called “classic format”. This is the format that is used in traditional photo albums.

The question is very often: which of the two photo sizes choose ?

The answer: it all depends on the ratio of your photo !

A ratio ? What is this ?

The ratio of a photo is a proportion between the length and width of your photo.

What’s the point ? If you want to choose the right dimension of photo draw, you must know the ratio of your shots.

Indeed, if you opt for a format that is not suitable for the ratio of your photo, then you will have to choose between the option:

  • White strip If you do not wish to reframe your photo: white strips will be added to the side (left photo)
  • cropping : your photo will be cropped to adapt to the size of the photo draw and a game will then be cut (right photo)

reframing option

What standard format for which photo ratio ?

Here is a small summary table of the main existing photo formats:

Type of device Photo ratio “Standard” format of the photo draw Actual size of paper
Reflex camera 3/2 10x15cm 101x152mm
Smartphone, compact and bridge 4/3 11x15cm 114x152mm

The 3/2 ratio is present in almost all digital SLRs and hybrids.

The 4/3 ratio is found in most smartphones, compacts and bridges.

What photo print format

Other photo drawing formats

You can also opt for more original or creative formats.

Panoramic print, square draw, enlargement, etc. Different possibilities are available to you to immortalize your memories.

Below you will find below the photo ratios and the formats of the associated prints.

Type of draw Photo ratio Photo drawing format
Square 1/1 10x10cm or 13x13cm
Panoramic 16/9 11x20cm

The 1/1 corresponds to the square format, it is used by all the Instagrameurs !

Note, there is also 16/9 when you want to make a panoramic !

And photo enlargements ?

If you want to avoid cropping, select a photo enlargement format that is suitable for the photo ratio of your device.

For example, if your camera takes photos on a 4/3 format, then you can select all photo formats whose length/width proportion = 4/3 = 1.333.

It’s good ? You understood everything ? If not, ask your questions in the comments, we will answer you with pleasure !

Photoweb square photo draw

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Retrospective photo book

retro draw

Premium prints

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cheap photo book


Compact format: the solution for a cheap photo book !

personalized photo album


Offer a personalized photo book to your loved ones

Online photo album

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How to create your online photo album !

Good morning,
How to photograph a length subject like a 2m high table by 60 cm wide to have the whole net subject ?

Hello, I have a photo (on Photoshop) in 30 x 40 cm format, of which I want a cut -free draw. What format should I ask online ? Will there be margins in addition to the image?
Thank you very much for your answer

  • Noemiehacquin 19.10.2020

Hello Brigitte, thank you for the interest you carry us !
The poster command page automatically offers the format best suited to your image (it takes into account the proportions of your file).
I reassure you if the 30 × 40 format is not offered first, you have the possibility to modify. Be careful however, the exact dimensions of the printed poster will be 30.5 x 40.7 cm.
If you meet the “unsuitable format” indicator, it indicates that your photo is cropped. In this case, I invite you to deactivate automatic cropping. White bands can however be present so as not to stretch the image.
Our advisers remain available via “Contact us” for any additional information. Good end of the day, Lola.

Good evening . Then I order enlargements of format of approximately 15*23 or 18*27 . Where will I in this order panel ? THANKS .

  • Noemiehacquin 17.11.2020

Hello Bernard,
Thank you for the interest you carry us.
The 15 × 23 format is well available on our site section “Photo prints> enlargements and panoramic”. Regarding the second 18 × 27 format, it is not proposed. We offer the 20 × 27 format. You can access all the formats available from the section indicated above, section of prints and “Sizes and formats” section.
Our advisers are also listening to you by cat or by phone, do not hesitate.
Good day,

Good evening, I contact you to find out which file format to send you to enlargements, 30 × 40 and more, JPEG or TIFF ?
Thank you in advance for your answer.
Claude Chouleur

  • Noemiehacquin 9.12.2020

Hello Claude,
Thank you for the interest you carry us.
For an order of prints / enlargements / posters, the site only supports files in JPEG format (.JPG) or Bitmap (.BMP).
Yourself, Noémie

Good evening I would like to order photo prints but most are noted insufficient quality and when I choose a format it indicates not suitable me !! So I don’t know what choice I should make
A 10 × 15 photo is 10cm wide by 15cm high??

Hello, I have photo prints to do to supervise. My frames are in 20 × 20 square format, what would be the best format for my photos to be clear ?! thank you for your comeback.

  • Noémie 20.06.2022

Good morning,
Thank you for your question �� We offer the premium photo drawing format 20*20 (20.3*20.3cm) and for this one, we recommend a resolution of 1295 × 1295 pixels. When ordering, a quality indicator is present in the chosen format. It tells you if the image has sufficient resolution.
Beautiful day.

Good morning. To print my photos in 10 × 15 format, what photo format do I have to select on my smartphone: 3/4, 9/16 or full?
thank you for your reply,

  • Noémie 2.08.2023

Hello Monica,
My apologies for this late response. The 10 × 15 format corresponds to the 2/3 ratio. The “Full” option seems to correspond to another ratio, but I have no information on this subject because it depends on the device.
To ensure good correspondence, you can take a photo and check its dimensions in pixels in its properties.
To know the ratio, you just need to do the following operation: height / width and see if this corresponds to the ratio 2/3.
Note that you can also start your order on our site and we will tell you if the chosen draw format is suitable for your images.
See you soon !

Good morning
I have the possibility of adjusting my shots in 2/3 or 4/3 on my Lumix F 300
Knowing that I make prints 10/15 in general on 2/3 seems more adapted
What do you think please ?
Then I make my prints enlarge more, easily in 2/3 or 4/3
thanks for your advices

Hello, I want to develop photos in 20 x 30, in what dimension on Lightroomfaut he put them, I put them in 20 × 30 300dpi, and when I put them on a development site it cuts the photo, suddenly he Lack either your feet or the head on a character, thank you for your answer

Good morning,
I wish to develop my photos in 11 × 15 format but there are white strips that will appear on my prints. And if I check the auto cropping, it gets pissed off on the photo whose image is no longer complete. What to do ?