Where to listen to podcasts? The 11 best applications, 31 best podcast accommodation platforms in 2023 (the first 7 have free offers)

31 best podcast accommodation sites (the first 7 have free offers)


Castbox offers a large collection of Several million podcasts, Audio books and radio stations around the world. With this podcast player, you can easily find new emissions thanks to their advanced search engine, or simply by browsing the different categories. The application also offers Personalized reading lists Depending on your listening habits.

Where to listen to podcasts ? The 11 best applications

You are a passionate of podcasts And you are looking for the best platform to listen to your favorite shows ? Do not look further ! In this article, we will compare 11 of the best podcast applications Available today.

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  • 1/ Deezer: a podcast application made in France
    • Presentation
    • Why use Deezer ?
    • Advantages :
    • The inconvenients :
    • Presentation
    • Why use Spotify ?
    • Advantages :
    • The inconvenients :
    • Presentation
    • Why use Apple Podcast ?
    • Advantages :
    • The inconvenients :
    • Presentation
    • Why use Podcast Addict ?
    • Advantages :
    • The inconvenients :
    • Presentation
    • Why use Pocket Casts ?
    • Advantages :
    • The inconvenients :
    • Presentation
    • Why use Google Podcasts ?
    • Advantages :
    • The inconvenients :
    • Presentation
    • Why use AntennaPod ?
    • Advantages :
    • The inconvenients :
    • Presentation
    • Why use Podcast Republic ?
    • Advantages :
    • The inconvenients :
    • Presentation
    • Why use Castbox ?
    • Advantages :
    • The inconvenients :
    • Presentation
    • Why use Podbean ?
    • Advantages :
    • The inconvenients :
    • Presentation
    • Why use Radiopublic ?
    • Advantages :
    • The inconvenients :

    1/ Deezer: a podcast application made in France

    Deezer interface


    Deezer is a French audio streaming platform, which allows its users to listen to millions of music, radio stations, but also podcasts. This application offers a wide range of features, such as personalized musical recommendations. In addition, it will give you access to thousands of audios content and those on various themes, such as sport, comedy or marketing.

    Why use Deezer ?

    Deezer is a great option to listen to podcasts, on the one hand thanks to its large content library. And on the other hand, thanks to a research function that allows Easily find the podcast that we want to listen.

    Advantages :

    ✅ Large choice of podcasts on various themes.

    ✅ Very advantageous prices.

    The inconvenients :

    ❌ Lots of ads with the free version.

    ❌ Limit in his choices with Deezer Free.

    2/ Spotify: the essential audio streaming

    Spotify interface


    If you are used to listening to music in transport or at home, then you necessarily know Spotify . Like Deezer, this application is one of the most popular to Listen to audios content in France. Thanks to its popularity, there are today a large number of musical works, but also podcast emissions.

    Why use Spotify ?

    With Spotify you will have Access to a large number of podcasts If you want to spend time on the train or to learn new things. In addition, another great thing with this application is that you can sometimes also have the videos that go with sound.

    Advantages :

    ✅ One of the largest libraries of audio works.

    ✅ Fluid and simple to use application.

    ✅ Spotify premium test version.

    The inconvenients :

    ❌ Interruption of frequent sounds with the free version.

    ❌ No download possible with Spotify Free.

    3/ Apple Podcast: the application of podcasts for Apple device

    Apple Podcast interface


    No need to present the apple brand with its millions of sales each year. But did you know that she had her own Application to listen to podcasts ? And yes, it exists and it is simply called Apple Podcasts . On the other hand, like most brand products, this application is only available on certain Apple devices.

    Why use Apple Podcast ?

    Here it is an application that Diffuses podcasts only, So you will be sure not to be mistaken when you are looking for a program. In addition, access to Apple Podcasts is completely free.

    Advantages :

    ✅ Application specializing in podcasts.

    ✅ Attractive and simple to use interface.

    ✅ Wide choice of emission.

    The inconvenients :

    ❌ Available only on Apple device.

    4/ Podcast Addict: the most popular Android application of podcasts

    Podcast Addict interface


    Podcast addict is thepodcast application par excellence For Android devices. Today it has a library of more than 1.5 million podcasts and 35 million episodes from around the world. She has a user -friendly interface who facilitates the discovery of new emissions, as well as a powerful search engine to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

    Why use Podcast Addict ?

    Like Apple Podcast, this application allows you toListen to your favorite podcasts for free to begin with. Only downside, you will have the right to some advertising inserts, but nothing bad. You can then subscribe to their subscription to limit these ads.

    Advantages :

    ✅ Very complete application with a large choice.

    ✅ inexpensive subscription.

    ✅ Better application of podcasts in the world.

    The inconvenients :

    ❌ Available only on Android.

    5/ Pocket casts: the choice of simplicity

    Pocket Casts interface


    Pocket Casts is defined as a simple application for listen to podcasts, But which is also very complete. She offers you programs that are likely to please you according to what you listen to. It was designed by Podcast listeners For podcast listeners. In addition, its goal is to offer the best listening experience on their application.

    Why use Pocket Casts ?

    You have to use Pocket Casts because this is one of the tools for this easiest list to use. In addition, it allows you to find podcasts to your tastes, simply thanks to their filter functionality.

    Advantages :

    ✅ Very simple to handle.

    ✅ Compatible with Sonos and Alexa.

    The inconvenients :

    ❌ Advanced features available in the paying subscription.

    6/ Google Podcasts: the Google app available for all

    Google Podcasts interface


    As its name suggests, this application was developed by Google company. It is available on almost all types of devices (iOS, Android, PC, etc.)). You will find a large number of Independent podcasts, but also the diffusion of many radios.

    Why use Google Podcasts ?

    Google Podcast gives you the possibility of Download your episodes, in order to listen to them later in the offline. In addition, the tool fits very well in the Google ecosystem. So you can listen to your show on one device and continue it on another without losing the thread.

    Advantages :

    ✅ Available on a large number of devices.

    ✅ Synchronized application with Google Home and other brand tools.

    ✅ Use completely free.

    The inconvenients :

    ❌ Too sober interface.

    7/ Antennapod: the open source podcast player

    Antennapod interface


    AntennaPod is a podcast player Free and open source. This application was created without any commercial purpose. That is to say, that in addition to its gratuitousness, the application will never offer you advertising. It is the publisher himself who chooses to put it in order to be remunerated. In addition, you can subscribe to any RSS feed.

    Why use AntennaPod ?

    It’s a great platform if you don’t have any money to invest in a podcast player. In addition, it is also a way of supporting creators, because 100% of advertising revenues are awarded to them.

    Advantages :

    ✅ Fully free podcasts platform.

    ✅ One of the only ones that is open source.

    ✅ Respectful data collection.

    The inconvenients :

    ❌ There are fewer functions than on other alternatives.

    8/ Podcast Republic: to listen to podcasts around the world

    Republic Podcast interface


    Podcast Republic is a platform to listen to podcasts Very well known on the market. It offers to listen to content for free content on a wide variety of subjects. This application is available on both Android and Apple, but also on PC.

    Why use Podcast Republic ?

    Podcast Republic will allow you to Customize your favorite content so that you keep a maximum control over the application. In addition, you can add several RSS feeds to follow the artists you love.

    Advantages :

    ✅ Podcasts accessible in a large number of languages.

    ✅ Customizable podcast library.

    The inconvenients :

    ❌ Not very attractive interface.

    9/ Castbox: a very good alternative to listen to podcasts

    Castbox interface


    Castbox offers a large collection of Several million podcasts, Audio books and radio stations around the world. With this podcast player, you can easily find new emissions thanks to their advanced search engine, or simply by browsing the different categories. The application also offers Personalized reading lists Depending on your listening habits.

    Why use Castbox ?

    Castbox is a platform that has a Very intuitive design and a Easy to hand interface. It will allow you to access millions of quality content that relates to a large number of themes.

    Advantages :

    ✅ Very simple to use.

    ✅ has a very wide choice of content.

    ✅ interesting recommendation functionality.

    The inconvenients :

    ❌ The number of features is limited.

    10/ Podbean: to financially support the creators

    Podbean interface


    Podbean is a basic application to listen to podcasts, but with Many works available. Its particularity lies above all at the level of publishers who can choose to Monetize their podcast. You can then in turn buy their contents.

    If you want to know more, discover our test & opinion on Podbean .

    Why use Podbean ?

    You can use Podbean as Classic podcast player, Because it has everything an application needs. There is a large choice of audio content on their platform. In addition, you will be able to access your qualitative, but paid content.

    Advantages :

    ✅ Simple to handle.

    ✅ Quick to download.

    ✅ Possibility of supporting creators with monetization.

    The inconvenients :

    ❌ More content in English.

    11/ Radiopublic: to listen to podcasts simply and quickly

    Radiopublic interface


    Radiopublic is the last Application to listen to podcasts of this list. Like the other platforms, it has its basic library which it offers to listeners. What is in fact its particularity is the fact that you do not need to create an account to take advantage of the tool. Indeed, you just have to launch the application and the podcast you want and voila.

    Why use Radiopublic ?

    You can download the different episodes you want, in order to Listen later without having an internet connection. In addition, the radiopublic teams will select for you works likely to please you.

    Advantages :

    ✅ Quality podcasts recommendations.

    ✅ Possibility to download content.

    ✅ No need to listen to your favorite episodes.

    The inconvenients :

    ❌ A library less fleshed up than other platforms.

    We sincerely hope that this guide for the best applications to listen to podcasts you liked !

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    31 best podcast accommodation sites (the first 7 have free offers)

    There are many different podcasts accommodation platforms and it can be difficult to decide which one to choose.

    Some companies have existed for a long time and new ones appear constantly.

    The good news is that if you are looking to launch a podcast, save money or move to a better accommodation platform, we have what you need !

    If you want to launch a podcast, you must register with a podcast accommodation company to store your .MP3 and create your podcast flow. Like when you launch a website or a blog, you need a web host, when you launch a podcast, you need a media host.

    Or if you are looking for a better place to host your podcast, the best podcast accommodation sites make migration to their super simple system.

    We have done research, tests and we have contacted people in each company to find out which platform best suits your needs.

    THE Best podcast hosts in September 2023 are:

    You will find more details on these seven and more below if you want to know more. Then there are a lot of other useful services to help you develop your podcast !

    The best podcast accommodation platforms

    We will start with the 7 most recommended podcast accommodation platforms, starting with the first:


    BuzzSprout was designed to make podcasting simple, but not limited. They have one of the best designed dashboards I have seen, which allows you to spend more time creating content than having fun downloading it.

    What I really like is that they regularly release updates and new features.

    Buzzsprout Download and programming interface for podcasts accommodation

    They have been recently added or updated:

    • Integration of the integrated transcription
    • Mastery of magic so that your episodes seem perfect
    • A integration of affiliation marketing for your buzzsprout site
    • A brand new Embed reader
    • The flow of publications
    • The text editor for the show notes
    • And much more !

    New BuzzpsRet Wave Embed reader

    They also give you excellent statistics (recently updated in 2020) and a podcast website adapted to mobile phones.

    BuzzSprout has also added an affiliate market (to help you earn money with your show) and the possibility of adding members to the team (Administrator or publisher access levels).

    There is a free plan forever (no credit card required to register) but your episodes are deleted after 90 days, then their plans start at $ 12/month. A great value !

    Do not hesitate to take a look at our buzzsproutrevue and our visit to discover behind the scenes.

    Use this link: BuzzSprout you will receive an Amazon gift card of $ 20 if you stay 2 months in one of their paid plans !


    Captivate is an astonishing podcast accommodation platform – and it has been managed by the same team that has managed Podcast websites for years (mentioned below on the page), which shows their experience in the Podcast industry !

    You can say that they have carefully examined everything in the dashboard:

    • The analyzes are advanced, but easy to understand
    • The podcast player and the website are magnificent
    • There are integrated calls for action (CTA) to help direct people where you want
    • Add as many team members as necessary (no limit)
    • Private podcasting on all levels

    Here is a little overview before trying it:

    Captivate dashboard on several screen sizes

    There are a lot of other useful things such as downloads by lots, smart user interface functions such as default programming time, wordpress integration with their personalized plugin, and a ton of other things still.

    They have just added a podcast sponsorship kit in PDF format, very aesthetic and easy to generate, which allows you to highlight recent episodes and show the main download numbers:

    Captivate Example of sponsorship kit

    Of course, you get an attractive and friendly website for mobiles, which automatically uses your colors – or you can choose yours:

    Captivate Example of website on multiple devices

    One thing that I did not like in the new workflow of podcasts has been recently modified, which shows that they take into account the reactions and quickly updates. I love that !

    You can host an unlimited number of podcasts from $ 19 per month for 12,000 downloads, which is more than sufficient for 97 % of podcasters.

    They also do not limit the basic features by the plan on which you are, which cannot be said for others.


    Transistor is one of the most recent accommodation and podcast analysis platforms and has a great team behind it. They concentrate On the brands (one of their first customers is Cards Against Humanity) and on people who take podcasting seriously (as opposed to those who are content to dab or who make it a hobby).

    For a price, you can:

    • Animate as many different shows as you wish
    • Add and manage team members (producers, editors, etc.))
    • Get good statistics on podcasts
    • Have an excellent podcast site
    • And more.

    One thing that I really like on the website provided is that you can navigate while an episode takes place without interruption (look at their podcast on the construction of transistor).

    Transistor all podcasts

    They also have an excellent private podcasting function that they have just improved. As you host several programs, you can create private and public podcasts under the same account without having to pay a new accommodation plan.

    Statistics on Podcasts in Transistor

    Prices start at $ 19 per month for 10,000 downloads per month, which is sufficient for most people. If you need more than that, they have higher levels with more downloads and team members too.

    They also offer interesting comparisons for Transistor Vanchors and Transistor VS Simplecast emissions if you want to know more.


    Castos Podcast Hosting offers excellent features and fits perfectly with WordPress. It has the Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin which allows you to manage your flow and download new episodes directly from WordPress.

    You will benefit from a sending volume And an unlimited download bandwidth for $ 19 per month, as well as an excellent customizable player to integrate on your website.

    Castos has a free 14 -day trial, but if you use the code of good PI2018, You will get a free month ! And if you pay in advance for the year, you also get two free months.


    RSS.com is one of the OGS in the podcasting space, creating tools and resources since 2005.

    You can start and configure everything completely free. It is only after the publication of your first episode that you will have to choose a plan.

    The most popular option is $ 12.99/month (or $ 99/year if you pay in advance) and includes:

    • Unlimited number of episodes
    • Multiplateform analyzes
    • Personalized RSS feed URL
    • A free website
    • Tons of bandwidth

    And of course it is super easy to use !

    Just look at one of their recent testimonies:

    I just launched my first podcast and RSS proved to be a great tool to reach my listeners. The start -up was very simple and the update of my podcast through the RSS dashboard was easy. I highly recommend it to people who start in the world of podcasting or to all those who are looking for a simple and powerful way to reach a wider audience.

    Mike Tice, former NFL principal coach


    Podbean has attractive prices and plans new podcasts. There is a free download plan limited to 5 hours with basic statistics. However, you will not be able to use your own domain name at this level.

    They also have an unlimited download plan from $ 9 per month (if paid annually) which includes advanced statistics, a website, personalized domains, and more.

    Podbean also has its own podcast application for iOS and Android and an Alexa skill so that you can use your voice to listen to your favorite podcasts.

    Get a free month with this link when you subscribe to an unlimited package.

    Resonance accommodation

    Resonate Recordings has been one of my favorite podcasts production companies for years now, and it has recently added a hosting platform.

    This means that you can use a unique platform to get professional assembly and production and then accommodate your show transparently.

    But of course, you can also use resonance accommodation separately.

    You will have your own podcast website, a very aesthetic integrated reader that will allow you to know how people listen, detailed statistics, etc.

    Resonate Hosting Daily downloads

    Prices start at 25 dollars a month for unlimited shows, episodes and bandwidth.

    Comparison of podcasts accommodation (top 7)

    I had to highlight simplecast because they do nice things.

    On the one hand, their integrable players are among the most beautiful (and the most fluid) that I have seen. You also get detailed analyzes for anyone who uses it. Here is a small overview of the different formats that you can use:

    Simplecast integrated readers

    From 15 dollars per month, you benefit from unlimited downloads, analyzes, a website, the possibility of making your podcast manage by several people and many more things.

    For $ 35/month, you benefit from a lot of additional personalizations, additional team members, advanced analyzes, the possibility of using a personalized domain, 50,000 downloads/month, and more. Here is a little overview of the type of analysis you will see:

    Simple diffusion analysis

    Companies like Slack and Shopify welcome them, as well as many different podcasts, young and old.

    They have just updated the appearance of their entire platform and brand, as well as tons of new features.

    Use the Simplecast Insights promo code to benefit from 50% reduction on your first 2 months !


    BCAST is designed “for marketers, by marketers”.

    Features such as audio insertions allow you to insert CTAs to register for your mailing list, a webinar or anything else.

    Among the other interesting features, let us quote:

    • A unique function of acceptance of electronic letters
    • Automatic transcriptions
    • Automatic notifications of guests when their episode is broadcast live
    • Integration at the head of the poster

    Things like this show, they really thought about the experience of marketing specialists who use podcasting as a platform to develop and generate income.

    Prices start at $ 15 per month, but they also have plans at 35 and $ 75 per month.


    Spreaker has existed since 2010 and has a handful of unique features and software for podcasters.

    One of the most remarkable features is that they have a live podcasting option. You can let listeners interact with you thanks to the chatbox included and there are other integration options.

    Many people ask me questions about this option and Spreakerelle is really easy.

    They have an office application (for Windows and Mac) and a mobile application (for iPhone and Android) for recording, live broadcasting, statistics consultation, etc. The features vary according to the device, but they are both included for free with your account.

    There is a free plan to test things, but the tidor option at $ 20/month is the most interesting.

    You can get a free month here on any of the personal plans (the Insights promotional code will be automatically applied).


    I did a lot of research before choosing my first Podcast animator (many years ago) and Blubrry came out on top, even if other “big” names recommended or used other podcast animators.

    Many things have changed since then and they would not be my first choice today, but they are still worth mentioning.

    The main reasons why I chose them at the time were:

    • Easy integration with their PowerPress plugin for WordPress
    • advanced advanced statistics included free of charge with your accommodation plan
    • “Failure” overtaking – you can download more that your monthly limit at no additional cost

    The plans start at $ 12/month for 100 MB of audio storage per month. Depending on the duration and quality of the episode, this should be enough for at least one episode per week.

    Podcast websites

    Podcast Websites is an all-in-one platform that includes a WordPress site, web accommodation, unlimited podcast accommodation, a domain name, an electronic address and many more things.

    You can easily create your mailing list because they also connect to many leading electronic email providers.

    They also recently included their membership in the academy to help you learn with their video library.

    Two long -standing (and well -known) podcasters have created this site in order to understand what the new podcasters need.

    Consult the Podcast websites here. You can use the reduction code Hostme To benefit from a reduction of $ 10 per month or free podcast accommodation.


    Podserte.FM allows you to host an unlimited number of podcasts with a bandwidth of 2,000 GB per month. This is enough for more than 60,000 downloads per month, so most people will be fine.

    What really distinguishes them is that you will benefit from a free promotion on Podparadise, a directory of podcasts which receives thousands of visitors per month.

    They also make everything very easy to set up and list everywhere.

    The price is $ 19 per month and if you have a ton of downloads, you can pay 20 dollars per 3,000 GB.


    Podiant “makes it incredibly easy to launch and develop a podcast” – with unlimited storage, all for $ 12.99/month.

    Here are some of these characteristics:

    • Website with articles and blog pages
    • Podcasts analysis
    • Automatic display on YouTube
    • Connection to the reception box
    • Social sharing

    NOT’forget Not to use the promotional code to obtain a reduction of 25 % on your first three months (you will enter the code after having created your account – consult them here).


    If you need a platform that hosts podcasts and websites, and that will meet your needs, whether you are a beginner or have thousands of listeners, Podcastgiant is perfect.

    If you don’t want to spend time taking care of the accommodation and the technique of the website, it is there solution you need.

    Consult Podcastgiantte Page and get an installation expense exhaust.


    Backtracks claims to have “the most advanced podcast analysis and accommodation platform in the world”.

    Their price and features are probably excessive if you start, but if you run a media company or a decent brand brand, having easy access to advanced analyzes is invaluable.

    Many major brands use them and they have a very beautiful integrable reader with clickable transcriptions. You can see an example on their site.


    AudioBoom allows you to “accommodate, distribute and monetize” your podcast. They have several different accommodation levels depending on the number of downloads you get:

    The “New Podcasters” option is $ 9.99/month and allows you to publish up to 5 episodes per month with a maximum of 10,000 broadcasts per month.

    Once you have exceeded 10,000 monthly downloads, you will have access to their targeted advertising network, their sponsorships and brand partnerships. It is a great way to easily monetize your podcast once you are starting to be successful.

    They also have another level for podcast networks and radio groups with additional monetization and management options.


    Libsyn is a podcast accommodation service that has existed podcasting since the first days. They are commonly recommended because this is what long -standing podcasters have used and recommended for years, but there are today better platforms. Their website and dashboard also need to be refreshed.

    Libsyn’s pricing plans start at $ 5/month with a download limit of 50 MB (which is too little for most people). You will therefore probably need a minimum of the $ 15/month plan that makes you go up to 250 MB of download per month and basic statistics.


    Megaphone by Panoply is a podcasting platform designed for large -scale and business level podcasts.

    They also serve advertisers who seek to reach these popular podcasts.

    Their range of features for podcasters includes the dynamic integration of advertisements, advertising management, sales, etc.

    Megaphone dashboard inserting ads

    You will have to ask for an invitation to make your podcast hosted on their platform – although they seem to develop a plan for smaller podcasts soon.


    Whooshkaa is a podcast company based in Australia that has teamed up with big brands like Wondery and Wnyc.

    They seem to focus on their dynamic advertising platform which personalizes advertisements according to the location of the listener and the kind of podcast.

    They also have vocal synthetic functions, customizable players, sharing tools and many other things.


    Fireside was created by Dan Benjamin of the 5BY5 network. He and his peers create many podcasts and know the sector well. Fireside is an all-in-one platform that offers you the accommodation of podcasts, an attractive website and statistics on podcasts.

    Things remain simple: there is a plan for $ 19 per month – everything is unlimited.


    Pippa was recently acquired by Acast, another podcast accommodation platform.

    Pippa no longer exists and existing customers have been migrated to Acast Open.

    Free podcasts accommodation platforms

    Here is a handful of free podcasting platforms. Some have free and paid plans, while others have only free plans.


    I mentioned buzzsprout at the top like my favorite podcast accommodation service. They have a free plan that you can use as long as you wish.

    You can download 2 hours of audio per month, but the episodes are only hosted for 90 days.

    It’s a great way to start – see the price page for more details.

    To get the gift card of $ 20, you must register for a paid plan.


    Podbean has a free plan with 5 hours of storage and 100 MB of bandwidth per month.

    This is another simple way to start, but you will have to upgrade to obtain more advanced statistics, a personalized domain or a further customization of the website.


    Spreaker has a “freedom of expression” accommodation plan with 5 hours of audio storage and 15 minutes of streaming live.


    Redcircle launched in February 2019, focused on “semi-pro” podcasters.

    For the moment, one of their unique characteristics is the possibility of reaching and promoting your podcast within the platform.

    You can search for podcasts, contact them to define the terms and exchange pre -recorded messages promoting everyone’s podcasts.

    Redcircle Crossroads

    People who listen to other similar podcasts are among the best potential listeners for your show, that’s why I like this idea and I can’t wait to see more.

    Accommodation is free – in order to help podcasters monetize their programs and share their income. everybody wins.

    2019 Nov update: Redcircle comes from being added dynamic insertion of ads – all for free. Amazing !


    Anchor is probably the best known free podcast platform.

    They mainly focus on mobile podcasting, but you can also use their web interface to edit and manage your episodes.

    They have an integrated advertising platform, allow you to easily edit your audio files and are constantly updated with new features.

    A big drawback is that you cannot change the email address in your RSS feed, which is used to check your podcast on many services.


    Podcasts.com is a free host with everything you need (podcasts, storage, bandwidth) and has a large repertoire of shows.


    Squarespace is a website and an e -commerce platform, but you can also use it to host your podcast.

    Although it is not technically free, if you already pay for a website through them, you can add a podcast for free.

    It is not really a basic function, but they give you an RSS feed and an audio player. Here are more details.


    SoundCloud can be used as a free podcast host, but its podcasting features are limited and rather seem to be a reflection afterwards.

    You get up to 3 hours or free storage. If you want an unlimited download, it’s $ 135/year. This option allows you to download 30 hours a week.

    Avoid the other paid option because you only download 6 hours of content.

    Even more Podcast platforms

    And here are a bunch of alternative platforms that you might want to consult:

    Common questions about accommodation

    What is podcast accommodation ?

    A podcast host is a place to storage and distribute your podcast audio files. They provide an RSS flow of podcasts (in fact, a list of all your episodes) that you will submit to Apple Podcasts and other directories of podcasts.

    They also provide analyzes, web players, programming tools and other features to facilitate the publication and expansion of your Podcast.

    Some of them also incorporate advertising networks, social sharing functions and additional distribution options.

    How to choose a podcast host ?

    All podcast accommodation platforms are not the same. Some are designed for beginners, brands or business customers – with a corresponding price.

    I examined the ease of use, prices, customer service, audio quality, integrated readers, analyzes, storage options, etc. To help you choose the host best suited to your needs. I recommend that you start with the best podcast accommodation section at the top of this page.

    How much is the accommodation of a podcast ?

    On average, the price of accommodation of podcasts varies between 5 and 50 dollars per month.

    The prices vary depending on the company you work with, the number of episodes you produce and the number of downloads you get.

    To complicate things a little more, different businesses base their prices on mega -typing (MB), hours, downloads or bandwidth.

    Most people do not spend more than $ 19 per month when they start. If you have a popular podcast, you could easily pay much more.

    Can I use a free podcast host ?

    Of course you can, But we do not recommend it. If a service is free, it means that you or your data are generally the “product”.

    I mean, just watch Facebook and all data confidentiality problems (or their absence) in recent times.

    There have been many cases of closure of free podcast accommodation platforms (and your podcast with them !), so I would play safety and opt for a paying service.

    Why can’t I just download my audio files on my website host ?

    Because the files are very bulky compared to everything you download (a photo can be 300 KB, but an MP3 is easily 100 times more) more).

    This means that when you start to have several people who download or broadcast at the same time (which is common when you publish new episodes), your website will easily have trouble following all this data – which turns into a bad Experience for podcast listeners and website visitors ��.

    In addition, many hosts put you on the door unexpectedly, which you absolutely do not want !

    Where should I publish my podcast ?

    Buzzsprout Distribution of Directors

    Apple PodcastSpify and Google Podcasts are the “three big” services with which you should start.

    You can see on the graphic that there are many other places where people listen to podcasts. Many popular applications such as Overcast and Castbox use Apple Podcasts as a source of emissions, hence its importance.

    All the best podcast accommodation platforms will help you take these steps, but we also have a podcast directory guide that should help you start.

    Recommended additional services

    Here are some useful services that I recommend to podcasters. You can also consult the full list of podcasting resources.

    Web host

    You should really have your own website. You want a place to send your listeners who belong to you. Certain accommodation companies of podcasts offer a free basic website, which is very convenient for starting a podcast. But if you want more flexibility and personalization, you will need to use your own host For WordPress.

    You want to create your own podcast website ? Here is a guide on how to start a wordpress blog.

    I am a big WordPress fan (you can use the Simple Podcasting plugin to configure your podcast flow or just integrate a reader of any host).

    Here are the web hosting companies that I recommend:


    BlueHost is my solution for small sites (less than 20,000 visits/month).

    They are very easy to set up and offer very attractive prices, 24 -hour assistance, a free SSL and a free domain name !

    There is also a 30 -day reimbursement guarantee.


    Kinsta has entry -level plans for people who have just started (and of course plans for larger sites) and I like what they offer. I use them to host this site and several others.

    They devote themselves to the accommodation of fast and stable WordPress sites. They have an impressive list of customers (we) and really useful features. Things like the staging in 1 click allow you to configure your site in a test environment before putting it online (which is also very useful if you accidentally break something).

    If you do not want to worry about the disappearance of your site when your podcast is mentioned on this large information site, register on Kinsta.

    In addition, they recently added a 30 -day reimbursement policy without risk !


    Another interesting option if you don’t want to go through WordPress is podcastping.

    It is a web manufacturer specially designed for podcasters, which allows them to quickly and easily create a website (like Shopify, but for podcasts rather than online stores).

    This is a great way to proceed because you can integrate mailchimp or convertkit to build your mailing list (one of the best ways to increase your emission).

    No coding is necessary and you can put your site online in a few minutes. It starts at $ 8/month or $ 80/year, but you can test it for free for 14 days !

    Domain names

    Even if you do not have your own website host, you will want a domain name (the .com) to be used for your podcast.

    And if you are like me and you want an easy way to record a domain name in the second where an idea goes through your head, I recommend that you buy from a specialized domain name seller.


    Namecheap offers you free confidentiality that you buy a domain name. This will prevent people from spaming you because your contact details are public. They also offer SSL certificates, accommodation, and more. Buy your .com now !


    Name.com is based in Colorado (the state in which I live) and I like to support local businesses. They really facilitate research and purchase of areas.

    WordPress themes

    Of course, you can always find a free theme, but I find that they are either too restrictive or too busy and slow down your site. And who knows when or if they are updated – it’s just a recipe for troubles. I worked for a company that designed websites and we have always used WordPress themes that emphasized speed, stability and quality design.

    Second -line themes

    Secondline Themes develops WordPress themes specifically for podcasts and podcastors.

    They currently have 5 different themes:


    All the themes of a lot are based on the Genesis frame, which means that they are easy to reference, stable, fast and always up to date. They also offer detailed configuration tutorials to help you ensure that your site looks like demos.

    Another option you should know:

    They were recently purchased by Wpengine, so you can have access to all themes (more than 35 themes designed by professionals) when you register for a Wpengine hosting plan.

    Email marketing

    E-mail is the most powerful way to develop your podcast. You can make known the new episodes, special offers, meetings. All !


    You absolutely want to use Convertkit as your electronic messaging provider.

    They have been specially designed to meet the needs of podcasters and bloggers, unlike some other more popular names in the field of marketing email.

    There are a lot of reasons why they are great, but I recommend that you watch the short demonstration video and register for a test to see by yourself.

    Leveling and marking


    The main objective of Auphonic is to compress and level your audio so as not to have really strong and really soft games. But it does much more:

    It automatically sends my podcast episodes to SoundCloud and YouTube, and it also records a copy of the compressed file in Dropbox – All this after my file .MP3 was properly labeled with the information on the episode and the cover.


    REV is a transcription and subtitling service that uses real people to transcribe your audio and video files. The price is $ 1.50 / minute with an average execution period of 5 hours.

    Multiple accents and speakers are included in the basic price and they have an easy-to-use dashboard. Try it !

    Descript is an amazing service which consists of a Google Docs type editor for transcriptions that it automatically creates. You can use it for audio or video – it’s really amazing. They also offer a professional transcription for $ 2 / minute.

    Podcast Reviews


    Chartable will show you the ranking of your podcast and will quickly indicate to you if you are going up or down:

    Chartable rankings

    Note how they include Pocket Casts, Stitcher, and Podcast Addict in addition to Apple Podcasts? It’s a beautiful bonus.

    They also provide the history of rankings and assessments for different countries and platforms:

    Chartable criticism

    Each country has a separate version of Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and it would be practically impossible to follow your comments in all countries without such a service.

    You can also choose to have a daily or weekly update email.

    You can also use their smartlinks function to follow the number of downloads your podcast receives from clicks on specific links. You will have to join their trackable service so that everything is linked.

    I started using it recently for simplified podcasting and you get useful analyzes.


    Podkite is a similar service that gives you classification trends for Apple PodcastSet Google Podcasts:

    Podkite characteristics

    Podcast player

    Fusebox Podcast Player

    Almost all podcast hosts have their own reader that you can integrate into your website, but if you want a quality reader for WordPress, Fusebox (formerly Smart Podcast Player) is your answer.

    It was developed by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive incomes and is used by some of the largest podcasts in the world. look at this !

    Distribution of podcasts

    Once your accommodation has been implemented, you will want to make sure you are registered in the best directories of Podcasting so that people can find and listen to your show.

    The most popular directories are (formerly Apple Podcastsitnes), Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and Tunein.

    If you are using (look at the paphonicdans the free services section), you can connect them and make your episodes automatically downloaded from your host. Some of the podcast accommodation sites will also do it for you.

    I connect to thephonicà YouTube and my episodes are automatically put on the list of “non-listeners”, which allows me to add a description and beacons before making them public. Your cover is used as a visual for video.

    Article by Ross Winn

    Ross Winn is the founder of Podcast Insights, the most important podcast educational site in the sector. He helped thousands of people to launch and develop a podcast and loves to test new equipment and software.

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    Simplified Podcasting on Apple or Google

    Simplified podcasting on Spotify

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